Wi-Tribe 4G Broadband Launched

Wi-Tribe 4G Broadband Launched

I actually deferred writing about it last December as requested by telco insiders but looks like the cat is finally out the hat. Wi-Tribe Philippines did a soft launch recently offering WiMax broadband internet in Metro Manila.

We already knew that this new telco challenger, Liberty Telecoms, is a partnership between San Miguel Corporation and Q-Tel (Qatar Telecoms). The service is called Wi-Tribe and ads have been published on newspapers and flyers recently (I got a flyer yesterday).



Wi-Tribe is offering WiMax broadband internet for an introductory price of Php998 per month with up to 1Mbps bandwidth. There’s a 24-month lock-in period.

As a comparison, Globe Telecom introduced WiMax last year with a starting plan of 512Kbps for Php795. It now offers 1Mbps WiMax for Php995.

A number of beta-testers have been using the Wi-Tribe service for several months now. If you’re one of them, let us know you impression of the service. You can download their application form here.

The San Miguel and QTel partnership is a solid one that could prove to be a formidable challenger to the current broadband internet market. We always welcome competition.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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297 Responses

  1. what type of technology is this?

  2. wow… really 4G? hmh.. sounds like the food suppliment. :-D

    Kidding aside, this is a good entry to the just 3 provider not counting the bayantel wireless… the big 3 are basically locked on just one price plan, since they can control both the price and the service that they provide to the customer. With Wi-Tribe/WiMax they might think twice and offer more to their existing customer and prospective customer. Specially if Wi-Tribe/SMC start flexing their marketing muscles.. and I do mean flex!!!


  3. Kenneth says:

    I think I won’t bite on their offer. Since they don’t give me enough reasons to switch ISP’s.

  4. Caes says:

    It’s too expensive! Albeit they are using the latest technology, it doesn’t matter if it’s priced the same as any other wi-fi/broadband offering. Internet should become cheaper & cheaper every year because these telcos recover part their initial capital every time they milk the cash cow->this is us. I hope that the cost of Internet becomes regulated soon by the government else we would be stuck with this kind of price cartel. Internet promotes progress, & I wish that progress becomes cheap soon…

  5. ewancoo says:

    I am one of the beta testers of this service. I have been using it for 2 weeks, and so far so good. Speedtest.net results to 0.9++Mbps download speed and torrent speed peak at 110KBps. In my residence in pasig, i get 3 of 5 bars signal. However, when I brought the modem to my mom’s house in Marikina (far end, near san mateo rizal boundary) I got no signal. As far as I know the service is currently offered within metro manila only. Though some beta testers from cainta, rizal got decent 4G signal.

  6. Erin says:

    I wish bandwidth providers will start approaching this from the other way around: start offering it on the areas that does not get enough coverage and then work from there towards the already “serviced” market. I know it means an increased cost but it means going from a captive market and expanding to the “leftovers” on established markets, rather than going the other way around.


  7. vince says:


    This is my blog entry on wi-tribe. It has more information such as

    * this is wimax, probably wimax-E so techincally its only 3.9g. well this isnt too much of a problem
    * MERON 3 gig CAP!!!, after which you get throttled to a slower speed

  8. razorous says:

    Yea i see their ads all over gilmore when i pass by :)

  9. Lexty says:

    I thought 4G would offer higher bandwidth? how come its only 1Mbps?

  10. vince says:

    oh and here’s another blog entry


    showing how to reduce the lock in period to 3 months, however, the wi-tribe official website seems to have covered it up

    and BTW, AFAIK the cap is either off or increased if you have a trial account

  11. vince says:

    oh and here’s another blog entry


    showing how to reduce the lock in period to 6 months, however, the wi-tribe official website seems to have covered it up

    and BTW, AFAIK the cap is either off or increased if you have a trial account

  12. vince says:

    typo, 6 months not 3 months

  13. Schmuck says:

    Vince is correct, Wi-tribe subscribers have a 3Gb cap every month. After they’ve consumed it, their speed will be throttled down to just 512Kb. So in effect, the 1Mbps speed is only effective for the first 3Gb.

    This defeats the purpose of switching to their ISP if you ask me.

  14. jhoeforth says:

    They did a testing from my apartment and they failed miserably. The device didn’t even made a connection. Like most of the DSL providers, I think it still depends on your location. I live in Mandaluyong.

  15. lolipown says:

    Ah yes, the 3GB cap. I remember seeing a thread on TPC for beta testers (forgot if it was a recruitment thread or just a general reaction one) and the biggest pain on the subscriber side was the 3GB cap.

  16. Beta testing in Mandaluyong. 1 bar. Virtually unusable. Considering that there’s a bunch of Wi-Tribe posters near our house :D

  17. Reah says:

    my brother is beta-using this…way faster than globe here in mandaluyong.

  18. berkano says:

    4G? i don’t think so.. They might as well stick to the actual technology instead of misleading the public. As far as I’m concerned 4G is reserved for LTE.

  19. Adrian says:

    sa mga naka try, mabilis po ba?

  20. jhoeforth says:

    @Adrian I suggest you let them test it from your house. There’s no universal experience for this. I’m just not too comfortable with this. Do they have their own cell sites or do they piggyback on other networks. If so, what if their user base increase? It’s too risky to dump your current provider for this one. Unless your provider is really that crappy.

  21. durantula says:

    is this faster than sky broadband?

  22. MIKE says:

    4G refers to the fourth generation of cellular wireless standards. It is a successor to 3G and 2G standards and must have data rate of up to 100 MBps for high mobility such as mobile access.

    As of the moment, 4G or Long Term Evolution (LTE)is only available in 2 countries, Sweden and Norway. So, not yet available in Phils.

  23. mindyQ says:

    i’m sticking with a wired connection. as we all know all wireless broadband providers fail to live up the customer expectations even in developed markets/countries.

  24. sherwin says:


    4G would generally refer to both Wimax and LTE but also refers to any wideband wireless technology even WiBro which is a non-standard wireless from S. Korea.

  25. i really don’t this bandwith capping activities by these telcos. but from their own point, kailangan din naman to gawin dahil alam naman nila limitasyon ng network infrastructure nila. globe wimax nag-cacap na ata ng torrents, wi-tribe hanggang 3G data of up to 1mbps after that 512 kbps na speed. smartbro ba may ganito na ring policies

  26. Ernie says:

    Hey Abe it is kinda cheap though I will still go for SkyBroadband it is 12mbps.

  27. roland says:

    just called Wi-tribe support desk… u’ll be having a 1mbps bandwith for 3GB data after that the max bandwith allocated will just be 256kbps… tsktskk… i’m not interested anymore… i’m using more than 3gb a week…

  28. simplynice93 says:

    Look like not all of Metro Manila is covered. They better boost the signal first.

  29. poche says:

    wi-tribe fails.
    their 3gb volume capacity sucks.
    just boycott this telco and let smc concentrate on beverage and food products.

  30. johnny says:

    3GB capping? does that mean i have to share 3GB with my family. even if i get it for my own use i might consume it in less than a week. possibly in a day even. gawin niyo naman 10GB! pero teka… unlimited nga pala ako ngayon… tsk!

    4G and yet i get 1mbps? i can get that with 3g. other telcos even offer higher speeds with the same speed or even faster with 3g. unlimited pa. 1mbps nowadays is …basic.

    If i pay you in full for the equipment you still lock me in for 6 months? thats ridiculous! you better let me go whenever i want to. and you should give me a lower monthly rate. i paid you in full! it covers the cost for the equipment right? locking me for 6 months is not enough a reason for me to pay you P4000 outright. who are you kidding?

    wi-tribe… you’re not giving us a reason to transfer. you’re giving us a reason to laugh! i bet other telcos are laughing at you right at this very moment. sana gumawa na lang kayo ng parehas na offering baka lumipat pa kami sa inyo for “reliability” because of wimax.

    you guys better turn this around… what a waste. no competition. only a dumb person would ever fall for this… or might as well… make such a package.

  31. sherwin says:

    madaming misconceptions about 3G and 4G. Some think that 4G, because it’s a bigger number than 3 and 3.5G, is better for the consumer already. 4G is newer yes, it’s better yes but better in terms of what?

    4G is better because, it offers larger downstream bandwidth and upstream bandwidth (as compared to the lower 3 and 3.5G), but that doesn’t equate to better broadband for the consumer per se.

    it’s better for the telco really, because they can have a larger customer base per sector, a typical base station/cell site will have 3 sectors. 4G Wimax or LTE will only benefit users/consumers if the telco will make your bandwidth bigger too. this is controlled by the system itself GGSN/PDSN or any service gateway equipment/software or the AAA/Radius.

    So in short, 4G Wimax man yan or LTE, if they say the package will only have up to 1Mbps or up to 2Mbps, it’s the same thing as with your 3G or 3.5G

    It’s really up to the coverage/signal quality and not just signal strenght, another factor is the bandwidth going to that base station, LBNI being a startup may not have the same metro ring infrastructure than the other telcos yet and probably may just be leasing capacity from the established telcos, another consideration is their internet capacity to the internet gateways and the quality of it.

    so be wise, have a demo unit first, test if it suits you, if it has good signal quality, if it’s spotty, then don’t get it, if you’re happy with it, think about the lock-in period too since they’re just starting out, the roll-out of the bandwidth/capacity/coverage may either be fast due to the huge cash they currently have, or slow since they’re still building it. A good network is not built overnight.

  32. itgbkj says:

    Visited the booth in Mandaluyong Circle and had a speedtest (.net and io) try. It only registered up to 800kbps. They insisted I try it with their own speedtest url, but it was still around that range.

    For me, that speed is the same as the one that I am currently subscribed with. I’ll settle with what I have, for now.

    According to the sales lady, they’ll soon offer a 12mo and 6mo lock-in period, but you’ll have to pay 5K for the modem and 2.5K, respectively. But I wonder if they’ll increase their speed soon.

    And btw, for those who gave feedback, thanks for sharing the 3GB download cap. Upon reaching that, they’ll cap you down to 512kbps.

  33. Adrian says:

    @poche: ganun po ba. sayang naman akala ko ok yung service nila.

  34. anonymous says:

    i am one of the agents of wi-tribe here in las pinas. to tell you the truth nawalan ako ng gana sa company na to. why? to become a sales agent you must first subscribe to their service or else you will not be able to sell their product. FTW!!! to think na hindi pa covered yung area namin. parang pyramiding scheme… and the 3Gb cap is such a total failure on their part! most of the websites today are rich in multimedia content. pano na kung manood ka ng youtube in HD? saglit na saglit lang yung 3GB na yun. and to be fair sa kanila 1am to 7am libre na download to sawa ka na kasi hindi mababawasan yung 3Gb allocation mo… I hope na baguhin nila ang marketing strategy nila para ma push ang product nila.

  35. Carlo says:

    It’s crappy! Signal is not good (Mandaluyong area – they’re claiming they have a BTS in Boni and I’m like a few meters away)

    It’s 1Mbps, yes but there’s a 20GB capping per month. that’s the only bandwidth you can use.

    Signal is very weak. You’ll get disconnected every 5 minutes!

    Also, poor customer service.

  36. Carlo says:

    Oh, and I got the service in November when they launched the trial.

  37. Z says:

    This is not 4G. It’s only Wimax.

  38. cage says:

    the marketing “whiz” lost his magic?

  39. anonymous says:

    new telco’s should be setting a new trend, cheap plans and more bandwidth…

  40. Isel says:

    Well that’s disappointing. I have been looking forward to it since I badly need a back up ISP. Globe and Smart both fail miserably in our area and Sky broadband isn’t available yet.

  41. bOOm sahakalaka says:

    i checked out their website after talking to a sales agent of theirs.

    “wi-tribe MOVE plans are designed to provide you with reliable high-speed internet connectivity at 4G speeds with higher bandwidth than other broadband service providers. The service is designed to meet your demand for a dependable, consistent and high-speed internet service.”

    –> move plans. you need a powersource for the modem. its definitely not mobile or easily movable. i get it. i’ll bring a car battery with me!
    –> 4g speeds. 1mbps. other telco’s offer 1-2mbps already. and wi-tribe calls it 4g speed.
    –> it is not designed to meet our demand. after 3gigs they’ll be lowering the speed. thats not consistent high-speed internet.

    “Provides you with the best user experience for high-speed surfing, multimedia services, and content-rich applications.”

    –> 3gb of content rich applications. and after that we will never have the best user experience.

    “Easier to set-up than wired broadband connections”

    –> yes indeed. just like the mobile modems of smart bro, globe tattoo and sun which are also plug and play.

    “You may use the wi-tribe BOOM between short distances within our service area, as well as bring it to other parts of Metro Manila. ”

    –> understandable for a new isp. short distances? not a benefit. the modem is big and you need a powersource. definitely not mobile.

    please notify Senator Enrile about wi-tribe. their service is not consumer friendly.

    it took time for me too realize that their modem is called “BOOM”. globe tattoo sounds cool. but “BOOM”? im really confused.

    as a sales pitch, the sales agent even said that wi-tribe is owned by san miguel. so what? the offering is still the same. it doesn’t change anything.

  42. Wi-Tribe says:

    SUPER BAGAL NG CONNECTION even though d2 pa ko sa pinakamalapit na coverage 5/5 bars na bagal pa!! grabe talaga!!! so disappointing!!nag lagay pa ng CAPPED

  43. Wi-Tribe says:

    http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/7679/witribe.jpg the truth is, this only coverage that wi-tribe can cover

  44. Frustrated Wi-tribe Fan says:

    Why say 4G then you can only give a limit of 1mbps and 3GB Cap limit?

