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2020 Price List: Smartphones / Tablets / Laptops

Smart LTE vs. Globe Tattoo Black Price Comparison

So now that Globe’s LTE service has been finally revealed, we look at the pricing plans and compared it to Smart LTE. The chart below should give you a bigger picture on what each telco is offering.

What we know is that Globe and Smart have the same device supplier — Huawei — so the hardware performance is even between the two plans.

Here are the LTE service plans offered by Smart and Globe.

From the table above, we can drawn a number of conclusion:

● Globe offers two plans while Smart has one. Globe’s two plans are priced lower than Smart. Smart’s price is 40% more expensive than Globe’s plan.

● Globe offers bigger bandwidth allocation compared to Smart’s cap. At the top tier, Globe’s 15GB is 50% more than what Smart offers at 10GB.

● Comparing Plan 2499 at 15GB and Plan 3499 at 10GB, Globe’s plan is 110% more cost-effective than Smart. That is based on cost per GB of bandwidth (Globe: Php166.6/GB, Smart: Php349.9/GB).

● Smart has wider coverage in Metro Manila while Globe is only restricted to Makati at the moment.

● Both Smart and Globe offered unlimited internet for the first 3 to 4 months after the launch.

● Smart has more LTE bands deployed (3 vs. 1) compared to Globe.

● Globe now offers a USB stick and a pocket WiFi free with the plans while Smart is only offering a USB stick at the moment.

● Both telcos offer up to 42Mbps.

So far, that’s what we’re seeing between the two. On paper, it looks like Globe has one up against Smart in this round.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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41 Responses

  1. John says:

    Globe wins ! You can actually subscribe to Plan 1799, cut the regular sim to a nano-sized one and insert it on your iPhone 5. As the latter iPhone supports 850/1800/2100 frequency bands. (Globe uses 1800 Mhz for their LTE)

  2. Gerard says:

    Interesting, I would half-expect Smart to release a counter-offer. Also wondering how other network subscriptions plans are eventually affected.

  3. Silverlokk says:

    Question: How long before Globe expands its coverage beyond Makati? I’ll bet that even there, it’s mostly limited to the CBD and the exclusive villages. Will you get LTE in Bangkal or Guadalupe Viejo for instance? By the time other areas get Globe’s LTE, betting the “unlimited” offer will have expired.

    • angry_bird says:

      I bet Globe used their “demo” LTE network just to say they Launched their LTE service as a counter to Smart, only Makati City? lol

  4. nexusboy says:

    globe and smart now on LTE, great! but it will only benefit a few. why not improve HSPA+ signal instead? its theoretical speed is up to 168 Mbps and that’s just 3G!

  5. Masangkay says:

    Telco wins talo pilipino. Kung taga makati ka panalo pag kailangan mong umuwi sa ibang siyudad talo. Pagtambay ka sa makati – panalo

  6. Tocino says:

    Yeah right @ caps. Both offers suck! Ill stick with postpaid 3g for now.

  7. Jayvee says:

    Smart’s pricing is way too much…

  8. renz says:

    Do they sell the LTE USB STICK? How much?

  9. John Eagle says:

    The price of both LTE offerings speaks itself. Smart LTE has wider coverage, fully-tested and have more bands while Globe is only new for 4G tech, LTE only in Makati.

    I think, there’s nothing to compare at the moment! Smart LTE is still the only LTE in the country.

    • angry_bird says:

      You are right there dude, and also I think Globe just do their press release of their LTE network so that people will think they are not behind Smart, but look they promised a September LTE launch but its already October tommorow. And also they are anly launching in Makati it really looks like an immature launch.

  10. vince says:

    there’s one thing missing from Globe’s specs – what will happen AFTER the cap is exceeded. Most likely like smart it will entail a higher bill

  11. Curio says:

    He who removes cap wins this war.

    A regular 1 Mbps plan can theoretically download about 200GB-300GB+ per month.

    What’s the use of high speed if you can only download 10-15GB? Only noobs will buy this.

    We the customer therefore demand cap removal ASAP or we will simply not buy this.

  12. Cath says:

    Is 15 Gig/month big? Is it enough for an avid internet user? Upfront, 15G from Globe seems like too small for me since my computer is online throughout the day…

  13. fireice2 says:

    I am having doubts if the technology employed by Smart and Globe are really LTE but HSPA+, a 4G technology but not 4G-LTE.

    The speeds they posted are more in line with HSPA+. 42mbps DL/ 11mbps UL.

    US telcos use LTE Cat3 which has 100mbps DL and 50mbps UL.
    LTE cat4 150mbps DL/50mbps UL
    LTE Cat5 300mbps DL/75mbps UL.

  14. fireice2 says:


    In fairness to our local telcos, I think they are first maximizing the top capabilities of HSPA+ before fully deploying LTE since LTE is not compatible with 2G/3G and 4G-LTE devices are not yet widespread even in the 1st world countries.

