Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plans

Smart is setting first in the Blackberry service in the Philippines by offering prepaid plans on a daily or weekly basis. This is pretty good news for those who have open-line BB phones bought without a post-paid plan before.

blackberry prepaid

The daily unlimited rates are Php50 for 24 hours and Php300 for one week.


To activate:

Text in “BB DAY” to 2077 for the daily activation.

Text in “BB WEEK” to 2077 for the weekly activation.

The unlimited plan is only allowed for Push Mail and Messaging (Blackberry, YM, Google Talk and MSN). Regular browsing charge will apply when subscriber access the web browser using WAP Smart APN (Smart Internet).

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284 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    What about post paid, its frigin expensive paying 0.25 per kb :)

    Also theres browsing via BB and browsing via WAP, so its the BB network browsing free also?

  2. Julian says:

    why does 4th check say
    “Unlimited Internet Browsing”?

    Is there an asterisk there?

  3. kerov7 says:

    one question, where can we buy original “open line” BB?? ^_^

  4. yuga says:

    @andre – yup, looks like it.

    @julian – regular internet browsing is charged separately.

    @kerov7 – check out the mobile shops at Mall of Asia, Park Square 1 and CyberZone SM Megamall.

  5. francis says:


    check these online stores:

  6. dongv says:

    how will the messaging work? do you have to tag your pin to smart network? or no need to tag?
    how about for the we browsing, what will be the right APN to use?

  7. Maye says:

    Sabi ko na nga ba at may mag o-offer rin ng prepaid sooner or later. Tinapon tapon ko pa yung prepaid sim ko para lang kumuha ng line sa Globe. Grrrr.

  8. Jhay says:

    Not bad. It would be interesting to see what Globe will offer for the BlackBerry.

  9. J says:

    What about use of UberTwitter and Google Maps? I use those apps a lot.

  10. Turboslice says:

    Too bad I don’t have a Blackberry!

  11. Jenna says:

    @Turboslice – Loved your article on the laptops!

  12. garyboi says:

    Nice! I hope Globe will have a similar service for Prepaid/Postpaid subs who does not want to avail of their current BlackBerry add-on plan.

    Though, I have an issue with setting up Push Mail on my BB Storm 9500. Can’t seem to get an option for Personal mail; I only see an option for Enterprise accounts. How can I fix this? Got my BB Storm from my cousin; it’s open-line by the way.

  13. ryan says:

    wow! i hope globe will offer the service too.

  14. Miguel says:

    Have they released the consumer pricing for the BlackBerry Curve 8520?

  15. Reggie says:

    wow!! i never thought a telco here would give in to offer Blackberry for prepaid! i’m wondering if this will work on any HTC devices that have BB Connect software.

  16. karen says:

    hmmmm…Php 300 for 7 days? that’s 1200 a month, which is exactly how much i’m paying for my bb plan from globe…well plus 149 for the data plan…

  17. Turboslice says:

    So, it’s basically an unlimited internet plan on a small screen with only a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny count of websites you can access.

    Is this some sort of joke being played by Smart? Because, you know, April Fool’s over.

  18. Ardz says:

    Smart has another unlimited push email promo for only Php200/month. See the link below.

    I think this is more applicable to those who don’t have BB devices.

  19. dongv says:

    will BB messenging works with the prepaid? how will you tag the pin to Smart network? can gmail be pushed too with prepaid?

  20. Robin Lim says:

    Does the unlimited push email @200 work with postpaid accounts?

  21. willbill says:

    hmmm, di sulit to… ang labo… mga after 5 years pa siguro bago natin ma enjoy mga ganitong phone….

  22. sprakanitezz says:

    how about nokia5800 pwede ba to i mean instead BB nokia gagamitin Lol

  23. GP says:

    Does anyone already tried this service? Any feedback?

  24. I tried it.




    I give up.

    Globe na ako.


  25. GP says:

    really? i called customer care too a while back and asked about this. the call center representative told me to call another number as anything related to blackberry should call the postpaid hotline. i told her that this isn’t about postpaid. and this is for smart buddy. apparently, she is unfamiliar with this new blackberry prepaid service. she asked to put me on hold for 2-3 mins. then when she got back to me, she said,

    CSR: are you still on the line?
    ME: yes..
    CSR: are you still on the line?
    ME: yes, yes..
    CSR: sorry, i hear no response. goodbye.

    I was like WHAT? I know she can hear me. hindi nya siguro alam kung anong sasabihin nya. what’s happening smart?

  26. GP says:

    really? i called customer care too a while back and asked about this. the call center representative told me to call another number as anything related to blackberry should call the postpaid hotline. i told her that this isn’t about postpaid. and this is for smart buddy. apparently, she is unfamiliar with this new blackberry prepaid service. she asked to put me on hold for 2-3 mins. then when she got back to me, she said,

    CSR: are you still on the line?
    ME: yes..
    CSR: are you still on the line?
    ME: yes, yes..
    CSR: sorry, i hear no response. goodbye.

    I was like WHAT? I know she can hear me. it sounded very ‘scripted’ habang sinasabi yan ng CSR. hindi nya siguro alam kung anong sasabihin nya. what’s happening smart?

  27. sprakanitezz says:

    GP dapat kinuha mo ung name nya! and report him or her para maturuan ng leksyon! ako minsan may kausap sa smart Care *888 may ask regarding sa product nila suddenly bgla nawawala disconnect ba pero puno signal ko!!! hahaha minsan BOBO rin mga CSR e! kaya dapat wise tau! get the name (real name FULL NAME pa kung pwede and pagka ayaw mo sagot nila kausapin mo supervisor) Lol

  28. miguel mallari says:

    i tried this.its actualy working u can go to all the website u want..except the site that uses streaming..the only problem with this is when u renew ur subscription u need to delete ur servce books in order to receive a new one….this is great..

  29. dongv says:

    is there a tutorial to use smart prepaid BB service for BB newbies like me,
    like how to subscribe, what to download & set? what can you do or set the push email like gmail?

    thanks in advance

  30. jeramie says:

    I tried it last night and it was good. What I did was register, then when I got the confirmation that I am subscribed to the daily package, on your phone, make sure that:
    1. the data services is ON on the Mobile Network Options
    2. go to OPTIONS>ADVANCED OPTIONS>HOST ROUTING TABLE> and then click on the MENU key to REGISTER.

    Once u receive a message from BlackBerry that your handheld has been registered, thats when u can open the Internet Browser and surf away, and use the BlackBerry messenger to ADD your friends’ PIN so u can exchange BBM.

    Any questions I can be of help of, just let me know!

    • doris says:

      hi jeramie! my BBIS is perfectly working for almost 1 year. Just last week, after i subscribed BB week, it doesn’t work on my 3G connection, but it works if there’s a wifi coverage.. there’s no response after i register at the host routing table. i even manually get the service books through my pc. i got the confirmation from smart that i am already subscribed to BB week.. could you help me on this? thak you

  31. miguel mallari says:

    for 1day subscription send bb day to 2207 and for 1 week bb week to 2207 1day=50php 1week=300php

    I tried it last night and it was good. What I did was register, then when I got the confirmation that I am subscribed to the daily package, on your phone, make sure that:
    1. the data services is ON on the Mobile Network Options
    2. go to OPTIONS>ADVANCED OPTIONS>HOST ROUTING TABLE> and then click on the MENU key to REGISTER.

    Once u receive a message from BlackBerry that your handheld has been registered, thats when u can open the Internet Browser and surf away, and use the BlackBerry messenger to ADD your friends’ PIN so u can exchange BBM.

    Any questions I can be of help of, just let me know!

    —-you dont need to click on the menu and press register..its automatic…as when u are using the daily subscription you will receive a different host routing address..

    upon renewing you’ll need to delete all your service books so you can receive a new one upon registry…when u see the PROVISIONING on your service book after your subscription you might need to text STOP to 2207..

  32. miguel mallari says:


  33. dongv says:

    thanks, more tutorial pls like how to set gmail push.
    for dummies naman, hehe, no experience here kasi

  34. bubu says:

    hello. i tried to register again, and it wont activate.. thats when i read ur post about the PROVISIONING service book. what do I do now? the other night, i loaded my prepaid # with 120 and was planning to register the ff. day, but when i woke up, it ate up my load. was it because of data services being on? BIS wasnt even activated then, it had already ended 6 hours ago after i checked my balance. my prepaid # cant even call 888. it keeps on saying check the settings. im so confused now.

  35. @bubu

    go to options>phone options>general options>check your restrict identity set it to network determined… add me in ymessgr if you have more questions [email protected]

  36. instructions for renewing

    1. delete ALL service books(if you cant remove provisioning try removing ur simcard and insert again and check service books)
    2. subcribe (BB DAY send to 2207)
    3. shut down fone
    4. battery pull (10secs)
    5. battery insert

  37. Mm says:

    For d push mail go to to regster an accnt
    use ur phone’s pin and set up ur emAil accnt.

  38. moonandstar says:

    i was able to link it up with my work email via enterprise network and i am getting emails now. but why can’t i send emails now?

  39. dongv says:

    hi, can you also browse the web with BB prepaid plan? if you use smart APN (internet) it will be charge daw, then how can you surf? thanks

  40. miguelmallari says:

    you have to subscribe on their blackberry prepaid servce…send bb day to 2207 for 1day=50php bb week 1week=300
    also set ur browser options to internet browing when ur account is activated..dont us WAP SMART or you will be charged 10php=30mins

  41. mitchi says:

    tried this and i can definitely say that it does work. You could access your emails with one push and of course facebook. hehehe. hope globe would also offer this service

  42. miguelmallari says:

    pin me 20e0ca81

  43. dongv says:

    if you change phone unit, then you will have a new pin? so all your friend will have to notified of the new pin in order to contact you?

  44. miguelmallari says:

    pin is from the fone…not from ur sim

  45. dongv says:

    so everytime you change BB unit, your pin is different, isn’t it hard to notify everyone on your messenger list?

  46. I tried what Miguel said, and it worked for a day. Today, I’m trying to renew, and did all the steps above too. But it didn’t work. I also did a “wipe off”, still to no avail.

  47. miguel mallari says:

    another thing..dont renew agad..wait for atleast 24 hours before renewing..mbagal mgupdate ang system.

  48. miguel mallari says:

    Try renewing after 24 hours from expiration

  49. Ok Thanks. So my blackberry will work every other day.

  50. iMadrid says:

    SMART is still oh so stupid.

    Whats the point of calling it “Unlimited Blackberry Prepaid Plan” when web browsing is not covered and you will still be metered for use.

    There is no point of discrimination of these services.

    SMS, Push-Email, IM, web browsing are all just DATA.