    My house is that of line-of-site with a Smart tower in our place (around 1.75KM away, because I also have a canopy antenna-too slow), I just use a 3.5G HSDPA stick and it can give me full 2.0mbps burst rate speed. You can only give a variable 1mbps, it could be 1.0 or lower.

    Another thing, wimax is a wide ranged wi-fi. As far as I know, 1 wimax router has a range of almost 50 Kilometers or 30 miles. That is why it has a better connectivity. Makati is not too far away to Mandaluyong, but as I read this blog, I see a post that he is having a poor signal.

    This technology should then be improved because it could be a shame if it is not.

  45. oliverv. says:

    wondering why other telcos/broadband now lunching their new campaign ads? scared of WiTribe maybe, anyone?

  46. No Sky in our area (San Juan). I want something like Sky, P 1,000 a month, faster than Globe. Maski not as fast as Sky, me kasama ng landline, tapos wireless so I can bring it everywhere. Now that’s the perfect broadband for me! Kase Smart is not that reliable or fast yet.

  47. Abe says:

    Yes …. this is very very very slow internet!

    Sorry …. but i tell to all that this is not fast,

    my Area is Diliman, Quezon City

  48. be kisla says:

    if ur living in madaluyong, the neaest node of wi-tribe is in california garden along Libertad St.,
    they set-up a facility atop of one of the buildings there in california garden..if u are nearby in that area most likely you’ll get the max speed.

  49. ben kisla says:

    actually i have a friend who works in one of the major telcos here in the country and wi-tribe is really expanding because they’re ordering stm1 line from one of the big telcos. i thought they have their own submarine cable, hnde pala. they just buy big chunk of lines from the top tier telco’s here….hopefully they’ll be generous enough to open up their lines for wifi subscribers…kse technically it’s still a shared connectivity…no guaranteed speed…

  50. Ecazeko says:

    Actually I applied for the plan already… Fair Usage? it’s fair if you are a professional and that internet usage is crucial to check mails or do banking stuff, but for young lads like us, putting a 3gig cap is just B*[email protected]#T! they should have advertised “Wi-Tribe… for professional use only and not for young users who loves to download, play streaming videos, and do online gaming!” this is one crappy service I tell you, it’s not worth the price. I feel cheated. To think I’m just watching videos in youtube. fair usage, yeah right, bet this company won’t make it in the long run if they run such crappy rules.

    base from their website, you only have to download stuff during off-peak hours 1am-7am, yeah right as if everybod is awake do that.. I wish SMC could read this message and take drastic measures about this “Fair Usage” crap, and this 3gig cap, or change their ads and stop manipulating people.

  51. Jason says:

    Im already a witribe user. So far, its a mix bag. Im downloading movies with my unit at speed of 80 to 100 kbps then it all went down to 60 kbps, maybe I have reached my cap already and they throttling me down. But then, from 1 to 7 am, you got back the 1 mpbs speed. My workaround is that I’ve set my computer to download this 1.5gb HD movie at 1 am but, of course, its much way better if they could cap it a little higher, say 10gb? I hope they have a seperate plan for heavy users like us. By the way, I’m in Bulacan. The signal is a consistent 2 bars strength.

    Secondly, sometimes, its way too fast but then there are times that its slow. They tell me the reason for this is that we are on the verge of the 50 mile radius of the base station, so the signal, though consistent at 2 bars strength, connection may fluctuate. Meaning, slow response time…. and youtube.

  52. jun says:

    just got the wi-tribe ok siya nung una great speed kaso after 4 days speed went down minsan napuputol pa its because hindi sinabi ng agent na meron pala 3gig limit per month after using it up bababa speed mo to 256kbps “sana” kaso minsa 51kbps pa grabe mga butas nga naman ng false advertising ang gagaling nila manloko. Try ninyo wi tribe para may kasama ako na naloko ha ha ha ha (joke)

  53. angel says:

    ask me lng if my signal d2 sa my molino cavite???…

  54. joseph says:

    good day,so far ok ang wi tribe ah kahit 18 mins na you tube di talaga nag buffer ung 3gb namam na limit ok lang un kc iniiwasan nila ung mahilig mag peer to peer unlike other telco unlimited nga super bagal naman unlimited din pag hintay mo bago matapos downloading mo other telcos offering up to 2mbps speedtest mo lalo na peak hour bagsak ng 100 kbps

  55. Wi-Tribe says:

    Affected din yun Youtube dyan sa 3GB alloted bandwidth, that means 100mb a day X 30 days = 3GB ang limit mo so 100 mb a day ka lng sobraaaaaaaang baba!!! KAYA DI OK ANG WI-TRIBE GRABE!!!! ANG BAGAL PAG LAGPAS KA NA SA ALLOTED 3GB BANDWIDTH!!!

  56. Wi-Tribe says:

    ako pa YOUTUBE lng ako ng YOUTUBE di nga ako ng P2P di pede talaga yang ganyan tapos di sasabihin ng SALES NG WI-TRIBE yung alloted bandwidth bago pagnakasubscirbe kana dun mo nlng malalaman WOW! GALING TALAGA NG STRATEGY NILA!!! MADAYA!!!

  57. Ecazeko says:

    What can I say, it’s a bad investment for san miguel.. I guess you should have concentrated on foods, just leave the telecomm. business to the top telecomm companies.

  58. Wi-Tribe says:

    256kbps Download and (10kbps) Upload speed for 1MBPS subscription, WOW!!! TALONG TALO KA DITO!!! AFTER THE ALLOCATED 3GB BANDWIDTH!!!!

  59. Wi-Tribe says:


  60. Ecazeko says:

    They have anticipated this… next move they will make is make a new plan which has more download quota at the same price so that customers would subscribe to the new plan and renew their contracts which means people of the Philippines, they are planning to extend your contracts and stay with them.. this is the first ISP who is implementing download quota, I would have understood if PLDT implements it first since they are the biggest telco in the Philippines.

  61. HEHE21 says:

    sa tingin niyo ba witribe lng ang merong 3gb cap? pati din nmn ibng isp aa. besides bago lng nmn yan… malay nio madagdagan pa ang tower nila at gumanda pa ang service.. dian dn nmn ata nagumpisa ang ibng isp…

  62. MILA says:

    akala ko pa naman mas maganda ito kaysa gamit kong server….nagtiis ako dito for 3 yrs, bcz there was no choice then. ano ba yan!!!!!!!

  63. Joy says:

    I’m trying out Wi-tribe right now and it seems fast enough. Yes, there’s a cap, but compared to my slooooooooowww PLDT DSL connection (did they say 1 mbps?), I might just make the switch and download them videos in the wee hours.

  64. LOVELY says:

    hi.. im one of the users of wi-tribe and so far so good naman. im using it for 3 weeks already. my location is not covered daw ng 4g, nasa boundary daw kami. the unit was supposed to use in our other house in sucat, and then nung nag try ako i still got 2 signal bars and consistent yung speed nya. pag nilagay ko sya malapit sa window nagiging 3 bars and di putol putol yung video streaming unlike sa sun, smart and globe which i also tried. actually nasakin pa nga sun eh yun na tuloy ginamit ko pag nasa kabilang haus ako. ang problem ko lang is, ok ba sya in any kind of router? pls help me naman po kase ayoko magkabit ng magkabit ng wire esp pag laptop gagamitin ko…pls feedaback asap… >.<

  65. bem says:

    wi-tri i mean wi-tribe,hmmmm….their technology is simply wi-max, globe has it…smart also have in some areas…testing… 4G is LTE or Long Term Evolution, Smart on newspaper mentioned tested Nokia’s LTE last November if im not mistaken…so dont be deceived…why try for a beginner..if you can choose veteran network….id rather go Sun rather than Wi Tribe,,,,so Why Try?…its a waste of money…

  66. harrey says:

    i think its the location?im at quezon city araneta ave.my signal is 3 to 4 bar.

  67. Ecazeko says:

    Hi harrey, I don’t want to be a kill joy, but reality is that no matter how many bars you are getting, if you are already capped/throttled, then the speed would be really crappy.. its the 3GB cap that sucks, the speed is ok no doubt, but guys, 3GB cap?? I mean come on! u shud have raised it to 10GB at least!

  68. boilingpoint says:

    Hi to all,

    Im 5-day old Wi-tribe user here in Cainta although malapit sa boundary ng Marikina. The signal here is so good (4 bars open windows, 2 bars closed windows). There’s no doubt about it when it comes to bandwidth performance. So smooth. *thumbs up!*

    But the thing is: 6Gig download cap is just not enough. Im a ‘work-at-home’ type of customer and used it to connect to servers abroad (somewhere in new york). I download/upload my projects daily and im afraid i might used up the capping limit being implemented by this service. And siyempre, during my spare time, i use the net to destress myself by playing streaming radios, watch funny videos on Youtube, playing Farmville on Facebook, watch exclusive videos on CNN, etc, etc and etc.

    The whole purpose of subscribing to a good ISP is to experience the wonders of the internet not only by providing better bandwidth speed. Customer satisfaction should also be considered. 6Gig download capping i think is not satisfactory. New subscribers (especially net newbies who download stuff like there’s no tomorrow) will get annoyed that after a week, their supposedly fast internet suddenly drops to meager speeds. The net effect is bad image for the company. Who will care even if you give speed as fast as light travels, when at a blink of an eye, 6Gig is eventually gone?

    I’ve inquired about the ‘1am to 7am’ off peak hours wherein you can download unceasingly till you drop.

    Well, it’s a fair move as far as im concern. At least I could use this time while im sleeping. ;)

    But guess what…. It’s not officially implemented!


  69. boilingpoint says:

    Oh ..I forgot to tell you guys.

    Download a bandwidth monitoring tool and install it on your machine so that you will know how much downloading you’ve incurred daily or monthly.

    I use ShaPlus Bandwidth Meter 1.3 (get it from http://www.zdnet.com) It’s free.

    So far, i’ve downloaded 1 Gig since 5 days ago. At least we have a way of managing our usage so as not to exceed this capping limit. I hope this helps… ;)

  70. josue says:

    I veryvery thankful dahil naging isa ako sa naging member ng wi-tribe sna ahm i have time to every day to attend to cemenar na masmadagdagan ang kaalaman ko sa pagintroduce ng isang product…

    thanks po…

  71. PowerNap says:

    bakit ung 4g kapag ako nag speed test ang nakalagay na download speed .95mbps pero nung nag dowload na 20-30kbps na lang… hindi ba sya pwede sa pag download?…

    pangit yata ah!…

  72. Ecazeko says:

    Hi PowerNap

    Download speeds depends on what server you downloaded the file. The route of your packets over the internet defines your speed.

    As long as from your computer to Wi-Tribe’s gateway speed is 1mbps then it’s good. It’s the ISP’s area of responsibility, they can’t do anything beyond their gateway.

    (hehe for once I’ve defended Wi-Tribe, maybe I should be paid or something… :D )


  73. i’ve been using this wi-tribe Boom and it is so far better than globe smart and sun.

    to all who commented very negative about this service, better wait until wi-tribe will be the number one internet provider in the country..

    and to mention, wi-tribe is being offered in pakistan and jordan already.

    and in 3 years time, wi-tribe in pakistan had conquered the telecom industry!

    which i can see that wi-tribe philippines will do the same.

    sino ba nagpatanyag kay smart?

    at sino ngayon ang president ng wi-tribe?

    ..to the new subscribers, wi-tribe will not disappoint us.

  74. Kevin says:

    Can this product satisfy a gamers needs? they said that it is also like the speed of wired connection, i really doubt it..

  75. Myks says:

    If you are a heavy user, Wi-Tribe is not for you. But if you are there like me who just read emails and browse websites, 6GB cap is enough.

  76. Dan says:

    How is it that Wi-Tribe defender pop like mushrooms? anyway!!, im one of the subscriber that not satisfied to their service, we paid them to use what we expect 1 mbps and unlimited use of internet, thats what all user want High Speed Connection, and what did Wi-Tribe did!?, wait their GOOD Service, for how long???.. thats why so many user commented very negative, do you all think people waste their time just for nothing?? of course not, there’s a reason for that, and that is Very SLOW like Dial-up Connection and thats Wi-Tribe.

  77. Dan says:


    And here ive just notice that they offering right now!!!! for 2MBPS/Php 999 a Php 1 difference to 1MBPS/Php 998, bunch of cheater and liars.

  78. leetot says:

    bobo nmn.. all the isp are like this. m using wi-tribe, so far so good its ways better than hsdpa they offered from some telecom companies and i get sick of their service. all of them have the maximum capacity!!! dont u all get it? so far if no cap its way better than wired broadband of the same speed.

  79. Dan says:

    So there it is, you’ve just said it,(so far if no cap its way better than wired broadband of the same speed.) and that’s the problem “IF NO CAP”, they don’t want the user to use their GOOD Service, they limit the usage of 6gig, who would be happy just for browsing on youtube for 5days or a week for just normal usage, and then you go back to the speed of LIKE Dial-up Connection 256kbps, at least some of telco’s don’t limit their capacity to a very low allocation.

  80. Dan says:

    and who would be HAPPY to see these? http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/3314/25471136244766891014631.jpg an image got from fan photo on Facebook

  81. lennard says:

    well. what ever it is…. they’re all offering wireless broadband… all of them are burstable speed… meaning not stable speed not guarranted speed… Reality is wireless is prone to disconnection… no matter what type of broadband it is or what kind of technology they use… 4G is not yet a standard technology at all… Japan is the one who first use it but no standard yet has been gone…

  82. leetot says:

    kulit nyo. lahat nmn ng service d2 may cap. akala nyo b yang broadband dsl ng pldt or bayantel wlang cap? what i said before to make it clear na its way better than hsdpa. ako nga sun user dati n i tot 2mbps and bnbgay nila for a month of 799 e ok. pero naku may cap din pla kya mabagal araw araw ang net ko. always below 250mbs ang signal ko even its already 100 %, pareho pareho cla like globe and smart. at least nging honest ang wi-tribe unlike the other telecoms n kakatan k ng d mo alam. na u were thingking n bumabagal connection mo pero d truth nsa cap limit k n ng d mo alam. and what is good with this is even ur getting 1 bar same p rin ung signal n nakukuha mo, unlike hsdpa or (3g) n magdown lng ung signal mo sa 90% m sure wla k n net. mga noobs kc kayo.

