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eBay.ph enters Group Buying with Kuponan

Despite the official entry of global giant Groupon in the Philippines, it did not stop more players to compete in the online group buying frenzy in the country. Even eBay Philippines launched their very own “social buying” service called Kuponan.

realme philippines

The homepage of Kuponan is a little hard to remember (http://kuponan.ebaysocialapps.com) although the latest deals are always posted on the home page of eBay.ph itself.

The mechanics for their social shopping is practically the same as Groupon’s and most other group buying sites.

The biggest advantage of eBay.ph here is that they already have hundreds of thousands of users (most of which are already the buying demographics). Sheer numbers and good deals can make them the service to beat this year. Besides, group buying is all about sales numbers anyway.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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  1. kuponan is one of the top group buying sites in pinoypresyo.com

    check out

  2. Ritchie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Check out this new Group Buying Site. They are giving a way an iPad 2 and best of all you get P100 discount credit when you sign up.

    They let you earn as well, They are the only company that offers a Multi-Level Referral/Affiliate program. And members get to earn commission from buys generated from their Referral Network up to 3 referral levels.

    Read more: http://groupdeals.ph/?r=hcJA2DBKhQNt1RMxgXrpONU730XVdiOK

    Thank you.

  3. Thank you for this blog entry! For a much simpler URL, you can simply type in www.kuponan.ph. :) Keep on purchasing deals from eBay Kuponan.

  4. Hello Everyone.

    Visit us at: www.catchthedeal.com.ph

    To celebrate the opening launch of “Catch the Deal”. We are giving away an Apple Ipad 2 and a trip for two to Boracay with accommodation included.
    All you have to do is “Like our Facebook Page” and “Register” on the website (www.catchthedeal.com.ph). Its that easy and its free….

    Good Luck to Everyone.

    Thank you from the Catch the Deal team…

  5. Jhopong says:

    Metrodeal has already changed their “Buti Pa Ang Biglaang Lakad Natutuloy; Ang Planado, Hindi!” page to “Metrodeal Philippines”. My friends from the province were shocked and were really enraged! Well, that’s life :D

    BTW, how’s new players, Salamat, Pakyaw and http://dealspot.ph?

  6. pj says:

    Hi, Your weblog appears awesome – complete with interesting content articles.. and so forth. Your own stuff is very nice… Keep it up! -Dealies Philippines :-)

  7. Ryan says:

    I actually bought that deal, Gold’s Gym, from ebay.. But I really enjoyed it!!
    But for me twangoo.com/manila rocks. I love their deals. Especially their deals for this valentines. 66% off on Salon de San Lorenzo for their Hair & Make-up with Mani and Pedi.. Perfect gift for my girlfriend…

  8. Yuppie says:

    I recently purchased something using a different site here in the Philippines and it was ok, the minimum number of vouchers need to be sold for the offer to remain active. Mura talaga sya! nakaka amaze kaya everyday I wait for the new offers to get posted.

  9. Faith S. says:

    Hi Abe!

    “The homepage of Kuponan is a little hard to remember….”

    You may also just type in http://kuponan.com/

  10. carlo says:

    Sabi sa isang post, group buying business model is so ‘easy’ to copy/reimplement , kaya yan, ang dami ng kaparehas.

  11. I don’t really understand how group buying works but it looks like it is something worth exploring. Has anyone tried Groupon or any group buying site in the Philippines? How does it work?

  12. tdc says:

    Haha these grammar nazis are funny. “It did not stop” is correct. There’s this other person in another post that commentd on the usage of advice vs advise, tapos mali din sinabi niya. Wag na kasing mag-correct kung hindi naman sigurado. Basta hindi naman jejemon language, siguro pwede namang pagbigyan. lol

  13. Titter says:

    @laess throwing a bunch of grammar rules around isn’t helping yuga nor disprove the guy named grammar

  14. Miguel says:

    I wonder who approved that name.

    Does eBay PH have a local (in the Philippines) product team?

  15. Yogi says:

    The Consumer Welfare Division (CWD) under the Bureau of Trade Regulation and Consumer Protection (BTRCP) of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is now ready to accept your complaints regarding the defective phones and poor customer & aftersales service of Cherry Mobile. Please email your complaints to [email protected]

  16. Benchmark33 says:

    I heard about this…sometimes it is tempting but then again, I hope ebay.ph will have an Ipad (or other gadget) for group buying! Hahahahaha A sure HIT indeed!

  17. supernaut says:

    This is good for consumers. More choices everyday!

  18. Laess says:

    ^Excuse me, when one uses the auxiliary verb do and its forms (does and did) it is always followed by the main verb’s main form.

    Double check before you correct.

  19. grammar says:

    good info sir abe! thanks

    “it DID not stopPED” —- this is a common mistake

    Warning: i am not an authority in english grammar

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