Smart 3G: from Php10/30mins to Php1/min

Smart 3G: from Php10/30mins to Php1/min

[Update: Smart per Minute Rate for Mobile 3G] Smart is offering a new prepaid mobile internet plan — at one-peso-per-minute rate. That’s basically Php60 per hour, way more expensive than their current offering which is Php10 per 30 minutes or Php20 per hour.

The move to offer Php1 per minute might have been prompted by mobile users who connect in quick intervals to sites like Twitter, FourSquare or Facebook.


So instead of paying Php10 just to update and check-in with FourSquare, you may be just spending Php1 or Php2 which in just a minute or two — enough time to fire up FourSquare, check-in and log out from your 3G connection. It really depends on the case use.

Smart has not yet indicated how you choose between the two bucket pricing — Php1/minute or Php10/30 minutes (or even the Php50 per 24 hours UnliSurf) — but I guess users will ultimately have more options when connecting to 3G internet.

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55 Responses

  1. they used to have a per minute charging before right? but it would still total to 10 pesos per 30 minutes.

    ba’t ang mahal na ngayon? :\

  2. rolly says:

    whoaaa!! a very good news for me!

  3. NineSwordz says:

    that Php 1.00 / minute is definitely NOT for surfing.. checking mails only. XD

  4. That’s more practical specially when you only need to tweet something.

  5. Jon says:

    This still sucks either way. It should be handy if you only go online for status updates, aGPS fixes etc. But then, you still have to go through other hoops just to get back to normal rates.

    I would still prefer having an unlimited data plan so I don’t have to worry of spending too much. However, an additional 999 on top of my monthly bill it still too steep for me. :|

  6. markem says:

    ang mahal naman nyan kung P1 per minute.. ok lang yan sa pangmadalian lang.. pero wala ka bang info sir kung gusto mo naman yung 10/30 minutes?

  7. NemOry says:

    I have a hack for smart globe and sun. . .no need to spend money. . .I’m using a zero load sim Globe right now. But in smart you should have atleast 1php to have a GPRS signal :)

  8. I use a Sun broadband wireless sim and when I load it with time cards it expends them in a per minute basis already. So for 25 pesos you get 3 hours or about 18 centavos a minute. I’m curious to see if that’s also the case for their phone sims, because that blows this Smart pricing right out of the water.

  9. CarlosJhunie says:

    I think the default is P10/30min and when you have less than P10 load, you can still connect with P1/min.

  10. Kyle says:

    don’t get fooled, smart has crappy services.Worst case scenario is By the time you logged out of the service you get billed way more than what you use. as usual this will be irritating as hell.

  11. Operation Super says:

    I wish switching which to use is easy. Sana nasa Smart menu or something.

    Very cost efficient for short bursts of tweets and fsq check-ins nga.

  12. lolipown says:

    Great for you, everyone else is paying your 3G bills for you. Fucktard.

  13. NemOry says:

    Yep good for me @lolipown, but maybe surely bad for you. Sorry.haha

  14. trapped says:

    this is definitely a trap! they’ll gonna suck your credits dry before you know it

  15. john says:

    I wish they offer such for phones and in a per gigabyte rate as it is much much practical for social network and POP3 email

  16. nadzkie says:

    sabi nla iimplement lng nila ang 1php/min pg below 10pesos ang load mu.,.that minz gnun pden ang charging..n nga lng npka mahal nmn ung charging nla..sna gnwa nlng nlang 10php/hr pra nman ndi lugi ung user kz s totoo lng ms mura p mg net s pc shop..s skul nmen 10php lng per hour ang rent ng pano b yan globe n tau? mas mbilis p ang net kesa s smart n nka2disappoint..plgeng mei network congestion..haizt!

  17. lolipown says:

    nah, I’m just amused that there’s still people like you who brag about an act that basically amounts to theft, in this case theft of services.

    Arr matey!

