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Smart’s free LTE to end March 31, Php995 afterwards

When I applied for my new UnliData Plan this afternoon, I was told that access to the LTE network is free or unlimited until March 31, 2014 and I have to pay an extra Php995 afterwards to gain back access.

Interviewed the CSR a bit more to get details. The specific instruction was that after March 31, I need to switch my network settings from LTE to 3G. Otherwise, I will be automatically charged an extra fee. Otherwise, I just need to text and upgrade to the LTE 995 plan (text LTE 995 to 2200).


Just this afternoon, a reader also pointed out that in order to enjoy LTE beyond the supposed 1.5GB cap is to subscribe to LTE 995 on top of my plan. Since LTE 995 is a VAS (value added service) and VAS is exempted from the FUP, this promo is not covered by Smart’s Fair Use Policy.

All in all, I will only have to spend Php1,500 (UnliData Plan 1500) and Php995 (LTE 995) on a monthly basis to be sure. Free LTE wasn’t never promised as forever but at least now we know it will only cost Php995, nothing more.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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78 Responses

  1. SunCell Subscriber says:

    Okay, sinisimulan na ng mga Globe subscribers na lilipat sa Smart ang pagdadasal na ma-extend ulit ang Unli LTE. :)

  2. Jonathan says:

    And I was thinking of switching to Smart. Garapalan na silang lahat.

  3. sham says:

    Here is the FUP of smart. http://www1.smart.com.ph/help/article/2012/03/08/postpaid-mobile-internet-fair-use-policy

    Walang sinabi na VAS ang LTE. Ang covered nito ay mobile internet. LTE subscription is a mobile internet. So malamang kasama sa capping ito. Clearly define ang other value added service na hindi kasama sa FUP. These are emails, push messaging and Blackberry services. Good luck sa new switchers.

    • sham says:

      Just wondering, why big deal sa author ang capping, wala po ba kayo DSL sa home, office? Wala din problem na magbayad ng unli data na 1500 plus another 995 for the same unlidata na same internet browsing , although speed is the issue why get another unli LTE on top of unlidata subscription, sa pag kakaalam ko hindi pwde sabay mag register or magregister sa same service na internet browsing if unlidata. Correct me.

    • Roman says:

      @sham, some people don’t have reliable broadband, and they have to use LTE as a backup. There’s also people like me, who have the option of working remotely. In either case, your home or office connection may not be an available option.

    • sham says:

      @roman, i understand that they need mobile broadband on the go, pero ang magdowload while on the go, its weird. Hehe

      And before you connect to LTE dadaan muna sa 3G, bago ag 3G, daaan muna sa 2G… tama ba??? Hehe please correct.

    • wew says:

      @sham i assume that youre not an active reader of yugatech…yuga has 2 dsl connectiobs pero d mo naman masisisi kung kailangan magDL habang wala sa bahay…cguro dahil d talaga pedeng hintaying magdl sa bahay

    • dainz says:


      Downloading on the go is not weird at all. For other people (like me), I like to download apps directly on my iphone because its less of a hassle than thru my PC.

      LTE uses an entirely different frequency than 2G/3G. It’s not that dadaan pa ng 3G but nagiging 3G

    • dainz says:

      kapag walang LTE signal available (because it uses a separate frequency).

    • unFUP says:

      Paul is right.
      walang ganun sa Globe
      Meron ang Globe na “Booster” pero hnd malinaw kung sakop o hnd ng FUP. Imagine even tattoo may cap. Patay business mo nyan kung un ang gamit mo.

    • John says:

      currently naka subscribe ako sa unli LTE 995 and so far 2.8GB na naconsume ko, until now di pa na throttle down connection ko to 3g or 2g… just sharing…

    • Roman says:

      @sham, the problem is that “download” in this case means any data coming from the Internet and through your phone. Even something as simple as visiting a web page counts as a download, and depending on the page (i.e. it has flash/silverlight/HTML5 objects) it can add up pretty quickly. In one month, I incurred more than 30GB of traffic simply from accessing my work pages, which used Silverlight. Had this happened under a fully-enforced FUP, I would’ve been stuck not being able to work.