  83. leetot says:

    kya kung magcocomplain kau mag dsl nlng kayo ng 3000php a month pra unlimited at always sure n tama ung nakukuha mong speed. ung business plan pra wla kayong reklamo. tapos ang usapan. and always think n pagcheaper, nakacap.

  84. dienadel says:

    Beware of this service marami na naloko nito wi-tribe aka kapkap ISP. they claim na 1mbps pero di nila nilgay kahit sa website nila an website nila yung cap. para sa mga taong gusto malaman ang totoo regarding this service. 1 mbps daw sila pero upto 6gb download lang pag umabot ka sa 6gb na download throttle down ang speed mo below 512kbps. sa mga user na nka experience 256kbps ang cap speed after 6gb of usage.. at pag di ka pa rin tumigil gamintin baba ulit ang speed mo to 150kbps or less. kaya magisip isip at baka ma lock in kayo ng 2 years.

  85. Cap says:

    hehehe akala mo ok ang wi-tribe? hehehe magsisisi ka rin, pag biglang bumagal connection mo, kc yung ibang ISP mas mataas naman ang allocation nila almost 25gig per month compare sa wi-tribe na sya lng ang ISP na pinakamababa ang allocation 6gig WOW Heavy sa baba yun ang NOOB walang alam sa allocation!!!

  86. Cap says:

    512 KBPS na daw “IS THIS A JOKE?” WOW ang galing mag announce ng WI-TRIBE di naman TOTOO, SUCH A SCAMMER!! EHH DAIG PA SYA NG DIAL UP CONNECTION na 369 KBPS samantalng WI-TRIBE 256 KBPS lng LUGING LUGI…

  87. Cap says:

    and ayan pang isa na iba iba ANG RATE ng WI-TRIBE ang mga nalalaman ko “may Official Php998/1MBPS” “may Unofficial na Php999/2MBPS” tapos eto nanaman na “Unofficial Php799/2MBPS” ANU BANG WI-TRIBE NA TOH PINAGLALARUAN BA TAYU??, MALAKING KALOKOHAN TOH, AT KASINUNGALINGAN!! TSK! TSK! TSK! TSK!

  88. Cap says:

    at yan ba ang may alam “250mbps” DAW!! heheh no offense!! baka “250kbps” hahaha sorry no offense!! ang taas nun :)

  89. vin says:

    mganda rin ang mga teknik nioh.nagsesearch muna bago kumuha ng isang produkto.malapit na kong mag 1 month sa wi-tribe.mabilis naman.ung cap sa pagkakaintindi sakin ng nag demo sa bahay.3GB nging 6GB inupdate na nila.sabi ng ng demo sa torrent at download ng mp3,file at programs lang daw ung cap na 6GB.sabi pa nga ng nagdemo na agent nila bka paglipas ng ilang linggo tataasan na nila ung cap.indi daw kasama sa cap ung browsing sa internet tulad ng youtube,facebook,twitter o friendster.
    ung cap lang naman ang pinoproblema ng mga gustong kumuha ng wi-tribe.peru try niyo din kung talagang gusto niyo may money back guaranteed naman cla na 14 days.sa iba kc di ako makagamit ng webcam pero ngayun nakakagamit na din.

  90. vin says:

    bka d na nila tanggalin ung cap kc sa ibang bansa may cap din sila.unfair sa ibang bansa kung tatanggalin nila sa pinas.siguro baka lakihan nalng nila ung cap mula sa 3GB to 6GB hanggang sa 20GB sana pra sulit ung 998pesos.sana lakihan na nila ung cap o kya tanggalin nila..

  91. skap says:

    sa qatar (where QTel came from) ang 3Mbps, 1Gig download/month nila is 100 riyal (x Php12.) they should definitely be offering less here para may competition sila. but as i see it, sumasabay ang QTel sa market and is not concerned sa tao when they can offer a lower price.

    mahilig din sila mag contract ng mahabang period and if you dont like it and you want to stop you have to pay a penalty kasi you agreed to use it for 1 year. i suggest that a 1 year contract na nakatali sa kanila is not good. tama ung may testing period muna kahit 1 month bago magcontract, but only 3 months siguro.

  92. ruki says:

    mga unggoy kaung lahat n walang alam….mga ungas kau….walang ibang ginawa kundi magdownload ng magdownload….di nyo alm n ngbabayad din ang mga company ng broadband sa mga ginagawa nyo…unggoy!!!!hahahaha

  93. vin says:

    edi isave nio nalang o kya copy copy pra maiwasa mgadownload kakasawa rin mgadownload ng magdownload no.kawawa 2loy ung mga adik napupuyat.

  94. Dan says:



    Thanks “Yen”

  95. Francis says:

    Been using bayantel evdo. FYI – Its not fast but really consistent pag may coverage around metro manila. Mga Php 999 per month but you get unlimited downloads at 0.5-0.6 mbps and walang usage cap! Have bro (usb) and tattoo but inconsistent speed. Unbelievable that they deliver this speed without cap wirelessly. Was supposed to get wi-tribe as a faster alternative until I saw the usage caps!!!
    San Miguel is a reputable company, hope they don’t destroy it over a small subsidiary.

  96. Dan says:

    Let the Image do the Talking!

  97. Adam says:

    guys lets all create a DTI complaint para matauhan ang wi-tribe

  98. Francis says:

    For complaints, these may be directed to the NTC at


    Cannot access pdf of NTC complaint submission form (public assistance). Its an official doc, I think they need to undertake some action when a certain number of complaints is officially received (i.e. discuss complaint with telco). If you have time, you may have to follow through with the complaint at NTC to get the problem addressed. Maybe better if you can show that those who demanded a refund due to the cap limit was not granted by wi-tribe (documented) before the complaint is filed at NTC.

  99. U.N. Owen says:

    Bad side of Wi-Tribe is that You have “Limited Bandwidth” per month.

    Plan 795 only has 6GB Monthly Bandwidth and if You use it all up, Your connection would be next to nothing for the rest of the month.

  100. Myks says:

    I suggest you do the research muna. Wi-Tribe’s website says it all about the capacity, the speed, the terms and conditions, etc. The image showed by user Dan is maybe on a case-to-case basis. Good thing is that the sales agents offer free demo before they will let you subscribe to their service.

    “Cap replied on Apr 6th, 2010 at 11:36 pm (90)

    and ayan pang isa na iba iba ANG RATE ng WI-TRIBE ang mga nalalaman ko “may Official Php998/1MBPS” “may Unofficial na Php999/2MBPS” tapos eto nanaman na “Unofficial Php799/2MBPS” ANU BANG WI-TRIBE NA TOH PINAGLALARUAN BA TAYU??, MALAKING KALOKOHAN TOH, AT KASINUNGALINGAN!! TSK! TSK! TSK! TSK”

    San mo ba kase nakuha yan? Refer to their website nalang.

  101. Myks says:

    “U.N. Owen replied on Apr 23rd, 2010 at 10:35 am (105)

    Bad side of Wi-Tribe is that You have “Limited Bandwidth” per month.

    Plan 795 only has 6GB Monthly Bandwidth and if You use it all up, Your connection would be next to nothing for the rest of the month.”

    As far as I know they don’t offer Plan 795. They have Plan 998. Even if they have a 6GB capacity, at least you experience the advertised speeds. Do you think you get more than 6GB with the speed of other service providers?

  102. darius09 says:

    i’m a youtube addict, a p2p loader as well. if i am going to switch to wi-tribe, will my life be ruined because of 3GB cap?

    a 4G with 1MBPS speed?

    one posted that his wi-tribe connection is worse in diliman, i am from diliman so i’ll take his word for it..

  103. Cap says:

    @Myks nag search po ako para lng dyan and I found out na meron ngang Wi-Tribe Sales Agent na nag papasubscribe ng 2MBPS na for less, para lng dumami yung subscribers nila!, and nag IM ako sa isang sales agent nila and honest naman na sinabi nya na Oo may mga Sales Agent na nag papasubscribe ng 2MBPS na for less, and isa na sya dun… and meron din yung di nila nilalagyan ng CAP limit…

  104. Myks says:

    @Cap, AFAIK, everything in their website is OFFICIAL. So kung may problem ka sa Wi-Tribe connection mo (if you really are a subscriber, that is), better to contact them first before directing the complaint to DTI. My suggestion lang.

  105. Adam says:

    @Myks: seems na supporter ka ng wi-tribe or baka employee ka nila… on my case i’ve tried to contact the support, email and even talk to the sales rep na ngbenta skn ng plan and to no avail. mali kasi ang presentation sa akin ang sabi kasi sa akin ay downloads lang daw(p2p) ang covered ng cap nila so i thought ok sya but it turns out mali ang sinabi sa akin and lahat pala covered. now nagreklamo na ako sa DTI and i suggest kayo din gumawa na din nito and better yet pati sa NTC mgreklamo na din kayo…

  106. mgdeath says:

    Pak u wi-tribe mga manloloko kaung plos…

    ganda ganda nung first 5 days mga putangina nyo…
    mamatay na kau… mabilis pa dial up sainyu mga gagu…

  107. Adam says:

    I did a little research on wi-tribe pricing all over the world currently wi-tribe is available in 3 countries Pakistan, Jordan and Philippines each of them have different prices for services and they have different allocation(cap) for each plan. I did a comparison with their 1mbps plans and here’s what I’ve found out in the Philippines we have a 998php for 1mbps with a 6gb cap while on Pakistan they have 1mbps plan with 15gb allocation for 1600Pr. Jordan on the other hand does not have a 1mbps plan so I’ll tackle that later. 1 Pakistan rupee = 0.525921659 Philippine pesos doing the math we have 1600Pr=841.4746544Php(kitang kita na ang layo sa presyo natin pero mas sulit sa 15gb na limit)

    Jordan offers 1.5mbps with 10gb monthly cap worth 286 JD annually and since 1 Jordanian dinar = 62.5677951 Philippine pesos 286 JD = 17894.3893986Php lets divide this by 12(for monthly) this will be equal to 1491.19911655Php lets multiply this by 2/3(to get a rough estimate of the price if they are offering 1mbps) we will have 994.1327443666667php as for the monthly cap we multiply it by 2/3 again to get a feasible allocation so we will have 6.67gb.(pati ditto talo ang mga pinoy mas malapit man ang presyo di hamak na mas malaki kahit papaano ang allocated limit). Ayoko na magsalita pa baka mahalata nyo na wala akong magawa.. biktima din ako ng wi-tribe ang akin lang maging fair sila.

  108. ginta says:

    hehe ayos dito! meron ata ahente na nagtatangol hehehe bka hindi pa bumababa ang connection mo sakin 1mbps dati ang sarap mag surf at games ngaun 50kbps na lang bwisit kaya d2 na lang sa site na to ako napunta

  109. ginta says:

    langya un agent ayaw ng sumagot ng phone un costumer service naman hintayin ko na lang daw mag refresh next month para bumalik 1mbps speed or mag move more ng P200.00 per gigabytes langya sabi ko pa terminate ko na lang line kesa maghintay ako ng 3weeks kelangan daw bayaran ko 24months na lockin tsktsktsk

  110. ginta says:

    stone age tribe panahon pa ng ninuno ko sistema nyo daig pa dial up. hindi kayo marunong magpaliwanag dapat una palang sinasabi nyo na sa mga subscriber na un cap na 6gigabytes monthly allowance ay hindi lang sa pagdownload pati sa pag browse pa lang kasama na lalo na pag lagi sa youtube o mga games sa facebook langya 6gb monthly usage allowance nyo pang 2 to 3 days lang yun. kaya pala hindi kayo nagpapabalik ng ahente para sa billing takot siguro kayo ihagis sainyo modem nyo

  111. humblecreature says:

    hi po sa lahat,

    ano young sinasabi ng isang poster na may 14 days money back guarantee? totoo ba ito? sana totoo para ipacancel ko na ang aking subscription, how true is this?

    thanks po sa lahat at good luck sa ating mga naguyo hayyyyyyyyyy

  112. Francis says:

    ok this is good at the start but after reaching 6gb capacity boom welcome to hell!!! speed connection sucks after 2weeks of usage due to 6gb capacity limit. dont be fooled

  113. humblecreature says:

    nagfile na rin ako ng complain sa DTI!!!
    hindi pupwede n ganito for the rest of my subscription period (24 months)
    ni hindi man lang ako makapag open ng gmail account ko kaya balik na me sa sun broadband prepaid!!!
    mantakin nyo un nag sign up pra sa up to 1MBps nila tapos bagsak ko pala eh sun broadband prepaid?

    nakakahiya ako at nakakahiya lalo ang wi-tribe


  114. humblecreature says:


    ganyan din ang sabi sa akin ng customer service
    pag nagpaterminate daw ako ng contract eh babayaran ko 998 x 24months + 5000 for the CPE

    hayyyyyy mga ulupong sa lupa!!!!

    sana matulungan ako kahit papaano ng DTI!!!

    magcomplain na po tayong lahat sa mga tamang ahensiya ng gobyerno!!!KARAPATAN NATIN ITO BILANG MGA CONSUMER!!!


