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Smart to offer Rocket WiFi Plus at 20Mbps soon!

This is going to be hard to beat — Smart is coming up with a Rocket WiFi Plus that will replace their old Pocket WiFi and promises speeds of up to 20Mbps!

Here’s the only hint we are getting at the moment:

smart rocket wifi plus

Just like the Pocket WiFi, this probably be offered as a postpaid plan first with WiFi sharing of up to 5 devices. No details or pricing and release date.

Stay tuned as we get more details.

Update: I’m not sure if this is going to ride on their HSPA+ network of via their new LTE network.


If it’s an LTE device, the the most likely candidate would be the Huawei WiFi E589 which supports LTE.

The rendering above from Smart just looks like the E589.

Smart usually uses Huawei as their OEM for telco devices like these (the Smart Bro Rocket is a Huawei E353 and the Smart Evolution dongle is a Huawei E398). Also, I’ve seen Huawei’s HSPA+ WiFi device, the E365, which looks like this.

The next question is — will it be nationwide or it will only be on areas covered by their LTE network and how extensive is that network (probably Metro Manila first).

Hat tip to Christopher Ammerlaan.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. MyMaria says:

    question is… will they be capping bandwidth or limiting downloads?

    • Hideki says:

      globe lang ang alam kong mahilig sa ganun. :D sayang ang bilis kong may cap din.hahah :D

      thanks sa info master yuga..

    • Again, for the benefit of the doubt, bandwidth capping is only implemented to prepaid subscribers. Postpaid subscribers of Globe will never experience bandwidth capping.

    • boom says:

      Bandwidth capping? smart and globe both cap their prepaids.. postpaid is not capped at all.. tried both. happier with globe. HSPA in Taguig is sweet :-)

  2. Mike Lopez says:

    Hopefully this won’t be another flop.

  3. Maximo says:

    Putang ina ninyong Smart, ayusin ninyo signal sa Angeles City. Hindi makalagpas ng EDGE ang data dito. Utak mga gago, utak.

    • Eingild says:

      Cursing implies that you did not undergo any kind of education. Walang modo. Ganyan ba tinuro sayo ng magulang mo? Magmura? Palibhasa anonymous ang identity mo sa web kaya ang lakas ng loob mo magmura. Shame on you.

    • Ian says:

      Check your settings. either umts only or wcdma para 3G or H ang signal na lumabas.

  4. Sana naman mura ang offering nila.

  5. Bon says:

    …and of course the fine print says “20mbps in select areas only” … useless!

  6. masmabilis pa 3g network ng globe kaysa sa 4g network ng smart. kasing bilis nga lang ng 2g network ng globe ang 3g network ng smart eh. ang nakakainis lang sa globe is yung capping nila. asar talaga un. sobrang liit ng bandwidth

  7. nyepri says:

    Yung lumang service nga di totoo eh pano pa kaya yung bago.
    Sana naman mag-tulungan yung mga telcos for the benefit of us.
    Grabe sila manghuthot samin tapos bulok yung serbisyo nila.
    Commong guys! :|

  8. arbee says:

    i started using cellphones with Smart. I have tried switched to Sun and Globe now since, Smart may seem to have the widest coverage but Globe and Sun seems to beat them in most aspects of the customer satisfaction area.

    But this would be great news if this pushes thru.

  9. Val says:

    Wow, meron na palang LTE sa Manila? Hmmm

  10. The Truth says:

    To all consumers, before buying this item please read that it is up to 20MBPS speed. It does not mean you will get a consistent speed of 20MBPS. To SMART, before releasing this old item from China, try to fix your connection first. Make it consistent and reliable.

  11. cocopako says:

    bili ako nyan,,, hindi ko lang alam kung hanggang anong speed dito sa calamba laguna,

  12. Emery says:

    Meron akong Rocket plug-it and ang highest na nakuha ko is 3.9mbps sa Ateneo. Same signal ang kinukuha ng rocket plug-it at wifi na ito so HUWAG kayong maniwala sa up to 20mbps dahil hindi pa nga kaya ang maximum sakin ng 12mbps.

  13. Majority had relied on this network, but since it existed I don’t.

  14. walter says:

    i think that device is a huawei e587.

  15. billy says:

    most likely it uses dual carrier HSPA+ (42mbps) so E589 is probably not the right device as it can only go to HSPA+ (21mbps). The E587 though can go to DC-HSPA+

  16. jay says:

    hoy maximo bobo ka pala ehh. .. nagmumura ka pa wala ka namang alam . . .try mo kaya e configure yung broadband moh. . .bobo. . .. . maximo ..

  17. Nick says:

    I think this is the HUAWEI E587 42mbps. looks the same:

  18. rhandz says:

    un nga lang sabi ng iba sa bayan lang pwede yan sa mga bario bario wla nyan di na makakakuha gaya dito sa amin sa pampanga

  19. bong says:

    yung web site nyu na ufi.home di ma open di ko ma sign in for my pocket wifi paki ayus ny naman po…

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