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Smart Bro now up to 2Mbps

A new poster ad from Smart Bro promotes their broadband speed to be up to 2Mbps. The operative word is “up to” but that’s still a huge jump from the previous 384Kbps.

smartbro 2mbpsCould this be the one that I predicted earlier? Of course, even running on HSDPA, this is still the max speed and not a sustained speed.

I fired up several internet bandwidth meters, hooked up my Smart Bro Prepaid account and positioned my laptop to get an HSDPA signal. This is the result I got after several rounds of testing:


The results, 827/350 Kbps, is nowhere near the 2Mbps claimed but that’s still more than twice the usual 300+ Kbps I usually get with them.

Please note though that this claim is a maximum achievable speed (on HSDPA) so if you are located in areas with only EDGE/GPRS, you won’t see any improvements.

Disclosure: Smart Comm. is an advertiser on this blog.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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48 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    hi Abe! Is this for the smartbro prepaid kit only? Or will the smartbro postpaid plan 999 be upgraded too?

  2. yuga says:

    I think across all Smart Bro subscriptions.

  3. Female Celeb says:


    do you have any info regarding the list of areas with HSDPA,EDGE/GPRS… available.. Im from laguna and Im planning to buy a Smart bro Kit or Gloe Visibility..


  4. jon says:

    You’re right! speedtest.net (1251kb/s DL, 406kb/s U) Cagayan de Oro server too. After some tries… :-)

    Thanks for posting this. Wouldn’t have known…

  5. yuga says:

    @FC – don’t have data on that but will ask both providers for a copy if they have one. Used to have a list for Globe Visibility but forgot where I stored it.

  6. noemi says:

    That’s good news! most ISPs are actually saying “up to…” now instead of the old “faster than dialup ” comeon.

    Offtopic- I see a huge banner FilipinaHeart dot com under your sponsors.

    “Find your Filipina Beauty today…Browse Photos”

  7. yuga says:

    Adsense image ads?

  8. ruel says:

    tried mine here’s the result
    [img width=300 height=174]http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l277/redenila/test.jpg[/img]

  9. Noelskii says:

    Tagal na nyan eto speed ko. sa lugar namin marami na naka smartbro kaya upgrade sila.


  10. Gabriel says:

    wow buti pa sa inyo… for me not… ganon parin… dilemma…

  11. ralph says:

    grabe naman kung 2mbps. lugi ata ang dsl ko nyan. may glitch ata yang speedtest.net

    magpost nalang kayo ng utorrent dl and ul to prove its true

  12. Raf says:


    Tanong ko lang kung sino sa inyo ang place ay along Tandang Sora, QC area?

    Malakas or Meron kaya HSDPA signal dito?

    Maraming Salamat!

  13. warning says:

    naku…mag-ingat kayo sa service na yun baka scam lang yang mga yan…magiging napaka-vulnerable nyo sa pag-huthut ng inyong pera ng smartbro na yan

  14. Is this also available for the SmartBro 999 unlimited? The one in which they install an antenna or something in your home?

  15. Peter One says:

    Hi raf, try to call customer service for that matter, and see for your self if they themselves from the customer service knows about their HSPDA enabled sites.

    By the way yuga, have you tried testing the globe visibility’s speed?

  16. yuga says:

    @Pinoy Apostolic, I’m not sure. My first impression was that it should be all Smart Bro accounts.

    @Peter One, yes, I’m doing multiple site speed tests around Metro Manila. Hopefully, I could release the results of the speed tests by this week.

  17. Tatum says:

    False hopes and empty promises…

    Hearing that the speed has been increased to “UP TO” 2Mbps is quite nice but I wish the company would at least guarantee a certain percentage of the speed they are claiming to provide.

  18. jamir says:

    One thing to say. I am now a proud user of Smartbro. They installed my DSL after 1 day!

    Nice site you got here Yuga!


  19. newbie says:

    how come my smartbro subscription feels like it’s still dial up… knock knock smartbro. when will you finally catch up with the rest of the world?

  20. crestfallen says:

    what about for postpaid plan999 subscribers? =(

  21. jazzbo says:

    Did you try locking the modem to the 850 Mhz setting?

  22. jamir says:

    Yes. I just notice that I had a slow connection after they installed the unit in my PC.