      As for 2G, 3G, and LTE, it’s safer to think that they’re all different connections. Hindi yan connect to 2G, then 3G, so on. It connects to the fastest available signal. Pag walang mahanap na LTE, it’ll try to connect to a 3G signal, then to 2G. Each technology uses a different antenna, and broadcasts/transmits under different frequencies.

  4. buyawyaw says:

    1 year na nag eextend ang unlimited lte promo. this is just a demolition job from globe para malito ang mga globe subscribers na wag lumipat from smart or sun. sa dami ba naman ng readers ng yugatech kaya napag utusan tong yuga. dun palang sa earlier article nya obvious na eh. ganyan mo lang ba sisirain ang reputasyon mo sa FUP at nagpabayad ka. tsk tsk

  5. Ace Ople says:

    OR you can get an All-In Plan 1200 then subscribe to LTE 995. You will have Unlidata LTE plus 225 extra which you can use for calls or texts. Ypu should’ve gotten an All-in Plan instead of LTE.

    • Ligrev says:

      Buti na lang ganun plan ko. Although I know LTE wasn’t forever, I didn’t know it was going to be this complicated. Buti na lang All in ako and under LTE995

    • Zer0 says:

      Tama mas maganda ang All in plans than unli data plan. may LTE ka na may consumable ka pa for other flexibundles… 2 years din ako nag unlidata 1500 then konti lang ang free text at call hindi sya sulit…

    • jemoy says:

      Agree. I think mas sulit ang ALL-IN PLAN 1200 or 1800 depending on your needs.
      Talked to sales hotline, according to the agent, there’s a cap for UNLIDATA PLAN 999 and 1500 while no cap for LTE 995 registered under any all-in plan.

  6. globe user says:

    yug yugin mo ulo mo yuga! mukha kang pera ilang postpaid plan ba binigay sayo ni globe?. parang pinipigilan mo ang paglipat ng globe postpaid user sa smart! haha kung ako sa inyo wag nyo na bayaran ung natitirang months nyo sa globe. lipat na smart prepaid atleast dun pag nagcacap na yung lte nila pwede natin itapon na lang ung sim at wala ng iintindihing monthly bills. at sino naman tanga kukuha ng postpaid unlisurf sa smart? alam ng tao dito na 1.5g lang kaya karamihan naka prepaid. tanga mo yuga! pwede mo naman sabihing mag prepaid na lang sila kumuha ka pa ng postpaid! bobo!

    • Mas Tanga ka says:

      Wow ang talino mo. Kung makasalita ka parang alam mo lahat. Bobo! hahaha!

    • globe user says:

      atleast hinde ako katulad nitong site na toh bayaran. matalino ko kase di ako nagpapaloko sa pti telecoms dito! mas bobo ka napatol ka sa katulad ko! [email protected]

    • wew says:

      @globe user paid by globe c yuga pero sabe nya sa previous article nagapply siya ng plan sa smart dahil ayon sa kanya,” Both my Globe
      postpaid accounts have been hit (despite not
      getting the SMS notifications, yeah sucks)”?BEST.LOGIC.EVER.

  7. Mukang Pera si Abe says:


  8. kel says:

    sana ma-extend. Parang isang taong extension na ata silang nag-eextend. Paano pala yung mga nag apply ng iPhone na “unli LTE”?

  9. daniel says:

    Kayang-kaya talaga wasakin nitong PLDT + Smart ang Globe eh. They have the infrastructure and the money unlike Globe. With Smart’s 70million subscribers compared to 29million by Globe, onti nalang mauubos na sila haha.

    Pero kung walang competition, shempre panget naman un. LEt’s wait for the entry of San Miguel’s new telco, sabi 2014 daw start, tama ba?

  10. Phillip says:

    What others don’t realize is ito talaga target ni Abe, to create tension. More tension = more comments = more traffic = higher popularity of this blog site

  11. mike says:

    hi Everyone.

    I am a globe dsl subscribee at my Plan which is 1299 meron po kami daily cap na 3 to 5 GB

    Reference http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/fup

    I just found out PLDT DSL offers uncapped dsl plans: here http://pldthome.com/surf/mydsl/about?gclid=clalgkvarbwcfcke4godsvgacq#dsl2_block3

    i quote “Surfing Hours: Unlimited and with no data capping”. Mas mahal lang ng a few hundreds of pesos. PLDT calls it “high speed plans” from 3mbps to 10mbps.