  115. Kron says:

    I live in Marikina and currently, marami akong nakikitang booths ng Wi-Tribe so I got interested. Buti na lang, I did my research before approaching them. I saw that they have had bad reviews, but I was still willing to try (note: TRY).
    So I called up an agent to demo it in my home. At first, sa labas namin tinry ung modem (as in labas ng bahay, naka extension lang ung power cord nya). Aba, 4/5 bars inabot ng signal pero napansin ko, bumabagsak din sa 3 bars pag ginagalaw.
    So I thought, ok na rin. However, nung tinest ko sa speedtest.net, aba .5Mbps lang. Sabi ko, naka 512 Kbps plan ba yan ? But the agent insisted na 1Mbps ung modem na un.
    Then we tried inside the house, pag pasok lang mismo sa loob, bagsak na kaagad to 2 bars ung signal. Ooops, right then and there, duda nako sa magiging performance.
    Sabi ng agent, mas maganda daw pag sa mataas na lugar, so akyat kami sa 2nd floor. Hopya! bagsak sa 1 bar ! Hmn, kala ko ba mas maganda pag mas mataas ?
    To cut the long story short, I declined the subscription, kasi I needed a reliable backup to my current connection. Eh di hamak na mas reliable/stable pa ung current ko kesa sa kanila. Unless siguro na meron silang unit na may antenna, malamang hindi usable indoors sa area namin to. Even then, malamang papa test ko muna at least ung signal bago ako magsa subscribe.

  116. Dell says:

    Isa rin akong biktima ng wi-tribe 2weeks lang akong nag enjoy sa 4g kuno hangang bumagal ng bumagal ang net ko… Paano na kaya to nakabayad ako ng 998 tapos yung billing d pa dumarating sa bahay. Tanong ko lang sa inyo mga tsong magbabayad pa ba kayo dito o hindi na….

  117. humblecreature says:


    Naku malaking kwestyon yan kung magbabayad pa ba ang mga subscribers matapos maranasan ang psychologically disturbing turn out of events sa wi-tribe. Imbes mag enjoy tayo naging burden/isipin pa tuloy natin ang wi-tribe na ito.

    Dapat magkaisa tayong mga subscribers ng wi-tribe at magreklamo. May facebook account na wi-tribe complaints ah sali ka doon. Anyway we have freedom of speech and expression dito sa Pilipinas at karapatan nating magreklamo dahil di biro ang halagang 998 sa isang buwan.

    Sarap ng buhay ng wi-tribe tatanggap lang ng 998 kada buwan ng walang kahirap hirap.

  118. Dell says:


    Salamat sa Solution, Pa sarap nga buhay nila pag tumawag ka sa wi-tribe ang sasabihin nila na reach na yung 6gb capped.. malaking problema nga to sa ating mga subscriber.. pero wala pa naman yung billing ko at wala pang email kung kailang ko babayaran…

  119. francis says:

    dami tlgang k ululan ng wi-tribe na toh mga scamer n hinayupak kayo. dko kayo ba2yaran mga gago…

  120. burnbiscayda says:

    Home Base raket ko, 3 days lang mabilis service nila kaya nga i even upgraded to plan 1998…i admit it was a very stupid na desisyon, kailangan ko kasi ng 12G cap. I ended up loosing some of my clients. pag nag speedtest ka aabot ng .90 Mbps download and .20 upload…langya lagi nagpi-freeze sinubukan ko mag-ping “wi-tribe.ph pa mismo, ‘langhiya 100% loss. kung pwede ko lang i-attach screen shot dito ginawa ko na! Grade nila sa pingtest.net FAILED!

  121. humblecreature says:

    Naku mejo malaki laki ang pakakawalan mo nyan sa loob ng 24 months.

    Yang style ng wi-tribe na 200 per additional gig after the 6GB cap eh masasabi nating halatang gustong magsakmal ng salapi ng walang kahirap hirap. Samantalang kasisimula pa lang nila sa larangan ng telecommunications eh gusto agad yumaman.
    Yan ang pinagkaiba ng Sun. Handa silang magpalugi magkaroon lang ng subscriber base nung pasimula pa lang sila. At dahil sa sun naging competetive ang text and call rates natin. At least malaki ang contribution ng Sun. Eh etong wi-tribe ano kaya ang magiging contribusyon nito? Magpabigat sa daladalahin ng mga subscribers? Aba eh sinuswerte sila.

    Kaya pala gustong gusto nila na wag magcash out ang mga subscribers at mag sign up ng 24 months contract para matali sa leeg at wala ng magawa kahit palpak ang kanilang serbisyo.


  122. humblecreature says:

    sana wag na dumami mga commenters natin dito dahil isa lang ang ibig sabihin non: parami ng parami ang mga naguguyo ng mga ulupong!!!

    sana maging critical ang iba nating mga kababayan!!!

    hhhhhayyyyyy siguro mas mainam kung nag exist nalang ang wi-tribe sa panahon ng ice age!!! kasi ang antas ng serbisyo nito ay prehistoric!!!

  123. Dell says:

    Ha ha ha ha …….. d ipinaliwanag sa akin ang 24mnts kang matatali dito ayyyyy…. PAANO kaya to GUYS NAGBABAYAD PA BA KAYO..

  124. Adam says:

    pwede ka magreklamo sa DTI and NTC for your concerns… (Scroll up para sa links
    I totally agree sayo kaya nga dapat dumami ang fans nung sa facebook wi-tribe complaints and sana yung gumawa nun gumawa ng mga discussion borad regarding sa complaints…

    right now napaka vigilant ko na ipa-cancel yung plan ko and the last thing na sinabi sa akin eh we should try going to their main office sa makati…since busy din ako and malayo ako sa makati cguro kung meron sa inyo malapit dun sana pumunta and give us an update kung anong sasabihin nila…

  125. humblecreature says:


    Ano sabi itry pumunta sa head office nila sa Makati then ano gagawin nila sa atin doon? Sige masubukan ngang puntahan anyway ala me pasok.
    Sana accommodating sila kaya lang duda ako kasi nga subscriber ka na tapos nakatali ka pa ng 24 months tapos pakakawalan pa. hmmmmmm wish ko lang!!!

    Antabay lang kayo.

    Pag hindi nagkaigi eh di didiretso me sa DTI sa Makati.

  126. Adam says:

    ganito kasi ang issue ko misinformed ako about sa plan ng wi-tribe nung ngsign up ako… tinanong ko cust service ang sabi nila sales dept daw may handle ng ganung complaints so akala ko yung agent na ngbenta dapat puntahan ko… sabi ng agent na ngbenta sa akin foforward nya daw yung complaint ko sa sales dept nila(ang odd di ba sales agent sila pero nde sila part ng sales dept) so aun tinanong ko kung saan ang sales dept nila(both sa customer service and sa agent) ang sabi nila sa makati daw… and sabi ng agent(since sinabi ko na ngreklamo na ako sa DTI)try ko daw pumunta sa makati at dun daw ako magreklamo…

    maganda yang gagawin mo sana maganda kalabasan nyan at kung nde naman sana may balita din kaming makuha sayo from DTI… thanks

  127. skap says:

    ganun talaga ang QTel sa Qatar (San Miguel tie up with QTel Qatar and wi-tribe). they will make you sign a contract that you will have no time to read. un pala nkatali ka na whatever the service they dish you. tanikalang pera nila for you.

    maganda you complain if the service is not good. bakit lulunukin na lang lahat ng ibigay ??? ikaw na nga nagbayad, ikaw pa mahiyang magreklamo? dapat alisin na nila ang ganung klaseng contract. dapat ibawal yan sa lahat ng telco companies from now on.

  128. Adam says:

    guys i’ve been speaking to a supervisor ng customer service(which by the way is the best customer service for ISP here in the country… nde ako bumaliktad 22o sinasabi ko..haha)

    well eto na ang magiging setup… ang sales dept daw ay ineevaluate yung complaint ko and tinitignan nila kung papayagan nila ako mgcancel without paying the lockup fee… another alternative na napagusapan namin eh titiisin ko na lang serbisyo nilang bulok for 24 months PERO itataas nila ng minimum na 20gb ang cap ko…

    I’m really hoping for the first one kasi with 20gb it is still somewhat small for me ngdodownload kasi ako ng mga US tv series and online gamer ako….

    will give you guys an update kung anong mangyayari… kapag ginawa nila na 20gb ang cap ko I’ll see to it na kayo din mabigyan ng ganung serbisyo…(nasabi ko kasi na mayroon ding ibang kagaya ko na dinaya nila)…hehe

  129. humblecreature says:

    Being able to see the positive side of the issues we’re discussing here is an admirable feat. Unfortunately, the positive side is just a David to the negative Goliath that we sharers here are surmounting right now.
    I personally wouldn’t mind the cap as long as they will be able to provide me at least a decent speed of say 256 to 512kbps. Am I/we are entitled to that? I think so if not then spare us from the 998 monthly.
    A good question to ask is: Are we getting our money’s worth? Yes, if being NOT able to open gmail and many other sites several times using different kind of browsers is the standard.

    Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what a psychological turmoil!!!!

  130. Adam says:

    pare ano nangyari nakapunta ka ba kahapon sa main office ng wi-tribe?

  131. humblecreature says:


    hindi ako natuloy eh kasi ang lakas ng ulan dito sa las pinas kahapon. titingnan ko ngayon kung tutuloy ako kasi iniisip ko eh malamang sa hindi magsasayang lang ako ng laway sa sales dept. ng wi-tribe mas mainam siguro diretso nalang ako sa DTI

    ikaw ba may pasok ka ngayon? gusto mo sabay tayo pumunta doon para may puwersa


  132. humblecreature says:

    For a speedy communication, you can send messages to my email add: [email protected] and to my mobile 09206184598
    Let’s not wane, let’s fight for our right

  133. WonderShinobi says:

    New subscriber ako ng Wi-Tribe, getting 3-4 signals at random instances. 2 days pa lang ako with them and I am crossing my finger after reading a lot of horror stories here. In a day, I consume 300mbps na upload/download speed, medyo kukulangin ata ako sa 6GB sana nga taasan nila yung CAP! I guess my only complaint for now is the fact that I am not getting 1 MBPS, naglalaro lang siya from 0.26mbps – 0.90 mbps..meron most of the time nasa 0.50mbps eh. So I am not getting their promised speed considering I am getting 3-4 bars – considered as high signal na siya.

  134. WonderShinobi says:

    Just an update. I exit my Utorrent program and got 0.92 mbps..so ganun pala. By the way, sampaloc area here.

  135. Adam says:

    sorry ngaun ko lang nabasa yung post mo… samonday tetext kita kung pupunta ako and kung may updates…

    AFAIK kung hindi mo namemeet ang speed na 1mbps in speedtest from day 1 pwede mo na actually ibalik yan sa kanila and cancel to save you the trouble…(sana bilisan mo b4 nila maactivate ang account mo sa server nila)… sabi kasi sakin ng supervisor ng wi-tribe they only accept return of the product without the need to pay the 24-month lock up period kung mameet mo ang isa sa mga sumusunod
    *not servicable lugar mo(1bar or worst ang signal)
    *from the begginning ang bagal na ng speed mo and hindi mo naeenjoy ang so called 4g speeds(so run a speedtest dapat ang constant speed nyan ay .90-1mbps

    may 1 ngaun and my speed is not yet refreshed i called them and they told me na they are working on it… i told them na ang bilis nyo mgthrottle down ng speed ang bagal nyo mgrestore… i suggest you guys do the same kung ganito din ang issue nyo…(this will serve as evidence na sobrang crappy ng serbisyo nila)…just make sure to acquire the case number from the customer service

  136. smartbrouser says:

    Smartbro usb is better than what they offer. . .
    If they’ll make the service a bit cheaper than smartbro , they might get lots of subscribers.
    People are getting more practical as time passes by, so this is not the best option. .Just my opinion.

  137. Dell says:

    sabi nila ngayung may 1 magiging maganda yung speed nila mmmmm… ganun pa rin yung speed ng net nila sa ngayun hayyy… talaga ….. he he he ..

  138. Sam says:

    WI-TRIBE SUCKS!!! after 15 days of using it, it suddenly dropped my connection speed to 128 kbps. I called the hotline and they said that I already reached the 6GB limit. Sabi ko, WTF!, anu un? I was never informed that there was an allocated speed for internet usage. The salesman never mentioned it, the term and conditions never mentioned it. We pay 998php/month for 128 kbps? WTF di ba? The marketing style/strategy of Wi-Tribe is like a cake with poison. It’s more like a “TROJAN”.
    Sasabihin nila na 4G and constant speed and then malalaman mo nlng na nareach mo ndaw ung allocated speed mo?
    For those who are with teh same shoes as me, let’s file a complaint against this CRAP/JUNK at http://dtincr.ph/complaint.php

    This is really psychologically getting into my nerves.!!!

  139. humblecreature says:

    As of now, I would tend to agree that Smart is getting better. In fact, I am now using Smart Unlisurf 200 and today Monday is my 5th and final day with the service. What is my verdict with Smart’s service? BETTER AND MORE ENJOYABLE NOW.
    Could you just imagine what I’m going through right now? I’m paying 998 to pre-historic wi-tribe and on-top of that I’m spending hundreds for Smart just to get a DECENT and CONSISTENT service.
    I can’t do anything but look for viable options/alternative that would pacify my intense desire to have a good and reliable service and ensure my satisfaction. After all I’m spending my hard-earned money.

  140. Nosaj says:

    Hmm muntik na din ako kumuha nito.. buti nalang nabasa ko tong forum regarding the cap. mababa nga sya. Tska masakit sa ulo ung contract. Bakit di nyo pala itry na tawagan ung agent at sabihin nyo may kukuha ulit dahil sa ganda at bilis ng serbisyo nila, sabay hagis sa kanila ng modem pag dumating. Suggestion lang,hehe.. Thnx for the forum kahit d ako biktima sasali din ako laban sa mga bastardong eto. =)

  141. humblecreature says:

    Thank you! The article is enlightening!
    More power to us!

