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UnWired Philippines: Those were the days.

I never thought that broadband connection would spread this fast around here. My PLDT DSL connection is just Php1,999 a month for 0.5Mbps. It’s nothing compared to the ones in the west where you’d get something like 5Mbps for the same amount.

But if you look back 4 years ago, when dial-up was the king of connectivity, you’d be surprised. DDU or dedicated dial-up connection in 2001 could rake up as high as Php5,000 a month. Now unlimited dial-up can be had for Php499 a month. Internet pre-paid cards charges Php100 for 4 hours. Last time I checked pre-paid cards can be bought in demonimations of Php50 with a 9 hour credit.


Well, you might say that 4 years is such a long time but considering that we also have Smart WiFi (fixed) and PLDTWeRoam at a more affordable price is a very good sign as well. Far flung provinces and remtoe areas can now be connected as well thru Dream Cable’s satellite internet. Not sure how much it costs but they’ve bundled cable TV and internet connection for an affordable price.

Before Smart/PLDT bought into Meredian Telekoms, they used to charge Php8,888 a month for DSL-on-air and the speeds weren’t very good as well (128 – 256kbps). It was about 2 years ago. That’s the reaosn why I moved back to Makati from Bacoor. I’d rather spend that 9 grand on a nice apartment. :D

We’re still a long way in terms of connectivity and internet penetration but at the current rate, it’s very promising.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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3 Responses

  1. Andre says:

    its 20 hours for 100, and now theres 999 pesos for DSL
    weroam is an amazing idea, wlan where there is and gprs where there isnt

  2. sputnick says:

    Pare, 15000 pesos per month is not exactly an affordable price where I live! Here are the Dream VSAT rates:


    As for WeRoam, it was great and we signed up early on. But we just finished haranguing them until they agreed to cut short our contract. WeRoam’s network is way too unreliable for us.

    Good things are happening, but we still have a long, long way to go…


    P.S. Great blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. bernadette pascual says:

    hi im inquiring about e1 connection if how much is your rate we are located at 14th floor the orient square bldg emerald ave ortigas center and my name is bernadette and my contact number is 09267223495 im on night shift because we are a call center so if you cant contact me just email me hope i received a reply from u soon thanks

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