  51. miguelmallari says:

    web browsing is covered…they are just reminding that if u used the wap setting on ur options for your browser u will be charged..but if u r using the internet browser setting u can browse unlimited..make sure before you comment about something that u know what u are talkin about..

  52. jas says:

    I can’t set up my mail.

    When im on the set-up wizard, i don’t have an option “create new mail” :(

    i only have one.
    “i want to use to a work email account with a Blackberry Enterprise Server” :(

  53. BernilB says:

    Hi, how can i setup the internet browsing without using the WAP SMART?

  54. artemis says:

    internet browsing setup is automatic when you received your service book. Depending on the bb you use, you’ll have an option to use either “internet browser” or “wap smart” as your default browser configuration

  55. J says:

    @dongv: When you backup your BBM contacts from your old phone then load them to your new one, the PIN which is registered in your contacts BBM will automatically update to the new one.

  56. dongv says:

    thanks, but what I mean is your personal pin on other’s phone. when you change phone, they can’t contact you at the new phone (with new pin), am I correct? you have to notify all of your contact that you change pin?

  57. miguelmallari says:

    bro…ur not just changing pin..u are changing ur unit….hahaha.the pin is some kind of id number of a blackberry…every unit has its own pin..

  58. ralph says:

    i noticed that when i register for a day of unlimited blackberry plan, after loading up P60 just to try it, it would deduct the P50, but when i check my load balance, only P1 remains. The P10 seems to be deducted without my knowledge for the P10/30 mins browsing. How is it possible? I’m using my old blackberry 8800. Even after the registration to the plan has expired, and I do not renew my registration, whenever I load up, it would automatically eat up the credits. I just find it weird that I dont even use the Smart WAP and it deducts all those. Called up customer service about this but they just suck big time. Smart service is very appalling. I mean seriously.

  59. miguel mallari says:

    Ngaauto connect daw ksi ang blackberry s network internet..kya dpat pgnka Bb ka and ur using smart makesure ndi lalampas ng 10 xtra load mo.naexplain na skn yan ng cs.every 30 mins mbbwasan ka ng 10 pag marami ka load ksi auto connect..malabo..kahit s mga nka postpaid daw every 30mins tlga ang 10 peso charge..badtrip.pero wla tyo mgawa kundi mgingat at wag mgload ng lampas 10.if psible insert nlng dw s fone n wlang browser ung sim.fucked up right?

  60. dongv says:

    What? is it true? kung postpaid ka, every 30 min charge ka ng 10 pesos? so 480 pesos a day & 14400 pesos a month if you are on postpaid?
    you should get the name of the cs, ano kalse sagot yan? walang logic

  61. Smartcares says:

    @Ralph>> Hi! Feel free to communicate with us at [email protected] or follow us in Twitter @Smartcares so we could further check on your concern. Appreciate to provide ur SMART number and your name. We shall wait for your response.


    Customer Care
    Smart Communications, Inc.

  62. toph says:

    is this work with my vintage BB 6720?! jijiji.. TIA..

  63. Jen says:

    I have the same concerns (load disappearing only to find out it is automatically deducted for the P10/30 mins. browsing charges that I never even used), problem renewing the BB daily package (being able to receive the registration confirmation from 2207 but not being able to receive the blackberry registration msg, hence not being able to use the service although the P50 was already deducted)

    I’ve already used two prepaid sim cards to test out this new promo, have purchased loads amounting to P470 (out of which P150 were the only ones used for successful registration, the rest either being eaten up by the 10/30 mins. charges or being able to register but not being able to use the service). I have spent 45 minutes each day for the past 3 days talking to customer service and making follow ups on my incident reports but to no avail. I think it’s about time I give up. This promo is really a great idea (and I was one of those who are willing to test it out even if I have an existing BlackBerry plan with Globe, thanks to having an extra BB phone), but the service is really disappointing.

  64. miguel mallari says:

    @jen hello..pls avail of ur refund..ask them for a goodwill VAS and tell them the exact amount deducted from ur load per sim..they can refund any value below 300 per sim card..u will recv ur load less than a day..

  65. miguel mallari says:

    After u recv ur refund if posible dont insert ur sim to a blackberry fone..use something like 3310 or wat ung walang browser..there are lots people having problem with renewing..i encountrd that situation too..what i did is compile my load in my other simcard and subscribed too a1 week servce of bb with smart..after my subscrption it worked..but i wont renew again after my subscription hnggang wala pang fix ang problem about renewing of the bb prepaid servce..i join u in ur stressful encounter with smart..

  66. Jen says:

    @miguel: oh it’s possible? I will try and call tomorrow (I just got off from talking to a CS and I dont think I can wait and talk again that long), hopefully I can get the refund immediately. It’s been 4 days since I reported the problem (and I reported another one now, I bet I’ll have to wait the same length of time for any progress) but they kept on saying they will just update and forward the report, blah blah.

  67. miguel mallari says:

    Tell them about the goodwill vas.lam n nila un.ako nung snbi ko un less than an hour nrcv ko n refund ko

  68. Jen says:

    @miguel: okay I will do that. thanks for the heads up. hopefully they can act on my problem the same way, or else this is gonna add up to the stress they’ve already given me! lol

  69. miguelmallari says:

    sobrang stress ko nga na umabot ako s point n ngsalita ako habang tulog ako sbi ng wife ko umuungol daw ako sbi ng wife ko bkt sb ko daw kinuha ng smart load ko..haha..

  70. Jen says:

    HAHAHA! Dude di pa naman ako umaabot sa ganun. Hopefully not! Or else baka mabaliw ako HAHAHA! :P

  71. miguelmallari says:

    ngyari un after 3days of stress and 15 calls totheir cs and 2 visits in their center…fuck that!haha

  72. dongv says:

    how is the web browsing with this prepaid BB?
    same lang ba with unlimited data?

  73. patty says:

    how to get your pin?

  74. abiduds says:

    i’ve tried the one day package and i was so happy to be online the whole time.. ym, facebook, gmail, everything! it’s just too bad the blackberry appworld does not work. :(

    i plan to subscribe again and hope it would work like the first time.

    you can get the pin from Options > Status. ;)

  75. dani says:

    abidubs: Update us if u were able to renew. Having a hard time renewing after subscibing for 1 day eh. Kaasar. Di pa kasali Pinas sa BB AppWorld but soon I know it will be included, unti unti na nila sinasama yung ibang countries.

  76. GP says:

    yes, please tell us if you successfully ‘renew’ you subscription abiduds. i also have the same situation with dani. i tried to subscribe for the second time but it didn’t work and the P50 was deducted from my load. :( I called Smart’s customer care and they gave me a ‘case’ number but until now, no feedack :(

  77. miguelmallari says:

    kakarenew ko lng s old sim ko…salitan lng ung technic…dont use the same sim in registering again..siguro it takes 2-3days para mclear s blackberry service ung old settings para mkareceive ng new

  78. abiduds says:

    try ko na sana mag-renew pero i’ve read the comment about dun sa PROVISIONING. hehe.. so nagload lang ako ng 300+ para makapag-renew the next day. ayon, kinain lang ni smart load ko. kaasar.

  79. patty says:

    How to renew the service?

  80. GP says:

    I was reading some tweets over at and many people are having problems “renewing”. this is what i found:

    I hope this prepaid plan reprovision fr @Smartcares for blackberry will be fixed soon. Many bb users are complaining already.
    9:01 PM Dec 12th

    @SMARTCares I did. Hope you can resolve the renewal and reprovisions of this service. Many of us encounters this problem. Ok sana service.
    7:36 PM Dec 12th

    @Smartcares don’t want to call customer service and be refunded again, it will take 1 hour of my time, they’re not even worth it. Wtf

    @Smartcares many are victimized already, load disappearing when renewing the service and nothing will happen.

    @Smartcares just ate up my load again because of the bb unli prepaid plan! Renewal of the subscription won’t let you connect anymore!
    3:50 PM Dec 12th

  81. enonymous says:

    Will this work for the nokia e61i or is limited to bb?

  82. GP says:

    Only for BlackBerry

  83. miguelmallari says:

    @Blackberry9700: With smart, after an expensive trial and error, what the customer assistants dont know, everytime you want to renew your BB prepaid service, you have to txt MMS ON to 211 first before txting BB DAY or WEEK to 2207 then battery pull after

    Globe’s a bit hassle… really? 24 hours after subscribing? Smart only takes a few seconds, the reset of the handset itself takes longer!

    I’ll stick with Smart for the meantime.. until Globe fixes issues

  84. Jen says:

    @miguel: so that works (texting MMS ON to 211) first before renewing? sure way ba sya? wanna try it since u mentioned it. im still wondering how, after renewing, the remaining load won’t be eaten up by the 10/30mins. charges. (knowing for a fact that I’m using the BB browser and not the Smart WAP Browser/Sandbox thing)

  85. miguelmallari says:

    hopefully that will work….also register kng nkarecv ka na ng msg nung after 3o mins mgxpire na.try it…im testing globe prepaid plan pa ksi…1st day so far so good ok sya…sabi ndi unli browsing…but im browsing now on a 50 centavo remaining balance….ncharge ako ng 5 knia ksi 5.50 load ko..pero since i have no load and its still woring…then i must say…unlimited din ang browsing with globe

  86. miguelmallari says:

    add me up s ym. [email protected] pin me in bbm 20E0CA81

  87. Jen says:

    Oh I didn’t know meron na rin ung Globe? That I gotta check out too! I guess what they mean na ul get charged is if u use the MyGlobe browser and not the “Internet Browser”. Does it make sense? :-) Is it ur first day trying it? If not, kamusta naman ung renewal nung service?

  88. its the first day….nka internet browser ako..pero ncharge ako ng 5….heres a review..

    That didn’t take too long. Learned about this a couple of days ago but held off until it was official and the prepaid prices have been finalized. This is Globe Telecom’s response to Smart’s Unlimited Prepaid Blackberry Plans.

    Subscribers can get unlimited BlackBerry service on their BlackBerry smartphones with new prepaid service plans for daily, weekly or monthly rates.

    Daily Personal BlackBerry: Php50
    5-Day Personal BlackBerry: Php220
    Monthly Personal BlackBerry: Php1,200

    The rates are almost similar to that of Smart. Smart’s weekly is Php300 for 7 days while Globe’s 5-day price is Php220.

    The new prepaid BlackBerry service plans provide unlimited access to (push) email including Yahoo! Mail and Gmail; instant messaging via BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, and Windows Live Messenger; and social networking sites such as Facebook and Flickr.

