Use GCash to buy Prepaid Load for Smart and Sun

During our trip to Berlin, Germany last week for IFA, I accidentally discovered that my GCash account had an option to buy load for other networks such as Sun or Smart. I totally forgot about it until today when I had to quickly reload my other Smart prepaid number.

So I fired up the GCash app on my HTC One and could not find the feature. When I tried it on *143# and chose GCash, the option re-appeared. It was buried deep into the options under GCash but you definitely notice it included Smart and Sun.

Here’s how it looks like when you go thru the settings via *143#:

realme philippines

Not really sure if it was there from the start or has only been added recently. Been asking around some people who frequently use GCash i they’ve seen it and no one has ever spotted it.

Load denominations starts at Php15 and goes up to Php200. You can also subscribe to All Text 20, Lahat Text 20 and Lahat Text 30.

I’ve tried it several times on my prepaid phone and even on the Smart LTE I use to test once in a while and it worked just fine. There’s no additional transaction cost on the part of GCash so this is almost the same as if you reloaded in any of the retail stores.

This is a bit of a surprise to see Globe enabling GCash reloading of prepaid credits to Smart and Sun, and very convenient if I might add. Now we’re checking if we can do the same with Smart Money.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. Gian says:

    You can also do this in the Gcash app. Just type the number and it will show the correct denominations available for smart users. Even All Text/Lahat Text option is shown.

  2. Ads says:

    The difference between GCash and Smart Money when using both payment systems in buying load using cellphone is that, GCash does not need to have airtime in order to buy load like if you are out of Globe airtime use can still use your phone to buy load. Smart Money is different, you need to have at least 2.50 load to go through your internet txns, that means if you want to reload your BUddy or TNT phone using your Smart Money which is 0 balance, you have to go to a E-Load store to buy load.

  3. reymar guevarra says:

    mag epinoyload kayo oni sim load all network ,cignal, pldt like loadxtreme

  4. vince says:

    tapos naba ang promo ng Gcash Sosyo?

  5. Sarjonin says:

    pwede rin pala magamit ang gcash amex na pambili ng apps sa iphone saka sa google play store? nice!!

  6. Jesus says:

    Good na good lalo na sa probinsya, pag gabi wala nang nakabukas para mabilhan.

  7. Arnold says:

    I honestly think I can use this for business.

  8. WOOHOO says:

    Wow, that’s pretty convenient for Gcash users. Too bad I stopped using Gcash. I lost my phone (along with my Globe sim that holds my Gcash account) almost a year ago. They still haven’t resolved my problem until now. Talk about bad customer service..

    • Al says:

      Last year my phone was stolen, it had gcash account. All I did was bring a notarize affidavit of loss to Globe center and they gave me a new sim with the same number. And after 2 days my gcash account is already on the new sim.

  9. benchmark says:

    I notice this way back last month pa, but I think that time, hinde pa nagana kasi I have been using Gcash since they introduce it. Anyway, last month I tried loading Smart…but it didn’t work pa. Siguro now it is working na.

    Happy to know they can load other network provider. I even suggested that one way back years ago kasi I have been using Gcash for a small loading business heheheheh

  10. Yeah, I got it on *143# accidentally some months ago when I wanted to buy load for my own Globe number. Might also be in the SIM Toolkit but I’m not so sure now.

  11. Neosankyo says:

    Parang ginagaya nila yung loadxtreme or vmobile with GGcash-Sosyo:

    Sa kanila kasi commission via multi-level networking.

    • vince4u says:

      hindi nila ginagaya ang Vmobile FYI…yung VMObile, they use gateway numbers, they may have their own sim but menu-based loading for smart lang…sa globe numbers hindi na…besides, you can only have 30 retailers per person whereas sa Gcash unlimited…ako im planning to register all retailers under my Gcash sosyo para mawalan na kayo ng customers.

  12. M.O. says:

    Grabe mang pera ang Globe. Had problems with my iPhone bill for the past 5 months, literal na bill shock palagi (from 5-10k/month). When I go to the globe store in Glorietta, may mali pala system nila. This happened until last month. So kung di ako magrereklamo, tatanggapin niyo lang bayad ko every month??? WTF

  13. Rolly says:

    I thought ako palang nakakakita. You spotted it narin pala sir Abe. It’s a cool albeit weird feature, since pwede ka nang bumili ng load/service for competitors.

    • silverlokk says:

      Not really, they wouldn’t do it if they didn’t make money off it

    • Gracelene Dela Cruz says:

      Sb po, pwede bumili ng load sa lhat pero nag try po ako, sa globe lng pwede. Cnb ko pa nmn sa kapit bahay ko na pwd na ko mag load sa all network. Pahiya pa more. Eyon, nagpalowd ako sa iba. Abala lng.

  14. Ernesto says:

    I just hate Globe so much right now. I really hope Ernest Cu is reading your blog. Globe, your customer service sucks! You’re forcing me to switch to Smart.

    • Sonofa says:

      Di na po kailangan magbasa ng blog ni Ernest Cu to know na ang bulok ng customer service nila…

      ang hahaba ng pila sa Globe stores at ang tagal bago ka makakuha ng customer service sa phone…

      i availed yung promo nilang discounted extension data plan… hanggang ngayon na charge paren sakin yung full amount… wala pang bill shock… every month na ako tumatawag, kada customer service rep na nakaka usap ko di alam na may ganitong promo…

      kung kasama lang sa call and text ng smart trinet ang globe…

    • Immaculada Marquez Zubiri says:

      may Gcash ako for loading globe, pero sabi puede sa sun, load wallet pero ng nag personal load ako may 10pesos na sharge, talo pa ako, di ba dapat walang charge wala namang rebete, paano yan, baka i charge ako 100 pag may magpaload Sun 100,Reply Pls.

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