Unlimited Int'l Data Roaming with Globe

Unlimited Int’l Data Roaming with Globe

International data roaming has become one of the most dreaded activity when traveling abroad. I’ve been bitten with one for a smacking Php25,000 bill after an overnight stay in Singapore a couple of years back.

And I only used up about 40+MB of bandwidth during that 24-hour stay. Since then, I have never attempted to activate data roaming when on trips.

Looks like I’ll be tempted again this time now that Globe and Bridge Alliance has partnered to offer Bridge DataRoamUnlimited.

Rates are as follows:

$10 for 24 hours
$27 for 3 days
$40 for 5 days


That’s already pretty cheap compared to the previous rate of about Php500 per MB.

Ten (10) countries are included in this Bridge Alliance — Hong Kong (CSL), Singapore (Singtel), Thailand (AIS), Malaysia (Maxis), Macau (CTM), Australia (Optus), Taiwan (Taiwan Mobile), Indonesia (Telkomsel), India (Bharti Airtel), and South Korea (SK Telecom).

Just make sure you are registered to the right telco/carrier once you land in these territories.

Here’s how to activate unlimited data roaming:

BDU < country > < denomination > < start Date mm/dd/yy >

Example: BDU Singapore 40 01/01/11**

Send to 2884 here or abroad.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses


    Unlimited ba to? or LIMITED in reality? Ayan na naman tayo sa Unlimited Issue.


  2. Windy says:

    That could’ve helped me a lot when I was in Singapore last month. Now, I have 6k to pay due to data roaming alone.

    Oh well. I hope this promo lasts long. :)

  3. BeerBoy says:


  4. Shifty316 says:

    hi abe, just want to ask, what if im staying here in s’pore and would be in the phil for a visit just for a couple of days, you think my singtel line can use this? or its only for globe sim card?

  5. yuga says:

    @Shifty316 – if you’re a Singtel SG subscriber, you can avail of this. Maybe just different way to register.

  6. razorous says:

    Wtf 25k!!

  7. Manix says:

    This is really unlimited, have already engaged this service.

  8. tatter says:

    I tried this service in Seoul and i can say it is true unlimited, super fast ang SK Telecom! nakakaingit sila haays

  9. fr0stbyte says:

    I’m currently on Optus (Australia) and my number is also in “roaming” status. The offer seems great but the sad fact is, Optus has a pretty non-existent signal here at our place.

  10. 25K in just one night… :-(

  11. BrownBear says:


  12. jamecs says:

    sir abe, wala po ba for Japan? I’ll be staying there for a week next month. If wala, what can I avail there na prepaid sim that offers cheap data rates?

  13. luiboowee says:

    What does this clause mean?

    “Just make sure you are registered to the right telco/carrier once you land in these territories.”

    Kasi di ba if you’re a Globe subscriber here, you’ll automatically become a Singtel subscriber in SG, for example?

    So you’ll register in Globe, then register again in Singtel if you’re in SG? Or your handset should first clearly states that you are connected to Singtel?

  14. luiboowee says:

    Another question, does this include BlackBerry services? :)

  15. yuga says:

    @luiboowee – when you roam to a country, there will be multiple carriers that you can hook up to. You might be connected to another telco that’s not part of the alliance so make sure when you register, don’t use auto but manual and select the right telco in your phone settings.

  16. hubes says:

    Pwede ito sa prepaid? Para sure no insane charges. Just load amount equivalent to the unlimited plan

  17. yuga says:

    @hubes – there’s no data roaming for prepaid users pa yata.

  18. rhymei21 says:

    For me masgusto ko pang maginternet na lang..by chatting mas makakatipid ka and makikita mo pa ang kausap mo.

  19. Anonymous says:

    ask globe to cut ur 3g gprs mms all ur data connections when u go abroad.

    I had a fight with them last time. Charged me 10k and its autopay cuz linked to cc which i now stopped. I asked them to explain how i incurred those charges and which site i went to. They could not, they couls not also refund me…. Also the limit they impose is useless. Even if u spend 100k i doubt they will cut ofd ur connection. And note that they did not inform me that i went over the limit. I asked them to present to me a log of when they contacted me which they also cant or perhaps wont because im right. Its been settled though, had a side contract with globe now which details how i will be protected from unexplainable charges.

