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Smart 4G LTE about to hit the streets of Manila

If this little teaser from Smart is any indication, Smart Evolution (4G/LTE) will be available to the public any day this month. That’s 50-70Mbps of mobile internet on the road.

No other details have been given out but public testing was made as early as May this year so I guess it’s about time they roll it out to the public.


We’re not sure how many LTE-capable base stations they’ve deployed and the kind of coverage it will offer but I reckon it will hit the streets of Metro Manila ahead of anybody in the country.

The LTE service will most probably be delivered via the ZTE MF820 or the Huawei E398, the one we saw in June at CommunicAsia.

The other obvious question is — how much for 50Mbps? Your guess is as good as mine.

Hat tip to Christopher Ammerlaan.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    Well the usual complain of others, why give a faster net service yet their current net service is crap. And you will always see the word “up to” to their posted ad.

    • iskalot says:

      As far as I know, NTC had released notice to the telcos not to include only that “up to” speed in their ads, but also state the minimum speed the subscribers will get

  2. pong says:

    makiki-wifi na lang ako holdup price nanamn yan

  3. javalite says:

    If access to this service is going to be for prepaid or something like a limited data plan, I’m sticking to unlisurf on 3G/HSDPA on my postpaid. To think I was actually gearing up for a Smart LTE/Galaxy Note combo. =__=”

  4. dan says:

    a guaranteed 1.5-2mbps for a [email protected] 1.5k (no torrent) is much better than this IMHO

  5. NemOry says:

    You can’t trust all network providers.

  6. ronnie says:

    maganda bumili nyn kaso kakatakot naman kasi pati buhay natin delikado sa mamasamang tao.

  7. ronnie says:

    gusto kung magkaroon ng ganyan magkano kaya yan sa ngyon??

  8. glen says:

    no thanks. It is LTE with 3g speeds and will be metered on kb basis. I am happy with cheap,and stable sun internet.


  9. eet my shet says:

    All TELCOS in PI are useless. They are driven by greed and motivated only by money.

  10. Steve Jobs says:

    499 per 1GB up 54Mbps.

  11. dan says:

    happy with cheap,and stable sun internet.

    soon mararamdaman mo na ung fruits ng pagkakabili ng smart sa sun cellular

  12. glen says:

    yes all telcos in the philippines so be better than sun. No marketing media hype of alphabets LTE,3G,Wimax etc. us consumers just want cheap,stable,fast,unlimited internet.

  13. Jayson Moy says:

    I love Sun Broadband – in our province in Bulacan, it has the only one with HSDPA signal (5-bars) with superb download speed.

    SMART and Globe – deadspot.

    But in our home in Caloocan North, Sun is so BAD!
    Globe provides better DL speed.

    SMART, is good in Makati area.

    So I guess, it depends on the area.

  14. mark says:

    geez if this is true then it’ so cool! In the US lightning speed is just 40mbps (Time warner cable) and that is residential. kht cguro 5mbps bsta consistent ok na

  15. Another ripoff for sure!

  16. glen says:

    if its from Money Pangilinan.it is going to be a ripoff

  17. anorak city says:

    so far I’m quite happy with my Smart Always On internet connection.. first few months i was using 500mb data plan for my android phone. right now im just using 250mb data plan…since i only use it for connectivity.. its enough.

  18. char says:

    gusto ko sana bumili kaso baka magbayad lang ako sa hindi magandang serbisyo.. baka magamit lang pera ko sa pagpapabongga ng tv5, pagpapatayo ng pasilidad ng tv5 at pambayad ng artista para lumipat sa kanila, haha..

  19. milanaorly says:

    is there still prob on Smart’s HSPA+ locations? wooow :(

  20. We’re lucky if Smart will not cap us at 1Mbps, one obvious lie? Max out! LOL!!!

  21. Still have to prove the reality of this one.

  22. Arvee says:

    I’ve experienced Smart’s LTE in Boracay and I must say I was amazed by the speed and the huge difference in latency (vs. HSDPA)

    But if Smart will limit the available plans to what’s available on the Rocket (no unlimited surfing) I’m sure this will not ring a bell to most Filipinos.

  23. weeeee says:

    GLOBE AND SMART ARE ALL CRAP… false advertisement thats what they do… even if u pay 50 pesos for an unli internet on their current network you wont still get the speed fast enough for just even browsing a stupid web page… ill stick to dsl although it is also crappy but way batter than broadband… they just suck money from their subscribers.. if you wanna get even with this money hungry crappy service providers i would suggest using a vpn stuff.. u get free net from their crappy network… take that Smart and Globe…

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