Say goodbye to Red Mobile!

Say goodbye to Red Mobile!

PLDT President Napoleon Nazareno has revealed that they’ll be cutting the strings off of its subsidiary CURE (Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprises Inc.) otherwise known as Red Mobile by the end of the month.

The spectrum used by Red Mobile will be released back to the National Telecommunications Commission as a part of the conditions set by the regulators upon the acquisition of Digital Telecommunications Philippines back in October 2011.


So far, they’ve already migrated about 1.1 million subscribers of the soon-to-be-defunct network to Smart Communications Inc. — another subsidiary of PLDT — which is about 85% of its 1.3 million total user base. PLDT currently owns four mobile phone networks, mainly Smart, Talk ‘N Txt, Red Mobile and its newest ‘foster child’ Sun Cellular.

According to Interaksyon, CURE’s 10 megahertz 3G frequency remnants will be returned to NTC for bidding, the proceeds of which will then be shared by both PLDT and NTC to recover the telecom’s costs plus half of the amount in excess of its investments.


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19 Responses

  1. Ron says:

    Um, why is PLDT’s president’s name in quotes??

  2. vince says:

    hate to say it but we are edging too close to a monopoly. 2 telcos are not enough

    • chinitoguy says:

      No. We are not. For now its a duopoly between PLDT and Globe Telecom. But not for long. San Miguel Corporation is cooking up a new telco by combining its existing Liberty Telecom (Wi-Tribe) and newly acquired Express Telecom and BellTel. All they need is a go signal from NTC which is very disappointingly slow on their implementation of regulations. San Miguel, Globe and Bayantel will participate in the bidding for the frequency that PLDT will give up.

  3. Mica says:

    My friend from India is complaining how telecom services are so expensive here in the Philippines considering the number of “other networks” so i had to explain how despite the “other networks” it’s all really just one. Monopoly is in the works. Globe, hold on! Give PLDT a run for it’s money!

  4. chinitoguy says:

    Guys, just wait for San Miguel Corporation. The company is putting up a telco that will offer full range of services – landline, wired internet, mobile service, and wireless broadband. SMC will combine its existing telco LIBERTY TELECOM, operator of Wi-Tribe with its newly acquired Eastern Telecom and BellTel. This duopoly will not last. Another good news is after PLDT has given up that frequency, NTC will hold a bidding for that. SMC, Globe Telecom and BayanTel has expressed their interest to bid.

  5. dennis says:

    Red Mobile subscribers are not yet migrated to smart. It looks like they would just cut off the network, I have a red mobile sim and it seems they would not want to retain those numbers.

  6. CarlosJhunie says:

    What do you mean by “migrated to Smart”? Red Mobile sims will still function but will use the smart cellular networks, they will see in their mobile phones SMART signal instead of CURE,Red Mobile, Red. is that correct?

  7. maime hoshi says:

    I use red mobile and I hate it that it would be on full ownership of PLDT. come on, more providers please, at least 5 major and 8 minor, so that we can have a fair and decent competition. I sense someone is paid under the table.

    • alloneaian says:

      CURE or umobile is owned by PLDT/SMART, at least when they start calling it as RED Mobile. And you don’t have to hate it no more because SMART plans to kill the subsidiary this month.

      Binasa nyo po ba yung article? :)

  8. bayanpages says:

    Well from the start it wasn’t really clear what PLDT’s target market for Red mobile is

  9. Ron says:

    Um, ok, now why is the company’s president’s name in italics?

  10. Es says:

    “Smart bought CURE from the Ongpin family in 2008.”

    2012…the planned time to kill it.

  11. Beautiful Girl says:

    I have so many Red Mobile SIM Cards. I am using them at the same because I have a lot of cellphones. Nakakalungkot na mawawala na ang Red Mobile. Napakamura kasi ng video calls and voice calls sa Red mobile to Red Mobile. Isipin ninyo .50 centavos per minute lang. Napalamura kung ikukumpara sa video calls at voice calls sa ibang network. Alam kong kulang lang sa promo ang Red Mobile. Sana ibalik siya at magkaroon nng relauching. Very affordable ang kanyang load. Sobrang sayang kung mawawala ang Red Mobile.

  12. maro says:


  13. dennis says:

    Galing ako SM Novaliches, wala daw update na red mobile sims would be absorb by smart, nasa network lang gamit ni red pero promo padin na unli to smart and red lang na 30 meron, kapag nasira sim na red, wala retain number, inaantay nila magsawa sub para kapag di naloadan discontinued ka na agad. Di lininaw ng smart yan, condition ng NTC sa pag bili ni pldt kay sun ay mga Red subs dapat maging smart sya kaso ginawa na smart nakalagay sa virtual lang na kapag nasira red sim di na magagamit ulit. Kaya hindi migrated to smart ang red mobile, they would just stop it like what they did with addict mobile

  14. Dude says:

    wala na bang mabibilhan ng red mobile? share naman jan kung meron pa. :)

  15. Holly says:

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