Hack attack in progress

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  1. Yes, a very important warning indeed. If I could just add emphasis on the “upgrade to the latest stable version” part, that’s how I got bitten. Actually, the provider of the software that had the vulnerability in it, discovered the problem and quickly provided a fix on the mailing list, of which I was a member. However, I put it on my “to do” list where I promptly forgot about it and never applied the fix, only to get hacked a month or so later.

    So yes, keep your software and plug-ins up to date!


  2. Dorene says:

    What should be the permission code if not 777?

  3. journeyist says:

    Does this mean a blog is LESS vulnerable if it has no plugins?

    …and just curious, is this vulnerability issue via plugins also present when using other blogging platforms, like blogspot for instance?

  4. yuga says:

    @ Bob – lessons learned. ;)

    @ Dorene – I suggest 644, unless otherwise specified by the app.

    @ journeyist – yup, less is more secure. If you’re on BlgoSpot, LiveJournal or other hosted sites, less worry for you since it’s the provider that takes care of it. Plugins pose more threat because they come from varying sources.

  5. skiper says:

    Yuga, I encountered error on your site last friday and I blogged about it..

    Check this out. This might help.

  6. yuga says:

    skiper, yup dude, read about it last Saturday. Wasn’t able to comment kase closed ata. but thanks for the info. :)

  7. jozzua says:

    Annoying.. hack attacks. Good luck with it Abe.

  8. sparks says:

    Nakakatakot naman itong post na ito. :(

  9. I’ve seen that attempted on sites with the Amember membership script. It’s as if someone is trying to get hold of usernames and passwords so that they can log into the members-only folder.

  10. jhay says:

    I think I was hacked before when the Ploghost server that hosted the .com.ph blogs went hay-wired just before the MOA Blogger meetup.

    My blog’s DB was wiped clean! Good thing I had backups on standby, otherwise, I’d gone insane! ;)

  11. Jaypee says:

    A lot of blogs have been defaced recently. One notable site that was recently hacked was CSS Remix.

    That’s why it’s always advisable to have a backup of your DB offline in case of emergency.

    Good luck with the hack attacks! :D

  12. eric says:

    hay nakakatakot naman…

    boss abe, pwede makapa upgrade ng WP ko. pag di ka na busy.


  13. Thanks for the link!

    Fortunately, I wasn’t hacked. A PHP hack doesn’t do much if your site is running ASP.NET. ;)

  14. wites says:

    since wordpress is built under php, there’s more to it than just upgrading to the latest version. one way of securing your blog or any websites that run php should check their php config (php.ini) for “disable_functions”

    here are some of the commonly abused php functions that should be disabled

    show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, phpinfo, popen, proc_open, allow_url_fopen

    but be warned that some client web scripts may break with some of these functions disabled.

  15. Just wanted to add a bit more. It wasn’t WordPress or my blog that was hacked, but a different 3rd-party PHP app on a different server, just in case that wasn’t totally clear.

    For my particular hack, permissions wouldn’t have helped much as it essentially gave them as much rights as the web server process itself (which was not root, but enough to create zombies or other web-based daemons). What actually saved me was the server runs on a PPC and not X86 platform, so most of their executables they tried to upload didn’t work.

    And whether it’s PHP, ASP, JSP, or whatever, the message is still the same. Anytime to use stuff from a third-party, you’re opening yourself to potential vulnerabilities.

    Mine’s been closed for a while now, but it sure hasn’t stopped them from still trying. :)

  16. henryc says:

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  17. Teenburg says:

    i’m use WP Security Scan plugin

  18. t3chn1c1.0 says:

    hey man!
    looks like you got so many followers i need your help on reporting some sites i have hacked before some black hats could deface them. especially the website of sun cellular which i still haven’t publish on my blog.

  19. nah. yah man. hard ?

    will everybody knows about that, but what shall we do? even we comment here we cannot deny the fact that it is been done already. the thing that i can say is that do thing that can make the hackers paralysed.

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