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Switching to Smart, not minding the FUP and Data Cap

Last week, Globe has actively enforced their FUP and monthly data caps. Both my Globe postpaid accounts have been hit (despite not getting the SMS notifications, yeah sucks). In desperation, I urgently applied for a Smart postpaid line as an alternate account.

I applied for the UnliData Plan 1500 and while I am already aware that it comes with a Fair Usage Policy of 1.5GB per month, I was assured by my friends using the same plan that they have not been capped for months now.


So I signed the waiver that I would agree to the FUP stating a 1.5GB monthly data cap and then 24Kbps of speed afterwards.

Yes, Smart also has an FUP and data cap but it’s not just being enforced. Question is, will they follow what Globe did or continue to remain un-enforced and enjoy the avalanche of switchers like me?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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87 Responses

  1. DK says:

    After 2 years of unli data from Smart, once lang ako affected ng FUP nila.

  2. emignatius says:

    I’m going to give my globe postpaid a couple of months. If my line is hit with this cap I might also get a new Smart account. I have an unli 2000 with smart, which my wife is using, and although I signed a waiver for the FUP I do not get capped even though my line exceed 1.5 gb a month. My only problem is I just had a recontract for my iPhone 5s. But i have a plan. I’m going to sell the phone to cover the termination fee.

    • Abe Olandres says:

      So it seems people are actually wiling to sign and agree to an FUP and Data Cap, as long as it is not enforced?

    • emignatius says:

      Just like your case now sir Abe, the reason I signed for an unli data plan with Smart was because they do not “strictly” enforce their cap and in cases that they do, you still get 1 mbps download speed, which is fine with mg needs.

    • Phillip says:

      Wow, first time I saw sarcasm in your comment Mr. Abe. Common sense. DESPERATION. The greed of the telcos left the consumers no choice. Even it entails high risk, they still signed up due to the NEED even if they know it will not be forever.

  3. roiji says:

    nag unli ako ng 3 days for postpaid freedom plan.
    hindi naman ako na throttled even after downloading around 12GB.. i was using LTE though (noong Oct 2013 pa)

    nag 1 day unli din ako sa Globe hindi rin ako na throttled but that was waaaay back in 2011 pa lol…

    baka may finaflag silang abusado talaga?

    • Sam says:

      Ako rin nag unli nung 2005 hindi na naman na capped. Nag unli rin ako nung 2006 to 2013 hindi naman na capped. Gamitin naman ang isip minsan. Sobrang slightly used na yan bro!

  4. unhappy says:

    I’d switch too in a heartbeat if hindi lang ako naka lock-in. One year to go. Hindi talaga justifiable yung throttling to 2G speed ng Globe. I barely exceed 10 kB/s (I used to reach 700+ kB/s on H+). Sobrang bagal ngayon. They could have at least throttled it to an acceptable speed, maybe 100 kB/s? And I heard Smart throttles you down to 3G speed from LTE. Hopefully it stays that way.

  5. you fucking idiot you not be posting something like this. it would give the people from smart an idea that they can enable the FUP. you fucktard should have just kept your cocksucking mouth shut, get a smart plsn snd dnjoy the service. moron!

    • Miss Call says:

      I know, right? I mean what is the point of hating Globe’s FUP if Smart has its own FUP?

    • acheche says:

      I think you are the idiot here. Do you think Smart doesn’t know what’s happening in our country? Damn. so idiot.

  6. Lezuric says:

    I might wish to Smart soon. 3 more months to go. I was also hit by their FUP which is a total shit.

  7. lionheart97 says:

    I saw u earlier sir yuga at smart center C&C, around 11:00 to 1:00pm and we got the same plan and unit. glad to see in person. :)

  8. Captain Obvious says:


    • byron says:

      He paid for his own Smart line but he is against Smart? Good logic.

    • Miss Call says:

      I agree with you. Smart does not have an FUP and Yugatech is just making it up.

