Use Smart 3G, Win an Asus Eee PC

Been getting this text messages from Smart for week now. I usually automatically delete SMS alerts but this one is some kind of contest/promo for their Smart 3G service. That prompted me to pause and check the message.

The 2 SMS goes this like:

realme philippines

Wanna win an Asus Eee PC, N77 or Smart load? Just use ur celfone 2 connect to d Internet. Surf, chat and email all for P10 for 30mins.

Sali na sa Internet Promo. Go 2 or text INTERNET name/address/age to 4040. Registr for free. DTI 4575.

The promo strikes me as a little odd. Aren’t there enough demand and usage of Smart 3G that a promo/contest is needed to drive the market to increase its usage? I thought the Php10 per 30 minutes was cheap enough to prompt people to use Smart 3G. I know I do and I’ve always recommend to friends.

Are people not using 3G enough? Will this promo motivate me to use Smart 3G more? Don’t think so as I’m already a heavy user. Will non-users start using it? Don’t think so either. Slow adoption maybe? As for me, it doesn’t hurt to win another Asus PC.

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  1. i like to communication to my frends in phil.

  2. jean says:

    ..i dont know how to use my Motorola V3 to connect to the internet..

  3. neytel says:

    hi!! please help me.. how o use my n90 to connect internet in my laptop..tanx..asap

  4. deyv says:

    im also using smart 3g to surf the net and lately i always get disconnected. im using sony ericsson k530i..

  5. nitoy says:

    Hi yuga, It’s not a comment about 3G but a comment on your poll. you did not include Antivir… It is better than AVG…

  6. jan2x says:

    If I’m on Smart I will certainly use 3G. One question I have is that if I just turned on the 3G functionality in my cellphone then I could begin using 3G already?

  7. Dred says:

    deuts, what phone are you using? I had the same experience before…This is what i did – i selected just the 3G (UMTS) option in network settings. This should give you steady 3G connection although some phones don’t have this functionality (you’re only left with DUAL mode and GSM only). But of course, you also have to make sure that you’re getting enough 3G signal.

  8. deuts says:

    I’m not actually sure if it’s just me, but latelyy everytime I connect to the internet using Smart 3G in my phone, I get disconnected before I even reached 5 minutes of surfing… and my credit is surely decreased. Is this one way of Smart stealing from its subscribers?

  9. gen says:

    thank you in advance sa regalo mong Asus EEE PC. pag nanalo ka benta mo na lang sa akin ha! ;-)

  10. heh. and they’re not exactly great in that department, either.

  11. LiNTEK says:

    Hmmnnn…… I smell something fishy….. I could be wrong…

  12. I don’t think so either.

    I’m just guessing here but prospective 3G users may already have an N77 or an ASUS EEE PC.

    In my humble opinion, they’re going to have to do better :-)

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