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McAfee: .HK, .CN and .INFO domains most dangerous

McAfee reveals that the most dangerous websites are those hosted on “.hk” (Hong Kong), “.cn” (China) and “.info” (information) domains. Dangerous — meaning, malicious malware sites or just plain old spammy sites.

Of all “.hk” sites McAfee tested, it flagged 19.2 percent as dangerous or potentially dangerous to visitors; it flagged 11.8 percent of “.cn” sites and 11.7 percent of “.info” sites that way. That’s 1 in every 5 .HK domains!

Other risky domains include “.ro” (Romania), with 6.8 percent, and “.ru” (Russia), with 6 percent of sites flagged as dangerous.

A little more than 5 percent of the sites under the “.com” domain — the world’s most popular — were identified as dangerous. dotPH sites are nowhere on the list, which is good right?

{source: Associated Press}

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11 Responses

  1. Kenneth says:

    .INFO domain extensions were considered as a spammers domain if I’m not mistaken?

    Also, most ccTLD’s like the China one’s are harmful due to their undescribed and unclear content IMO.

  2. Patrick says:

    @Kenneth, correct. Maybe because you can register a .info domain very cheap. ooopss..i got a .info domain. hehe.

  3. Erin says:

    .ph are not in the list because of the exorbitant prices being charged for it. and filipinos have a reputation of wanting more for less so they opt for the more non-localized or cheap domains (like .info and .tk).


  4. spidamang says:

    “The Philippines (.ph) experienced a 270% increase in overall riskiness”

    The pdf report showed that .ph got riskier.


  5. P365D says:

    So much for China’s Great Firewall lol :D

  6. It’s a firewall to protect their citizens from us, not to protect us from them. Haha joke only :p

    Well, that’s the very reason why I stopped using my .info domains and switched to other TLDs or ccTLDs (not .ph tho, too expensive, not even in my list of ccTLDs to consider and recommend).

  7. Andre says:

    No spammers can afford .ph

  8. Kiven says:

    .ph domains pWns spammers.

  9. SELaplana says:

    so, next time, i will use the .ph for spamming …. LOL

  10. Lol @SELaplana

    I guess being expensive keeps the domain from being use for spamming. Haha.

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