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Smart Bro Rocket Buyers Guide

So I bought the Smart Bro Rocket at Smart’s Wireless Center in Rockwell this morning. They made me sign a waiver that outlines some of the limitations of the dongle and the service. So, here are 10 things you need to know before buying the Smart Bro Rocket.

Some Wireless Centers are still a bit confused with the Smart Bro Rocket so you will have to ask and explain that it’s the new one with 12Mbps. The guard and front customer service both didn’t knew about it but I insisted and the other one in the activation desk confirmed.

1.) The kit comes with Php20 free load and a SIM card. You can use the regular Smart Bro load card to top up.

2.) The internet rate for the Smart Bro Rocket is pegged at Php10 per 30 minutes.

3.) The current rate is just a promo rate and effective until September 30, 2011. After that, Smart will shift to Volume Packages for the mobile internet rate.

4.) Users can subscribe to the Always On plans (see here).

5.) You are not allowed to use UnliSurf50, UnliSurf100 or UnliSurf200 on the account (contrary to my earlier confirmation with Smart’s PR that it can be used for UnliSurf). Update: Note though that I was still able to register to UnliSurf despite this restriction.

6.) Default charging will revert to Php200 per 180MB after September 30, 2011.

7.) When you are out of the HSPA+ coverage, the promised internet speed is up to 3.6Mbps (same as the Power Plug-It).

8.)When you buy the Smart Bro Rocket, you sign a waiver and release that you “given up future legal rights against any misunderstanding about the limitations of the device and the HSPA+ network”.

9.) If an HSPA+ network is not detected, you switch back to HSPA or 3G.

10.) You acknowledge that even if the service offers up to 12Mbps, the minimum speed can be between 12-48kbps.

Will go around and test this device from a number of locations and share with you the speed tests I’ll get. Let’s see if this baby can get to what Smart promised.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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57 Responses

  1. Chito Reyes says:

    Those conditions practically release Smart from any kind of liability!

  2. Kim says:

    This Rocket better be what it says. The fine print is just crazy, it looks as if you’re giving SMART permission for a potential rip-off.

  3. Brickz says:

    They’re making you sell them your soul :D

  4. mike says:

    wow. Another robbery in the making. Trying to fool victims, I mean consumers. With data cap in megabytes.Good luck to buyers of this. Those people posting positive reviews about this product .I am pretty sure they are connected to this

  5. Almost Techie says:

    No liability clause. Hahaha! Galing ng legal nila.

  6. Hubes says:

    Whats the use of high speed internet if there is no unli plan?

  7. yuga says:

    @hubes – that means it’s Php480/day for unlimited :p

  8. Christian says:

    There is no reason para mag avail nito. Luging lugi ka.

  9. poche says:

    di ba gumagana yun ibang sim ng smart?

  10. LG Promo Victim says:

    Many consumers will become victims of this Smart Bro Rocket, somebody should start creating Smart Bro Rocket Victims website, fanpage, forum thread.

  11. godofredo says:

    maybe i’ll be this in two years time when it costs P995.00. :) besides, I don’t know if there’s already an HSPA+ here at our location.

  12. damnvixen says:

    quit claim, minimum expected speed and outrageous fees!

  13. Thanks for information about this, it will guide subscribers.

  14. Andre says:

    PHP500 per day for unlimited? what kind of world is this?

  15. PNOY says:

    Its seem Smart is copying WI TRIBE’s old 4G internet connections plans, before their plans are based on the amount of MB or GB that you upload and download (e.q 500/month for a 500MB) but they change it based on speed like 500/month for 512kbps, 999 for 1mbps and 1998 for 2mbps. Smart must continue to offer their unlimited service in their prepaid broadband compare with having a limitation like what they are offering with Always ON (Php300/month for only 250MB upload or download) What kind of internet service is that, having a limitation.

