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Smart’s Public Affairs is reaching out

I was contacted by an officer from Smart Communications’ Public Affairs Group regarding their new and re-branded Smart Bro service (thru Migs).

Apparently, they’re doing a clean-up campaign of sorts and wanted to “expand our customer interaction and feedback mechanisms by partnering with journalists, editors, technology users groups and active bloggers who regularly encounter customer feedback (good or bad) on our Smart Bro service“.

Realme Philippines

I thank her and her team for doing this move and for including active bloggers among the channels in their feedback system. I did a quick background check and also found out that people from Smart have already discovered my new blog at smartwifi.org.ph and actually registered there. I have yet to see if they have tried to reply on the complaints and comments there (I doubt though since it may only get ugly with all the cussing and name-calling).

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Along with their re-branding strategy, a core user group called “Smart Bro Big Bro” (which is composed of the abovementioned) will be formed to provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve their service. They scheduled a meeting with me next week to discuss more of the details.

It’s a commendable effort (something other service-oriented companies should also be doing) and I hope it will greatly help in resolving the issue.

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15 years ago

it think it’s not

15 years ago

sana nga po mag improve na service nila

15 years ago

hmmmm i think their being outSMART na po hehehehe

16 years ago

well, I hope that with their rebranding and PR strategy, their services DOES get better.

Manuel Viloria
16 years ago

Will 2006 be the year of the Noticed Blogger? :-)

Radio stations are now featuring Pinoy podcasters. Television stations are getting in touch with Pinoy videobloggers. Telcos are now getting in touch with Pinoy Bloggers.

I wonder who’s next?

16 years ago

@Noemi I feel your pain hahaha, i wonder why i still keep on calling their hotline and no improvement yet when it comes to the csrs

16 years ago

This is good news, I just hope really positive and practical things will come out from this move by Smart.

Naaawa na ako sa pinsan ko na nagdudusa pa rin sa Smart Wi-Fi niya…

16 years ago

The new name sounds so strange. I hope their customer support improves . Some of the staff you call in that 672 number don’t know how to troubleshoot.

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