Have you exported your Friendster account?

Have you exported your Friendster account?

Earlier this week, Friendster announced that they will be deleting all blogs, photos, comments and groups created or uploaded on their site. They then asked users to export them before May 31.

When I got the news, I thought I should go and log in again to my Friendster account and export my files. Friendster was also trending on Twitter that day because of the announcement.


Four days later, I still haven’t gone to the site downloaded my data. Then I realized, why bother? I don’t think I even started a blog there or uploaded a lot of important photos. I wasn’t a Friendster-type of person then, the same way I’m not really a Facebook-type now.

In any case, do people really bother to go thru all that or they just let their account die a natural death? I reckon, one day, this too will happen to Facebook and Twitter.

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35 Responses

  1. Jervis says:

    I think Friendster is in the doldrums to many. So unless I really made the site my ultimate storage of blogs and precious photos, then I would definitely export it. But I didn’t so, why bother hehe

    In the case of Twitter and Facebook suffering the same fate… With the way they innovate their services, I really don’t see it coming. :)

  2. Wakocoke says:

    facebook is one of the most (if not, the most) registered users in the internet. malabong matulad yan sa friendster. standard way of communication na din natin yung FB/Twitter sa internet. i doubt malalaos yan

  3. arj says:

    done exporting. perhaps the exported files will come in handy even though it’s not that urgent. frienster will be reformatted as stated in the news.

  4. name says:

    @wakocoke: Everything has it’s terminal point. We can’t say that Facebook is endless, nor we can say that Twitter is. Though they’re what you call the standard way of communication, let’s all remember na kahit ang pinakasikat na artista ay nalalaos at nawawala din. Don’t get me wrong cuz I am an avid FB user and I tweet like 10-20 times a day.
    I just hope hindi pa ngayon, cuz I have like thousands of photos on my FB account, and I’ll die if Facebook will just shut down while I’m left dying because all my captured memories are gone.

    • Wakocoke says:

      facebook and twitter innovates unlike dun sa mga artista na sinasabi mo. malabo na mareplace yang dalawang yan kasi sila na yung may most number of users pagdating sa social networking. hindi ganun kadali magmigrate from one site to another. kung marereplace man sila, i doubt kasing famous un ng former.

  5. didn’t bother exporting my friendster account. I deleted it right away..

  6. mousepad says:

    Friendster will transform itself from a social networking site to a social gaming and music site. Much like PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade services…

  7. florencia says:

    I deleted my friendster account months ago.

  8. Lester says:

    It wont happen to facebook. that might happen to this blog I would say.

  9. Benchmark says:

    I have my hacked friendster account…so its not my problem anymore to export the files…its his…heheheh

    as for every social networking site, well I agree…nothing will last forever…malalaos din ang lahat.

    Just as a suggestion…have a hard copy of every blog you have or notes saved in your PC than somewhere else…photos? Print them…iba pa din ang may printed photos… :-) Save your photos in your pc or somewhere safe…you can never tell when your account will be hacked…better save than sorry. :-)

  10. jadee says:

    , i have thousands of photos sa friendster,, hschool pa ko nung umpisahan kong mag upload,,, ngayon nasira ang pc ko, at tanging sa friendster nalang may copy ng pictures,, ano po pinaka madali na way save/import ang mga pictures? … hhuhu baka mag isasa ako mag save ng picts..

    • Totem says:

      You have to download the app advertised by Friendster and once the backup is complete, you will be sent an email redirecting you to your archived photos, profile, info..

    • jadee says:

      where can i download the app? thanks

    • David Z says:

      Log into your friendster account, then go to the home or main page. You’ll see something like Export at the left column.

    • jadee says:

      found it, thanks to your help,, but downloading my profile is giving me a hard time, the zip file is always broken

  11. Nestor says:

    hello, kaka join ko lang po kahapon sa friendster. :-)

  12. HAHAman says:

    I wonder how people will react if Fb and twitter were gone. Tignan nyo nga oh, Kahit yung rumors na mawawala na ang fb have gone viral. pa
    Pano pa kaya pagnakatotoo?

  13. Benchmark says:

    Dati kasi, most of the people are in friendster…nagexpand na yung network availability plus masmarami nang na-expose sa computer, dun naman din dumating ang facebook and tweeter. So yung mga newbie sa network world, dun sumali, and since yung mga friednster user, di nagpaiwan, they make an account sa facebook. It’s like upgrading a phone. Some stayed at friendster, some went to facebook.

  14. supergelo says:

    I didn’t I have deactivated my account years ago. I also think that friendster does not quench my thirst for social networking. I have been into facebook ever since. :)

  15. someone says:

    Did it last night. Sayang din yung mga pics / comments na nasa account.

    Atleast friendster made a way for users to save (export) all of their personal data in a non-tedious process.

  16. joel says:

    why? ano meron sa friendster?

  17. jason24589 says:

    I deleted my Friendster account since February. I’m sticking to my permanent Facebook.

  18. jason24589 says:

    According to GSMArena. The white iPhone 4 is thicker than the black version.


  19. daniel says:

    i also doubt facebook and twitter ay madedefunct. almost a billion users combined twitter and facebook and counting… i think that is impossible…expecially the updates making it more useful…. it’ll surely gain more and more users until every human being has account on it

  20. Livedito says:

    i agree with you yuga i think this will also happen to facebook and twitter. Innovations are too fast.

  21. Tin A Pie says:

    i did export files from there just this weekend. my college life had a lot of updates from there.

    as for facebook i don’t have an account so if it suffers the same fate i won’t mind.

    for twitter, i just recently signed up to follow a particular person. when it starts to lose it’s spot i’m okay with it.

  22. pogi says:

    sa palagay ko rin, may katapusan din itong fb at twitter. kung friendster nga hindi natin naisip dati na mawawala until fb and twitter came. panapanahon lang yan.

  23. phets says:

    I have deleted my friendster account a long time ago.. though I wish an exporter existed before I deleted my account. haha

  24. meisaia says:

    wanted to. pero it was too late. sayang mga comments. and we need to preserve history so dapat talaga sinave ko yun. sayang. :|

  25. val says:

    I think FB and Twitter will also suffer the same fate if another interesting social network will disrupt them, which I think is not going to happen soon. :)

  26. Kiran says:

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  27. Kiran says:

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