  16. chris ammerlaan says:

    Default charging will revert to Php200 per 180MB after September 30, 2011.
    How many people will pay that
    When you buy the Smart Bro Rocket, you sign a waiver and release that you “given up future legal rights against any misunderstanding about the limitations of the device and the HSPA+ network”.
    smart must know how bad the service will be

  17. Myka says:

    aanhin ko ang 12Mbps if every 180MB babayad ako ng 200 pesos… wth? alangan naman mag fe-facebook lang ako

  18. vince says:

    This is one of those “no way, smart would not be THAT stupid” moments

    expect very low sales

  19. vince says:

    180 mb can be downloaded in 23 minutes at 1 mbps, 2 1/2 minutes at 10mbps

  20. anastasis says:

    sir abe if you can register to unlisurf services despite their restrictions can you use it for browsing and downloading? more feedbacks pls..

    • yuga says:

      @anastasis – yes you can do all that. I think Smart is a little lax on this one because there are very few devices that support HSPA+ and this is more like a testing phase for them until end of September.

  21. Emman says:

    Ridiculous terms,,, Jeez, what’s happened to philippines?

    Nakikita ko na ang future nito,,, FLOP… Unless they retain their present scheme…

  22. Kevin says:

    Give this as a gift to Enrile, then if his load “gets eaten up” again, maybe the “law” could put some pressure on the operators to stop screwing with the consumers with such waivers and restrictive terms. These should go both ways, if the consumers are not getting the promised service in return, we shouldn’t have to pay them to discontinue the service.

  23. goodha says:

    10.) You acknowledge that even if the service offers up to 12Mbps, the minimum speed can be between 12-48kbps.

    what?!!! @nearly 4k a dongle? no way!!!

    6.) Default charging will revert to Php200 per 180MB after September 30, 2011.


  24. mike says:

    mabilis talaga ito kase halos walang bibili. actually di eto rin yung dati. Natanggalan lang ng subscribers kaya bumilis.

  25. anarki says:

    @sir abe
    what speeds are you getting when on unlisurf?
    power plug-it speed po ba?

  26. wyldkard says:

    that’s manipul… err marketing

  27. That’s why Fixed Wireless Broadband are better than dongle broadband! :-)

  28. Pusang Kulog says:

    Smart Bro “Raket”

    Tsk… tsk… tsk…

    • Jon says:

      LOL. Sakto. Tama, “raket” lang to ng SmartBro. Having read this post, it seems like you just can’t complain to Smart anymore once you get a slow connection. No way I’m signing up for this gimmick a.k.a “raket”.

  29. Vision says:

    Marketing Strategy talaga ng Smart ito. They are just testing us consumers. I think their plug it prepaid sales got low specially with only 2mbps speed, that is why they are releasing the new Smart Rocket which also a Huawei device made in china which offer a faster speed.

    Pros of Smart Rocket Prepaid Braodband
    You can surf the net up to 12mbps* (This is area dependent). As of now I tried using it at the following areas like Ortigas Building 2-4mbps, Makati area near Rockwell 1.5-2mbps, Pasig area near Rosario 1Mbps. I haven’t gotten the speed of 12mbps but il update you guys if i do.
    You can still subscribe for the unlisurf 50/100/200. I myself already tested it and subscribed into 5 days unlisurf.
    Easy to install, just follow the simple steps.

    Very expensive for a price of 3,995, instead it should be a reasonable price of 1,500-2,000 only.
    Speed is area dependent where HSPA is available. The higher your area are(e.q.building, 2-5 storey house) the better the coverage and speed.
    By September 30,2011, unlisurf will no longer be available, that is if Smart really discontinue this kind of service.
    No money back guarantee (if your not satisfied with the product particularly with its speed, you agree with their terms that you cannot return it.

  30. smart robbery says:

    that’s a very SMART move to rob uninformed buyers. tsk tsk tsk

  31. meow says:

    Sir abe pwede rin ung smartbro simcard na luma ilagay sa huawei e353? mag hspa+ parin?

  32. mike says:

    hey guys do you think the state of internet technology in the Phillippines is moving forward or backward? It appears backward. One year has passed and there is no decent internet speed. Worst it is now metered per megabyte. What Smart is doing is restrictive to growth. Something is fishy. Looks like our president sold us to the devil.