    • dyogatech says:

      tanga ka pala eh. kitang kita naman na walang pinapanigan si Abe kahit pa bayaran sya ng globe eh kung pangit service ng globe eh magsiswitch sya on his own will.

    • Reader says:

      @Miss Call: Ikaw ata ang bayaran ng Smart eh. Ang linaw na may FUP ang Smart (nasa contract oh!) pero di lang enforced.

    • wew says:

      best comment to hahaha binabayaran daw ng globe c yuga pero itong article eh halata namang pro-smart lol

    • Phillip says:

      What others don’t realize is ito talaga target ni Abe, to create tension. More tension = more comments = more traffic = higher publicity of this blog site

    • vhortex says:

      @MissCall, Matagal ng me FUP and Smart, kahit noong wala pa silang FUP nag seselected capping na sila. Ngayon base on the comments here, looks like hindi lahat ng subscribers are nathrottle sa Smart.

      The questions is, what made them to decide some people to be throttled
      1. It is not the use since random people who are seldom goes online are throttled.

      2. It is not a location issue since a group of people in a certain area can be throttled and the other half are not.

      3. LTE subscribers are also being throttled to 3G (even 2G in some areas) with the custcare telling them that they are not yet FUPed.

  9. ricky cruz says:

    What I dont like with Smart the alwayschange terms and conditions in the middle of subscription. Just wait and see they will enforce that also

  10. LON says:

    Dapat dito may off peak-hours na lang na hindi icocount yung bandwidth ng users. Sa madaling araw let’s say 12:00am to 6:00am unlimited speed since off-peak naman…

  11. Phil says:

    ‘Paid’ post ba ito? Haha-ha alam na Yuga is really Biased sa globe!

    • byron says:

      If Yuga is being paid by Smart to bash Globe, he has to disclose this in his post.

      What say you, Abe?

    • Ace Ople says:

      Globe is paying Abe big bucks. He is friends with Globe’s Social Media Manager, @Dalekins. They are together sa Geeky Nights. It cannot be more transparent than that.

      This is obviously a ploy AGAINST Smart. Abe said he applied with the waiver. Wala ng waiver ang Smart ngayon. My wife just applied for an iPhone 5s plan last week and wala sya sign na ganyan.

      I bet na after a few days, Abe will say na na-cap sya ng 1.5GB ng Smart . Simple as that. Don’t believe this. Abe is a paid blogger of Globe! Matagal na yan!

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      @Ace Advertisers din ang Smart and Sun sa Yugatech. Lahat ng telcos nagkaroon na ng “Praise Release” dito.

      Ang dami lang kasing mainit ang ulo dito na Globe subscribers kaya ibang view na ang nakikita. You can search for the tags para makita mo. :)

  12. Miss Call says:

    Bait and switch. :D

  13. human says:

    Taking its cue from globe, malamang talaga sumunod na ang smart ang 1.5Gb capping nila! Madadamay tuloy kaming smart subscribers…

  14. Kenneth says:

    Dear Yuga,

    Much better if you get all in plan and apply Value added services to be on the safe side. If you use Unli995 for LTE no data capped imposed since it is a added service you paid for. It is also said by Smart Policy not VAS is not affected by Data Capped.

  15. ??? says:

    Matagal na may 1.5 GB cap si smart. And as said di nga lng na eenforce tulad ng ginawa ni Globe. Sa dulo desisyon din ng mga tao kung saan sila kukuha ng line.

    I’m a Globe subs and I really hate their 2g speed. Well I’ll just wait to see if globe will come up with some kind of solution.

    Ok lng nmn bumababa sa 2g ang speed pro sana lang eh usable nmn… (plan 1799 subs)

  16. Jeric says:

    Im currently using JumpIn sim and almost every day akong registered sa 1 day unli. internet. (Student pa kasi walang pambayad plan). Minsan lumalagpas 1Gb downloads ko. Nakapagdl pa nga ako ng DN3 rom (almost 1.5 gb) at di ako naaapektohan ng FUP. SALAMAT SMART. (Globe user po ako but i switched to smart due to the implementation of FUP).