    To activate the prepaid BlackBerry service plans and experience unlimited BlackBerry service all day just text BB ON and send to 8888 (e.g. BB ON 50). This is available to all Globe prepaid subscribers nationwide.

    The prepaid BlackBerry service will be activated on the customer’s Globe prepaid account and BlackBerry smartphone within 24 hours following the text message registration. Internet browsing is not included in the unlimited service and will be charged like any GPRS service for prepaid subscribers — P5 for 15 minutes for time-based browsing or P0.15/KB for volume-based browsing.

    Note: Free use on Blackberry APN only. Additional charges will apply when Globe APN is used.

  89. jheiii says:

    Lets PIN exchange =]

    heres minE


  90. miguelmallari says:

    Finally!!the answer upon renewing is here! SEND MMS ON TO 211 everytime before u register again!

  91. GP says:

    Quote: “everytime you want to renew your BB prepaid service, you have to txt MMS ON to 211 first before txting BB DAY or WEEK to 2207 then battery pull after”

    do we still need to delete the “service books”? and do we really need to pull the battery? or pwede na ung MMS ON to 211 na lang?


  92. miguelmallari says:

    i think u dont need to delete ur service books unless ur from globe then switching to smart..

  93. GP says:

    Thanks miguel. how about the battery pull thing. kailangan ba talagang magtanggal pa ng battery?

  94. miguelmallari says:

    pag hndi parin ngwork after mo mgregister
    after 3mins..maybe thats the time na need mo mgbattery pull.

  95. keysi says:

    why do i get a NETWORK OUT OF ORDER everytime i try to register to bb day or bb week? :(

  96. louiesantiago says:


    i bought an openline blackberry 8520 the other day.

    i immediately put my globe sim and tried their bb service for one day. only the instant messaging was working. called 211 and even went to their customer service. they dont know why the push email was not working.

    so i decided to buy a smart prepaid sim and tried their bb service. it worked perfectly well. when i called 8881111, the customer service was so helpful to guide me on how to register my bb device.

    thanks smart!

  97. louiesantiago says:

    by the way, here is my pin: 2117051C

  98. miguelmallari says:

    Louie dyn ka na ngkamali..s globe ssetup m lng push email m s anyway ako I’m using globe..1 day lng sinubscribe ko 4 days na activated parin..s smart strictly 1 day lng yan..sayang..hina pa ng signal s smart GPRS lng.. S globe most likely EDGE lagi..bihira gprs lng..wag ka din mgload ng sobra2 s smart..bka matawa ka mwwala nlng bgla load mo.haha

  99. louiesantiago says:

    ah talaga?

    yun nga lang eng eng sila at di nila nakita why my push emails cannot be used. kahit pa nag register na ako sa

    thanks for the advise.

  100. GP says:

    @miguelmallari: wow talaga? activated hanggang 4 days? nice!

    anyway, i plan to subscribe again for the 3rd time and hopefully it’ll work na. di kasi gumana ung 2nd time ko. so this is what i’ll do:

    delete the service books
    pull out the battery
    text MMS ON to 211
    subscribe for the Smart BlackBerry Prepaid

    are these correct?

    btw, this is what i get every time I enter my username and password at

  101. miguelmallari says:

    kahit wag mo idelete service books mo…kng smart tlga gamit mo no need to delete..kng lilipat ka s globe and ung service books mo n nkasave is for smart thats the time na mgdelete ka…dont forget to send mms on FIRST…pag ndi mo nsend yan bago ka mgregister..kakainin lng load mo..

  102. shulace says:

    Someone help me please. The subscription to smarts BIS went smoothly for the first week. Now im trying to renew it and i can’t. someone please give me step by step instructions on how i can do so… I need my emails!

  103. miguelmallari says:

    u should have sent MMS ON to 211 first before registering again..always yan…pag mgreregister ka ALWAYS REMEMBER THE FIRST STEP IS SENDING MMS ON to 211..PAG HNDI YAN ANG NAUNA…bbye load…mghihintay ka ng napakatagal for a refund

  104. kristine Bacay says:

    Good! Now i must go back to smart! but what about Ubertwitter, facebook, and myspace? i want to use those apps. hope it’ll be available soon. :)

  105. pol says:

    tried it for 1 day, renewed after 30 hrs of bis. everything went flawless. just t3xted bb day to 2207. thats all i did.

  106. aileen says:

    Have been using prepaid daily for many days now, always renew daily. Haven’t experienced problems for around two weeks… until TODAY. All of a sudden i stopped receiving and could not send emails.

    I also could not access my facebook nor could I browse the internet. The error message is always “You are not in a wireless coverage area”: even if I have already changed locations and even if my friend’s postpaid SMART SIM indeed has wireless internet access in the same location i was in.

    Seems like a hopeless case already. Makes me feel bad kasi I just got my BB and it’s been working so good so far… it’s making me think of just getting a post-paid plan. argh.

  107. Cee says:

    I’m experiencing the same problem as aileen since last week but a week before that miguelmallari helped me with the configuration and it worked like a charm, thanks to him, medyo nahirapan lang ako sa pag add ng PIN delay ata dumating sa kanya or kelangan ata eh ako lang ang iinvite and di pwede mag invite (not sure)

    so I called the cs twice and they just gave me trouble ticket numbers and according to them it will be under monitoring within 24 hours. Imagine they put me on hold for several times and made me wait 10-15 mins every hold. I also had the same problems on my first call na hindi ako naririnig….

    My problem started after renewing the subscription(to think na it was my 4th time na tsaka pa nagloko) all of a sudden the gprs sa may signal disappeared and even how many times I do battery pull nothing happens. It always shows that the MMS and mobile networks (GSM) are activated however, when I checked under manage connection the icon beside the Mobile Networks is colored yellow and it only means nga na walang data service…

    Just now, what I did is resend MMS ON to 211 and after receiving the confirmation I sent BB DAY to 2207 and did a battery pull… it shows now “gprs” the Mobile Networks shows green, registered under HRT but unfortunately, I still cannot connect… I don’t know what else I need to do. Please anyone help!

  108. Oneville says:

    I too am having problems with the BIS not connecting to my device,was flawless for 3 weeks,now won’t connect at all, called Cs 5 times and complained on twitter too…to no avail…BB 9000 & 9700. Been 3 days already, this is very upsetting…

  109. Oneville says:

    I too am having problems with the Smart BIS not connecting to my device,was flawless for 3 weeks,now won’t connect at all, called Cs 5 times and complained on twitter too…to no avail…BB 9000 & 9700. Been 3 days already, this is very upsetting…

  110. dani says:

    Please update.

    Just last night, this is what I did:
    1. I sent MMS ON to 211 – i received a text saying “MMS/GPRS/3G service features are already active. Thank you for using our service.”
    2. I send BB DAY to 2207 – i received a text saying “You are now subscribed to BB Prepaid DAILY package. A maintaing balance of P1 is required to enjoy the offer. The service is applicable to BB handset users only. Click here for more details (Terms and Conditions): I tried opening the link – IT WON’T OPEN :(

    I tried opening my browser and tried to open a link like – IT WON’T OPEN :(

    *What do you think is the problem here?
    I do believe that I was registered successfully to the PROMO and the MMS/GPRS/3G service but still I CAN’T USE MY BROWSER.

    I heard something about SERVICE BOOKS.
    This is what my service books folder have inside:
    1. MMS Client [MMS]
    2. Smart MMS [WPTCP]
    3. WAP SMART [WAP]
    4. WAP Browser (SMART) [BrowserConfig]
    5. WAP Push Config [WAPPushConfig]
    6. Provisioning [PROVISIONING]

    There are no entries in my HRT (host routing table)
    but I clicked “Register Now” when I successfully received the confirmation of the promo.

    Then when I open my browser and try to open a page.
    I keep getting this error message:

    Unable to open a PDP Context to the following APN:
    smart 1
    This may be happening because the currently selected Browser configuration is not compatible with the current network.

  111. dani says:

    And oh- Yes, I did took out the battery.
    That didn’t work either.
    The same thing.

  112. Oneville says:

    dani: looks like you’re having the same probs I had,head to their twitter account for quick response and fix…I called cs like 5 times to no avail…SmartCares at twitter…looks like a bug on their BIS server…it was down for me for 3 days…its back up now…best of luck…

  113. chayie says:

    Hi! BB newbie here. I need your help guys.

    First, I need help with registering my BB to SMART BB Prepaid Plan.
    I sent MMS ON to 211 and it said MMS/GPRS/3G services already active and then I sent BB DAY to 2207 it kept saying please try again later. Is the Smart BB PRepaid plan network down?

    Also I was attempting to connect to WiFi twice and it kept giving me that provisioning command. Does this mean I have to register to SMART BB Prepaid Plan before I can use WiFi? Also while using GPRS browsing it gave me garbled text when I attempted to surf facebook and twitter. what could be wrong?

    Thanks and help please. por favor.

  114. Cee says:

    @Chayie you need first to register by going to this link and then on your BB you need to go Status >> Advanced Options >> Host Routing Table and press the Menu and select register… That way you will be able to register your BB with Smart… Hope this helps… :)

  115. chayie says:

    thanks for your message Cee! I was able to register to SMART this morning but its not working :( and then the web address you suggested when I went to that it said HTTP Error 502: Bad Gateway.

    What should I do? thanks again

  116. chayie says:

    quoting dani

    “1. I sent MMS ON to 211 – i received a text saying “MMS/GPRS/3G service features are already active. Thank you for using our service.”
    2. I send BB DAY to 2207 – i received a text saying “You are now subscribed to BB Prepaid DAILY package. A maintaing balance of P1 is required to enjoy the offer. The service is applicable to BB handset users only. Click here for more details (Terms and Conditions): I tried opening the link – IT WON’T OPEN

    I tried opening my browser and tried to open a link like – IT WON’T OPEN

    *What do you think is the problem here?
    I do believe that I was registered successfully to the PROMO and the MMS/GPRS/3G service but still I CAN’T USE MY BROWSER.

    I heard something about SERVICE BOOKS.
    This is what my service books folder have inside:
    1. MMS Client [MMS]
    2. Smart MMS [WPTCP]
    3. WAP SMART [WAP]
    4. WAP Browser (SMART) [BrowserConfig]
    5. WAP Push Config [WAPPushConfig]
    6. Provisioning [PROVISIONING]”

    – this is what happened to me too. except i dont have provisioning i have:

    Wi-Fi TCP/IP browser
    Wi-Fi TCP/IP Transport

    what should I do? am I having problems because my BB is openline? When i bought it from kimstore it was already openline.

  117. keysi says:


    Status >> Advanced Options >> Host Routing Table >> Menu >> register.

    Then, in your e-mail settings:

    select “service books”

    That should make it work.