    Pwede po ba ma-verify i am correct. Transfer na kami if meron available line sa amin.


  12. here for the z1 says:

    Hi! Saang smart center ka nagapply? Dun kasi sa inapplyan ko sa SM Fairview, more than a month na walang stock ng Z1.

  13. Paul says:

    Yuga pointed it out as VAS since it’s an add-on from the original postpaid plan. It’s an industry term for services that are not a ‘core’ part of the postpaid package. The FUP lists some examples of VAS but it’s not limited to that.


    In this case LTE 995 promo is a separate item from UnliData plan. The FUP only applies on the unlimited 3G data from the UnliData plan (it would get throttled after 1.5gb). If you apply for the LTE 995 promo, that is not part of your original postpaid plan so it is not covered by the FUP.

  14. ryan says:

    Telcos are finding ways to make up for the losses in sms. sa dami kc ng free communication app eh naluluge cla so dun cla babawi sa data services nla.

  15. YunOh! says:

    unlidata plans – unli LTE until March 31.
    after that, need mong mag subscribe sa LTE ng smart, 995 for 5 gb i think (for 1 month).
    kung di ka mag subscribe, eh di hindi mo magagamit yung LTE kahit ba may LTE sa area mo. Tama ba???

  16. YunOh! says:

    at pagkaka alam ko, hindi talaga kasama ang LTE sa FUP kasi promo lang ang UNLI LTE nila (tama di ba?)

    tapos after March 31, hindi pa rin kasama ang LTE sa FUP kasi limited data volume yung offer ng smart sa LTE nila(kung tama pagkakaalam ko…) hehe

  17. Kenneth says:

    Fair Usage Policy also applies if one cell site or location is congested and all of the users cannot use the cell site FUP will kick in. It’s like wifi router two many users = limited log time for an hour. Smart has a lot of cell site location to provide the subscribers so smart users does not feel FUP that much. Also,they have Home Fiber to cater those heavy users. The best advise for heavy download and internet usage is limit yourself and discipline internet usage especially if you are in limited funds.

  18. unFUP says:

    Ang daming basher, sige nmn ang basa at subaybay ng update. TECH NEWS un kya naka-post d2. Magwala kayo pag nabasa nyo issue regarding Vhong-Deniece-Cedric.
    Respect people, respect.
    Gawa din kayo sarili nyo blog ung puro good news lang para sa inyo. Tignan natin kung walang kumontra.

  19. unFUP says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

  20. yaymorebandwidth says:

    yehey more bandwidth for unli subscribers :D

  21. Zer0 says:

    Sir Abe, anong unli data ka nag subscribe 3G or LTE? anyway for me ung unli data ay hindi practical choice. Meron naman All in plans wherein you can choose diff services. 2 years ako naka unlidata (3G) 1500 plan and makukuha mo lang syempre unlidata (3G) plus 60 mins free call and 120 free SMS tapos may limit pa na 1.5 GB cup every month for mobile internet. Wherein sa All in Plans (for ex. 1800 where i’m currently subscribe) pwede ka mamili ng flexibundles na services na kailangan mo. like in my case i’m currently subscribe to the following:
    LTE 995 unlimited LTE for 30 days,

    Net Combo 400 (it includes 500 mins call to Smart / Sun / Talk n Text / Pldt landline plus 2,000 free text to ALL networks including globe and TM) for 30 days,

    All Net Talk 250 80mins call to Globe for 30 days.

    Ang plan ko is 1800 ang na consumed ko 995 + 400 + 250 = 1645 for 3 services tapos meron pa akong 155 na pwede iconsume…
    Right now 2.8 Gb na na consume ko gamit LTE connection ko and di pa na throttle down ang connection ko to 3g/2g. (tama nga sinabi mo na pag VAS exempted sa FUP)

    • all in says:

      Im also subscribed to an all-in plan, but what if I register to LTE 995 and LTE signal goes down to 3G or 2G, will I be charged separately after March 31?