  18. Pedro says:

    sana hindi counted un minutes na mag initial access sa “Net”… kain na agad un load. :p

  19. Kenneth says:

    Smart had a Php 0.33/minute browsing before, does this new Php1/min means discontinued na yung lumang per minute rates? Seems like a money-focused move from Smart again, smart move on their part to make more moolah.

    I agree w/ the others here who posted that Smart will suck your credits dry.

    slightly off-topic:

    Careful going to facebook while using this php1/min surfing, you will automatically get charged for unlifacebook20 (bye bye to your credit, happened to me even when I was already on 1day unlimited surfing. the kicker here was I only had less than 20bucks left after signing up for 1day unli, but they say its a valid transaction for unlifacebook w/c costs 20 bucks – so they ate up the remaining load credits)

  20. watusi says:

    laki kasi gas2s ni mvp kaya hanap sya revenue…hehehehe

  21. NemOry says:

    @lolipown, wala ako magawa wala pera pang internet so I have to discover something para d maka gasta. .also I have an UNLI MMS trick forever. .only Globe.

  22. What a good offer from smart, can they not make it lower?

  23. Jon says:


    There are just some things you should be proud of doing. Like bragging like some kid who just stole something. UBT/FBT whatever people want to call it, and bragging it to others who pay for what they use is kind of rude.

    If you don’t have the money for Internet access, go get a job, you bum.

    Also, I would be careful of what I post on the Internet, especially when what you do is basically illegal while leaving traces of who you are. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day, you get sued for stealing bandwidth.

  24. Jun says:

    this is a good move.. like for people pdating facebook and twitter

  25. lolipown says:

    I don’t think Nemory can hear you. His e-peen is so enlarged from all that mobile internet hours he stole.

    Seriously though, that guy is a good representative of what is wrong with people: “Wala ako pera eh, magnanakaw na lang ako.”

  26. NemOry says:

    Sorry po but I have been doing this almost 8 years na and I am really poor. And this helps me a lot on my assignments and I use this to study too. So I have no choice to do but to use it.

    And one reason too, is that I dont have my own computer. So if I have one and also with internet maybe I’ll stop it because I have an internet on my PC.
    Im also sorry for what I’m doing but I really have no choice.

  27. Jon says:


    Just because you are poor, does not give you a license to do something illegal.

    Anyway, I am not perfect myself, and have done a lot of things I am not proud of. The best thing that would be good for you would be not to brag about it online. Especially when someone with a brain could easily know who and where you are.

  28. NemOry says:

    @Jon okay po..mas mabuti nalang nga wag ko nlg sabihin… :)

    nasabi ko lang kasi dami nag rereklamo na ang mahal ng net sa cp…bka may matulungan lg ako..but I guess dmi mayaman.. hehehe,,,,sorry to all..

  29. Jon says:


    All is cool. Consider that as “friendly” advice. I suggest, that once you get “rich” or at least have a steady source of income, please consider paying for your Internet access, okay?

    Yep, mahal pa rin ang net access dito sa Pilipinas, kahit wired or wireless man. Tsk tsk tsk.

  30. Jan Carlo says:


    The end does not justify the means.

    I am also a student. I work to pay for the P999 mobile internet.

    Get a job.

  31. realjarley says:

    @NEMORY…. pwd mo naman yan e share sa mga kagaya nating mga poor.. hehe if nagagawa nga ng mga malalaking network na nakawan ang mga ultimo na users, eh tayo ba wala ba tayong karapatan na dayain din sila. Where in fact naging malaking issue in the past years ang biglang pagkawala ng loads…. kaya ang iba natutung humanap ng paraan paraan maging patas ang laban.

    nemory.. hehehe.. paturo naman pano.. pm me nalang. tnx..


  32. lolipown says:

    @Jan Carlo
    That’s the spirit.

  33. Gumz says:

    Smart really knows how to play well… nasa oras…

  34. Trust me…
    It would take you 1 minute to fully login, by that time your 1 peso is already charged. you guys are just going to be one irate customer for us to handle.

  35. realjarley says:


    smart is really smart. isang paraan para kumita sila ng malaki.