  118. miguelmallari says:

    Hi guys…regarding s pgregister for ur servce books go to on ur device…still have problems regarding smart servce I’ll be glad to help you guys..add me in [email protected] bbmessnger pin 20e0ca81

  119. Cee says:

    Yup, try mo ung HRT or battery pull ka… pero para sure ka ayan si sir Miguel ask ka lang… cya din help saken the first time! bait =)

  120. shuace says:

    pin: 216c6ee5

  121. Cee says:

    @chayie you need to access it pala via your PC muna kasi baka di pa activated or registered ung BB mo sa Smart… just accessed the link using my PC and it loaded the page… when you register you need the PIN and IMEI…

  122. chayie says:

    Thanks Cee! I think its working na :)

  123. Cee says:

    Yehey! That’s nice to hear! Let’s PIN exchange… mine is 208FB946

  124. Lia says:

    thanks to this forum it helps me a lot i am already using my BB now..i just follow sir Miguel’s advice!!

  125. Lia says:

    Help! why i cant recieve email and notifications? but i can use mY BB, just this problem. ok lahat except i cant recieve emails but i can send. anyone knows how i can fix this?

  126. chayie says:

    Cee thanks ulit!

    Sorry medyo makulit ako ha. I have a few questions again. This morning nagexpire yung subscription ko sa blackberry prepaid plan, sakto thats when I went to the site and then registered. After I registered may nareceive akong message na Email account information and Blackberry internet service na my account is now active. Since active na I can subscribe to the blackberry prepaid plan na?

    One more question, pano mactivate ang wifi…parating huminhingi ng provisioning something eh…nalilito ako :)

    My BB pin is 211703F5. do I have to be connected to the internet to use the BBM?

    Thanks much Cee! Sorry ulit sa super kulit2 ko :)

  127. Cee says:

    Sorry medyo makulit ako ha. I have a few questions again. This morning nagexpire yung subscription ko sa blackberry prepaid plan, sakto thats when I went to the site and then registered. After I registered may nareceive akong message na Email account information and Blackberry internet service na my account is now active. Since active na I can subscribe to the blackberry prepaid plan na?— Do you mean ung promo na unli which you need to send BB DAY to 2207?

    One more question, pano mactivate ang wifi…parating huminhingi ng provisioning something eh…nalilito ako — ung WiFi makakaconnect ka if there is an existing wireless network na pwede kang maka-connect for example sa Starbucks pero pag wala eh di pwede… tsaka if ever na meron ka madetect na wireless network possible na naka-encrypt un so you need to have the wireless key para allow ka magconnect sa network

    do I have to be connected to the internet to use the BBM? — Yes, para din syang Yahoo and MSN Messenger eh

  128. Cee says:

    @ Chayie ok lang yan.. ganyan din ako.. buti nga pasensyoso ang mga tao d2 eh dahil dami din ako tanong at sabi ko nga ang isa sa mga nagtyaga talaga saken eh si sir Miguel… hehehe!

  129. toph says:

    guys! newbie hir! just registered with the BB DAY service with my vintage BB 6720 and somehow, it worked! i’ve sent a few PIN to my auntie overseas (which also has BB) and browsed on the mobile BB and sandbox sites.. my query is, unlimited din po ba ang web browsing?! kung pwede, paano po?! i’ll give my PIN pag may time pa para mag-experiment bukas.. TIA! and more power..

  130. jamesBB says:

    guys! how to turn off the smart BB service? coz its eating up my load even though my subscription has expired

  131. jordan says:

    Have anyone tried subscribing for the weekly BIS? Any feedback?

    It’s my first day to use smart, I was usingh globe for a couple of days until they ate up my load and didn’t refund so I decided to try smart eventhough am a globe user eversince, so far so good but I wanted to make sure that it would work upon renewing and won’t waste money.

    I don’t know why the telco here are such an a*s! Ang daming inooffer pero hindi naman nila maaassist yung mga tao kapag may problema na..

    Btw, my PIN is 215EBD7C :)

  132. Cee says:

    @Jordan there are few na sinasabing kinakain pa din ung load nila kaya if I’m not mistaken may nagadvice before na wag sobra sobra ung iload kasi nga kinakain yung remaining balance but before when I complained naman sa Smart na may load ako na kinain they checked it, specially if it’s a BIS subscription binabalik naman nila provided na wala talaga sila makita sa records na nagbrowse… I never tried the weekly, madalas dun lang ako sa per day nagsa-subscribe and so far ung load ko na below Php10 eh di naman nawawala… As for their assistance talagang wala cla alam sa configurations /settings kasi according to them ung technical team daw nila ang bahala dun sa connection issue.

  133. scott says:

    Had no problem registering with BB DAY Smart unlimited for around 3 consecutive times. The 4th and 5th time was able to register but di naman makakonek sa BB server so wala din silbi. Called Smart they couldnt help they just gave me a report no. and told me to follow it up. They just dont know what theyre doin over there.

    I read here na kelangan pag Smart txt MMS ON muna then battery pull then txt BB DAY to 2207. well didnt quite work that way what i did was MMS ON first before subscribing, battery pull, subscribe BB DAY, then battery pull. ayos na.

    add me pla my PIN is: 3065D975

  134. jordan says:

    after expiration ng smart subscription ko I decided to use a new globe number because most of the people I know are globe users.. I was able to register and do browsing and chat but the problem is my push emails.. Can’t set it up because everytime I log on it says ‘your account has been suspended etc..’ Help please, need my work emails!

  135. Cee says:

    Meron ba sa inyo na may same problem as mine na nababawasan yung load every hour ata? Just last week ko lang naobserve eh… nagload ako ng 100 kasi diba 50 pesos ang BB Day pero di ako agad nagrenew ng subscription and none of my application were signed in pero nung nagcheck ako ng balance eh 37 na lang and just now eh 17 na lang… Kahit ba di ka naka-subscribe basta may load ka eh tuluy tuloy un? Help naman po…

  136. ViN says:

    got the BIS with no problems or whatsoever

    hit me on BBM 3074C79F

  137. sHeLi says:

    any one help me on my BB?i dont know how to activate my bis…my BB is useless without bis… me pls..thankz..

  138. jamesBB says:

    i cant activate the BB prepaid plan. im getting replies that “you are not allowed to avail of this service” need help guys

  139. sHeLi says:


    same with me…is that smart network also?

  140. sHeLi says:

    damn dat smart…the always replying “you are not allowed to use this service” what tha…!!!

  141. jamesBB says:


    yeah its smart! i loaded 300 to subscribe for a week and that was the reply.

  142. sHeLi says:

    @jamesBB: hi registered nako after ko magalit s smart…

  143. sHeLi says:

    pin me 2189116B

  144. niCoLe says:

    FiNaLLY nKa regisTereD dN!!!dah…pin me 2189116B

  145. eternal.happiness says:

    I have a Smart postpaid line and recently migrated it to be a blackberry plan. You guys are right, Smart customer service does not know anything about BBs!!!! I just checked my bill, it tripled na!!!!

    Help nalang from you guys- how can I use my BB plan without too much charges? Uploading photos in FB and BB, may charges ba?!!???! HELP!!!!

  146. eternal.happiness says:

    Also i tried to download blackberry apps world pero i received an error from the site. It says that its not supported daw?!?! HELP!

  147. rico says:

    I want to try the smart prepaid BIS service. Posts here have been very helpful as I already have a good idea on how to do it. Its alarming to learn though that smart will eat up your remaining load after your BIS subscription has expired. I can live with that but does this mean that if I insert my existing smart postpaid sim (w/o BIS service) in my blackberry, it wiill auto-connect to the BIS service and I will be billed 10/30mins for smart’s internet service? If so, is there a work-around to this? Thanks!!

  148. BBguy24 says:

    Same problem with provisioning.. got no problems before just until now.. 3 days straight ako nag-re-register, data services is still unavailable.. Im planning to switch to globe since they already have it. any feedback about globe’s BIS?

  149. BBguy24 says:

    Same problem with provisioning.. got no problems before just until now.. 3 days straight ako nag-re-register, data services is still unavailable.. Im planning to switch to globe since they already have it. any feedback about globe’s BIS? PIN: 213AE7BD

  150. scott says:

    having problems with renewal again… its my 5th time… tried renewing the other day forgot that i turned off my data services so i turned it on pero wala na kinain na load ko.. tried again yesterday did the MMS ON then batt pull thing to no avail. its just stressing me out parati na lang kinakain ng smart load ko!

    @dani: were u able to fix youre renewal issues. think i have the same problem even if do MMS ON then batt pull wala din.

    to globe users: how is the renewal with globe thinking of switching to globe or does globe have the same issues?

    appreciate the help guys thanks

  151. Art says:

    I think you meant to say 2207 not 2077.

  152. micha3l says:

    i’ve been on smart’s bb week for 6 days now, renewing tom. so hopefully di magkaproblem (fingers crossed). its been reliable for me for the past few days :)

    my only gripe so far, is that my BIS doesnt work when i’m in 3G mode. kaya sa 2G nalang ako. when i did finally get my 3G to work earlier today, nawalan naman ng signal….. hina ata ng 3G service ng smart, it always kept switching to the small letters 3g, sabi no data connection whenever i try to HRT.

  153. scott says:

    tried registering again.. did the mms on, batt pull before subscribing then batt pull again.. did not work for a few hrs… until i went to advanced options – host routing table – menu button – register.. it worked! still too hard to register though

  154. MJson says:

    Hi! I hope someone can help me out, this is not related to prepaid though but someone might be able to help. last year I’ve subscribed on a corporate plan for smart and had the E71 phone with it, now my E71 is just my spare and I have a BB 9530 which I would like to register to smart, the service rep just gave me the smart.blackberry site which didn’t really help, I need to enable BIS so I can have my BES to work.

    happy valentines to you all and thanks in advance.

  155. niCoLe says:

    21A4EA1F pin me

  156. Randy_boi says:

    I’ve been using globe blackberry prepaid unli internet service for 3 weeks now with no problem or whatsoever. I can also subscribe immediately after my current subscription has ended. No need to delete any service book. You just need to do battery pull after registering again and after a few minutes, 2 mins to be exact, you can surf away and use different chat engines.i have so many applications in my BB which are using internet services and globe never stole any single centavo. :) I have all chat engines from ym, msn, google talk, facebook chat and skype and all are working. I have dictionary, scoreboar, google maps, viingo, bb trans and all are perfectly working without any additional charge from globe. Just make sure you are using BB internet browser and not globe wap site. You can access any site you want. I have activated all 6 email accounts, including my office email without a hassle. All are working and the best thing about it? They’re separated per folder… Very nice. You’ll know which email account an email was received. :)
    I was planning to switch to smart, but after reading comments here, i decided to just stay with Globe.
    One more thing, if you plan to switch to globe, make sure the blackberry phone is issued by globe or it’s already open line when you bought it.
    Because if the phone came from smart and you just have it openlined, goodluck! You’ll surely go through a lot!!!!
    My sister is from globe, that’s why i know.
    Hope this helps in your decision making.