    • Zer0 says:

      No, It will not charged. LTE995 subscription already covers 4g/3g/2g connections…

    • all in says:

      that is cool! thanks guys. Im glad I got my Smart all in postpaid. Sana hindi magbago ang policy hindi tulad ng Globe, i have been a loyal subscriber since 1999……………………. time to downgrade it to call and text nalang

  22. Rygel says:

    Globe doesn’t have separate subscription for LTE. If you’re phone is LTE capable and you have an data subscription, it will use LTE > 3G > 2G when available.

    Smart meanwhile has separate subscription for LTE. So the unlidata bundle only uses 3G. While the LTE 995 uses LTE but will switch to 3G/2G if LTE is not available. Medyo unfair ang unlidata plans in this regard kasi you’ll have to pay an additional 995 to get LTE access. Compared to ALLIN plans where you just have to subscribe to LTE 995 and get both LTE and 3G access.

    As for the data caps… Both networks should stop promoting LTE if they plan to use the data caps on theirs LTE service kasi they’ve promoted how fast it is to stream videos and download stuff plus they’re even offering LTE enabled iPads. Tapos 1.5 – 3gb lang allowed use nila per month on LTE? Rediculous

    • jammer says:

      tama ka dyan, imagine downloading 1.5 g in less than one hour because u have very fast LTE connection, then u will be downgraded to 2G for the rest of the month. Useless ang mag subscribed sa LTE kung ganun. eh saan pa ung high speed connection nila?

  23. z1 ba or z only says:

    Question lang po. Xperia z1 ba offered sa smart postpaid plan or xperia z lang sya?

  24. EJMNL says:

    Just a piece of advice. Get a Smart All-In plan, and register to LTE 995 monthly. You’ll get better and ‘sulit’ call & text services against its counterpart with Globe, MySuperPlan 1799 (FUP-covered Unli data), + exemption from Smart LTE’s FUP.

    The only catch here is you’ll need to register manually to LTE 995 every month. I don’t think it would be a big burden to the subscribers. Besides, Smart will always remind you if your LTE 995’s registration is ending soon. You’ll then have time to turn-off your mobile data to avoid LTE regular rate charges.

    After, you can register again to LTE 995 for another month of unlimited LTE with exemption from Smart’s FUP. I think this is an ideal strategy.

    • all in says:

      Im also subscribed to an all-in plan, but what if I register to LTE 995 and LTE signal goes down to 3G or 2G, will I be charged separately?

    • all in says:

      By the way, to make your monthly registration automatic, e.g. for continuous UnliSurf, you may text GO SURF 999 to 7577

    • Grey says:

      You can enable auto renewal of LTE 995 by texting GO LTE 995 :) para wala ka nang iniisip every month.

    • EJMNL says:

      @all in: if you’re in LTE 995, you’ll still receive 2G/3G signals if you’re outside an LTE covered area.

  25. TESS PINGA 2 says:

    Re: lte 995, pag di available lte, 3g/2g lang di ba. In that case, will you be charged on top of 995? Thanks.

    • Grey says:

      Nope, LTE 995 covers all data signals from LTE to GPRS, so don’t worry about additional charges.

  26. lousy says:

    sana magoffer ang Smart ng plan transfer similar to how credit card companies offer balance transfer. something like yung MySuperPlan 1799 ng globe to All-In Plan 1800. I’d bite right away and happily give up my useless Globe loyalty program plan to switch to Smart.

    I was promised “Unlimited LTE” when I renewed my plan, not “3GB LTE then Unlimited 2G” connection, so their reasoning that my plan is still unlimited since I’m still connected with 2G is not valid.

    • Grey says:

      CC companies can only transfer Visa to Visa, and Mastercard to Mastercard. There’s no 3rd party brand on networks, so it would be more difficult to form an agreement like that.

    • lousy says:

      it was just a thought anyway, I understand something like that would be near impossible for Smart and Globe to agree upon :)

      but seriously though, anybody have any information on the process of opting out of a Globe MySuperPlan? really wanting that Smart All-In plan as in now. lol

    • Miongb says:

      You can preterminate, but you have to pay the pre termination fee, na masyadong malaki. Kaya either magpa bad record ko, or wait for your contract to end…

  27. LTE-free says:

    ef this, I don’t need my minutes, can SMART can convert my minutes into LTE

    • Zer0 says:

      You can register to LTE 995. This service will charged you for P995.00. Just look for the appropriate service code or look for the flexibundles in smart website if your plan applicable for flexibundles to avoid additional charges…

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Just subscribe to Smart’s flexibundles and you can allocate 0 minutes and 995 to LTE.