  17. Dan says:

    here in negros occidental wider yung component cities who has 3g access ang globe. Tiis2x muna sa globe evry weekend. Unusable ung 2G ng Smart sa amin. On the capital city, smart at wifi yung gamit ko. IM BOTH A SMART AND GLOBE SUBSCRIBER. affected na rin ako ng FUP.Mas masaklap pag madaling araw ka maka-cap, bagal whole day time mo hanggang 12mn.

  18. Rob says:

    Sayang tagal pa mag end ng kontrata ko sa Globe.. mukang maganda sa smart pag nareach mu yung cap, magiging 3g nalang speed ng net, unlike sa globe na 2g.

  19. pinpoint015 says:

    Nakaplan ako sa Globe ng unlimited internet nila. 12 GB na ata nagamit ko na net for this month. Di ako nakareceive nung text message nila na ilimit nila ako sa 2G pero napansin ko na every night, ang bagal ng connection kahit nasa H ang signal. Morning naman mabilis. Pag naman nagtweet ka sa Globe, same lang sinasabi na irestart ang phone tapos ok naman signal sa area. Gulo nila kausap..

  20. sham says:

    Well dahil sa article na ito, implement na ng smart ang capping. Madadamay na ang lahat ng smart subscribers. Pwede din ang nakaka experience ng walang capping ay those subs na nagreregister sa unli on top of their plan. Not unli data plan na merong capping.

  21. EL says:

    I use prepaid LTE ng smart where I subscribe sa 50 a day na promo nila. I have been able to download 100+ GB worth ng torrents every month di pa kasama yung youtube and regular browsing given I only subscribe to prepaid LTE 2-3 times a week.

    Maybe there was capping or throttling down pero I didn’t really notice it. And nung bago palang LTE sim ko (October of 2013), I registered sa 1 day LTE ng smart and it did not expire for over a month. Smart has been very good sa subscribers nila and from my experience, Im very satisfied with Smart. I just hope na if ever stricly enforced na ang FUP ng smart eh yung reasonably usable speed naman.

    • sham says:

      Humanda ka na dahil malapit na nila implement dahil maraming lilipat sa smart at magiging congested network nila dahil sa article na ito. Di naman bitterness ang article na ito diba?

    • Sam says:

      Ilang milyones ba reader ng yugatech?

    • SunCell Subscriber says:

      Kung magi-implement din ng FUP ang Smart, hindi dahil sa article na ito or ng ibang blogs. Yun eh dahil pwede na nilang gayahin ang business model ng Globe dahil they were the first to implement. haha!

    • Yusuf says:

      @Sham, watch the video Yuga posted on his other article. Congestion is not about the amount of data you’ve downloaded.

  22. Inggit says:

    Sa totoo lang inggit din ako sa mga kilala ko na naka Smart. Parang masmadami din silang LTE sites. Intayin ko lang matapos contract ko with Globe :)

  23. globelover says:

    Goodbye globe!

  24. kel says:

    Smart has their own FUP but since the day I got my plan (Unli data 2000) my speed hasn’t been throttled down and I’m connected to their LTE network. I guess I’m using an average of at least 1 gig per day. It’s up to Smart if they will enforce their FUP strictly but I guess they want to have advantage from Globe.

  25. SunCell Subscriber says:

    HAY NAKO yung mga eng-eng na bitter Globe susbcribers umatake nanaman! Di niyo ba mapansin na this article is actually suggesting na lumipat kayo sa Smart dahil hindi pa strictly implemented ang FUP doon?

    Palibhasa wala na kayong alam kung hindi FUP FUP FUP, FU Po kayo! haha

  26. sinned says:

    Buti sana kung may mabuting naidulot ung fup nila. Wla din nmn. Bagal pa rin most of the time. Kapirasong vid s fb tagal mag load.
    At least man lng 5gb per month tas wla na dayly cap n 1gb.
    Sana lng maganda offer ng new network ng SMC.