  157. niCoLe says:

    @randy_boi dtZ nOt tRue po…smart Me bEfoRe nka LocK s sMrt….pna Open Line qoH deN nag gLobe me …oK nMan pg reGister qoH sA globe…kea d totoo na dka MakaKa register sA gLobe BIS qNg GaLing sMart BB u…. :)

  158. Cee says:

    Hi All… those who are experiencing na kinakain ang load or balance sa Smart try to enable your load wallet kasi saken after I enabled it di nakakain ung extra credits ko… you may try it…

    Enabling Load Wallet:

    Type WALLET send to 7532

    Hope this helps!

  159. jordan says:

    ^i don’t thibk it’s necessary, i’ve been using smart for quite some time now and i’ve never experienced that they ate up my extra load.

    Just make sure lang guys that the unlimited surfing doesn’t include website with streaming videos like youtube. And make sure that you’re using blackberry browser.

  160. precious says:

    guys, i tried battery pull, etc. but something weird happened to my bb internet service. i suddenly couldnt use it to send msg to bbm, surf internet, twitter and facebook. tried to register again to BB WEEK but it says “network out of order” daw… ive been using this service for almost a month now without any problems… what should i do? any suggestions? tia..

  161. scott says:

    did you try MMS ON first before the batt pull? if you did you may want to try going to advanced options – host routing table – menu button – register.

  162. andch says:

    hey.. guys.. why does it still say pending to my friend in U.S? what should i do?

  163. andch says:

    he already accepted me and sent me a message but on my end he is pending and no message..helppp!!!

  164. andch says:

    help me pls.. me buddy in US is still pending when he told me he already accepted and event sent me a message. im here in phil. now..w at to do…
    PIN: 23EDE47B

  165. andch says:

    GUYS HELP!!! i tried again adding him and even doing pin messages.. he recved everything and evern replied but I did not recve anything and he is still pending on my end. wat to do??? huhuhuh

    pin id : 23ede47b

  166. Lia says:

    something wrong with the smart again?? walang service ang blackberry ko?? i cant renew again!! help!! ive done all those things pull out ko na battery and everything!! wala pa rin..bigla nalang nawala ive been using thier service for 3 months na now lang ako nawala ng interenet service!!

  167. shane says:

    Guys! Whenever I try sending emails from my bb 9700 the messages fails with a red “x” beside the message. It says message status:service blocked.. Iam also unable to use any form of messenger, as well as bbm,fb and twitter.. Could someone pls help? Is there something wrong with smart prepaid bb plan?

  168. niCoLe says:

    ms Ok ang BIS ng gLobe

  169. murad says:

    hi guys can anyboday explain to me why blackberry not working i have tried to reg. many time but something wrong with service,,,,,?whats going on?

  170. precious says:

    my bis still doesnt work! its been 2 days! sayang naman ang load ko. whats happening? is it a service provider issue or theres is something wrong with my bb 9700. PLS HELP!

  171. lia says:

    Same with sure its the SMART that has problem.Is Globe BIS ok? pls post about globe BIS. I want to transfer to globe im so pissed off with smart sayang load [email protected]@@

  172. gonein60secs says:

    down po ang system ng smart for BB pag ganun. try lang after a few hour or the next day. One thing is, di dapat kainin ang load nyo once hindi na acknowledge ang subscription nyo.

  173. niCoLe says:

    @ lia I’m smart usEr b4…nUng ma eNcouNter q Yng gYa ng seNio nag switch Me s gLobe…mas Ok BIS ng gLobe…sMart kiNain na Load month wLa kp BIS…keLngn mP mkIpgaway s sMrt bgo p nLa aYusIn…nagsUbscRibe me mInsaN ng 1wik s sMrT BIS nLa after 3daYs qNg Magamit aYun dNa guMana…nag Lowercase Na gprs at edge…dpa qOh nadaLa ngtry Lit Me after q Ma xpirEd,,kinain Lng nLa lOad qoH peo wLng BIS…nUng ngswitch Me s glObe so far dqO pa na encOunter Yng nangyari skN s smRt…mg 1month n me s gLobe..

  174. Cee says:

    Hi Nicole,

    Can you help me configure my BB for Globe? Kasi I tried calling them and as usual sagot nila saken eh di nila matutulungan pag di sa Globe galing yung BB… I tried registering and successful naman pero di nagiging GPRS lagi lang cya lowercase and aun nagexpire na si one day eh ala pa din… On and Off yung connection ko with Smart and tama ka as in todo makikipag away ka pa sa kanila… Ilan na yung supervisor na nakausap ko and la pa din… please please help me how I can configure my BB for Globe BIS to work… Thanks in advance!

  175. vixendmd says:

    I’m using smart bis so far ok naman, wag na kayo mag switch sa globe kinain ung load ko na 220
    I called their hotline and humingi ako refund sabi sakin u shouldve read the terms and comditions
    Pag hindi galing sa kanila ung unit walang guarantee na magwowork parang bahala ka na sa buhay mo
    sorry nalang kung kainin load mo! Unfair!

  176. option says:

    @andch had similar prob when i was adding a friend. u should tweet smartcare. they would have to send u missing service books. when u send service book via smart bis it’s not complete, it basically send service book for ur emails.

  177. option says:

    she even managed to install blackberry app world. she was able to update her bbm through app world. :) smartcare techs are pretty good. at the moment my friend is on the bb week plan and everything is working fine. we are able to send file, pics, videos and voice note through bbm, its awesome.

  178. keysi says:

    smart sucks. lol.

    ANYWAY, i’m on the “515-3” network, instead of “SMART” anyone experiencing this, or its just me?

  179. chayie says:

    Smart Blackberry Prepaid seems to be having problems these days. I renewed and wala the GPRS signal did not come. Are they having network problems?

    Also, I put another network’s SIM sa Blackberry ko tapos pagbalik ko ng Smart SIM ko (hoping magkakaroon na ako ng BIS if I did this) nawala yung internet browser ko WAP browser na lang. If I subscribe to Smart BIS again babalik ba yung internet browser ko?

    thanks guys. would not have been able to activate my BIS if not for this forum :)

  180. sablay says:

    3×50 na nag kinain ng smart sa BIS, ang masama hindi pa alam ng CSR nila na sila ang may problem.

  181. Cee says:

    I got tired of waiting for Smart to restore my account… I switched provider kaso ayun lang nawala ung mga BBM contacts ko… please re-add me na lang… Thanks po!

  182. marvin666 says:

    i got a bb 8520 as retention in my plan from smart four days ago but until now i can’t use the bb service. i enrolled the phone to daily unlimited bb service. i receive an acknowledgment for a successful registration but when i login to and register my pin and imei it says pin is not yet registered/provisioned. i tried the steps mentioned here but to no avail. smart says that their tech will call me and they are still checking the issue but their tech never called. it’s really frustrating!

    can this serve a factor in terminating my plan with smart since they can’t fix the bis issue?


  183. niCoLe says:

    @option: is dat true? did u already tried it?

  184. Gaz says:

    I’m staying in cebu now. I’m korean. Need friend T T. Please pin me 2190AA8C

  185. Gaz says:

    I wiped my bb. So I need to join the bbm group again somebody invite me to group. 2190AA8C

  186. neo says:

    finally migrated my smart Plan to BB -pin me 211C7B31…

  187. Prinz says:

    I haven’t been able to use my BB service from Smart since 13 March… I get the confirmation message but no “Your Blackberry has been registered to the network” thing. Called Smart and they said the problem was on their end; there was a text registration but on their end no network registration.

  188. KC says:

    Please add me in BBM. pin:216fa95e :) Thanks!

  189. Marcus says:

    Ok now that App World’s available, I’m a bit confused. I’ve been wanting to have BB 9700 (way cheaper kasi dito sa Middle East compared sa Pinas – HOWEVER, after seeing several comments on this site bout BIS plan with Globe and Smart, parang I’m “hesitantly wanting” to have one. Kasi sabi sa thread:

    1. matagal mag subscribe and even renew ng BIS plan.

    2. you have to at least maintain 1 peso load, and that’s it. Otherwise it will be gone in no time due to some unknown hourly data charges. So paano kung may tatawagan or tetext ka? Dun ka lang pwedeng mag load ng extra?

    3. (sorry if this might sound dumb for a newbie) without BIS plan, by all means, is it not possible to use apps like Facebook and YM through regular data charging?

    4. and finally, both Globe and Smart’s reps have successfully made your day making you feel hopeless to setup BIS on your BB.

    Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said recently I WANTED to have one pero parang andaming complaints sa thread coming from BB users. I don’t want to go buy BB and subscribe to BIS plan here just to find out na mahirap pala siyang i-setup/register sa Pinas doing all handheld / service books wiping, provisioning and stuffs that I’ve never heard. I hope someone will hear me out. Sa mag reply, thanks you pow and bless you! hehe…

    YM/FB “, [email protected], saka na yung PIN pag convinced nakong mag BB hehe..

  190. option says:

    everyone, what’s ur APN setting?

    options > advanced options > tcp/ip

  191. ridvan says:

    APN is ‘internet’

    Usernameand Password for APN is left blank. :)

    this is on Smart.

    Add me: 205B73C2

  192. Today, i tried to text BB Day to 2207 on my Smart Gold post-paid plan.

    It worked. So now, I don’t need a prepaid card or a special plan for my post paid to set up BIS.

    I don’t know if this is going to be for good though.

  193. davaoboi says:

    i used to subscribe to smart’s weekly bb service but then thursday last week, i loaded 300 plus another 30 to be able to subscribe to the said service. the response was “service not available, try again later” so i waited until afternoon to try again only to find out that my remaining load was only 12.75! WTF!!! i callep up smart via *888 to ask for a load return since the whole time i couldnt access my web browser, fb, etc… the agent only told me that bb automatically requests data services which costs about 10.00 per 30 minutes!!! agent even told me that the load can not be refunded since i already used it up! grrrrr!!!!i gave up… now, fearing the same thing will happen again, i opted to get the daily bb service, i usually get the “you are now subscribed….” message but then i could not log on to my ym, fb, browser, etc…. if anybody knows of any remedy on this, i would greatly appreciate if you can advise what to do…im gettin frustrated on this thing. at first, i was very thankful smart came up with this thing, but now, i am still hoping there is a solution to this. please help…

  194. BB_France says:

    GLOBE is way better than Smart… Tried both…

  195. Julienne says:

    Hello po. I am planning to buy a bb phone in a couple of days. Pero with the feedback I’ve been reading about the unlimited data plan parang nakakadiscourage. So ibig sabihin pag nakaregister ako sa BIS ng smart, kailangan ang extra load ko lang ay 1 peso, so di na ko makakapagload pangtext or pangtawag? Help so I know I won’t be regretting buying one. Thank you.