  142. Justin says:

    since launch, my brother got the 1mbps already (around march 2010). we are 4 at home — only me and my brother is the heavy user (spell torrents).

    for the record, last month was the worst. around april 25, our surfing speed was averaging around 128kbps.

    well, we called witribe and they told us that 128 is the threshold. sana taasan nila yun 6gb.

    overall, im happy na they are doing what they promise.

    naka-experience na ako ng sobrang lala. gano kalala? walang internet. zero kbps speed. antagal ko nagtiis dun sa ISP na yon. pag may nagtanong chaka ko sasabihin.

  143. Patrick Sy says:

    My speedtest using Wi-Tribe 4g just now is…

    download: 1.49mb/s
    upload: 0.25mb/s


  144. humblecreature says:

    im glad im hearing compliments for wi-tribe

    my only wish is that you’ll not be joining us sooner or later in our grouches!


  145. burn says:


    nakausap ko yung customer support nila about their pathetic ping test and speed test results…. punta daw sila sa bahay to check the unit… almost 1 month na ko gumagamit ng wi-tribe and my average speed is no more than 200kbps and grabe latency 300+ms. I’ll keep you guys posted kung ano mangyayari. punta daw sila sa May 9

  146. Why tribe? Wi-Tribe can suck the mother fucking life out of my hairy balls. Their mother fucking service sucks, if I see their boss I can just shot him right on the face

  147. Nickoloki says:

    I’ve tested the sample gadget located at Waltermart Makati. Bago ako lumapit the old sales lady whatsoever keeps on bragging about its features and I was really surprised. it took 3 minutes to open youtube site, it took more than 5 minutes to view the complete 3min. video at yung pinaka masayang moment, ultimo magbukas ng email…. napakasimpleng gmail acct. took 99yrs. to be over exaj. so Wi-tribe 4G MABUHAY ka!!!… sa kalokohan.

  148. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  149. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?

    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  150. TOROGI says:

    mabuti pa palang itong bayan dsl na dsl kahit gegewang gewang hindi naman nawawalan ng signal ng maghapon…

    buti na lang di pa ako nagsubscribe niyang wi-tribe… tsk tsk tsk..

  151. burn says:

    Hey Guys,

    the technician didn’t came, Let’s bring this down to DTI… Let’s file our complaints together para mas mabigat gravity. They really can’t live up to their promises! let us set a date and gather as much people that we can.

  152. Dell says:

    Tinawagan ako ng wi-tribe follow up sa akin kung dadagdagan ko yung capped + 1 gig yung move more nila sabi ko pa terminate ko na to ang sabi sa akin babayaran ko daw yung 2yrs lock period.. sabi ko pumunta sila sa bahay bigay kuna tung wi-tribe unit.. ayyyyy grabi nakakainis…. babayaran pa na hindi mo magamit ng maayos.

  153. KIKO 47 says:

    DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH WI-TRIBE. After more than 10 days since date of purchase, and after having done all the troubleshooting by their tech support, here is my email to them.

    Hello Wi-Tribe,

    Yesterday, May 12, 2010, Mr. TATS of your technical support visited my wi-tribe unit in Malabon and made some troubleshooting. I believe you have his report by this time, that I have 4 to 5 bars lit on my modem. I had to bring the modem to my house in Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches to test the connection further. But until 11:30 pm of that same day, my connection even got worse, speedtest.net won’t even push through (how can i even send you the images of my ping, speedtest and tracert).

    That’s it for me. I am done with your LOUSY SERVICE. I am now TERMINATING our business transaction. I am demanding a FULL REFUND. Return to me the amount of Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Pesos (Php998) and I will return your modem. Or you can spend more than 998 filing lawsuits. Unless you can guarantee that you can fix this intermittent connection problem by Monday, May 17, 2010.

  154. Mike says:

    Wi-Tribe Broadband is a piece of ssssss—-T! When they have the demo, it is remarkable… But after a day… it is amazingly slower than dial up!!!! Loading a page will take you to eternity sometimes, but you have 4-bar to max signal…. If you want headaches and problems, get their services… It is 100% sure and guaranteed!

  155. vin says:

    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!

    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

    pauntiunti nila binabawasan ung bandwith

    e2 link ng site ng fair usage policy

  156. Rudy Villareal says:

    Wahhhhhh, I got mine 3 days ago. 2×365-3 = wahhhhhhh

  157. duke says:

    ang bagal nga ng connection nakakaasar.. tapos sabi ng agent nila mabilis daw.. mabilis pa ung smart bro!! kakaasar talaga!! tpos uasapan namin ng agent pag hindi pa gumanda ang signal with in 48hr babalik ko ung modem at babalik nya yung pera ko!! sana mangyari!!

  158. duke says:

    ang dami nyo kalokohan wi-tribe ang bagal ng connction ko.. nag sayang ako ng oras sa inyo

  159. BagoNaman says:

    sa palagay ko itong San miguel and Qtel which brought us this Witribe connection needs more adjustment and upgrades para maideliver ng maayos ang mga speed connection sa mga ilang lugar..let me share you my nightmares with globelines 3g connection natapos na ang taon na napagkasunduan ngunit ang serbisyo na naibgay nito ay isang napakalaking pangloloko lamang partikular dito sa Montlaban rodriguez Rizal.So i hope na kung sakaling magkaroon dito ng wii-tribe sana naman bago nila iopen sa market ay siguraduhin nilang hindi maalalagay sa alanganin ang mga taong kukuha nito, tama na po ang pangloloko sa mga subscriber maawa naman kay Juan ..

  160. Dell says:

    Nakapag complaint na ba kayo sa NTC? Mahirap yung ganitong broadband laging walang signal…

  161. NineSwordz says:

    Wi-Tribe? the hell… SMART BRO parin da best!! 1mbps FLAT + no downtime ever! (dito sa NAIA, Pasay.. nandito isang cell site eh.. hehe)

    I have read some rumors on inquirer.net (not really, it’s an announcement of the smart team I think..) that their 1mbps plan which is Php 999 will be DOUBLED IN SPEED! meaning regular existing household subscriber (like me!) will get an upgrade of 2mbps speed! How cool is that! (sana bilisan na nila pag upgrade! lol)

    So after the comments of the Beta testers here.. I would say that I’m still sticking with Smart Bro. What’s the use of their 4G? Useless. Another money-sucking ISP. Peace! ^_^v

    P.S. Alam nyo ba sa Japan / Korea etc.. regular households’ broadband is 4-12 mbps? wala talong talo parin pinas.. mga mukhang pera kasi. lol

  162. Sunade says:


  163. dota says:

    walang kwenta ang wi tribeeeeeee

  164. ronronron says:


    WI-TRIBE offers 1 – 2 mbps of wireless connection on the cap of 3-6GB of initial usage..afetr that you will suffer a les than 512kbps of slow connection…way faster than most broadband telcos though..

    but…….. 4G???

    even NTC (national telecommunication commission) of the Phils will never confirm that wi-tribe has the capacity to deliver the real 4G standard.

    they only tell u its 4g but its actually a modified 3G network with priority line (because they were able to pay NTC bulk of money just to let their network line be prioritized especially on wireless networking here in metro manila)…

    comeon…every tech geeks out there knows the truth… 4G is not yet in the Philippines…

    if you really want a true high speed conenctions.. try wired (landline based) connection liek T1, T2 or T3 and u will see teh difference…

  165. vin1692 says:

    na ng wi-tribe pababa ng
    pababa ung speed
    nung una ang sabi nila
    baba ng 512 kbps pag
    naubos ung cap na 6GB
    ngayun hanggang 128 kbps na!!
    daya kya pla bumabagal na ung akin
    ang mahal mahal 998 kada buwan
    sana kung
    may limit sa
    bandwith mura nalang dapat

    sna nag globe wimax
    nlang pla ako
    wla pang capping

  166. lian cruz says:

    pra d daw maabuso ung internet kaya may capping.??

    isa kang malaking PAK YU!!!!
    mga network din ang
    ABUSE sa mga subcribers nila..
    kya ka nga ngbabayad
    pra bigyan ka ng mgandang service nila.
    putang ina ng Wi-tribe.
    magbayad ka ng 998
    kada buwan
    sabihin pa sayu abusado ka.
    buti kung libre ung internet nila.

  167. ECE says:

    just a share of simple Communications Engineering principles.

    Mas mabilis pa rin ang physical connectivity compared to wireless.

  168. sherminator says:

    SMARTBRO WIMAX – JUNE 15, 2010

    Smartbro lunches the WIMAX using the technology of MOTOROLA “the leader in WIMAX CPE” and has the largest deployment of wimax equipment in the world.. Ang smartbro ay gumagamit ng Motorola CPEi 750 Series pero sa mga may balak mag subscribe sa smartbro wimax DON’T LET SMARTBRO GIVE YOU A ZTE BRAND OF WIMAX CPE kasi meron din silang mas mura na ZTE brand. Lahat ng wireless as dumidepende sa signal pero MALAKI din ang difference ng CPE na gagamitin mo. TULAD na lang ng wi-tribe sa Pakistan (which has largest WIMAX deployment and coverage) Motorola lang ang gamit nila, di sila nagtitiwala sa mga gawa ng Chinese WIMAX CPE (tulad ng ZTE at HUAWEI). Ang wi-tribe dito sa pinas Motorola CPEi 150 mas luma ng konte sa gamit ng smartbro na CPEi 750. — – – – – – – – – – – ang GLOBE WIMAX LAHAT NG BASESTATION & CPE ay gawa ng Huawei kaya naman malaki ang problema ng globe. . . . . . . . . . .. . . REMINDER: kapag nagsubscribe ka sa smartbro huwag ka papayag ng ZTE or Huawei ang ibibigay sayo na CPE. . . . . . . . . check the Motorola CPEi750 sa search engine. e.g; yahoo / google

    – – – kung ikaw lang ang nakaconnect sa isang basestation wala kang problema forever pero din naman yun pwede… talagang nagiging congested talaga… agawan kasi nga wireless..

  169. wondershinobi says:

    regarding sa SMART WIMAX – grabe nga yung SmartBro dito, I usually use smart as my internet back up pero since last month, ganito lagi problema ko. “A connection to the remote computer cannot be established”, naka full naman signal and I can’t even load P100 to my smartbro. It was working before with my wi-tribe. I never get it to work na until now.

  170. vin says:

    wi-tribe ang pangit na wimax sa buong mundo
    dami nagrereklamo dahil sa capping. nakabagal.
    pagtinawagan mo at sinabi mong mabagal sasabihin sayu baka ubos na ung monthly usage allowance.
    at sasabihin nila na bumili ka nalng ng 2GB move more 200 lang daw anu to kumikitang kabuhayan.
    wag na kyung mag subscribe sa wi-tribe maiinis lang kyu.mambobola lng yang mga yan.

    nung una nilang capping pag naubos mu ung 6GB baba sa 512kbps ung speed mo
    ngaun binago nila
    pababa ng pababa ang capping
    e2 capping nila
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

  171. li says:

    why is it so slow? mine is 1 mb,but the download speed is not over 20kb/s . why? i live in california garden. reply me please!!!

  172. ShinobiWonder says:

    If you’re using the internet for browsing only, research work, email, then it might work well for you. If you only use it to download movies, torrent files, play games, youtube..etc then I won’t suggest WITRIBE.

  173. li says:

    thank you ! but in the first day and second day,i use it to download,it almost 100kb/s ,but these days , not over 20kb/s!so bad!!! and the webpages also can not be opened!!!

  174. Dmitri says:

    Mahirap Talaga kung “BIAS” ang nagmomoderate ng thread na ito! Bakit binura ung comment ko dito. Samantalang , ang dami nagmumura sa mga against sa wi-tribe. One sided dito!
    This was my previous comment that was previously posted here:

    “Tignan mo nga naman… Dito palang sa thread na ito ay malalaman muna yung may pinag-aralan at ang wala. Smart people knows how to talk right but the foolish ones give nothing but curse and negative thoughts about the subject matter. They keep on whining. He doesn’t fully understand the idea or the whole concept of it. He will never realize or see the good side no matter how much you explain it. Mahirap mag-explain sa saradong isip…”waste of time”. Now find out whom i am referring to. People should be open in understanding both sides. Many may have a bad experience with wi-tribe due to throttled down speed for consuming it’s threshold. But there are more happy and satisfied subscribers with the wi-tribe’s service. See the ratio. Wi-tribe is far better than the other local ISP’s here in the Phils. I can truly tell because I have tried most of them. Wi-Tribe gives what they tell. Atleast lahat malinaw kaysa bigla ka nagtataka bakit sobrang bagal ng connection mo or diconnected. Respect other people who give opinions na hindi nakikiayon sa iyo…yan kung may breeding ka. +Peace+

    I’ve been a wi-tribe subsciber since late Feb 2010. so far so good even it rains. speed is always close to 1mbps within the 6gig threshold. -satisfied customer

  175. Dmitri says:

    Mahirap Talaga kung “BIAS” ang nagmomoderate ng thread na ito! Bakit binura ung comment ko dito. Samantalang , ang dami nagmumura sa mga against sa wi-tribe. One sided dito!
    This was my previous comment that was previously posted here:

    “Tignan mo nga naman… Dito palang sa thread na ito ay malalaman muna yung may pinag-aralan at ang wala. Smart people knows how to talk right but the foolish ones give nothing but curse and negative thoughts about the subject matter. They keep on whining. He doesn’t fully understand the idea or the whole concept of it. He will never realize or see the good side no matter how much you explain it. Mahirap mag-explain sa saradong isip…”waste of time”. Now find out whom i am referring to. People should be open in understanding both sides. Many may have a bad experience with wi-tribe due to throttled down speed for consuming it’s threshold. But there are more happy and satisfied subscribers with the wi-tribe’s service. See the ratio. Wi-tribe is far better than the other local ISP’s here in the Phils. I can truly tell because I have tried most of them. Wi-Tribe gives what they tell. Atleast lahat malinaw kaysa bigla ka nagtataka bakit sobrang bagal ng connection mo or diconnected. Respect other people who give opinions na hindi nakikiayon sa iyo…yan kung may breeding ka. +Peace+

    I’ve been a wi-tribe subscriber since late Feb 2010. so far so good even it rains. speed is always close to 1mbps within the 6gig threshold. -satisfied customer

  176. Cypher says:

    @Dmitri di BIAS ang nagmomoderate ng site na toh, believe me its for the sake of the site, kung hahayaan lang tyu magmura dito, wala na siguro toh site na toh.

    madami talaga ng naiinis sa Wi-Tribe isa na ko dun!

    dito rin nga sa dami ng naiinis dami rin nagmumura sa comments, pero may momoderate din sila para tumagal pa ang buhay ng Page nila, kailangan talagang alaagan ang site/page para tumagal.