  27. Candy Te says:

    naka unlisurf ako sa Globe for four years na, but now I am very disappointed sa data cap nila, i am a heavy user so kinuha me ung unlimited internet nila… I am switching to Smart… i am really need a fast connection… Goodbye Globe…

  28. SunCell Subscriber says:

    HAY NAKO yung mga eng-eng na bitter Globe susbcribers umatake nanaman! Di niyo ba mapansin na this article is actually suggesting na lumipat kayo sa Smart dahil hindi pa strictly implemented ang FUP doon?

    Palibhasa wala na kayong alam kung hindi FUP FUP FUP

    • Ungas says:

      I agree. This article suggest an “avalanche of switchers” to Smart.

    • G2 says:

      Haha ok lang maging bitter kasi Subs naman talaga kame. Mas engeng un mga nakikisawsaw na di naman sub.

      Haha. Anyhoo, it does come off as biased nga si Abe, pero hey it’s still his blog and unfortunately Globe sub din siya. Haha.

  29. Ernest Cunt says:

    FUP or wala, mabagal pa din naman Globe 3G and LTE. Walang kwenta! Sayang pera.

    • comment says:

      before the cap i got download speeds of 50-300kbps.sometimes i dl 170gb a mo.3yrs already. depends on area perhaps. smart bro=very slow very congested plus capped too and throttled depends on area also. use dsl wired 7gb cap 1t mo.

  30. Entropy says:

    sa case naman ng smart yung Smart BROken muna ang may cap at FUP kaya unaffected ang mobile users

    • vhortex says:

      Smart have been long implementing FUP on their mobile subscribers and was playing the guessing game. I cancelled because their system is nagging me that I reached my quota for the month. A mobile company that caps your SMS, calls and bandwidth usage with no valid reason is a bullshit company. They also have a totally messed up system, common, what company will take 3 years, 17 follow ups just to make sure they updated my billing contact number. If you are not getting the FUP limit on your phone then you are blessed for landing on the other side of the buggy system.

  31. Simply Me says:

    I am a long time Globe user and i have 2 plans with them pa. Sobrang bagal ng Globe. Kaya ng switch ako sa Smart. So far so good. :) I exceed 2gb per month, hindi naman bumabagal data ko.

  32. Framhel says:

    Smart will follow, given the infant stage of our data-comm infrastructure. there are large limitations which hamper the “UNLIMITED” in our subscription. currently we are at the 25th country with the slowest average internet speed @3mbps only. XD

  33. Deathst. says:

    Katulad lang nung isang article ni Abe using EDSA traffic and number coding as analogy sa FUP, once mas dumami ang data subscribers ng Smart, they may just end up implementing their own FUP to reduce congestion sa network nila. Im a Globe subscriber. Havent been capped ever. Maybe bec i never reached 1GB worth of usage nmn per day. I have PLDT DSL connected to a wifi router at home kaya i just just my globe mobile internet when im put and about. But for dloads, sa bahay na lang. Wala na kong kaagaw, mabilis din naman :)

  34. jm says:

    subcriber ako ng unli data plan 999 + phone, im using it for almost 7 months everyday download nakaka 20 anime ako, 88mb/anime which is 1.76gb per day hindi pa ksama ang web browsing and social networks, hindi naman bumabagal ang internet ko, same parin sa H+ and 200-300kbps download here in makati wala din additional bill. kaya ngtataka ako sa iba na nagrereklamo, ahahha or maswerte lang ako??