  196. BB_France says:

    @julienne – try Globe, mas ok. :-)

  197. uno says:

    thumbs up to this. napakinabangan ko tlg with my curve 8520, plus it had activated most of d hidden features of my bb like the maps and application center among others. until when thou is this promo? coz i tried to register last night but i get no feedback to confirm i was subscribd to it like i always did before when i txt at 2207…

  198. eternal.happiness says:

    I have this problem too… I have a Smart Postpaid plan. Once I heard that they were offering unlimited BB Monthly for only PHP1200/month, I immediately had my Data Plan 700 disconnected and availed of the BB Monthly. IT SUCKED!!!!! Upon confirmation of “BB MONTH,” I was able to use it fine for the first 3-4 days… HOWEVER, after the 3-4 days, the service suddenly stopped… I called BB HOTLINE, *888, emailed Smart Customer Care and even went to the Smart Wireless center twice here in Cebu but was advised that I was charged with the PHP1200 (Even if I havent used it for almost 2 weeks already!!!) and problem is currently (until today) being investigated…. SUCKS RIGHT?!??!?!!?

    This happened last MArch 30 and up until now, April 11, NO ADVISE YET.


    HELP! HELP!!

    Any way for me to end my Smart contract and switch to Globe without being chargeD?????

  199. Gaz says:

    To eternal happiness

    Hi its so nice to know you.
    As you know. Smart isn’t that smart. They suck..
    and I’m in cebu. I’m Gaz from korea. Having long vacation here just contact me at 0921 950 7564

  200. Eilanna says:

    Tried Miguel’s instruction, turned my MMS ON then registered, didn’t even pulled out my battery and it worked! Thank you, Miguel. NOw all I have to do is wait for my billing statement next month to see how that 10 peso (unsure) automatic reconnection charge will reflect/affect my bill.

  201. nikx says:

    Has anyone tried the monthly 1200 package? Does it work? 2x nako nag attempt ng BB montlhy ayaw, pag BB WEEK ang bilis mag regsiter! Any inputs?

  202. Oneville says:

    hi guys,

    On a unrelated subject, where can i get oem blackberry stuff in Manila…my 9700 keypad is cracked.Searched the net to no avail…thanks

  203. option says:

    @ridvan, actually APN for smart is

  204. option says:

    @oneville, ebay

  205. Julienne says:

    hello po i am trying to set up the internet browsing pero di ko sya makita sa browser option help naman po thank you

  206. Julienne says:

    @artemis replied on Dec 7th, 2009 at 2:34 pm (54)

    internet browsing setup is automatic when you received your service book. Depending on the bb you use, you’ll have an option to use either “internet browser” or “wap smart” as your default browser configuration

    I’ve tried that. But only wap smart and hot browser is appearing in my browser option

  207. option says:

    what device do u guys have and what os version? alt + left cap + h

  208. how was the smartbro unli surf php200/5days???

  209. cat says:

    big help!!! thanks to all!!!

  210. paul13 says:

    hey guys, did you ever receive this message after logging in to ?

    “Cannot log in:
    Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    your wireless service provider at 888-1111, or *888 from your cellphone.”

    I called *888 but all they suggested was to visit which was also to no avail.

    Can anyone help? :)

  211. basil says:

    Bat Di ako maka register ng unli o makatanggap ng buddy balance gamit ang blackberry storm ko?? anong gagawin ko?

  212. noreen says:

    I have a Blackberry Storm 9530 purchased from the US and was given to me by my sister. I’d really like to avail of this service but i need to register the unit for the activation of GPRS/MMS seetings. anyone knows how? please let me know.

  213. imee Li says:

    hi everyone!!! i used to avail smart’s unlimited bb plan (PREPAID) but now i’m going postpaid. do i need to set up another BIS or should i deactivate my old one? please help!!

  214. sakura jo says:

    buzz me .. here’s my pin : 21ce8af5

  215. Julienne says:


    hey guys, did you ever receive this message after logging in to ?

    “Cannot log in:
    Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    your wireless service provider at 888-1111, or *888 from your cellphone.”

    I called *888 but all they suggested was to visit which was also to no avail.

    Can anyone help? :)

    same problem here please someone helo

  216. doris says:

    my browser icon on the menu sometimes disappears. why can this be? i cant access anymore FB and Twitter even if i use the hotspot browser. when my subscription expires, do i have to delete everything that was installed after the activation, and then subscribe again?

  217. rocky says:

    I’ve been using thus pre_paid plan for almost a month now.. And I’m very happy with it :)

    Those who r not able to receive an activation message..

    Delete all ur service books, u won’t be able to delete the one that says provisioning.. After that, txt BB DAY or WEEK to 2207..u will receive a txt that ur already subscribed, after tha(, reboot ur BB.. Then u will be able to receive an activation e-mail on ur e-mail acct on ur handset..

    @doris u juz have to reboot ur phone if the web browser icon has gone missing..

  218. globeruinedbbforme says:

    Hi i hope you can help me here. I purchased a BB9700 from Singapore and after following the globe operator on how to configure my phone she tells me (after registering it) that I can’t use my phone because its not provided by globe) So I complained and now they’re processing my unsubscription to globe blackberry.

    Anyway, my question is… will my open line bb be recognized by smart? because I will gladly move to smart if that was the case. Thank you.

  219. globeruinedbbforme says:

    Hi i hope you can help me here. I purchased a BB9700 from Singapore and after following the globe operator on how to configure my phone she tells me (after registering it) that I can’t use my phone because its not provided by globe) So I complained and now they’re processing my unsubscription to globe blackberry.

    Anyway, my question is… will my open line bb be recognized by smart? because I will gladly move to smart if that was the case. Thank you very much…

  220. prinzhernan says:

    All you have to do is to tell globe to ungregister your BB with them. Btw, that thing about buying your BB from them is bullshit. My mom got her BB abroad and she’s subscribed to globe. She just told them she got her BB from them. They really can’t tell because they sell bb’s for prepaid accounts too. Anyway once they unregister your BB with them, just plug in a smart sim, whether prepaid or smart gold lite and send BB DAY to 2077 and it will automatically configure itself. :)

  221. doris says:

    @ Rocky thank you so much. My BB’s working perfectly now.

  222. efrenjiji says:

    Can anyone help us, my wife is in the phil. an here in abroad, she is subscribed in BBM now, but cannot use the BBM, I sent an invitation since I know her Blackberry PIN, but she can’t see my invitation.

    Service Provider:Smart
    BB Unit: 8520

    Can someone help me to guide her to configure the unit.

    Appreciate your kind help here.

    Many thanks.

  223. khrentea says:

    Help! Using a BB Tour 9630 with Globe, it was used previously with Sprint by my bro in NY. I can’t get/receive service books, and when I activated BB on Globe, it was able to register and was activated but I couldn’t use any of the push mails, BBM or anything.

    Do I have a better chance using it with Smart?? Help please. Thanks so much!

  224. Nikki says:

    Hi. Im using Blackberry 8310. It is not Wifi ready… If I subscribe to this Smart Unlimited Blackberry thing will I still be required to be in a WiFi zone in order to use its services? Please, help me. Thanks.

  225. efrenjiji says:

    Hi thanks for everyone who read my last post, I am sorry to bother the same day, my wife and I manage to set it up and it works perfectly.

    Again sorry for bothering.


  226. Ronald says:

    Smart Blackberry Service Sucks!!!! Until now they can’t figure out how to reset my blackberry ID.

    I subscribed for a bb day service, after subscribing, i waited for the service activation, but nothing happens, i tried to login my blackberry ( using my pc, to my suprise right after subscribing to the service my blackberry account was deactivated and i cannot login anymore. I’ve already reported this to smart customer representative and smart wireless center, but they can’t do anything.

    It’s been 2 weeks now and they still cannot fix the problem, what’s worst they want me to report my problem directly to blackberry.. What’s even more worst they can’t give me a contact number of BB service center.. Palpak talaga smart!!!!!
    Mag GLOBE nalang kayo..

    Bagal ng action ng SMART… Manloloko pa!!!! Puro promises!!!! Walang kwenta.. Mukhang PERA!!!!

  227. attyjsf says:


    I just got a BB 9700 yesterday and I don’t know how to use it.

    There’s an arrow pointing outwards and inwards on the upper right side, where the “3G” and signal bars are located. Does it mean that my SMART postpaid is being charged the usual P10 per 30 mins for internet connection? If so, I discovered that these arrows have been working all night while I was asleep. Oh no! :(

    After discovering that, I switched to a prepaid simcard with no load, and returned my postpaid sim to my old phone. Just to be sure that I don’t get charged for any internet fees.

    Do I need some special settings to make the blinking arrows stop popping up? In Nokia, there’s a function where you can make the internet connection stop. Is there a way to make BB 9700 connect only when prompted manually?

    I want to register BB with smart but I’m totally clueless. Should I even bother making the arrows stop or just go and register?

  228. eternal.happiness says:

    @ attyjsf: The arrows mean that there is an incoming message or simply its trying to catch a signal :-) So you don’t have to worry about that :-)

    Also, for smart users, their BB experts advise that for BB Bold, you choose Smart Gold 2G- i’m not sure if this is also applicable for Bold 9700 (this is what they advised me since i’m using BB bold 9000).

    Best to register your bb to smart asap so that you won’t be charged per kb. However, please take note that you will be charged IF you download the attachments on your email or download any application that is not included in the unlimited fee of smart :-)

    Hope this helps :-)

  229. eternal.happiness says:

    @RONALD: I totally agree with you… problem with Smart is that they have a lotttt of new products but their customer service reps have no idea what its all about. Worst thing is, when you advise them that you did not get the mobile from them, they automatically tell you “sorry we can’t help you with your concern since your unit is not smart issued” WHAT THE HELL! Talk about customer service.

    I’ve been a victim of this crappy customer service, my advise to you is that YOU CALL THEM MORE THAN 100x a day, SEND THEM EMAILS ([email protected]) and go to their wireless centers… i know its time consuming but its the best option for them to attend to your needs….

  230. atty.jsf says:

    Super thanks for responding to my query, Eternal Happiness.

