Sun, Smart offers unlimited Waze for Php99/month

The recent acquisition of Waze by Google has made it a very popular app among travelers and commuter, even an essential app for those driving around the metro every day. If you have unlimited data on your mobile phone, it’s one of the first ones you have to download.

For those who don’t have unlimited internet, they can now use Waze alone for just Php99 a month. That is, if you’re a Sun or Smart prepaid subscriber.

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To get Waze running for a month, just text WAZE99 to 211. This promo is only for Sun and Smart prepaid users only.

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  1. Avatar for Dante Demetion Dante Demetion says:

    Why hard to get WAZE99

  2. Avatar for Paulo Sicat Paulo Sicat says:

    not working on O+ AIR. how to turn on GPS in O+ AIR? all i can see is LOCATION, but no GPS function.

  3. Avatar for Ken Ken says:

    Same here, after turning off all notifications, I was still charged with standard mobile rates. I ended up losing all my load as well. This is a tricky promo.

  4. Avatar for slash slash says:

    Once you avail of the promo, it will not restrict your other apps to connect to the net. You need to forced turn off the notifications of these apps so as not to use up your load. Tried it myself and it works!

  5. Avatar for junix junix says:

    hi guys, yes I encountered this also many times, ubos load ko khit nka ristrict ung data background u. automatic ng coconect ung ibang application u. lyk Fb,tagged, line,kakaotalk etc.. hahai… para-paraan din cla pg my time :(

  6. Avatar for Paulo Paulo says:

    Turning off the background data on your phone doesn’t guarantee that all other apps will stop connecting to the net. Sadly, I experienced this. Lost all my load to Smart. Very disappointing promo. Be careful.

  7. Avatar for Glenn Viola Glenn Viola says:

    I was also wondering how this will work.

    How can a user restrict his/her apps from connecting to the internet once you turn on your Data Connection?

    there’s a chance other apps keeps on connecting to the internet once it sees the Mobile Internet is on.

  8. Avatar for Dwin Dwin says:

    any smartphone will get data even if you try to turn them off. So this is a flawed promo. It’s better to keep your cellular data on to use Waze than getting a Waze subscription. I was excited to use this, but after testing it last night, I was highly disappointed. It used up around PhP50 of my load when I only subscribed for PhP5 (1 day Waze). I think the only way to make this work is to make an exclusive version of Waze for Smart or Sun to make it work on it’s own.

    • Avatar for Paulo Paulo says:

      I experienced the same thing. I turned off all background data on my phone and used only the waze app, then I found out upon checking that it used up all of my prepaid load. Very Disappointing!

  9. Avatar for zarne zarne says:

    Great deal for drivers and commuters. Considering the php 5000-10000 all in plan from Globe, can’t go wrong with Smart’s php 99/mo waze plan.

  10. Avatar for jesson jesson says:

    waze is one of the most important apps you should install on your phone. this apps is my guide traveling in manila area and suburd.

  11. Avatar for babyface babyface says:

    that would benefit many driver and commuters. mas magagamit na ng marami ang waze..haha

  12. Avatar for Tina Tina says:

    Waze is my favorite app lately. So useful sa Manila traffic!

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