  177. Cypher says:

    Kung okay naman ang “Wi-Tribe” sa palagay nyo maraming magpopost ng negative comments?

    ang hirap kasi sa Wi-Tribe at first di nila nilalagyan ng capping ang user(minsan nakakalimutan na lagyan ng capping ang iba kaya hanggang ngayun satisfied talaga! up to 2-3MPS pa, as in walang CAP pag 1MPPS ka may cap na yun) pero yung iba na nilagyan kawawa naman… kaya dami talagang nag rereklamo…

  178. Dmitri says:

    @cypher- so weird na nabura ung post ko dati. Moderator- should be not be bias. FYI: Magresearch kayo mabuti. Yung smart globe and others ay may CAP din. Di lang naka-exposed for public knowledge. If you open their packaging you would see what are stated in their user agreement. yun nga lang too late for you to realize kasi na-avail mo na ung unit and service. Kaya nga “UP TO” ang words nila sa brochures They use different terms on the fair usage allowance. Most of the time di mo rin mapapansin. A lot of people here are not aware of these things. Negative comments are welcome. This is an opportunity for a company to see the areas for improvement. There’s no such perfect technology. All of them have their own flaws. Pero we need to fair here. Please try to do a little more research about the rest of the ISP’s here in the phils. I’m pretty sure marami di mo pa nalalaman. Pero ok narin you give feedback on what you have experienced. Somehow this will help wi-tribe improve their service. Di lahat ng tao ay mapi-pleased mo talaga. Some will really have negative perception and jump ahead to conclusions because of their own frustrations. Even big and successful ISP/Telecom companies in other countries experience this. It’s just a matter where you want or your choice of food to take. Kanya kanya rin yan kung saan ka masaya dun ka. As for me, I’ve tested several ISP’s and this is the only one that gave me a better and reliable service so far.

  179. Cypher says:

    @Dmitri oo nagresearch rin ako pero, iba talaga ang feedback pag dating sa Wi-Tribe ewan ko kung bakit!, sa Globe Smart and iba pang Networks may flaw din pero di ganun kalala.

  180. Dmitri says:

    @cypher – :) i also wonder why still alot of people are yet subscribing and switching to wi-tribe. Let’s jst give them a chance to prove themselves. Kaka-launch lang nila ng feb. and the internet technologu is heading towards wireless 4G. I believe smartbro ang globe would want to have a 4G technology too. 3G pa rin sila. communication engineers know the fact the 4G ha more bandwidth than 3G. 3G = (approx 40+MBPS) max output, 4G = 140+mbps. more bandwidth mas sure ka di basta macocongest ang network. eh ung celphone service nila gumagamit din ng 3G frequency. ang dami na ata globe and smart celphone subscribers (millions) kaya dagdag mo pa ung internet subscribers. I guess maprepredict mo what it would result to.

  181. Cypher says:

    Yes alam ko yang difference between the two, 3G and 4G pero understand this, Wi-Tribe 4G nga ang ginagamit pero sayang lang ang technology nila kung ililimit nila sa subscribers ng napaka babang bandwidth usage diba? sa 3GB change to 6GB not much parin sa subscribers okay pa sana kung 20GB.

  182. Cypher says:

    @Dmitri Advantage na nga ng Wi-Tribe yun eh, kung baga nasakanila na nga ang ACE, isusugal pa nila

  183. Cypher says:

    @Dmitri sayang ang technology nila kung ipagdadamot nila sa subscribers diba?

  184. Dmitri says:

    @cypher – I saw your point. It’s the company’s prerogative what bandwidth to offer in the market. Sana available na ung iba pang mas mataas na bandwidth at a low cost. Actually nasanay lang talaga tayo sa libre kahit compromise yung quality just like yung smart at globe, hindi parepareho ang oras na maganda ung takbo kahit sa simula. Most of the time lagpag ang speed though may ok din na oras. Unlike wi-tribe, you get a consistent speed what you want as long within the threshold ka ng 6Gig. I just hope that they can increase that threshold. Ok lang kahit meron threshold kasi this will secure their network para mabigyan ng consistency and reliable service ang ibang pang subscribers; Secured ang bawat isa at walang hatakan ng bandwidth with other subscribers. Actually yung cap ay parang load yan eh na may hangganan. If laging libre, magsusuffer ang network at papangit ang service which will affect the rest of subscribers. Many people will take advantage of it and this will lead to congested network. In effect mag-uupgrade ang telco tapos tataasan nila ang service fees sa consumers. Tapos marami magrereklamo dahil di lahat ng pinoy can afford higher rates. Its good to have discipline to avoid chaos at para regulated yung serbisyo. Everyone will benefit from it but some will take it negatively. Mostly eto ung mga taong malakas magdownload. As I’ve said, you cannot please all people. Let’s just hope na taasan pa nila ng kaunti ung threshold para mas marami mag-eenjoy sa service. If they give an extra mile, mas marami pa matutuwa and they will surely rule the broadband world. I mean standout talaga sila. :)

  185. burn says:

    you’ll make a good product endorser for Wi-tribe.. oh speaking of ratio.. i was wondering where you’re them… is it official? who conducted the survey? Have you ever lost anything because of a bad service? are you willing to pay for something that you can’t hardly use and wait till they get better no matter how long it takes? Most of us here are fuming mad because we didn’t get what they promised. I’m happy that you’re happy with wi-tribe and don’t have any problems with their service, just like some people in Iraq are happy with Saddam Hussein’s reign (get the logic?), I wish you luck and may your relationship with wi-tribe prosper.

  186. burn says:

    hahaha… sorry i just can’t help but laugh whenever I see Dmitris comments…you’re exposing your identity too much…even my three year old son would know why you’re in this thread…. so how much?

  187. Cypher says:

    There’s more Wi-Tribe Complaints here!

    Share and Join this FACEBOOK PAGE with your friends, so they can be made aware before signing up with Wi-Tribe!


  188. Katie says:

    I am VERY annoyed and disappointed with Wi-Tribe. It is unbelievably slow when I told it was going to be faster than PLDT DSL. As soon as we got 4G up and running, it’s been SLOWER than PLDT (take note: we haven’t used up our monthly allowance yet), I CANNOT open G-MAIL. Gmail pa lang yan ha, wala pa yung mga ibang websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It only works fine for browsing Facebook profiles, but when it comes to games on FB and uploading pictures, IT DOESN’T WORK/LOAD.


    When you call Wi-tribe naman they put you on hold for SO LONG. And all they can say is “we’ll check for updates tomorrow” or “we’ll report it.” Ilang beses na nareport yung problem namin, hanggang ngayon (2 weeks na) WALA PANG FEEDBACK.

    If you’re annoyed with PLDT, I suggest you still STICK TO IT because Wi-Tribe is WORSE. As soon as you buy their product, customer service is a ZERO.

    • botoy says:

      Hi ,
      First what is your wi-tribe postpaid plan?, have you known your monthly plan assigned usage?… did you tell the assigned agents your internet activity during subscription?, dude a lot of factor to be considered by using wimax technology…the fact that wi-max is the superior or faster connection that passed the 4GPP

    • Chico says:

      Stop the “CRAP”, botoy! Wi tribe is the worst connection I had. Maganda lang first 3 days upon installation after that pucha parang pagong na talaga!!! At ang kapal ng mukha nyong magpadala pa ng bill sa amin!!!

    • Chico says:

      Stop the “CRAP”! Wi tribe is the worst connection I had. Maganda lang first 3 days upon installation after that pucha parang pagong na talaga!!! At ang kapal ng mukha nyong magpadala pa ng bill sa amin!!!

  189. Affektenlehre says:

    The service is really fast and consistent compared to the Canopy type I had before.

  190. wi-tribe user says:

    i’m a wi-tribe user. nalaman ko lang na merong lock in 3gb download nung napirmahan ko na yung 2 year contract. dun ako disappointed sobra. unlike sa sinasabi ng iba na mabagal. sobrang bilis siya. yun nga lang limited ka mag youtube and download which is laging ginagamit ng mga pinoy. isa na ako dun. pero ngaun, nagtitipid ako magbukas nung 2. kakabadtrip. i hope ayusin nila ito. yun lang naman ang kulang.

    • botoy says:

      Hi dude…

      All internet connectivity has bandwidth or cap/other word usage, your 3gb is higher than other, and now that 3gb is being upgrade into 6gb… so it is really worth…, ask the bandwidth of other network they will never tell…. they love to keep and lie, to us is to manage the very first scalable network in the Philippines….thanks

  191. lolidk says:

    Don’t forget that media streaming, including the streaming of internet radio contributes to your use of bandwidth and may, if left permanently on, cause you to be in breach of this policy.(from the fair usage policy)

    does that mean if i watch videos on the net it could consume some of my monthly allowance usage?
    And isn’t it 6gb?

    • botoy says:

      Yes, all activity belongs to downloading, and your allowable usage or bandwidth running out to 6gb… there is no unlimited service on internet activity… higher speed higher bandwidth high amount…simple as that….
      Had Better choose the scalable or manageable network, know your speed and bandwidth, make your money worth with

  192. humblecreature says:


    You’re right!!! Actually, all activities on your computer that need internet access are being metered by wi-tribe and i mean ALL.

    please check our wi-tribe complaint fan page here:


    thank you

  193. lolidk says:

    So the monthly usage thing applies to other Isp’s as well?

  194. ____ says:

    nakatatlong broadband na ko

    1st smart bro
    2nd sun broadband wireless
    3rd wi-tribe

    *smart bro .1year ko ginamit hangang sa nasira ung antenna.sabi nung smart papalitan nila may additional bayad nga lng.edi pinacut q nlng

    *sun broadband wireless .pinaka masarap gamitin sa internet surfing at download lng. log ang cam sa ym.
    d pede magtorrent.pero sulit mura lng 699pesos kda month. at di na kailangan ng mga ethernet wire at saksakan ng kuryente.portable sya kc usb lng din.may sd card reader pra pwedeng gmitin prang usb mass storage.

    *wi-tribe. 3 months na wla pa din ung bill nmin sabi padadalhan nlng daw sa email hangang ngaun wla padin.bka mamaya patong patong na.ung cap d ko na experience ung 1mbps speed khit first day of month.dba dpat bagong cycle na un.kaso la pa din.laging ngloloading ung browser ko.d q ma access ung account q.

    • botoy says:

      maybe you put in wrong email address and incomplete home address, unreachable contact information, and if your really love your previous one connection then go back stick to 3G dont move your mind to new technology…unless you are ready to change and explore…

    • Name: says:

      tama..kami rin wla pang bill 5 mos n..well ngbigay n kme ng 1k..and i think i have no plan to pay the remaining balance at super bagal cla..sbi bumabagal at ndi p kme ngbabayad so pano k magbabayad if wlang bill..nkkasar lng,,ndi cla organize

    • Chico says:

      Stop the “Bullsh*t, botoy! Wi tribe is the worst connection I had. Maganda lang first 3 days upon installation after that pucha parang pagong na talaga!!! At ang kapal ng mukha nyong magpadala pa ng bill sa amin!!!

  195. jules says:

    I am currently using this service and i can say that for the first one, it worked just fine. After three months, its the slowest thing ever! I never experienced this in my past high speed internet service. Their connection sucks, customer service sucks, everything sucks about this service. Ako pa nagmakaawa para makuha ko ung bill namin. Horrible company. I will NEVER recommend this to anybody.

    • botoy says:

      For 3 months, have you considered clear browsing history?clear heavy files autosaved from internet?clear cache?, or paid bill…
      CLEAN UP

  196. jules says:

    *for the first month

  197. vin says:

    d pa ubos 6GB q pero 256kbps lang speed q

    tignan nyu din sa account nio.
    bka katulad nitong akin
    mula sa account q.
    Find details about your account status here.

    Subscription Plan : Move Up – Plan 998
    Monthly Usage Allowance : 6.00 GB
    GB Available at Plan Speed : 3.18 GB
    Actual GB Used : 2.51 GB
    Net GBUsed : 2.82 GB
    Peak Hours : 2.51 GB
    Off-Peak Hours : 0.00 GB
    Less: 75% Off-Peak discount : 0.00 GB
    Speed : 256Kbps
    Delivery Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Subscription Start Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Current Session Time In : Tue, Jul 20, 2010 03:26 PM

    • botoy says:

      That is normal, metered by wi-tribe technology, reason?, all internet connectivity has bandwidth…or usage.
      To speed theres no accurate figure of measurement on speedtest, just cleanup your heavy files so that your connectivity frequency expand.