    Unfortunately, I registered 1200 BB with Smart and it’s been two days, and I still have not been able to use my BB :(

    I already did that 2G setting because I was endorsed to the blackberry hotline and they told me to set it to 2G. Unfortunately, it still didnt’ work. I tried pulling the battery out tons of times already and now I’m afraid that my 1200 was put to waste because I still am not able to utilize the BB services.

    I tried switching sims from smart to globe, registered for a day but didnt get the globe BB signal either. The phone sucks. I already had my previous unit replaced, and now it’s still not working… I might just return it to the dealer in Greenhills. :(

    And in fairness to Smart, they kept calling me every now and then for technical support even if I didnt purchase my phone from Smart.

    I was thinking of just terminating my contract and get a new line that comes with a BB9700.

    I’m sooo hassled. I didnt know that the openline BB9700 was gonna be this difficult to use.

  231. eternal.happiness says:

    @atty.jsf: shucks that is such a hassle! I think you have to register your mobile pala to, you need to register the imei of your phone in that website. Just follow the steps lang :-)

    Also best to bring your mobile to a smart wireless center so they can also give further set up. I was also given a blackberry hotline number, maybe you can call them for assistance? 0928.502.0491.

    Hope everything will go well with your bb dilemma very soon :-)

  232. eternal.happiness says:

    @atty.jsf: By the way, where did you get ur BB mobile? Does it have an operator logo, like TMobile, Verizon, Orange, etc? I think you will encounter problems if it has.

  233. attyjsf says:

    I couldn’t register with and all i get is

    “Cannot log in:
    Your BlackBerry® Internet Service Account is suspended or deactivated. Please contact
    your wireless service provider at 888-1111, or *888 from your cellphone.”

    I got it from PROTEXT cell shop in Greenhills. This is my second unit, I had the dealer replace the first one because the memory card was full of baduy songs and videos. Hassle. Meron pang eternal flame!!! Hahaha

    I went na to SMART Wireless twice, no avail.
    They were kind enough to assist me with settings and all for the weekend, even if I did not purchase my device from Smart. I also have the hotline for BB but they couldn’t help me either.

    I discovered I only have Enterprise option in my email setup options. No options to setup personal email.

    I tried registering HRT, but I dont get any messege in return. This has to do with service books, right?

    I’m so desperate. :<

  234. cml says:

    i am unable to register my BB Storm 2 because the website response is always -your account is not accesible via html browser. please use your device to access Blackbery Internet Service. But I was able to connect to BB prepaid plans in the past months without registration.

    Is anyone else having connection problems with phone calls — laging connection failed in the middle of a call?


  235. ANN says:

    I initially didnt want to get a BIS but i found it very useful to talk to my bf when i am out of my house.

    So for the past 2 days it was ok, I subscribed to two BIS on two seperate days.

    Today i decided to make it a week, because it seems 50 pesos cheaper. My mistake.

    I havent been able to use it all day. Might as well have gotten a once a day BIS than a daily one. Seems like people have a problem reverting from daily to weekly to monthly. Such a shame, it seems so simple i have no idea why a big company like smart can mess it up.

    It eats ur load and they are not giving the right service, they should at least refund us, they can see it on their computers the usage from our phones.

    This is why our country doesnt succeed, because of crook megacorp businesses like smart.

  236. sofia says:

    I purchased a BB 8520 2 months ago and i never had any regrets of buying one.. I’m a globe subscriber and is currently using their blackberry prepaid plan. although i didn’t bought my phone in any globe centers, i never had a difficult time in activating the features like email, facebook, balckberry messenger etc. I just registered with the globe blackberry prepaid and after a few minutes or so, i was already connected.. So when my sister bought her BB last week, she asked me to activate the features of her phone as well, and i didn’t have any problems either. i was able to activate her email etc. in an hour after registering with the blackberry prepaid.. :)

  237. genelicious says:

    i am searching on some forums and then i found all d concerns ab8 having difficulties on having one.. ( d BB unit)

    some are:

    * d BB9700 white cannot use the BIS from globe or smart.. it is not supported by them.
    * in BB9700 black , pre paid users are having a hard tym registering to BIS, both on smart and globe.
    * i found out that if i will not have d BB plan, i can no longer use that applications like BB on FB & BB on Twitter

    What service provider will u recommend? smart or globe?

    sorry for bothering you guys but i think u already have been tried the unit and the services it offers..

    i really believed that u can help me :)
    kindly reply to me.. pretty please! *puppy eyes! ^.^
    please enlighten me.. i really love to have this unit…

    this really means a lot to me :]]

  238. Ryan says:

    Hi! I bought my BB 9700 last June as a birthday present for myself and it’s not until last night that I learned about SMART’s unlimited BB prepaid plan! Was shocked that this has been available since December last year! Got so excited that I immediately tried it. Registered my phone, received the confirmation and…nothing happened. What I did then before I do anything else was to read this thread (which was very helpful!). Found out that I need to reboot my phone first before I can receive the settings. So that’s what I did and voila! It’s like time has stopped and its as if there were angels singing. I immediately started using the service and “facebooked” and “twittered” till I ran out of battery:D. It made me love my BB even more! Sad though that it will expire in a cuple of hours. I’m planning to register though to the BB WEEK this coming weekend. Any advice, feedback or suggestion in registering to BB WEEK?

  239. nicole says:

    hi guyz…

  240. jewelchua says:

    I subscribed to the UNLIMITED prepaid blackberry service for a week (300 pesos) but to my surprise it eats up my load like hell!

    I dont get it? why does it eat up my load like that? help!

  241. zaccy070691 says:

    hi ask ko lang po mag kano monthly ng BB curve 8520 sa Smartbuddy plans? i wanna try kasi.

  242. zaccy070691 says:

    i never tried plans before pa kasi…pano po ba if naka plan ka? i mean gusto kasi mag karoon ng BB curve 8520 phone but cant afford ung full price so i just think can afford it if naka much ung monthly..? any one po kindly explain bout nitong plans..thanks po.

  243. electricph says:

    anyone here who knows how to modify the settings with the smart blackberry server, so that we can do call , texts and internet surfing thru wifi, without prepaid loads being deducted?
    becoz once i switch on the data services it automatically deducts from my prepaid load, i can only do wifi by turning offf the SIM, in which i cannot make calls and text during this time…
    anyone who help me with this, or who knows any technical person from smart who can help with this problem. i have already talked to a blackberry contact person here in the phil and they say that the problem is with the provider here… can the provider modify the setting for blackberry prepaid?

    any help with this one will be greatly appreciated!

  244. Mary Ann A. Batabat says:

    thanks a lot to this post I was able to activate my bis…it’s like bis tutorial 101…I have a clarification to ask – once the bb prepaid plan expired – do i really have to erase the service book before subscribing again to 2207? what is push up mail and how do i use my pin. Right now I’m just happy using my 8900 for facebook and some browsing and sending e-mails/receiving emails. I want to learn how else i could use my blackberry…here’s my pin 229947D3 …tnx esp. to sir miguel — ANN

  245. marie says:

    Hi All… after reading the forum about BB for smart. I decided to sell my BB .. this will not work for me.. everytime I load up.. lagi na lang kinakain load ko. na hindi ko maintindihan. kelangan mo mag register sa BB day always para hindi ka kaltasan. pag di ka naman nag register zero load mo. kasi no matter what uubusin at uubusin ang load mo.. naisip ko I have my own internet naman sa haus and sa office so I come up with a decision na wag na lang gumamit ng bb phone since I cant stand in always subscribing to unlimitted BIS/internet of bb phones .. I GUESS the bottom line is.. it is just not made for prepaid phones. kelangan tlaagang naka plan sya. aminin na natin yan. seriously! so goodbye my BB phone…

  246. Angel says:

    @marie, sana pag hindi mo naman gagamitin yung BB pang internet inoff mo yung data service para hindi mag connect sa net.. pwede kasing nag coconnect yung ibang apps mo jan sa BB mo kaya ganon… sayang.

  247. grace says:

    I am registered to BB monthly as of last weekend but up to now I have not received any email when I am suppose to coz when I check my emails on my computer I have mails. What do I still need to do so my subscription will not be wasted?

    thank you

  248. Here’s the deal. I recently purchased a White BB Bold 9700 and registered it with the help of someone from Smart Center in Greenhills (LOVED the excellent service rendered by the front-liner named Isay Gonzales whom I was told was just temporarily assigned there) about a month ago for the monthly subscription of the Blackberry service on Smart. I had about Php 500 load over and above the 1200 BB service registration free. I use a postpaid line so I don’t really use the prepaid line to call out. I only got it to try out the BB service and well, to access both Twitter and Facebook. Anyhoo, tonight, whilst in Greenbelt 5, the phone service suddenly went kaput. (This wasn’t the first time it happened and in the past a hard reset – removing the battery solved my problem) I couldn’t make calls, couldn’t check my balance and couldn’t access the net. To my recollection, my subscription should have been valid till the 15th or 16th of this month. Pretty much it was dead. I couldn’t make calls nor could I call in (using my postpaid line) It was very very annoying and disturbing. I do not know why my credits were depleted when I hardly used the line and last time I checked it was still about 300 bucks this afternoon. Now, perusing through this page, (reading every other post, too tedious to read through each one) I realized that I could unknowingly be charged for WAP services. My concern now is, how to I shut that off? Is there a toggle switch wherein which I can turn the WAP service off? I access WIFI at home everyday so I only need the BB service when I step out of the house. Also, how can I check when my subscription expires? I called the hotline and it took me a good 55 minutes (timed it) to get a CSR to attend to my concerns only for her to leave me for a good 5 min and return with this reply (Please call us back at 730 am tomorrow morning because the system is updating and we cannot access your account) Imagine my chagrin when I was told that. The annoyance of having to stay up late just to call the CSR and to be told to have to call back in the morning!? Anyhoo, my phone is now switching between a network called CURE and SMART and I can’t seem to make sense of it. Can someone address my concerns? I am too infuriated to make another call to Smarts CSR. I might just try Globe’s BB service if I am not happy with Smart’s service. I thought that by choosing Smart, I was doing the wiser more economical move. Ironically, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Would appreciate any help with regards to my dilemma. 229899B3 Thanks!

    • LVL says:

      Hi! If you want to make use of wifi with peace of mind, turn off mobile network while surfing. Once done, turn it on again. Also, use the hotspot browser and configure it to just run on wifi. I think Opera does the same but you have to check its settings.

  249. paano po ba paganahin ang Ymessenger at facebook sa BB8520?