  35. Hay says:

    I think hindi din natin pwede i-blame ang telcos dito sa pinas for enforcing their FUP. Pano ba naman, ginagawang pang download ng torrent ang mobile data ng mga tao dito??!! I know its not my business kung pano nyo gagamitin yung binayaran nyong “service”, pero that is a perfect example of abusing the system. Take Singapore for example, ang lowest postpaid plan nila is 2gb data at around 1k pesos. In excess of 2gb, subscribers will pay for 300pesos per gb. My point is sa tingin ko maliit pa din ang data cap ng telcos natin dito sa pinas but it is quite comparable naman sa ibang countries. If you need to download torrents, get a f*ucking wifi connection. Peace.

    • titi says:

      “I think hindi din natin pwede i-blame ang telcos dito sa pinas for enforcing their FUP. ”

      bakit naman. sinabi nila unli, panindigan nila.

      “Pano ba naman, ginagawang pang download ng torrent ang mobile data ng mga tao dito??!!”

      May pinirmahan ba sila na bawal mag-dl torrent???

      ” I know its not my business kung pano nyo gagamitin yung binayaran nyong “service”, pero that is a perfect example of abusing the system. ”

      Non your business pero nakialam ka na. Abusing? Kung ganyan logic mo edi pede natin sabihin na nag-aabuse din ang telcos sa budget ng subs monthly kasi nagbabayad sila.

      “Take Singapore for example, ang lowest postpaid plan nila is 2gb data at around 1k pesos.”

      Wag lagi i-compare sa ibang bansa parang awa nyo na. Iba pamumuhay ng tao dito sa atin sa ibang bansa.

      “My point is sa tingin ko maliit pa din ang data cap ng telcos natin dito sa pinas but it is quite comparable naman sa ibang countries.”

      Ang point ng gailt na subscriber, inadvertise nila unli “lte” (globe). Ibigay nila ng tama.

      “If you need to download torrents, get a f*ucking wifi connection.”

      No comment. Hahaha. get a wifi amp.


      di porket torrent piracy agad ha.

    • PCgamer says:

      “If you need to download torrents, get a f*ucking wifi connection.”

      What if that wifi connection is using globe’s data services? Now what?? LOL

  36. Enforcing the FUP is just but right. This – though in fine print – was part of the contract we agreed on.

    But as a consumer I agree that throttling without even providing early notice, not improving their services is a huge let down.

    I’m also thinking to switch to SMART but let me ask the group, how better is SMART compared with GLOBE on their 3G/LTE? I feel that their FUP is more restricting than Globe.

    What say you?

    • Yusuf says:

      Smart’s LTE is years ahead of Globe. Wider coverage, faster speeds.

    • la lang says:

      Smart LTE prepaid user here, unang araw q 25Gb, 2nd day 17Gb, sure n sure wlang cap…..s ngayon….hehe

    • Boybakat says:

      Ingat lang din. smart prepaid user ako nung una at natuwa ako sa speed ng torrent nasa 300kbps ang download sa 3g network. so kumuha ako ng postpaid sim only plan ng smart ayon gulat ako naka cap ang torrent nila sa 20kbps. papadisconnect ko na after 6 months tapos balik prepaid na lang.

  37. meh says:

    Now the problem is if Smart follows then where will you or I go? We will have no choice. If smart decides to follow this FUP then i will stop using prepaid and sell my LTE device. I refuse to put up with it. No one will get my money

  38. Epstein says:

    Smartbro prepaid user here. Yes the FUP is not enforced based on my more than 4 years experience. pero kung lagi nyo advertise yan katulad ngayon, malamang i-enforce narin yan sa makalawa… quiet na lang kc dapat.

  39. Phil says:

    I also have 2 officemate jumped over to smart because of that cap.