  36. NemOry says:

    Talagang pag maging mayaman ako xempre mag pepay na talaga ako, d naman lahat magagawa sa trix q e. Gumagamit lg ako ng prinogram na opera. .ung minodified ung mga server and IP’s. .sa mga gusto please sa fb q nlg pm nyu lang ako. .
    : )

  37. NemOry says:

    Talagang pag maging mayaman ako xempre mag pepay na talaga ako, d naman lahat magagawa sa trix q e. Gumagamit lg ako ng prinogram na opera. .ung minodified ung mga server and IP’s. .sa mga gusto please sa fb q nlg pm nyu lang ako. .
    : )

    @realJARLEY, may point ka din. .nung una nadadaya din ako ng mga networks, akalain mung bagong bili na sim pag insert at niloadan, ayun may mga text na mga ringt0nes at my nareceive dn na t0nes kaya aun kain l0ad. .dmi pa nangyari pati sa net. .sa mobile websites nla. .

  38. JustReading says:

    @NemOry or should I say Oliver Martinez…

    People here are correct. We are not rich but we work hard for the money we’re spending. You’re just like the thieves I see in TV who usually use the dialog, “wala lang po ako choice kasi mahirap lang kami kaya nagsnatch na lang ako”

    We are not stopping you from doing what you’re doing but broadcasting it online is really dangerous. Some people know how to trace identities you know…

  39. JustReading says:

    People here are correct. We are not rich but we work hard for the money we’re spending. You’re just like the thieves I see on TV who usually use the dialog, “wala lang po ako choice kasi mahirap lang kami kaya nagsnatch na lang ako”

    We are not stopping you from doing what you’re doing but broadcasting it online is really dangerous. Some people know how to trace identities you know…

  40. JustReading says:

    @NemOry or should I say Oliver Martinez??

    People here are correct. We are not rich but we work hard for the money we’re spending. You’re just like the thieves I see on TV who usually use the dialog, “wala lang po ako choice kasi mahirap lang kami kaya nagsnatch na lang ako”

    We are not stopping you from doing what you’re doing but broadcasting it online is really dangerous. Some people know how to trace identities you know…

  41. NemOry says:

    @Just Reading, para ngang thief, d q naman alam pwede ako ma preso. .pero totoo bang pwede yun mangyari??at pano nga ba naman??tagal q na kasi gamit e. .chaka d naman lahat ma aacess mu , .
    Galing mu na google mu name q ata. ,hehe? .

  42. Jon says:


    Di talaga madala no? Tuloy pa rin. Tsk tsk tsk.

  43. Jon says:


    Duh, it’s on your Twitter account, which you linked here on this blog. Hence I gave you advice to shut up about your cheating/stealing.

    Seriously? Parang jumper lang yan sa Meralco. You make use of techniques/devices to gain access/use something that other people are paying for.

    From a technical standpoint, it would be very easy for Globe to trace you, down to where you are right now via BTS triangulation.

  44. NemOry says:

    @Jon, ah via BTS ba? But ang tagal ko na sa forum namen ang tatagal na ng mga pinaka hackers dun but wala ako npansin na na threat na cla or pwd ma preso.

    And what if our trick is just a bug?we are not using any thirdparty devices anyway. . Sometimes it’s the fault of the network, suddenly you can access the internet. .without a trick. .

  45. mr. bogus says:



    buti na lang may facebook zero sa sun….

    nemory and smart???.. hmmm… totoo talaga kasabihan ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw…

    i cant blame you dahil mga telco dito mga gahaman kaya nagpapakagahaman ka rin….

    hoy manny pangilinan.. dami mo ginagastusan (azkal football team, meralco basketball team, talk and text basketball team) baka gusto mo magbawas..!!!!

  46. NemOry says:

    @mr bogus, yup totoo talaga sinabi mu cla ang mas magnanakaw ng load. .na sanay na mga tao jan. Ung iba d alam ang reas0n. . .

  47. Jon says:

    I just said, it was possible. Do you really want to wait for that time pag nagkaroon ng crackdown sa mga taong nagnanakaw ng bandwidth?