  250. joeaine says:

    Hi ask ko lang kung pano ba nag-wowork yung BB Lite prepaid, nag-try ung hubby ko for one day it works fine then nag-expire na, after 10 hours nung expiration dun lang ulit cia nagload tapos text ulit cia SOCIAL DAY to 2207, may dumating na confirmation etc kaso di cia makakonek sa ym, bbm and facebook.. cannot connect to server un lagi sinasabi..tinanggal na nya bat nya several times even the sim card itself wala pa din..over 12hours na since nung nag-text cia di pa din cia makakonek ngayon..please help. Thanks

  251. ico says:

    tanong lang, got a 9700 bold…subscribed it for a week with smart. success with reply text from smart. but i cant access bbm,surf,ym… etc. i always get “connection error 65”. what can do to fix this problem. thanks
    if i change my sim from smart to globe. possible ba? coz’ someone told me to unsubcribe daw my smart. if yes, how? again thanks

  252. Dan Butler says:

    Ok smart has changed the setup on the BB here. I have BB Torch 9800. According to how smart operate they have diffrent settings and diffrent menu operations. I have a UK 9800 and when I used smart i lost my apps the mail was upgraded to version that deos not work on my phone (old version).

    I had use my P.C and restore the phone. In the UK we pay 50 USD a month for all BB services and its just plug and play. Here is a total nightmare with smart. I’ve had it working for one day only. I’m not so inpressed with how they have it setup.

  253. Dan Butler says:

    I put my UK sim card back in, wiped the phone and started again by doing the following:

    Register the smart sim (prepaid) on smart web site

    Set up smart email address & password

    Put 1200 peso of credit on phone

    Sent text to 211 for SET 3G

    Sent txt to 2207 with BB WEEK

    Waited 5 minutes

    Typed alt LGLG

    Turned BB off and removed batt – 10 secounds

    Turn it on again

    I’m still working on it to find a solution ! Service books ok. I was working but now its not. Why has smart made this so difficult unlike the rest of work it just so easy to setup.

  254. Dan Butler says:

    Can I just add that if you get a message to upgrade and you phone is from overseas dont do it. I had all these problems since the upgrade.

  255. Dan Butler says:

    at last i have it working after spending maybe 6 hours going back and forth. I think its ok but SMART has issues they need to fix and fix fast.

    SMART deos not like @live email address ? I have no idea i just will not register on the phone were as gmail will

    The mail icon will appear once you get a gmail account.

    the smart email address and icon on the home screen. still working on it why it deos not apear could be becoz im locked out of my account for 24 hours. I have no idea its a little strange

  256. Dan Butler says:

    Here is so more info: this page really had me lost as I had never seen it before.

    When in your BB and you go to your setup and go email you see a screen asking for username and password.

    This is the same info as when you registered your BB on smart.

    My BB is now working 100%. Feel free to ask me for help I do my best to sort you out.

    I have also done in APN:

    Maps: Working in Manila – YES

    • ralph says:

      with smartgold lite 300 plan does it include BIS (blackberry internet service) so i can use my facebook app bbm etc using my bb bold 9000
      . thanks

    • sandra says:

      hi Dan.. we have the same problem with my BB.. i hope you would be generous enough to share how you do it.. thanks in advance..:)

  257. Bench says:

    Hi Guyz ping’s my PIN..2326B8F0

  258. richmond says:

    ask ko lang paano ko aactivate yung sim ko pra sa web browsing? diba sa sim settings may naklagay dun na activate and phone models ano ilalagay ko dun na phone model ask ko lang po black beey lang ksi wla dun dba

  259. kish says:

    im on a globe prepaid service bb subscription and im happy with it.

    P300 / month unlimited, fb, twitter, ym, bbm, googletalk, msn etc.,

    very easy to subscribe. :)

    pin: 23106961

  260. Cj says:

    @dan: can you help me with this. I have the same problem with you before. I’m asking if in the wizard set-up in the email section of your phone, does it need to coincide with the email and password that you have registered in the smart BIS? Please answer. Thank you

  261. chie says:

    First of all smart customer service personnel are sucks! they do not know what they are doing they need 10 years of training before they can familiarize their service..advise: dont offer anything that you do not know how to manage if the problem occurs.
    I bought the plan when i was in the province i hv Smart Gold Postpaid Plan of 700/month i used to hv a prepaid plan of 1200/month but then the CSP named Ms. Mareniel of Smart KCC Koronadal City South Cotabato Branch offered this pospaid kasi sabi nya nga makakasave dw ang lolah nyo ngaun bcoz i need the BBM service and access to my FB i bought it i paid the 300 kc dw pwd utang ung 300 i can pay it nxt month..i was furious when she could not activate the service i hv waited 2 hours for my number to be called and another 3 hours for activation of my acount??kc nga dna nya alam ang gagawin nya so i asked her f theres any1 who can do this at nagalit ang lolah sabi nya “bakit ano ba ang ginagawa ko di ba kita ina assist? nagpakahinahon lng ang lolah kc may pinag aralan nmn ako then sabi ko baka kelangan pa natin maghintay for activation kc pagkakaalam ko 1_-2 hours pa yan then u can use the service ini insist nya talaga maactivate yan kaagad..un tama ako mali xa eh xa ung taga smart d nya alam?my gosshhh! And the worst thing that happen i barely use the fon for texting and calling bigla na lng na cut off kc dw nag exceed ako sa limit For only 1 week since i paid for my second month bill 850 ang dapat kung bayaran to get the service back! Holy macro!
    I wanna ask u guys pwd ko bang i stop ung current plan ko and switch to globe plan kc sabi nang mga tanga na smart CS sa barrio namin hindi dw pwd dapat tapusin ung contract na 6 month since yun dw ang pinirmahan ko?
    Ung current plan ko is soo annoying lagi wlang cgnal super bagal magdeliver ng msg pa..
    Anybody who can help me?

  262. ms.hatter says:

    I’ll be in the Phil. for a 3-week vacation and I’m planning to get either Globe’s or Smart’s plans. Does anyone know if Twitter is included in the package?

  263. Dave says:

    Any updates on Smart BB Prepaid issues? I’m still having the same issues. Cannot access bbm, other messengers, fb and twitter.

  264. winston lambe says:

    i was in the philippines for 3 weeks and everything worked on my fone with smart. i have a bb 8520 and Torch and the both worked all bb services too . this was from March 7th to march 25 , 2010. holla at me at bb pin 212eef57

  265. Minardski says:

    i got BB 8900 i used overseas.
    when i got home during vacation last Nov 2010, i tried Smart prepaid BB WEEK. Activation was very quick and email setup was easier and faster than the overseas. they said browsing is not free but i tried finishing my extra load and then do wap browsing and , walla, it was ok. speed was also at par as my overseas BB experience. overall, Smart BB is not bad at all.
    to all those with problems on BB, the solution there is to upgrade your BB OS.

    when you buy it, the BB (except Torch) have OS 4.x and it will cause problems with all networking sites because their apps are updated to latest OS but not your own. So if you have laptop, you can download latest OS for your device. Install in your laptop and upgrade.

    How to upgrade:
    (Assuming you downloaded the latest OS, i downloaded mine from Rogers Wireless Canada or Orange UK, whoever has the latest. The filenme readds like this: 8900M_PBr5.0.0_rel1626_PL5.2.0.96_A5.0.0.900_Rogers_Wireless_Inc.exe. Maybe Smart has OS upgrade site also)
    1. Install the file in your PC or laptopn. Reboot if you like. This OS upgrade is different from the BB desktop Manager.
    2. Connect your BB to the PC or laptop. Does not matter if you choose Y or N to the mediacard challenge.
    3. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader. Look for the vendor.xml and delete it. Look for Loader.exe. Double-click Loader.exe
    4. Click Next. Then Next. On the next menu, uncheck the other languages except English. Skip the Make sure you check the DOD root, MIME. Skip the TTY and Financial Terms. You can check Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, and Appworld.
    5. Click Next. Then Next.
    6. Relax for 30 minutes….

    After upgrad is done and EDGE/GPRS has come back, check your FB, YM, Twitter, MySpace and what-have-you to update your login/password. Check your BBM also to accept the conditions.

    I guaranty your woes will disappear.

    btw, only 2 version and one of them is Torch that has BB OS 6. the rest of us will be happy with the ver 5.x

    Hope this helps.

  266. Great post made here. One thing I would really like to say is most professional fields consider the Bachelors Degree as the entry level requirement for an online college diploma. Though Associate Certifications are a great way to start out, completing your current Bachelors presents you with many doors to various occupations, there are numerous internet Bachelor Course Programs available from institutions like The University of Phoenix, Intercontinental University Online and Kaplan. Another concern is that many brick and mortar institutions provide Online editions of their college diplomas but often for a substantially higher fee than the companies that specialize in online college degree plans.

  267. apple sia says:

    Hi guys, I’m planning to get a bold 9700 and definitely new in blackberry. Can someone help me decide on which BIS I’ll get? Which is better sun or smart? I’m already a postpaid subscriber in Globe and doesn’t want to give up my unit for Globe since most of my calls are coming from Globe. And most definitely I can’t have 2 globe numbers. So I have to get at least a sun or a smart for my BB. Please help. thanks so much! :)

  268. dar.toledo says:


    How fast are your download speed when using your BB in Phone As Modem mode? Under Globe, I get around 25 kbps download speed.


  269. luis dacara says:

    how can i use my wifi.. i have BB8520.. and its so hard to connect in any wifii have scan!! grr

  270. rhex kimmer says:

    hi, how can i use FB and twitter using BB torch 9810? pls reply asap! i registered alredi but im confused cause i cant use fb or twitter.. how will i know if im available to use both? not like GLOBE meron indication kung nalaman mo na kung pwede ka na makafb or twitter..

  271. marty says:

    one thing that has not been mentioned that is very important to remember when trying to avail blackberry services and internet through Smart in the Philippines.. when you avail services then you take your sim card out, and put it back in, your services are deleted and your sim card goes back to original settings.. this is according to someone i talked to on the phone who has 10 years of experience selling and equipping people in the Philippines with blackberry services…

  272. Raffy says:

    Guys, ano na ang balita sa problema ng BB? walang email setup ang BB curve ko. Nagregi na ako sa BB SOCIAL MONTH, Done register now for host routing table, ok naman ang apn ko Battery Pull lahat na ata nagawa ko na pero wala padin :(

  273. Spike says:

    Guys, nag registered ako ng unli bbm for 1 month pero ilang minutes lang gumana, nawala na, ilang beses lng ako naka pag send ng message, what would be the problem?

  274. marlon says:

    I have an android phone with bbm app. Can i use this in order for me to have unli BBM?

  275. ruth says:

    If i register on BB DAY. will I be able to use the blackberry app world?

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