  23. newbie says:

    slowwwwwwwwww ng smartbro :(

  24. tagabukid says:

    @ Noelskii on Oct 11th, 2008 at 1:14 pm

    wow! bilis niyan ah! do you work for smart? ;-) turuan mo naman the rest of us how to get those speeds.. im also on smartbro prepaid and it takes me forever to even connect to speedtest.net. the only signal outside of iloilo city for smartbro is gprs which is capable of 14.4Kbps speeds and i am way slower than that. it peaks at 5 Kbps max.

    if i had a landline, old simple dialup would run at the same speeds. i think they deserve their name: SMARTBROKEN!

  25. tagabukid says:

    @ newbie on Oct 18th, 2008 at 1:09 am

  26. mud_skipper says:

    Guys tulong naman pls…

    I’m a SMART BRO plan 999 subscriber currently using my Desktop PC for internet browsing and I just want to ask if I can safely use my TOSHIBA notebook L35. It is stated in my manual that.

    Connect the built-in modem only to ordinary analog phone lines.

    Never connect the built-in modem to a digital line ISDN

    Never connect the built-in modem to a digital connector on a public telephone or to digital private branch exchange PBX

    Never connect the built-in modem to a key telephone system for residences or offices

    Connection to any communications line other than an analog phone line could cause a PC system failure.

    Do I have to buy an external modem for this even tough I have a built-in modem?

    I hope you could help me out in this matter pls.

    malakas kasi sa kuryente ung desktop PC compare sa laptop

    Ive tried to email smart customer service but they didnt reply back.

  27. Alex says:

    I’m on plan 999P for 3 years already and i have noticed a BIG change in my speed since Nov.17.2008, I’m somewhere near 3Mbps!!
    here is my speed test for Nov.19 & 20


  28. newbie says:


    how’s the torrent download speed? :D

  29. Nathalynne says:

    Globe and Smart Broadbands really. kung ako sa inyo at pc ang gamit nyo, mag dsl na lamang kau. safety na lang ang kailangan isipin.

  30. Alesana/m\ says:

    Ang bagal ng smart bro prepaid. Naka 3g pero 30 seconds bago maload ang google.com, 2 min anf speedtest at syempre 5 oras bago matapos and isang 5-min na video sa youporn at redtube

  31. e.r.d.o. says:

    Smartbro in the plan 999(postpaid) dosnt have the real speed of 2mbps! pero ung modem na smart bro talagang sobrang bilis.. icompare mo ang bilis ng smart brong postpaid sa prepaid(3G):

    Post paid 50 kbps lang ang DL speed
    Pre Paid 200+ ang DL speed.. halos 4 times na mas mabilis kaya lang indi unlimited

  32. wifi says:

    bumilis ang smartbro canopy ko, umaabot na sya ng 700 kbps!

  33. mac says:

    sa mga may balak mag apply ng smartbro, b sure na yong may antenna na ikakabit sa bubong nyo at i sure lang sa technician kung natatanaw ang nila ang tower ng smart, kc kung wala sayang lang pera nyo. na try ko kc at ng mga friend ko yong mga product nila na direct sa usb waste of time ang money lang. kung obstructed naman ang antena mahina rin dapat pa extend pa ng tubo kung may pang additional payment ka go na! ksa naman mag suffer ka sa intermittent connection

  34. guen says:

    Hi I bought the 995 kit Smart Bro Prepaid, I got the white huawei modem. Why is is that I was not able to get a good connection here in Manila…Does the performance of the connection depends on the modem you get? I tried my cousin’s, who has the black one and I got better connection than what I have now.

    Does it mean they’re trying to sell their low performance white huawei modems, that’s why they lowered it to 995?

  35. valefor says:

    i will terminate my subscription w/ smartbro. i can only get .81Mbps in early morning. but on peak hrs its only .35Mbps the problem is the up load drops to .04Mbps if you upload a 10min 50Mb video it will take about 3hrs.

  36. korky says:

    @jon where are u in cdo? in a week’s time my highest DL was 320kbps. tonite its 200+kbps!
    am near malasag btw. any particular settings u did? naka demo kasi c noel (from smart) with 700kbps. i’d greatly appreciate ur help. thanks ;)

  37. korky says:

    how bout u yuga? where exactly in cdo did u got ur results above?

  38. juanito salvador says:

    pwede ba namin palitan un smartbro postpaid plug in namin dun sa smartbro broadband with antenna…kasi “PANGET TALAGA” ang service ninyo sa amin ngaun…ano b ang priority nyo customer service o customer sales?

  39. Toinkz says:

    gumamit kyo ng free proxy, free ung net nyo kasingbilis lang dn ng my bayad.. jeje igoogle nyo kung panu..

  40. jimbo says:

    mabagal un plan 999 sana mag improve tlaga ,un 1mbps na sinabi nyo 200kbps lang

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