  28. Jack says:

    So it is possible to get a lower priced monthly plan instead of the unli data 1500, and then subscribe to LTE 995 on top of it, reducing monthly cost for internet? or is the LTE 995 only available on top of the unli data plan?

    • Zer0 says:

      Jack, LTE995 is available to all smart subscriber postpaid and prepaid however aside from postpaid All-in plans 1200 and above you can register and consume your allowable to LTE995. If you’re postpaid data plan 1500 or above subscriber LTE995 will be billed on top of your monthly data plan 1500. You can chexk smart website for flexibundles and you can try their plan simulator for you to find out if your data plan 1500 will be charge an additional 995 pesos if you register to LTE995.

  29. Louie O. says:

    Nothing’s official according to Carlo Ople of unbox. He asked Smart and they’re no such official announcement or whatsoever…

  30. WOOHOO says:

    What about prepaid users? I just bought an LTE sim and I can say that the internet speed is faster than the Smart Bro sim I used to have. If I subsribe to LTE 995 (currently subscribed to LTE 50), does it have capping as well? I’m confused.

    • Yusuf says:

      No reason to be confused. There are no data caps for prepaid subscribers, no matter what promo/subscription you are on.

  31. Yusuf says:

    Much better, unlike Globe. Forever the shitty network.

  32. Yusuf says:

    What an ingrate. Clearly, you lack the education you wanted.

  33. clarence says:

    Hi all,
    I am planning to get a freedom plan, then will opt to have unlimited LTE 995 + call and text combo (mega 250), iniisip ko lang magiging subject ba ako for FUP?

  34. Tess pinga 2 says:

    Thanks grey!

  35. Nico says:

    I also recently applied for an “All in Plan 1800” and the CSR explained it to me differently. With the plan 995 you’ll be getting the 3gb cap for lte THEN it’ll switch to 3g until you used the 1.5gb THEN it’ll switch you to 2G. As for the current Unli data users she said that it will also have an amount of lte before it goes back to 3g but I didn’t ask how many gygabites there is. Hope this helps?

  36. rodster says:

    so is it better to get a prepaid LTE than subscribe to post paid LTE plans? I thought postpaid always gets better benefits.

  37. 'em says:

    OK yung sa Smart. Get an All-In Plan. Ako, plan 1200. Nagenroll ako nung Trinet 400php tapos the rest sa LTE subscription. Ndi ko naman need na everyday naka LTE, so weekly or daily lang. Yun ang isang maganda sa Smart, may LTE na weekly or daily plans so sakto sa budget.

  38. Clarification Please says:

    So for example i am a prepaid user and i paid for LTE 995 – will i be charged against my airtime if i browse via 3G, HSDPA or HSPA?

    or if i am using UNLI 999, will i be charged if i browse via LTE?

  39. DC1777 says:

    Switched to Smart’s Freedom plan, with the help of Smart’s CSR they changed my current limit from 600 (default for freedom plan) to 1600. This is so it could cover the LTE 995 and Trinet 400 subscription.

    with only 1395 monthly cost for UNLIMITED LTE and 500 min call it’s worth it. O di kaya 995 lang kasi naka-online naman lagi mga kausap ko kaya sulit na sulit..

  40. heyjay says:

    So is smart vas lte995 not included on data cap? The posts got me confused

  41. sky.walk says:

    My question, this prepaid LTE 995…i t says that this is unlimited..what if im gonna use this 8 hours a day..like playing online games…8 hours a day..this smart LTE prepaid 995 can sustain?

  42. dref says:

    Hi. Ask lang po about unli data 1500. I read na may cap sya na 1.5gb for the lte.

    My question is. What if i switch my phone to 3g only. Babawas parin po ba sa 1.5gb na cap yun? Or unlimited siya basta 3g lang ang gamit.

    Anyway. Wala dn po kasing lte dto samin unless akyat sa rooftop. Kaya okay na ako sa 3g basta unlimited and walang cap. Wag lang 2g.


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