    • viper says:

      you’re wrong. wi-tribe’s speedtester is deceiving. it’ll give you 1mbps result but it’s not really happening… to prove, did a comparison with speedtest.net and result is more accurate where it shows .1mbps… in addition, i still have 4g bandwith remaining and tried downloading a 5mb mp3 file and it took 15mins to finish…. download rate is 6-10kbps only…. done a comparison with smartbro and tattoo globe 3g, used the speedtest.net and downloaded same file. guess what, speedtest’s result is 1.9mbps and downloaded the file less than 2min only. thus, speedtest.net is near to accuracy after series of tests done……

  198. katrina says:

    we are using witribe now..
    it so fucking slow..
    nung una mabilis sobra pero after 2 weeks mamumuti ang buhok mo sa kahihintay kc sobrang bagal..
    me and my sister’s love to watch at youtube..pero ngayon khit anong gusto nmin magwatch wala kmi magawa..
    wag n kaung magsubscribe promise u’r going to regret it just like us..

    wi-tribe sucks..

    • botoy says:

      Hi sucks!, hehehe
      There is no unlimited service of internet, all has bandwidth or cap, in short usage assigned to a subscriber, of course cheaper plan small amount of usage…cant go on heavy streaming… so,if your activity in the internet is so sucking heavy, go on higher bandwidth with higher speed and expensive one….

  199. taire says:

    If I’m correct..

    When you avail Plan P1998..

    Consistent speed is up to 2mbps on your first “12GB” usage per month..

    -So if i download 12GB size of movie, the internet speed will slow down unless i “move up” and pay additional P200 for extra GB?

    -If 12gb has been consumed, the regular speed will be 256kbps..

    Internet that has a limitation??? No way!!!

    I still recommend: (Wired)
    Sky Internet

    • botoy says:

      Hi wired!, are you fiber optic?

      wired internet is still belong to 3GPP technology, that cant access higher frequency, all internet connectivity has bandwidth, does wired network provide bandwidth that showed up to you?, does wired network you recommended can provide a cable wire that can deliver higher frequency like fiber(most expensive one)from their base to your home?, does your wired network provide exclusively for just internet connectivity and wont drop out for and hours?, hahaha yeah hours….does your claimed speed or showed bandwidth can view in actual? does it scalable that manageable by user?…….

  200. Yelcrambed says:

    WI TRIBE sucks i have been a WI tribe consumer for almost 5 months now

    they’re signal and connection is good but @ times from 5PM – around 3 AM

    theyre so called consistent speeds is not really implemented properly
    or not in effect

    because when i use it during those times my

    1 MBPS has usually a max of 512KBPS
    sucks really

    and to TOP it all of they have a FAIR USAGE POLICY
    which is isnt FAIR really

    move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12G to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

    and if you want you can MAINTAIN your speeds WITH 200PHP per GB

    wew SUCKS really

    as for my self a 6GB would only last 1 or 2 days for me

    and i THINK an average use of bandwidth of a FILIPINO HOUSEHOLD is
    AROUND 50 GB monthly

    which PLDT and GLOBE companies CAPS their BANDTWIDTH

    based on my experience and TESTS

    oh and to add it up

    if you signed their CONTRACT and un satisfied with their SERVICE
    and you WANT to cut your wi tribe service

    you will have to pay
    the remaining of the 24 months

    998xmonths left of 24monthns +5000 modem COST

    which is frustrating

    what’s bad about it is that ALL THEY do is MARKETING and assurance

    and their SERVICE SUCKS

    you can go to http://www.facebook.com and check WI TRIBE
    and read all the COMPLAINS

    SO BEWARE before signing a CONTRACT with WI tribe

    • botoy says:

      You are really sucks…
      Lack of information, and really sucks of individuality…
      the transparency of wi-tribe is your ignorance…

  201. Francis says:

    Unfortunate that a blue chip affiliated company would provide such service. I was looking for a wireless service that doesn’t throttle like for downloading purposes (torrent box). Best bet is still wired service. For wireless, have used sun, smart and globe but bayantel evdo is the best if you have signal in your area, only .5 mbps but consistent and no throttling of services even p2p unlike all other wireless broadband providers, yes unlimited ito so you may want to use a low power computer (atom based) for low power consumption. Was going to get this wi tribe service sana until I heard of the bandwidth limits. Pwede lang yata ito pag access mo through mobile phone but if this is your main access, bandwidth limits are small meaning you will pay more…

    DTI accepts complaints, they even have legal assistance for companies breaking their terms with customers and they are helping in my case, a laptop company refusing to honor warranties. I have heard that with enough complaints, DTI and NTC could sanction a telecom company or maybe even prohibit the service….

    • botoy says:

      All internet connectivity has Bandwidth…which network provide higher?,what technology passed 4GPP? and with LTE, what network technology you want now and you will be benefiting in the future?

    • Wi-Tribe Boy Toy says:

      Botoy you keep on repeating your most annoying line “Wi-Tribe is the only one that passed 4GPP test” What the … ?????? OMFG Botoy wake up! Stop embarrassing yourself here. 4G has a minimum speed of 1GBPS, and for you (wi-tribe) to provide 1mbps is ridiculous. Wi-tribe is the old generation 2G. You sucker.

      You are the only one who loves wi-tribe.

  202. Jose Silverio says:

    I have been using Wi-Tribe for 6 months now and it’s been working great! My children get to use the internet more often than I do. They play computer games and so far I haven’t heard them complain. My wife also gets to watch the shows she missed on YouTube and the videos load really fast.

    I am very satisfied I got Wi-Tribe!

    • botoy says:

      Your are one of us…benefiting new technology
      never listen to mind not moving…

    • ivener says:

      is wi-tribe has a good signal in pasig. i need a fast and reliable internet for my business. thanks! I live in Hampton Gardens Condo., Raymundo street, pasig. do you have good signals there? thanks ASAP

  203. sosodef says:

    i’ve been planning on getting Wi-Tribe for some time now.

    Question is, is the speed consistent? That’s what i’m after.

    If i’ll get consistent speed despite the bandwidth provision i’ll be more than happy to accept the trade.

    • botoy says:

      yeah, new technology or moving network is better,
      to those don’t believe in wi-tribe…
      computing doesnt matter…
      Transparency and scalable makes our money worth.

  204. kulot says:

    Guys, wired is better than wireless. Wireless will always be unstable. With so many obstructions and interference in our surroundings, wireless will always be unstable.

  205. NineSwordz says:

    @TPAM (kulot)

    Quoted: “Guys, wired is better than wireless. Wireless will always be unstable. With so many obstructions and interference in our surroundings, wireless will always be unstable.”

    Sorry but that’s not true either. My Plan 999 at 1mbps (SmartBro) is super stable and consistent speed. It even burst up to 1.5mb sometimes. I also haven’t experience a single downtime. Been subscribing to this broadband for more than a year.

    You see, its not always unstable. It ONLY DEPENDS ON YOUR LOCATION, which in my case, were just 0.3 miles (0.53 km) from the cell site.. and the “canopy receiver” is located at our roof.. facing the cell site.. thus, making my connection very smooth.

  206. Jericho says:

    i’m considering wi-tribe over pldt xcite 1995… can any of the two SUPPORT ONLINE GAMING LIKE RAGNAROK?? has anyone tried? pls mail me back at [email protected]

    badly need help

  207. surfer says:

    there are better alternatives. cable internet 1mbps at 999 for destiny and sky internet. bayan dsl 999 all at 1mbps. globe broadband usb stick and sun has burst speeds of 2.5mbps in your in manila near intramuros malate and binondo, where ive tried it. smart bulok very slow. pldt bulok din always sira and slow kung ayos. rarely 1mbps. if you reach this speed it wont be for long. patikim lang.

  208. jude0818 says:

    walang kuenta ang wi-tribe di sulit..bwisit!!!!

  209. Jenn says:

    I don’t blame wi-tribe, but somehow I hate their Badwidth capping. At 6GB, subscribers would only survive one week of heavy internet usage. Sana lang taasan ng wi-tribe yung bandwidth allocation nila para mas sulit sa consumers. It really sucks.

  210. Sol R. says:




    • Chico says:

      Please do contact us it that will happen so that we can file altogether.This is robery in broad daylight!!!

  211. vin1692 says:

    tae tong wi-tribe

    i cannot do my assignment
    i cannot do my project
    i cannot download application

    what a nice broadband for students.

    ang laki ng modem sarap ibato.

  212. dugong says:

    WI-Tribe Mahiya naman kayu sa 1000php ko
    ontime akong magbayad peru mabagal pa din.

  213. bisaklat says:

    tapus na ung contract q sa smart
    kaya bago ako kumuha uli ng bago
    ng try ako kung anu ung maganda sa lugar namin

    nang hiram ako

    WI-TRIBE sa pinsan ko at
    SUN naman sa kapitbahay ko.

    4G ung wi-tribe
    3.5g naman ung SUN Broadband

    etu nangyari
    sa subok ko

    MABILIS ang SUN Broadband sa normal na pag iinternet at maasahan
    kya lang MA-LAG sya sa CAM sa ym

    ung WI-TRIBE naman hindi ako makapag internet
    laging ERROR TCP

    SUN ang kinuha ko.

  214. arnel says:

    grabe din bagal eh

  215. busy _student says:

    sakin laging ngdidisconect na ung modem ko kada 5 minutes magdidisconnect tapus hirap na sa pag connect uli.

    *inaabot ako ng 30 minutes pra sa pag connect tpus wla nanaman.d 2loy ako makagawa ng project q.ginawa ko ngrent nalang sa compshop.

    *ng txt ako sa agent nila di na ngrereply.

    *ng email din ako sa cutomer service nila sabi
    lang tatry daw nilang ibalik yung 1mbps na speed next month. ibabalik? e di ko na nga nagamit ung 6gb ko dahil laging nagdidisconnect.sayang lang ung 6gb ko.
    ng email uli ako sabi mag MOVE MORE nlang daw ako kung gus2 kong bumilis ung speed ko.tae di muna nga nagamit ung 6gb tpus magmomove more pa anu to nakawan ng ALLOWANCE?

    *laging delay pa ung bill nila.

    *kung ayaw nyo sumakit ulo nyo wag na kayung mgsubscribe sa wi-tribe 100% sasakit ulo nyo d2.

  216. kupal na witribe says:

    puta tong wi-tribe form 1stday of month to last day of month e2 speed ko


  217. elmo37 says:

    FYI yung mga ahente nila eh di talaga connected sa mismong wi-tribe.mga tauhan lang sila ng mga nag-apply na distributor ng said product. kumbaga sa nagbebenta ng load sila yung mga retailers o suking sari sari store natin.

    at karamihan dyan(di naman lahat)gagawin ang lahat, kahit manloko para makabenta lang.kasi dun sila kikita ng commission.

    sana wag mangyari yung ganitong may CAP sa smart at sun. sa globe kasi sinisimulan na. yung unlisurf naka-CAP na rin ng 1GB. WTF!!!

  218. Mitch says:

    Very disappointing service and I intend to go back to my old provider. Very poor connection and it is annoying because time is wasted.

  219. Ronel Geminiano says:

    Meron ba syng 2 year lock-in period?
    Panu pag gustu na talaga syang ibalik kc sobrang bagal na talaga?

    Sobra kasing inconsistent ng speed nya..

    pls help.. :D

  220. wi-tribe facts says:

    Fact: Try browsing wi-tribe’s portal using wi-tribe vs other ISP. It will be faster using your other ISP.

    Fact: You have to turn off your modem, then turn it on again so that the discount will take effect. IMO, this should be unnecessary and just plain stupid on wi-tribe’s part.

    Fact: It can go slow up to 64kbps. Hello dial-up? An effect on this is that your 3G broadband modem can beat the supposedly better 4G.

    Fact: It sucks to be me because I subscribed to wi-tribe.

    Fact: You can’t use bittorrent during peak hours.

    Plea: Help spread the word to lessen the suckers in the Philippines

  221. ANTI WI TRIBE says:

    CAtherine SAmala is the worst supervisor of witribe. Thank you for your INACTION.

  222. FUCK WI TRIBE says:

    PLease report all your complaints against witribe.

    Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba

    National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)

    G/F, BIR Road, East Triangle EDSA, Diliman , QC

    or email at [email protected]

    or call 926.7722 / 921.3251

  223. FUCK WI TRIBE says:

    Commissioner Gamaliel A. Cordoba

    National Telecommunications Commission (NTC)

    G/F, BIR Road, East Triangle EDSA, Diliman , QC

    or email at [email protected]

    or call 926.7722 / 921.3251

  224. Mar says:

    Wi-tribe is WORST ISP ever. Slower than dial up. Here’s the proof: http://www.speedtest.net/result/1189842585.png

  225. Franz says:

    well i’m a wi tribe user pero di ko na experience yan kaya nag tataka ako sa mga sinasabi niyo pero well its you opinion.

    mabilis naman siya on my side played World of Warcraft with it to and ang ping ko sa WoW (Retail server guys Slyvannas server US) my ping is only at 60 up to 90ms kaya nang laki mata ko, dati sa bayantel it was 100 to 350ms

    about naman sa youtube mabilis siya diretso ang pag load pero may pa stop stop parin pero minsan asin diretso siya na uuna pa yung red bar matapos.

    or maybe its just the speed that i got na 1mbps na dissapoint nga lang ako sa cap nila :| kakainis may download limit what the hell? pero yung speed is ok the cap lang ang prob ko xD

  226. jazz says:

    hi,, ok ang wi-tribe kaya lang yung sinasabi ng agent ko na makakapag log in ako sa account ko up to now wala pa din,, bakit ganun.. they need my username pa.. nakakalito naman..

