Facebook introduces its own standalone Groups app

Facebook introduces its own standalone Groups app

Facebook just announced another app to add to its current roster with Groups, a better way to stay connected to the ones that matter to you the most.


From class subject note sharings and organization updates to clubs that share the same passion and second hand buy and sell markets, Facebook knows that everyone loves groups. The company now makes it easier for Android and iOS users to easily get in touch with their groups, collaborate with the ones you need the most, and receive notifications right off the bat.



Aside from creating group content, there is also an option to discover more of the things you love: The discover tab brings you an array of groups you can choose to join with depending on your current interests and likes.

Facebook, however, mentioned that they will still maintain the desktop and main app group features, and they will not go away soon. You can try the new Facebook Groups app as the Menlo Park giant rolls it out on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store starting today.


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