    Of course it is a bug. But that does not justify your action of stealing. Kung sira yung pinto ng bahay nyo, at di nyo alam. May magnanakaw na nalaman sira pala yung pinto nyo. Ok lang ba nakawin nya mga gamit nyo, kasi may “bug” dun sa pinto nyo?


  48. NemOry says:

    o0 nga ung networks din sana mag THINK din. . .na wag cla magnanakaw sa mga clients nila. . .kahit wala kami bug para nakawan. .ayun ninanakawan. . .
    : )

  49. Ronald R says:

    I work for Smart.

    The 1 pesos per minute charge is for Bro and Buddy users who have less than 10 pesos on their accounts but still want to access the net.

    Per minute charging was always available on PRepaid Smartbro plug it.

    I’ll link to the relevant sites on once i find them

  50. Kenneth says:

    @Ronald R,

    Since you work sa Smart, can you confirm na wala na nga yung offer before na 0.33cents/minute?

    And also why is someone who is on 1day unlimited surfing charged for unlifacebook separately?

    Baka lang may alam po kayo? So we the customers will understand.

    Thanks in advance.

  51. Ronald R says:


    The one peso per minute charge is for people with load balances below 10 pesos.

    By default 10 pesos/30 minutes pa din ang surfing namin for prepaid.

    If you are on unlimited surfing you don’t need the separate unlimited facebook.

    Unlimited facebook (20pesos/day) is there if you only do facebook updates. If you register for unli Facebook then get unli surf then that’s the time you get charged twice.

    Hope this clears it up.

  52. Kenneth says:

    @Ronald R,

    Thanks for the reply and clarification. I think that is how it should work.

    However, what I experienced is this, I registered for smart unli surf 50. while browsing/using the internet, i then opened a facebook page, after a few minutes no more internet. when i used my globe connection i found out my smart load became zero w/c is surprising because I know I still have extra Php9 load beyond what I used to register for the unli surf 50. after calling smart callcenter i was informed that it was becoz i registered daw for unlifacebook even when I had a valid unlisurf subscription. what’s funny nga is that I was automatically charged for unlifacebook20 even if my extra load was only 9 pesos. what’s even funnier is that when they refered it to your billing & collection department they said it was a valid transaction. which was weird and mind-boggling to me bcoz:
    – first, i was on unlisurf 50 already,
    – second, i did not register for unlifacebook20 but got automatically charged for it,
    -third i only have 9 pesos how can i even register for unlifacebook,
    -fourth smart billing and collection said it was a valid transaction Php for an unlifacebook20 subscription? and
    -fifth i had to load my backup100buddy loadcard to continue using my unlisurf. the next day when i exceeded my unlisurf for a few minutes, bang I get charged again for another unlifacebook20 automatically, no intervention required from my end.

    Sir Ronald R, am not trying to say its your fault nor am i trying to pick a fight, I’m just telling you about my experience, maybe you know someone inside who can check and make sure it does not happen to other smart subscribers coz I experienced this twice and someone also posted a similar/same experience in his blog.

  53. Ronald R says:


    Understandable dude…I was a smartbro user way before i worked for smart (SmartWifi pa) and I understand the frustrations of the common subscriber.

    You may have clicked on the links that connect to the unli service ( instead of the normal facebook link ( When you click on one of the unli links it charges you the 20pesos unlimited (its possible to charge you 20 even when you 9 pesos, the system will take the missing 11 upon next loading). You get charged even when you are already registered for unli surf (i apologize for this but this is how the current system is set-up)

    We are trying to upgrade and fix our systems to give subscribers like you a better experience.

    Hope this answers your upsetting situation.

  54. Kenneth says:

    @Ronald R,

    Thanks for the clarification. Hope the fix comes out soon. Hopefully next time when we type in our mobile browser, the system should check first if the client has a valid unlisurf subscription. :)

    Hoping to experience a better Smart surfing experience in the near future. :) Thanks Bro.

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