Google's Closing the Nexus One Online Store

Google’s Closing the Nexus One Online Store

When Google opened up their online store to exclusively sell the Nexus One, it was deemed a radical move in the US because of the mix-and-match approach.

The handset was never offered in retail stores (not even on display) and the only way to get it was on the online store. Buyers are also given the option to get it unlocked or with a plan from a choice of telcos.

nexus one


Google also promised that other future Google-branded Android handsets will be sold in the online store. It was a nice idea and if there’s someone who can pull that kind of stunt in the US, it would have been Google.

Alas, the strategy proved to be hard to pull off. For one, telcos didn’t like the idea that they don’t have control (Verizon pulled out of the deal and opted to support the HTC Incredible instead).

As such, Google decided not to push thru with the plans and announced it will soon close down the online store. Google added that it will instead work with local carriers to offer the Nexus One.

So for us here in the Philippines, this could mean one of two things — (1) you won’t be able to order the Nexus One and other future Google handsets on the online store and have it shipped here or (2) maybe expect one of the local carriers like Smart or Globe to partner with Google and offer the Nexus One locally.

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16 Responses

  1. [email protected]â„¢ says:

    darn…. so bad…. :(

  2. Jhay says:

    I think Smart would bag the deal since the iPhone is already distributed locally by Globe. :D

  3. Fleeb says:

    Globe has the high-end market, sort of. Depends on the contract. I am waiting for EVO 4G should it be launch locally or maybe a Froyo phone.

  4. anonymous says:

    If there is a phone getting froyo today it would be the n1. ;)

    –happy n1 user

  5. snpklsdmbldr says:

    hello HTC Desire :D

  6. You can easily grab a Nexus One (Unlocked) via Ebay, although you’ll be paying a hefty shipping and probably some custom fees (you know the case ;-) )

  7. rye says:

    Dapat pala makabili na. :D

  8. Jon says:

    Well, it isn’t that bad. We can only hope Google can strike up a good deal with our local carriers. Smart has offered the HTC Magic at a very low price. I hope we see a good deal from them or any carrier soon.

  9. xtian1986 says:

    people who want to buy phones want to check out the phones first. that’s one of the reasons their online store didn’t click much.

  10. yuga says:

    @xtian1986 – not always the case. Over 1 million people bought the Apple iPad before they were able to “check it out”.

  11. xtian1986 says:

    well there are people who buys products just because it’s branded APPLE, and yes they reach millions.

  12. Angie says:

    I agree on Jhay’s comment, also, HTCs are distributed in the Philippines by Smart. But if Smart grabs the deal, no Nexus for me!

    But who knows?

  13. roiji says:

    i hope with this event we’ll see HTC push more high end android phones here in the philippines…

    i think i saw a nexus one in megamall…

    i think that htc evo 4g won’t work here.. it’s on CDMA we’re on GSM. (not that CDMA is better)

  14. Pepe says:

    This just makes me sad :(

    Mostly because of the telcos abusing a good company’s intent of making something freely available. Damn you capitalism!

  15. Bianca says:

    The HTC Incredible looks pretty awesome. Do you think it’ll come here in the Philippines? I like it.

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