  20. If that is indeed unlimited – nice. 40$ to pay for 5 days of data roaming isn’t that bad. For all iPhone users out there (Android coming soon), consider our solution, seamless as well – Onavo for iPhone. Our compression thechnology can cut down your data roaming traffic by up to 80% – huge savings on the bill.

    We are looking for users to join our Beta Program – if you’re interested, email your name and mobile carrier to info at onavo dot com.

    Disclaimer: I work at @Onavo.

  21. Melanie says:

    Does this include Blackberry services? So now I can fully use my blackberry outside Philippines? The charges were ridiculous prior to this unlimited data roaming.

  22. Gripe says:

    I’m heading to Hong Kong in a couple of days and am trying to activate this but Globe is responding with ‘unable to process’. Maybe it’s my syntax. Do I use ‘hongkong’or ‘hong kong’ to activate?

  23. Jerome says:

    what if you’re on Blackberry, you just avail the unlimited data roaming and your BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) will work automatically?

  24. Lilou says:

    I just found this service http://www.tepwireless.com it’s another good alternative to cutting roaming bills !

  25. Andrew says:

    Just to make sure. Do you send it here in the Philippines or when you reach your destination. I just wanna make sure since a lot of the unli services available to us here in the Philippines requires us to activate it before leaving the country.

    • stArvin says:

      while in the Philippines, registration is free. but when you make it outside of the Philippines, then roaming text charges would apply.

      Used this twice, really is unlimited. just make sure to set the network manually to globe’s partner carrier, because if it switches to another network automatically, you will get billed for those.

  26. John says:

    Guys kindly enlighten me with this, i have running bill that amounts to 766,+++ Php. there is no way na babayaran ko to, 1K lang ang limit credit limit ko , how come na pinaabot nila ito sa ganito? can you please help me with this..

    [email protected]

  27. Ghel says:

    Pwede ba to multiple country. Sample macau tapos hong kong? Thanks

  28. youmi seo says:

    I’m leaving for Malaysia this Friday(12/28-1/1).
    And I badly need the roaming service since I arrive at midnight.
    Is this different from Globe service?
    The are offering 499,999,2999 and its consumable.
    That’s kind of confusing..
    Could u pls help me out with this?
    Thank you so much!

  29. Mia says:

    So sir, did you pay the 25k balance?

    I just got back from SG and when I was there my data got connected automatically with Singtel and it was too late to notice.

    When I just checked my running balance earlier i was surprised it was 21k+.

    Not sure if I will pay this amount since they do not publish their rates for regular data roaming and did not follow my credit limit.

  30. Drew says:

    I know someone who went to SG and was hard headed enough to use the local 3G service WITHOUT registering it with Globe’s Bridge Data Unlimited Service. That person ended up with a P500,000 bill and is being sued by Globe with every possible LEGAL MEANS NECESSARY. I have used the service every time I go to Singapore and I have always been very happy with it. I save a lot of money cause of the service and I still get to be connected to the internet.

    I believe it takes plain common sense to know that if you’re in another country our 3G plans here doesn’t count there. The reason why they charge you differently and why you’d have to pay is because the country’s LOCAL CARRIER wouldn’t have ANY IDEA that you have a PLAN 1000 or a LOCAL CUT-OFF of 1000, they’re charging you for Roaming and Using their Service and that get’s billed to Globe while in turn Globe bills it to you. I would highly recommend you pay for it then take it as a learning experience.

    Here’s what I do everytime I travel abroad, which is pretty much quite a lot:
    1. Apply for Bridge Data Unlimited + Globe’s Power Roam (Take Note: Both are Different, Quite Different Actually)

    2. Call Globe’s TOLL-FREE INTERNATIONAL HOTLINE when I get to the destination BEFORE I Switch on my 3G (Using Plain GSM) to ensure that the roaming scheme/program is fine and ready to go

    3. Check once a day if the roaming scheme is still active that way there’s no way for Globe to screw you over.

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