Brewing Anti-Online Piracy Bill in the Philippines reports that there is a brewing plan for a bill to combat online piracy in the Philippines. A group is said to be lobbying in congress and the senate to pass a bill similar to SOPA or PIPA.

This move aims to help protect copyright owners from having their content being pirated by others, either as a hobby or for profit.

The most likely materials are movies, music, software, photos and other IP-protected content. Of course, since the record labels and the movie producers are the ones heavily affected by online piracy, they’re the ones who are doing much of the lobbying.

We already have the Business Software Alliance that’s doing the rounds in helping curb software piracy and the OMB (Optical Media Board) raiding shops and stalls selling fake CDs.

This Anti-Online Piracy proposal will bring the fight to the internet along with the coordination of concerned sites and internet service providers. The proposal is just that — still a proposal and could be patterned with the SOPA and PIPA in the US Congress but with some finer adjustments to adapt to local settings.

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This might include any or all of the following provisions and penalties:

  • Shutting down of local websites illegally distributing pirated software and apps.
  • Closing down of local sites that provide downloads of unlicensed songs or movies.
  • Blocking off international sites that are known to openly assist in illegally distributing copyrighted materials.
  • Imposing penalties on local websites that uses copyrighted materials without proper consent or attribution.
  • Imposing penalties on individuals or groups that openly share or distribute copyrighted content.

This could mean the end to a lot of local sites — sites that offer streaming TV shows (telenovelas, news, etc), blogs that offer downloads to cracks and hacks to software, forums that provide avenues for users to share copyrighted content like songs or mobile apps, and many more.

In hindsight, this proposal could also help online publishers and bloggers as well:

  • A blogger can now easily have another website or blog shut down for illegally copying articles, photos and videos.
  • A blogger can now claim damages against news portals illegally lifting their copyrighted videos and photos. We’ve reported on a number of similar cases where TV networks and online news sites taking content and photos from bloggers without prior consent or compensation.
  • Bloggers can report sites that scrape their RSS feeds and have local ISPs block these sites.
  • Web designers can run after 3rd parties that copy their designs, logos and artworks and implements it on their own website or sell them to others.

A lot of bloggers have asked me how they can protect their content from being used by others without their consent and my usual advice is for them to enable a number of technical safeguards (prevent hotlinking, watermarking, reporting to Google AdSense, filing DMCA complaints).

Having this proposal enacted into a bill will provide a lot of benefits to bloggers, website owners, independent artists and web designers.

However, and depending on how this proposal is worded, it could also have far-reaching effects on how we use and enjoy the internet. We’ve already seen how MegaUpload was recently shut down by the FBI (and according to news reports, the Philippines helped the FBI in their investigation).

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  1. Avatar for Bernard Bernard says:

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” -Thomas Jeffreson

    If this passes, post Pirated Content to RPN, SOLAR (the lawmaker’s uncle’s company), GMA, ABS-CBN, DTI, MTRCB, MPAA, RIAA, and the Philippine House of Representatives.

  2. Avatar for FLIR Camera FLIR Camera says:

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  3. Avatar for FCKConSen FCKConSen says:

    Kung ganyan rin lang. i wont enjoy my surfing. Internet is the only Freedom i have… i can do everything i want. i will quit Smart and Globe.

  4. Avatar for dan dan says:

    we have lobbyists now? what did that happen. last time i checked, lobbying is illegal in out country

  5. Avatar for be original be original says:

    another stupid waste of time.. like the anti planking law.

  6. Avatar for monmon monmon says:

    Invasion of privacy ito. Ipopolice daw tayo ng mismong mga ISP bawat ginagawa natin.

    Tapos kahit maglink lang magiging krimen? Parehas talo ang maliliit pati mga musikero at artista dito, bakit? Kasi maiimpose din sakanila ang same rules na ito at malilimit ang visibility nila online.

  7. Avatar for papa jack papa jack says:

    this is BS. I usually download free stuff on the internet, if it’s great then I buy the original to help the artist. ganun lang kasimple. If it’s crap I don’t finish reading the first chapter. same with movies.

  8. Avatar for monmon monmon says:

    Bakit walang nagoopose sa atin nga mga batas na ganito. Unlike sa US buhay na buhay ang mga mamayan nila. Talo nanaman dito ang mga maliliit.

  9. A law like this will only benefit a few ones particularly the already rich people in the country. Not the ones in the streets.

  10. Good for those whose have original, and bad for those who duplicate..

  11. Avatar for seraphica_se7en seraphica_se7en says:

    ,eto na naman tayo… paunlarin muna ang Pilipinas ndi ung inaaksaya dito sa SOPA/PIPA.. kalokohan! Ibasura dapat ang mga yan! Mga SALOT sa lipunan!

  12. Avatar for Yikes... Yikes... says:

    May mangyari kaya dito?

    Paano yung mga government sector na sila mismo di aware na copyright violator sila? Like for example: DOT na gumamit ng mga photo materials na walang permiso ng photographer na may-ari ng photos; government websites na downloaded sa internet yung stock photos; government websites na yung text ay copy-and-pasted from some other foreign website (hehe, meron nito, sobrang bobo, pati pangalan ng website na kipopyahan hindi na-edit)?

    I mean, hindi impossible na government mismo natin ay walang kaalam alam sa mga ginagawa nila.

    Isama mo pa yung taxation sa mga online stores/selling, paano kung yung server where the site is hosted ay nasa labas ng Pilipinas; paano kung yung payment gateway and/or card processor ay wala rin sa Pilipinas; paano kung yung online transaction ay hindi rin sa Pilipinas?

    IMO, walang kwenta ‘to e. Wala tayo sa tamang lugar at wala tayong kapangyarihan dito. Tulungan muna nila tayo na magkaroon ng tamang infrastructure: run and host our own servers; empower our trade and banks; etc. Hindi yung puro daldal at puro papel o pagpapel lang ang inuuna.

  13. Avatar for awaw awaw says:

    sana matuloy na!! goodbye internet lulz!! pack dis shet

    sana magunaw na din ang mundo sa 21 dec 2012

  14. Avatar for ping16 ping16 says:

    masyado namang gaya-gaya ang mga authorities natin, di na nga pumatok sa US, dito naman itutulak pa! ang tatanga na natin kung ito makaka-arangkada pa! please see on this – What’s SOBRA about SOPA

  15. Avatar for jb jb says:

    If they are talking about protection for copyrighted material. Big TV networks in the Philippines have similar programming concepts captured from the US and other countries which can be sued for. So much for SOPA/IP protection.

    In reference look what happened to Globe Tonino Lamborghini ad – it went nowhere due to violations.

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