Still suffering from ISP dis-connectivity

Still suffering from ISP dis-connectivity

Over at PTB, Arnold is taking a spot survey from readers on the status of their ISP’s connectivity. For my end, it’s still spotty. There will be times that the speeds are decent (though not at par with normal) and there will be times that it’s totally useless to go online.

I have PLDT myDSL which is the worst hit. Surprisingly though, Smart Bro seems to be doing much better than expected.


So, I went out and tried several AirborneAccess hotspots but couldn’t login. Then I discovered that my free account from them already expired last December 31. Time to use that Globe WiZ backup but none is in sight.

Again, Smart 3G/GPRS saves the day. It’s not really that fast but feels better than dial-up (97kbps via 2Wire).

How’s everybody else’s connection nowadays?

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28 Responses

  1. nel animo says:

    I’m using mydestiny cable internet and so far….. so bad

  2. joseph says:

    Smart Bro died a day after the cablebreak, the next day it went back to normal. Our office connection uses satellite via AZCom. Their connection is always bad. now its worst.

  3. LadyVi says:

    we’re on ETPI here in the ofc. earlier today our connection was intermittent, but our IT guy did some tweaking lang sa server then ok na sha.

    on the day of the cable break, we were down for about an hour, then when the connection went back it wasn’t that bad either. although there are some sites na mabagal talaga magload.

  4. vance says:

    slow during night but sometimes fast. There are servers that I can dl at top speed pero mostly mabagal.. On morning slow ang surfing pero decent naman ang pagdl.

    grr. tpos na sira pa yung barkong magaayos ng cable hehehe, so tatagal pa ang pagdudusa.

  5. bikoy says:

    I’m also using MyDestiny cable internet and it’s much much slower than normal, on any time. I can’t even access sites like YouTube.

  6. PLDT myDSL is currently moving as fast as an obese turtle on sedatives… it isn’t making me happy.

  7. Juned says:

    Mine is pretty much normal at office and at home. No problems with my YouTube connection here at home and at the office. Using Bayantel DSL.

  8. You know your PLDT DSL connection is bad when can’t get to anything hosted by Google.

  9. Carlo says:


    Bayantel isn’t affected. I haven’t heard any complain about their service and so as Eastern Telecoms.

    My Globelines broadband connection is still bad even our DS3 Globe GIX (Globe Internet Exchange) at the office is still lousy.

    How many more weeks of DIALUP speeds? *sigh* :(

  10. The slow repairs are part of a conspiracy to kill the local problogging industry! Big business wants all full-time probloggers to go back to white-collar slavery!

  11. Mine is still working slow. another PLDT myDSL user. boo

    I heard that some SEO companies are letting their developers and copywriters do work at home.. where connection is much faster – rather not as slow as their office’s connection.

  12. Anthony says:

    pldt mydsl is awful at comembo makati area.

    at home in pateros i used a Blast dialup prepaid.

    guess what. it’s faster that my pldt dsl connection. wahaha. and i’ve no problem browsing any website on the internet.

    hehe i guess we’re back in the stone age for a while.

  13. kAnGkEr says:

    I’m using MyDestiny Cable Internet and sad to say, we are still experiencing a bad connection..

    For MyDestiny Subscribers, here’s an email from their Officer – In – Charge last January 1.


    [email protected]

    First of all, we would like to thank you for your continued interest in our services.

    We would also like to advise that our International Private Link (IPL) Provider has blocked certain sites to free up some bandwidth. Here are the blocked sites:

    This is ONLY temporary. We will advise you as soon as we possibly can when the said sites are up.

    Again, thank you very much and Happy New Year.

    Very Truly Yours,

    John Luke Q. Chica
    Account Management Group
    EXT HOTLINE: 0917-577-1111

  14. jhay says:

    I was supposed to be quite about Globe’s apparent crappy service because of the earthquake, but since my two neighbors who are on Smart BRO are already back to normal surfing speeds, how come Globe hasn’t?

    Plus, I have to restart my router/modem every now and then because the connection would be lost. I’m paying a thousand pesos for dial-up speeds and plus its hassles! :(

  15. Tina says:

    PLDT DSL at Cainta is still slow…my dad is having a hard time connecting to Yahoo!, plus he can’t retrieve his email via Outlook from their mail server in Saipan. Browsing is quite slow, especially for Livejournal, Multiply and some blogs…and I can’t connect to my domain via FTP at all. :-s I have yet to try dial up again. Maybe I’ll be able to upload my new layout using that.

  16. ade says:

    I’m using PLDT MyDSL at Quezon City, and their service has degraded so much I can’t even open Google.

    It took me 15 minutes to open this page, BTW.

  17. Thank God for Web-based transloads. If I can’t view something on one service, I’ll just find some way to transload it to a service I can reach. :)

  18. jun says:

    smart bro is faster than ever……. no kidding. seriously.

  19. Ronnie says:

    Hmmm… That’s funny…

    I’m on PLDT myDSL as well… I live in Tondo and 2wire reports ~780Kbps…

    However, some sites take longer than the usual to load —, Yahoo, CNN, Digg… However, Google (Gmail, etc), Friendster, Boingboing, OSNews, CNET Asia(!) are loading normally.

  20. Allan from England says the slow repairs will cost a million jobs. Can anyone verify this?

  21. One commenter on my blog says the slow repairs will cost a million jobs. :(

  22. quezacolt says:

    yeah, im with dsl too,

    one time my download speed is 0.7kbps

    it took me 10 minutes to load one page of your blog,

    it took me 15 minutes to load the music video of buttons at youtube

    it took me 12 minutes to open


    but now it seems to be ok.

  23. Rufi0 says:

    me! im using PLdt myDSL plan 999 and it says it can reach up to 1mbps but when i go to, my connection is only 300kbps or lower T_T…

  24. Rufi0 says:

    tska! tungkol po sa, gus2 ko po sana mag register kya lng may nag pro-prompt na “ur log-in name is too long”??>.

  25. donna says:

    Very nice information. Thanks for this.its great to see someone with a like mind.

  26. maanghang nga eh says:

    i’m not surprised about PLDT’s performance in connectivity, although my eyes went wide when Smart’s doing good. Quite ironic, they’re of the same company. Anyway, my PLDT with QIK is doing fine. Had it installed recently when it was relaunched.

  27. Phoebe says:

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