  33. tenorture says:

    What a rip off…Can we send this to consumer watchers or to somebody in legislation and complain that they are promising to deliver a good or service for this amount but can’t be held liable if the goods delivered or the service is bad…

  34. User says:

    wag kayong bibili nito pag wala kayong HSPA+ signal swerte lang meron sa amin ang burst speed na reach ko 6.5mbs… sulit kung unli hehehe

  35. PNOY says:

    Guys its openline as yuga have said and tested it with globe. Gonna try it also with sun and subscribe with unlisurf 100 for 3 days.

    • anarki says:

      what speeds are you getting when on unlisurf?

    • PNOY says:

      @ anarki, it depends on my location the fastest speed iv encounter so far was 4-5 mbps at makati area near j.p. rizal , i guess its really area dependent, the slowest speed iv encounter was 300-500kbps at libis, pasig rosario 200-300kbps, u can visit smart bro for the list of hspa area in metro manila.

  36. chris ammerlaan says:

    Default charging will revert to Php200 per 180MB after September 30, 2011
    Sir Abe can you confirm it is MB and not Mb as the cost for MB does not seem that bad (1440Mb)

  37. nexusboy says:

    i don’t understand why Smart won’t just improve their network and deliver consistent 2MBPS speed? hindi naman tlaga kelangan ang 12MBPS if you are getting 2MBPS as regular connection.

  38. chris says:

    I just checked their website(SmartBro) and found out that they reduce the maximum speed of SmartBro Canopy from 2Mbps to 1mbps.. tsk tsk .. just renewed my contract..

  39. Almost Techie says:

    Just bought a Smart Rocket unit at SMART-MOA. The waiver is really true; you need to sign one. I can’t immediately use it though on my Mac; need to download a software update (Java for Mac OSX 10.7something).

    Another thing that bugs me, aside from the data cap is the no unlimited internet access for the Rocket.

    Query: Is there a possible bypass to the no unlimited internet? Like, activating unlimited internet using the sim of the Smart Rocket but using a regular SmartBro usb stick.

  40. Carlo says:

    Location: House near SM Southmall
    7.22mbps / 932.214KB/sec using download manager


  41. Newbie Techie says:

    Sir Abe, i know that you have tried using a globe sim in the Smart Bro rocket, but have you tried using a Sun broadband if yes, can you tel me how to configure it? iv tried using it in my Smart rocket but i was not able to get a connection. Tnx in advance

  42. chynnaheart says:

    hay naku napakasama talaga nila isa silang kurakot sa bansa natin.

    sobra silang mga smartcares sana maraming maghack sa kanilang network

  43. Ekek says:

    >>Default charging will revert to Php200 per 180MB after September 30, 2011.

    USELESS. so so… useless. a youtube movie is easily reach 40-50mb. what this means is that watching a movie on a youtube via smart racket is more expensive than watching a movie.

  44. james says:

    I have an unlocked HUAWEI E353 dongle (same as rocket) will I be able to just buy a simcard and use the smartbro 4g or do I have to buy another dongle also?

  45. Glenn Vincent says:

    To you techies out there, could you please point me to the most reliable, cheapest wired or cabled broadband? My PLDT myDsl is so slow. Is SkyBroadband any better?

  46. WickedMan says:

    Is this “Php200 per 180MB” rate true? Are we going back to the 90’s? Just viewing your friends’ photos continuously in Facebook or Flickr will probably eat up 10MB or more within 5 minutes.

  47. suizcide says:

    nakakainis na smart yan! i bought power plug it . nkalagay sa flyers up to 5 mbps. pero 237 kbps lng max reach mya. im buffering youtube videos for half hour just to watch. ang nakakainis pa mas mabilis ung smartbro (995) ng ate ko. i tried it sna pla un nlng binili ko. or tatto. power plug it price — Php 1245.00

  48. tonton says:

    walang kwenta.. tng ina.. sarap sunugin ang smart

  49. Sonofa says:

    pano naman kaming naka smart canopy? 1 month na akong subscribed… every 9pm nawawala internet!!!
    2nd month ko palang subscribed pero sa first month ko wala pang 1week down na internet and service is scheduled a week after…

    pwede bang di ko na bayaran?

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