  40. Ron says:

    I am a SunCellular Unlimited Internet subscriber with the Unli Call and Surf Plan. Here’s what happened, I downloaded lots of songs and movies last December coz an office mate taught me how to download things on my phone. I was happy with what I learned but came January my internet connection disconnects often and the internet speed is painfully slow. I decided one early morning at 4AM to call Sun and complained about their internet speed. I asked about issues regarding Data Cap and Throttling and the agent cannot explain those things or if they do such things. After so many long hold to get information about things I was asking about finally the agent revealed that my account was subject to Fair Usage Policy. I asked what is their mechanics on this policy and how to reset my status because it has been over 1 month that I haven’t downloaded anything big on the internet. He just could not reply with additional information and just said he will file a report to their Engineer Technicians regarding the matter. I asked if they could kindly send me a text message whenever I am nearing my data limit and if they can provide additional information through email about their policy so we can avoid the condition. It appears that once they tag you for FUP you will forever be in this status as far as internet speed is concerned with their service. I am very much inclined to think that Telcos are now conniving to switch their money generating strategy from SMS to Data service. Cancel your affordable internet plans now and you will be forced to pay more for new internet plans in the future…Just my thoughts.

  41. reekee98 says:

    Siguro kung dami mag switch from Globe to Smart mukha bibilis surfing ko sa Globe Postpaid ko hi hi hi :)

  42. franz says:

    I have been using smartbro and the smart plug for 5 years now.

    Just last night, I downloaded 10GB of movies from torrent. The night before that, it was 5GB.

    It is not LTE but speeds can reach 500KBPS when conditions are optimized like high seeder/leecher ratio.

  43. Neil says:

    Generally, there’s no problem implementing new updates as long as they inform their customers. DO NOT release any changes on the customer’s contract. Give us options how can we handle and face your new updates. The telcos must also identify the benefits for prepaid and postpaid customers.

    This one is a good article. Please share it: http://bluecyan0601.tumblr.com/post/75474718249/whats-the-real-deal-on-globes-fair-usage-policy-fup

  44. hudyo says:

    Oh and I thought yuga is “smart” and unbiased.
    It turned out he is not different from people who thinks with their mouth they seem to coughed out their brains out.FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR READERS YUGA, WORRIED AKO SA MISINFORMATION MO. MAGING RESPONSABLE KA.WAG BIASED.

    Obviously 1.5 is smaller than 3gb. I dont get it bakit biased ata sa isa yang sinasabi mo. Kud8s to Globe for informing the public the general truth. Gawain din ni smart yan. Tsk tsk. All my respect to you goes off the drain.

    • wew says:

      pakibasa uli ung article…ianalyze mo n din…nakaindicate n may cap din ang smart pero ang pinupunto ni yuga e kumuha siya ng smart plan dahil di naman ineenforce ung cap walang sinabing walang cap ang smart

  45. Sana hindi sila nagsinungaling sa unlidata at unliLTE. Kung newly implemented yan na approved ng NTC, sana ang affected lang eh yung mga new subscribers na nag-apply after January 26. Then alisin na nila sa advertisements nila yung unliData and unliLTE.

    Hindi ako umaasang gagawa ng action ang NTC about this. Globe and Smart may have consulted or worked with NTC before implementing FUP.

    *This article is/maybe suggesting to leave Globe and switch to Smart.

  46. reekee98 says:

    Tama dumaan na sa NTC yan prior implementing it. Kapag nag reklamo ka sa NTC ipapasa lang sa Telco yan sila bahala sumagot sa complaint mo

  47. Rikku says:

    IMHO I think Smart should just advertise that we should pay more if we want true Unlimited Data. At least would appear they’re being honest and do warn consumers. Not unlike Globe who just stabbed us in the back.

    I’m approaching my end of contract with Globe for 4 more months. I was thinking of re-contract but since this happened, I think I’d rather switch networks instead… SIM-only contract though just to be safe.

  48. @Gizspec says:

    I’m going to test out their pre-paid services with SMART BRO. I only have 3 months more with Globe before it expires.

  49. Raulito says:

    I switched to smart and it’s the best choice i ever made!

  1. February 3, 2014

    […] and suddely switched to Smart after Globe implemented the FUP. Related article – click here and here. I have both Smart and Globe postpaid subscriptions. Before the FUP, I use my Globe as […]

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