  227. jazz says:

    yung agent ko sabi nya pag my problema at mga katanungan ako contakin ko sya pero tinatawagan ko number nya after nila mag set ng net sa amin hinde ko na sila makontak.. bakit ganun naman..james and neil

  228. FU witribe.go die says:

    putanginang wi-tribe yan. 4-5bars yung signal @ 1:30am pero puta, april 3 ngaun a, bgong reset ung 6gb ko. super basura. maganda lang sya nung bgong subscribe ako, scammer amputa. masagasaan sana ng truck mga anak ng mga naghahandle nyang scam na isp na yan. putangina. tanga lang mga may gus2 pa mgsubscribe dyn. siniraan pa nila smart bro nung nrerecruit ako, tama bng business etiquette un? Wi-Tribe deserves to be sued, makukuntento lang ako pagparusa sa kanila ihuhulog sa bulkan or ilublob na lang mukha nila, putangina nyo mga scammer. ..l..

  229. Magpie727 says:

    I have experienced all this. I play MMORPG games and I used to have Sky Broadband connection with 512Kbps, I switched to Wi-Tribe (In the hopes of having a faster Internet) I got the 1mbps plan. It was good on the first week. I know it ate up the 6gb allowance by playing games and the speed went down to 128Kbps. But still, Wi-Tribe sucks. This is a really crappy internet connection. Cache clears every first day of the month but it doesn’t make much difference. Sky Broadband is faster, even the 512Kbps plan can beat the 1mbps plan that Wi-Tribe has even on the first day of the month. The only thing that sucks about Sky connection is that it seems like they have this system maintenance once a week and you lose internet connection for a day and goes back up in the afternoon. I hope the Philippines will have a better internet service provider… In other countries, the normal speed u can get is 20Mbps up to 100Mbps. I think I’d be happy with 20. I really need it. I play alot of games and never turn off my computer. And the thing is, Wi fucking tribe is wireless, so yeah, cable throws and receives data FASTER. Let’s all switch to PLDT my DSL with 6Mbps plan and raise a middle finger to Wifuckingtribe. Fuck the bonds they can ban me from wi-tribe and blacklist me I don’t care anymore and I am a very ANGRY customer and the customer is always RIGHT!!!

  230. anonymous says:

    Oh yes. We love new technology, but not this one.

    Passed 4gpp (i love this part)

    Up to 1mbps speed (i have smart bro prepaid 3.5g up to 2mbps. Avg speed, 1.3mbps peak hours, 2.7mbps off)

    6gb monthly allowance (this botoy guy said it’s higher than others. I used up 15gb a month with my smart bro prepaid, no throttling down happened)

    Higher speeds higher bandwidth higher amount (smart bro prepaid, up to 2mbps. Witribe, up to 1 mbps. Bandwidth. Witribe, 6gb. Smart bro, in my case, i reached 12gb. Monthly allowance would be ???. Amount. Smart bro prepaid through unlisurf is somewhat expensive, but not twice as expensive)

    Mr. Botoy, you said wired internet belongs to 3gpp tech, your witribe passed 4gpp which is a new tech. Does this mean old technology is better and faster than new tech, and therefore cannot be surpassed? Better do some heavy research about this all connectivity tehnology and witribe that you idolizes (and maybe you will use up your 6gb allowance before you finish researching and at the end, you may even learn less than before).

    This may sound blasphemous for you, but WITRIBE SUCKS. An that’s the fact we all know which you don’t know.


  231. joseph says:




  232. Sol says:


  233. muntik na says:

    thanks s mga comments, mag-ssubscribe n dpat ako ngayon.. pldt dsl nlng

  234. jan says:

    hi.. any idea on how to use a landline phone on a wi trbe wireless braodband modem???

  235. Kenneth says:

    Thanks sa lahat ng comment. I was tempted to grab a wi-tribe modem yesterday and the agent almost convinced me. But thumb’s rule for an IT person like me. Research….research….research…. Now I learn to appreciate my current Network. At least it’s connected, at least they have courteous and handy tech’s. It might be slower, but at least it doesn’t suck hehehe. Thanks guys.

  236. stilla says:

    I just read in the news that Wi-tribe also uses a frequency of 700Mhz which is, I believe, 2G aside from 2.5Ghz (4G). Anybody know the frequency bandwidth used by Wi-Tribe?

  237. ronie says:

    bakit ganon,dec 2010 to feb 2011 lang medyo magandang gamitin ang wi-tribe?ngayon,medyo nagsisisi na ko.may time na 25 mins na,di maka connect.parang gusto ko na ngang basagin yung modem sa inis.ititerminate ko na nga e.

  238. raizen says:

    pwede po ba ang wi-tribe sa cavite? kasi po bumili ako ng wi-tribe tapos ayaw gumana dito sa SILANG, CAVITE. ndi ko po kasi natanung kung pwede ba ang wi-tribe sa cavite….

  239. lhen berbano says:

    WI-TRIBE is so disappointing at first i had a request to change my plan to 598 that request was since December 2010 but unfortunately i didn’t receive any feedback even though i follow it up to wi-tribe customer service a couple of times and since my request wasn’t grant i had no choice but to stick with my 998plan but the most disappointing thing is when i started to download a movie this lunch time my download speed is only 4mbps can u imagine that? for me to finish my download of 2 hrs movie would take me weeks to finish it? how irritating could it get? so disappointing. im wasting money on wi-tribe is all i can say!!!

    • nerilyn says:

      wi_tribe connectiojn na po kau. nationwide na po ito… abot kaya pah contact poh aq sales agent nerilyn 09323898157

      Wi-angkan Pilipinas

      makipag-ugnay sa amin

      Consumer Plano

      Panghuli, broadband na ililipat mo at gumawa ka ng ngiti!

      Plan 598
      Plan 598

      Yup! Yup! Maaari mo na ngayong makakuha ng Wi-angkan 4G internet para sa P598/month lamang sa 512kbps!

      Plan 1998
      Plan 1998

      Para sa mas malaking surfing appetites! Ipinakikilala ang Ilipat Up Plan 1998.

  240. virginia seva says:

    pwede ba ang wi-tribe sa ODING, ALTAVAS AKLAN PROVINCE?

  241. zyra sapafo says:


  242. Cloyd May Weather says:

    ask q lng mga kabaro, subok q na kc globe tatto, tanong ko lng mas magnda o mas mabilis ba ung 3D or 4D na I-MAX?

    thanks a lot.

  243. richard says:

    bkit nmn ang slow ng net ko 1mbps ang plan ko pero sa speedtest 350 to 450kbps lng ang speed

    minsan pa nga 150 to 180kbps lng…

    anu ba yan………….. kung ganito lagi ipapa disconnect ko n lng to

  244. michelle says:

    Pwede ba yung wi-tribe sa davao medyu province pa yun bka di lng gumana pg bumili ako nun

  245. joan amante says:

    gud.pm. ask kulang po ung kinuha kung unit ?
    ung 1,ooo php. po ba eh ilang mbps ba un? kc sabi ni liza 1 to 2 mbps daw un , super bagal po talaga parang nasa 526 lang yata o baka wla pa pls paki check lang kc parang hindi worth nman yata ang bnabayad ko sa service nyo.

    salamat po !
    godbless ..

  246. wi triber says:

    naka witribe na kami at malakas naman ang signal dito sa Valenzuela. plan 998 mabilis ang connection. pag hindi nagbago ang speed ipapa terminate na namin ang dsl.

  247. eloisa estrada says:

    san po office nyo dito sa imus cavite? me contact no. po ba para makapag inquire ako. ty…

  248. cherry ann marquez says:

    good pm po,my gusto po sana ako ereklamo tungkol po sa tiwaling team leader ng witribe cubao na si manuel gerbin,sya po ay nanghohold ng commision s mga agent nya,ang pagkakaalam ko diba dapt after maactivate un subscriber dapat kinabukasan makukuha agad,s knya e hindi po,inabot n ng 2 month hindi p nya un binibigay ang comission ko,ang reason nya kya dw nya hinohold ang commision ko ay dahil hinihingi ko ang copy ng contrata n pinirmahan ko pra maging agent,diko kc nabasa ang nilalaman nun,saka e diba karapatan k naman un mahingi..ang kaso dinamay nya un sahod ko doon e labas n sa work unginawa nya,marami narin po galit s knya lalo n ang kapwa nya team leader..sana po ay maaksyunana ninyo agad ito at ma terminate ang tiwaling tl na yan bago dumami ang mga lolokuhin nya.tnx

  249. Leon says:

    Got mine for 598, i was getting 0.70 to 1.1 mbps, a month after, they launch their promo pay in advance and you’ll get up to 3 months of free internet. I went to their shop and got surprised they’re also giving the wi-fi router for free if you avail the 998 package. I then decided to double up my speed and avail promo. When i got home i was so excited to use my new connection and found out i was only getting 1.2mbps speed. Got disappointed but and i was hoping they just havnt activated my 2 mbps connection. Got the highest connection speeed of 1.2 in 5 days, I was calling them almost every night to complain. We run-through with their regular process of reset, and getting the signal quality which they say the connection with their relay station is GOOD. They then advised me to wait for sunday and have their technical guy visit me. That day came, the guy had his laptop with him and tested the bandwidth, its really 1.2Mbps. Then he said “Sir, marami na nga hong nag co complain, nag start po yan yung magbigay sila ng promo. Halos lahat po ng pinuntahan ko ngayon ay nagagalit dahil mabagal ang connection. Masyado na kasi madami client namin” I’m very disappointed with Wi-tribe. Ayusin nyo sana service nyo, hindi yung panay promotions. Dumadami clients nyo pero bumabagal naman surfing namin.

  250. rene says:


  251. ice says:

    dun s mga gumgamit ng p2p (torrents) ..mag pa dsl n lng kau.. wag wi tribe i tell you..

    i got the 2mbps plan ..nung 1st month nakakadownload ka ng torrents at 400 kbps

    pagktapos ng 1 month mo.. di ka na pde magdownload ng torrents .. grabe mag ThRotTle ng TOrrents tong wi tribe..
    pde ka ba magdownload ng 1 KBPS ang speed !!!!

  252. felipe montoya says:

    pls…yung signal ng wi tribe dito sa antipolo paki ayos okey…

  253. Francis Medina says:

    wat d hell is ur internet!!! super bagal!!! 2mbps na mabagal pa………BULSHIT!!!

  254. Francis Medina says:

    ur subscribers / clients are all wishing na sana wen in comes to COLLECTION MABAGAL DIN KAYO!!!

  255. kizeruki says:

    hindi naman maganda serbisyo ng wi tribe na yan… mabagal na!!! tapos mabagal pa!!! then sobrang bagal tlga!!! tapos napaka bagal pa ng UL at DL!! BOOM!! aun hindi ko na ginamit!! mabilis pa ung tattoo stick ng GLOBE na gamit ko ngaun.

  256. KARDING says:

    wla talgang kwenta ipagkakalat ko sa mga friend ko na wag cla kukuha ng wi tribe KADIRI!


    WI TRIBE SUCKS! dati medyo maayos pa mga bandang early 2010, nung nag 2011 at lalo na ngaung 2012, PUTA, gusto ko ng basagin ung modem!!! seryoso ako. ewan ko kung minority lang ba ng consumers ng witribe ang nakakaexperience nito or marami rami din. nakakainis. papacancel ko na ung wi tribe this week. magbabalik loob na ako sa dati naming internet.

    WI TRIBE SUCKS. bihira lang ako mang-bash, pero for 998 a month, hindi kayo worth it. mas mabilis pa ung mga kinakabit na usb/internet eh

    Sorry nag vent out.

  258. Maimai says:

    Me too, I am so disappointed with their service. super bagal. 2 mbps din yung samin. mabilis daw ang connection. pero mahirap pala talaga maniwala agad lalo na kung magaling mambola na highest speed ang connection nila. e mas mabilis pa nga ang dial up namin nuon sa PLDT na worth hundreds lang. mas lalo naman ang smartbro kahit umulan malakas parin ang signal at kahit 1 or 2 months pa hindi makabayad ok lang. unlike sa bulok na witribe na ito grabe, pahirapan talaga! 11 na nga ng gabi mas ini expect ko na makakagamit ako ng maayos ng internet dahil may pasok sa araw.paputol putol ang connections ng WI TRIBE! hindi lang yun, pag umuulan halos hindi na sya makahanap ng signal. location ko pala FIlinvest East Cainta, Rizal.naglalaro lang sa isa, dalawa ang nahahagap nyang signal. knowing na nasa 2nd floor na halos nakalabas na sa window namin yung pangkuha ng signal. pero napaka poor ng service nila. ang napaka grabe pa dun, once na hindi ka lang makabayad sa kanila ng 1 month putol agad. pero ang connection service nila mag susuffer ang gagamit dahil hindi mo maenjoy, lalo na at mas mabagal pa sa dial up ang service nila. yun namang agent syempre ganado magpunta may pupunta para daw ayusin. tapos pag andyan na at nakita lang na walang signal at hindi maka konek tatawagan nya pa daw yung marunong sa pc na taga ayos nila. tapos maghihintay ka nanaman ulit dumating yung tech nila tapos after a few more days ganun nanaman ulit ang problema, alam mo yun, nakakaloko. tapos syempre hihingi pa sayo ng pamasahe yung agent na nagpunta sayo. o diba san ka pa? hay kaya nga aburido ako halos araw araw. kaya plan ko na din talagang tapusin nalang yung binayad namin then GOODBYE na sa WI TRIBE na HIGH SPEED KUNO! Bulok naman pala!

  259. jhammy says:

    my trial kasi yan para sa location nyo sana ginawa nyo nagavail muna kayo sa kanila ng trial for 1 week para hindi kayo nagsisisi. dipende kasi yan sa location e.

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