    Its good to know that the PH telcos are striving to give us Filipinos with the best possible mobile services.

  15. John says:

    To the morons who say that these networks don’t offer LTE but only HSPA+, think again. LTE cannot be JUST deployed by 25/50/75/100 Mbps speeds but also capped and utilised for the masses. It’s basically a 50 Mbps LTE cell capped at 42 Mbps for stability. If they don’t cap it, towers might not be able to carry the data and overload. Duh. Can you not take a hint ? Twats, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Even the modems are LTE-enabled variants. Insecurities. Kayo na lang mag deploy nang LTE ha, para sure na sure. Hindi na sila.

  16. John says:

    You all should just be thankful. We’re ONE of the first countries to have LTE. China doesn’t even have it yet ! Stop fucking whining.

  17. Justin says:

    Smart is more expensive obviously because they were first to market (as usual). In a few weeks time, I’m sure those prices will even out. When that happens, Smart will have the clear advantage due to coverage. For me, never mind if I’m given 2-5GB less allocation, at least I can use it in most parts of Metro Manila. Ang Globe pang-Makati lang naman talaga. Anywhere outside Makati and Globe coverage sucks. Akala ata nila buong Pilipinas na ang Makati.

  18. jeff says:

    how I wish someone would take a speedtest from all over the country so we can compare the speed of HSPA+ signals. from what I experience I think cagayan de oro has the most stable HSPA+ and cebu has the worst. but it depends on the network I guess (im using Smart Mobile internet)

  19. Jeremy says:

    10g and 15g cap? Susmaryosep jejomar jusporsanto! E wala pang isang linggo ubos ko n yan! PagDL ng apps sa iPad at Android ko palang. Movies pa. Sarap sana magDL ng movies nyan o, kaso isang movie p lang 1gig na! Tapos mabilis pa! Matataga tayo nyan sa overage. Wag na uy. Siguro after a year aalisin din nila cap nyan ang kaso there’s just no enough competition dito sa Pinas unlike sa US. Globe vs. Smart lang. Tsk.

  20. ceegii63 says:

    i personally DOUBT both GLOBE and SMART are actually offering real LTE, but masking HSPA+ 42mbps and branding it 4G and calling it LTE because they know most pinoys are not as technical as the people who frequent BLOG sites and alam naman natin guali ng pinoy “Ay naka 3G lang kayo? Kami 4G”

    the best way to verify is actually having 4G LTE Phones test the sites where both Telecos claim there is LTE Coverage, kahit yung mga USB Stick nila di tayo sure if LTE nga unless matest sa ibang bansa na may LTE

  21. Emong says:

    Just shows how greedy SMART can get. A thousand pesos higher for a smaller bandwidth? Tapos saan lang mapupunta, sa commercials nila telling the other networks’ subscribers to “live more”? Bwisit, pareho lang kayong bulok. SMART’s just leveling up their kabulukan with their greed.

  22. akositantan says:

    Hay naku isa lang kahahantungan nitong LTE na ito

    “MAS MABILIS ANG PERA!” .. biruin mo

    Php166.6/GB, Smart: Php349.9/GB).

    Eh kung magdodownload ka ng isang movie na 1GB mb.
    sabibihin ntin kaya yan in 4 minutes lang @4mbps DL speed..

    1 movie = 4 minutes

    sa isang araw nakaka DDL ako ng 5-10 movies sa HSPA+

    gamit na agad Cap in 1 day

    pera agad! ahaha

    tapos additional pa kapag sumobra! ano b naman

    LTE is for heavy downloader..

    Eh kung ako tatanungin WAG NA!

    antay na lang na may promo UNLISURF for 1 day sa LTE..hehe

  23. sandies says:


  24. sandies says:


  25. Cylord says:

    SMART will definitely heat up the competition, thus will bring down their msf for their LTE plan.. Masyado lang binaba ni Globe ung msf nila just to make their LTE more enticing kahit sa Makati lang ang coverage.. Hintayin natin what SMART will release in the succeding days.. Bka mapa NGANGA ang GLOBE sa competition :p

  26. patchk says:

    cap limits will greatly benefit “mobile” users who use these services for “mobile” purposes.

    if i wish for unlimited download where i can leave my pc downloading gigs of movies, i’ll use fixed services where there are no caps.

  27. Michael Houghton says:

    Cap limits benefit users? I highly disagree, mobile or fixed they’re absolutely useless to the end user.

  28. Kyo says:

    hmm may capacity lang ba ang line sa pag download i mean anu meaning nung cap?

  29. nat says:

    What’s the point of having a 42Mbps connection with a 5GB cap? Good luck!

  30. paul says:

    Yeah, I agree with nat… There’s no poing of having the fastest speed of internet if the cap is just 5-15g a month… heck i can consume all of that in a day!!

  31. BULOK NA PINAS NET says:

    Philippine internet owners actually look more on profit , try to compare it to electricity and corruption.. “they are related in terms of management”

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