So did you get the rebates Globe promised?

So did you get the rebates Globe promised?

After the May 9 network outage, Globe Telecom sent out notices to subscribers that were affected that they will be given free texts, calls and and 3G internet credits no later than May 17. That was yesterday.

Globe Telecom is giving free call, text or mobile browsing services to customers affected during the service disruption last May 9, 2011. Customers can expect to receive an SMS from Globe to avail of the service no later than May 17, 2011.


However, a number of reports from subs claim that they have not received any rebates until today. So we went on to Twitter and Facebook and ask readers if they also got the promised rebates.

Do chime in and share in the comments whether you got something or not. Some people are reporting they got free text messages worth Php100 while others get 50 SMS and 5 minutes call. Are those rebates worth it?

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40 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    super no…they just sent me a message..but when I checked my balance…NOTHING!!!!!

  2. e30ernest says:

    Nada. Or at least I haven’t gotten a message as they promised. Besides, I already have unlimited browsing, call and text on my plan. I don’t know how they will compensate. Maybe a rebate? :D

  3. juntariman says:

    I’ve got also 50 sms plus 5-minute call for ONE DAY. I wasn’t able to consume the call minutes.

  4. Seanie says:

    Got nothing after the initial announcement. I’m planning to ask them about it.

    • wiznet says:

      Me too

    • Benchmark says:

      Me Three…

      I even didn’t receive any notice that I will be receiving something. Perhaps that are only affected.

    • Seanie says:

      I’m not sure if you’re eligible since you didn’t get the first text.

    • benchmark says:

      That’s why I don’t have plan on calling to Globe…and demand something from them.

      Anyway good thing I was not affected by the outage. :)

  5. kebbot says:

    yes i got a rebate butonly valid for 1day, my grandma received 40 immortal text. and me i got 100 text and 5 min call to globe and tm and the worse thing is that hindi ko na gamit ung free nala…. wala ding kwenta. next time dapat may warning sila na may system enhancement,para naman d masasayang ung unli surf natin or iba pang subscription …. nakakainis ung globo na yan…

  6. John Carl says:

    Nope. But I received a message promising a rebate.

  7. Noir says:

    Wala pa rin……

  8. edz says:

    i got nothing..

  9. nexusboy says:

    stupid globe, di naman kami cheap to depend on rebates, pero pag nag promise, dapat itupad! no rebates, no advise from Globe still!

  10. josh says:

    kasama ba ang naka-post paid?

  11. sylv3rblade says:

    None for postpaid yet

  12. lecarlson says:

    I know, right!? I never got what was promised to me. Am I protected by my consumer rights to demand Globe Telecom of their promise?

  13. bOkz says:

    two words! hell noooo!

  14. Winziph says:

    what do we expect right. But hopefully they must stick to what they promise.

  15. leeto says:

    As usual wala, promises were made to be broken. That’s Globe!!!!!!

  16. jaysan says:

    Yes. This is their text message.

    “You may now claim your special service: Free 50 texts plus 5 minutes of calls to Globe/TM, good for 1 day. Just text CLAIM1 to 8888 from May 12-18 to get your freebie. Thank you for staying with Globe. – From Globe, 6:17pm 5:54pm” – Globe’s way to say sorry for the service interruption.

  17. Anti RH Bill says:

    Yup I receive 15 pesos in my globe tattoo.

  18. Dhadha says:

    Wala akong natanggap. :/

  19. xerdoms says:

    Globe, and perhaps all mobile telco, has a long history of falling short on their promises.

  20. Nadz says:

    got nothing… not even a single free sms… =( kahit free ringtone man lang wala hahahahaha

  21. kobe67 says:

    TM Prepaid Subscriber here, from cagayan de oro and Unluckily experienced the globe service disruption. About the rebates, I only got 100 free text messages tm-tm/globe-globe only and for 1 day use. It’s not that bad but it is not also worthy.

  22. nexusboy says:

    if they think it’s unwise for Globe to give out free sms/call/mobile as compensation, why send an SMS telling everyone how they TRULY VALUE their customers? can’t believe they’re fooling everyone.

  23. charles says:

    just good for 1 day. kinabukasan ala na, kasi di mo nagamit. lame!

  24. bianca says:

    I was not affected by the outage but I received a message re: rebate. According to the message they will give free unlimited data for a day. I just brushed it off thinking it was not meant for me as I was not affected. Just a couple of days ago, I received free 15-peso autoload that they say I can use to avail one of their data plans.

  25. Jee says:

    Nagsend sa akin ang globe ng text. When you load atleast 30 on May 18-20 you will have 150 free text and 10 mins call. Pero wala man ako na receive na free txt or anu man :(

  26. jaybart88 says:

    none at all. also, is it just me or is anyone else also seeing some latency when sending SMS using Globe? (it takes some time before a text message is received – weird) started seeing this even before the outage, not sure if anyone else is experiencing the same..

  27. wala sa vokabulary nila ang rebates, my globe i nternet was down for 2 weeks but i still have to pay for the whole month’s bill

  28. Noir says:

    Just got mine on Friday

    Free 1 day unlimited internet. Good thing I brought my netbook along with me :D

  29. monzzi3 says:

    It started last weekend na nawawala data services ng Globe. And it’s been out for hours today. What’s happening Globe? D man lang naglabas ng advisory na may outage. =P

    • e30ernest says:

      Haha was about to post here as well. I thought I was the only one who lost data coverage. I’m in Makati right now. Is this an isolated case?

  30. ralph says:

    delayed messages since Friday!!

  31. Taleweaver says:

    Got one day of free internet service last Friday…

    Not worth the f##cking hassle of losing phone service for a day.

    Globe Postpaid

  32. Nothing… got the text promising it, but not the credit. Globe always promises, but never delivers.

  33. Dean says:

    I got “FREE unlimited mobile internet, good for 1 day” on May 20. I thought they gave me 24 hours of free Internet that I could use slowly over time; turns out they essentially subscribed me to one-day SuperSurf free of charge, so I could only use the rebate on that day.

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