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Smart Bro Rocket cuts UnliSurf Plans

Just learned today (thru one of my staff in Manila and verified by @arnoldgamboa) that Smart Bro Rocket has finally cut off subscription to Smart Unlisurf plans.

When Smart Bro Rocket was first released, they allowed subscription to UnliSurf 50 and UnliSurf 200. However, they warned that this will eventually be reverted to a bucket plan by September 30 — at Php180 per 200MB. The default internet rate is Php15 per 30 minutes.

It’s still the 16th of September but subscribing to UnliSurf has suddenly become invalid. Will get official word from Smart regarding this switch and will update once we get a response.

Update: I am told by Smart rep that the default rate is Php10 per 30 minutes until September 30, 2011.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses

  1. Reiciello says:

    What the FU!


    Do they know how fast it is to reach 200MB?! And at HSDPA+ Speed?!

    What a bunch of money grubbing a-holes!

  2. Sabana says:


    Smart’s turning out not to be smart afterall!

  3. William C says:

    While their previous Unlisurf plans are probably too cheap to be sustainable, 180 pesos for 200 MB is ridiculous. 150 per day is justifiable and in line with Sprint USA pricing.

    The trouble with monopolies or near monopolies, the government should do something…

  4. Brickz says:

    This is what we get for having a constitution that stifles competition…

  5. PaulC says:

    I’m not surprise.. :D

  6. H says:

    what?! i used unlisurf 200 every week. that really sucks. i tried always on 500, 4 days lang used up na. the unlisurf is perfect for me. try ko again globe.

  7. Kev says:

    Ok back to globe…. Smart ass…

  8. RaGe says:

    we shouldn’t be surprised after all…

  9. Jhay says:

    You need not concern yourself with Smart. Mga matatandang bobo sa internet lang naman gumagamit nian e. Stick with Globe. At least they’re fair. Ung mga reklamador ng Globe matatandang bobo sa internet din.

  10. da says:

    Pang Smart Bro Rocket lang naman yan na sim card. Pede parin sa Smart Sim or sa ordinary Smart Bro Sim. Mas lalo na ang globe the stupidest network ever 800MB cap? How stupid is that? Unlimited Plan with a Limit. Smart Sim / ordinary smart sim gumagana ang unlisurf walang capping. Mas okay pa magmonopoly na lang ang Smart para lamunin na nila ang 30% share ng globe sa market. Bakit ba onti subscribers ng Globe? Kasi walang kwenta. Mas maraming gumagamit ng Smart kaya sila ang majority.

    • James says:

      Dude. You don’t deserve to use the internet with that third-world way of thinking. If you go abroad, most providers deliver internet in data packages. It’s either your line gets cut off when your limit is reached or their throttle down your connection to a lower speed.

      Smart implements fair use policies, review the fine prints of your contract. If you’re found to be abusive of the service, they reserve the right to cut your line off. Sa globe, you’re cut off from the promo for a day lang.

      If you’re an abusiv a-hole, you’ll hate globe for that.

    • Globe postpaid doesn’t have bandwidth capping. Tested and proven. So either you’re using prepaid or it’s a user error. :-P

      Also, you want Smart to monopolize the telecommunications market? Are you kidding? I’m so pissed when Smart bought Sun. And you want Globe to die too so we will all suffer with this crap ass 180 MB for P200 mobile internet rate?

    • Brickz says:

      Wtf! Did you even graduate high school? Do you really think that having Smart monopolize the industry will benefit us? You must be out of your mind. Do you think if they don’t have any competition at all, they would continue to innovate and they won’t raise their prices?
      If there’s one thing that this country’s market really needs is competition. It will drive down prices while having businesses provide better service so that they can entice people to choose them rather than their opponents.
      Don’t get me wrong, I like Smart better than Globe but people shouldn’t be fanboys because companies are only out for one thing and that’s to make a profit.

  11. mike says:

    alam mo kaya malakas smart kase sa probinsya lang sila malakas. magtanong ka dito sa manila kung sino lamang. kung magtatanong ka lang puro globe mga tao dito sa manila. iilan lang smart.

  12. Ledor Toru says:

    i just tried sun prepaid broadband this week using the old school Huawei E220 that came from a postpaid plan of globe before, i was amazed of the speed, it’s fast even if naka-unli ako. kasi when i tried globe and smart before parang iba yung speed pag nka-unli ka mas mahina .

  13. BJ says:

    Really? Unlisurf seems to work fine for my Rocket. just loaded it now… and charging is still P10 for 30mins. Happy with the speeds I’m getting

  14. z says:

    ROCKET PLUG-IT AY ISANG RACKET SLUG. dya people know how it can be unlocked? sayang talaga ang pera ko.

  15. RJCA says:

    Just go for SUN, it’s the cheapest (650 a month/unlimited) I’m happy, please note that it’s my secondary internet only. (When I’m outside: school, mall, driving)

  16. jb says:


  17. Budz the Brony says:

    Just switch to Sun, everypony! That’s the only decent carrier who can give a no-frills, no-hassle, reasonably-priced broadband internet.

  18. Jon says:

    HAHA. “Raket” lang talaga to. Too expensive, plus unreliable service.

  19. Simplelang says:

    baka naman kasi nagbabawi sa pinambayad sa nba superstars nung nagpunta dito at ke durant na nagendorse nito. tsk

  20. Mark says:

    Getting Globe’s 4G postpaid stick is more worthwhile after all for only 2K a month, unlimited.

    I actually prefer 3G wifi devices than these speed boost sticks. No HSPA+ in my area. :/

  21. Smart nga eh says:

    Smart Bro “Raket” nga nman ung name, what do you expect? nakasulat na nga sa device mismo eh hehe

  22. Ang swapang na talaga sa pera ng Smart. Kaya nagresign yung isang friend ko na nagwo-work dun. Ibang iba na raw management dun. Walang salary increase tapos iniipit daw yung promotion. Mga lunch meetings daw sobrang tinitipid wala man lang pakain. What the hell…

  23. X says:

    e lahat ng pera napunta sa smart gilas, kay kobe, durant, etc.

  24. X says:

    eh lahat ng pera napunta sa smart gilas, kay kobe, durant, etc.

  25. NikWalker says:

    They named their product after their speed, making profit. Like a rocket for them, not for you!

  26. Jimmy Gouse says:

    I have been using the rocket ever since it came out, and been using the unlisurf 200 plan every 5 days 1200 pesos a month, I have trouble shoot this many times with smart bro techs. first-the speed never ever got over 3mps, without the subscription..while registered unlisurf the speeds are decreased, I am getting speeds up to 1.02mps max, most of the time its 700-923kbs, which is bullshit…

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