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Nokia beats Apple, Google as top brand in Philippines

A recent survey by Nielsen and Campaign revealed that Nokia is the top brand in the Philippines, across all markets (not just tech), beating Apple and Google.

The report, published last month (full story requires paid subscription here) puts Nokia as the #1 favorite brand in the country.

The top 10 brands that made it to the list are the ff.


Top 10 Favorite Brands
Nokia – 84%
Nescafe – 80%
Lucky Me – 75%
Energizer – 73%
Jollibee – 65%
Selecta – 57%
C2 – 51%
Gatorade – 51%
Cobra – 49%
SM Malls – 49%

Interestingly, Nokia is also the only tech brand that’s on the list. Not even Apple or Google, which usually get very good ratings in the US, made it to the top 10.

The survey was conducted from a random sample of 1,000 respondents in urban areas in the Philippines.

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35 Responses

  1. doms says:

    Nokia being no. 1 is understandable. Filipinos embraced cellphones and Nokia is the first big brand of those.

    The Apple’s iphones & Google’s android smartphones are not yet a household brands to most Filipinos.

    I’m just curious how energizer made it to no. 4? Isn’t eveready more known?

    • Sony says:

      And mas reliable tong Nielsen kesa sa dating survey ba ginawa ng Kantar.

    • viva says:

      oo mas pinaniniwalaan ang nielsen ng pinoy kasimay free groceries w/ 500 pesos eh sa kantar wala sa hirap ba naman ng buhay ngayon dun na ako sa may free…

    • Sony says:

      Ah yung mga sinabi ng witnesses ng ABS na nakamaskara? Yun pala mga terminated employees sila ng GMA dati? Kaya pala ang Kantar ABS lang ang subscriber at ang Nielsen ay Solar TV, TV5, DZMM, GMA, etc. How pathetic! Sorry Yuga for this, pero sira talaga ang Kantar sa mga advertisers kaya mas malaki kinita ng smaller GMA v. ABS sa 1st quarter ng 2011.

  2. Bossing says:

    Dual Sim Kayo dyan…..

  3. randomThoughts says:

    i guess it shows that the philippines isn’t really an internet connected country..

  4. Menard says:

    It will be helpful if we can also know the Top 10 list for Tech.

    Because I find it weird that we compare Google and Apple versus Nescafe, Lucky Me, Energizer and the rest.

    But this is Nielsen so I guess I need to read how their methodology for the survey.

  5. Rj says:

    For obvious reasons, nokia is abot kaya.

  6. NonsenseSurvey says:

    “The survey was conducted from a random sample of 1,000 respondents in urban areas in the Philippines.”

    the sampling size is too small to be reflective of any logical or sensible conclusion.

    • jorge says:

      Not necessarily. Sampling methods are more important than sheer sample size, unless we’re talking census data.

    • ereon says:

      well, that’s a quite good number of respondents. you don’t need 150,000 people to ask for that. that’s the main reason why survey exists.

    • Mat says:

      I actually agree with the poster. 1k cannot represent a city, much less a country. They did not even state the audience so for all we know the data is speed towards a certain class.

      It is reasonable to be skeptical of this survey.

      And where is cdrking in all this?

  7. dan says:

    cant afford kasi ang apple compare sa nokia. kaya mag no. 1 talaga ang nokia

  8. jade says:

    that’s my brand! :)

  9. NokiaisNumber1? says:

    not a surprise.. what do you expect from a country na laging huli sa lahat? japan nga nagsara na ang nokia dun e.. parang toys r us lang yan e, nagsara sila sa US, pero nilipat nila lahat dito sa asia.. ginagawa tayong taga-ubos ng hindi nila nabenta.. ganyan din nokia, magsasara na yan sa ibang bansa, pero sa pilipinas meron pa.. o san ka pa?

  10. alain says:

    probable reasons:
    1. nokia forefront nung “text age” sa pilipinas
    2. mahal ang mga matitinong phones
    3. mahirap mgbago ang mga pinoy

  11. jhepoyski says:

    nalimutan ko yung term, pero parang yan yung sa tindahan pag bumili daw ng toothpaste imbes na sabihin pabili ng toothpaste ang sinasabi is pabili ng colgate yung close-up.

  12. mr. bogus III says:

    TAKE NOTE: the top brand not top cellphone sales!!!

    very funny about nokia today is they are competing to cherry and myphone for dual sim and not for samsung, lg e.t.c. … WTF…

    tagal ng windows phone nila…

    • cindy says:

      i definitely agree that Nokia is still number one here in the phil :) i know na marami ring may gusto ng ibang brands, but Nokia pa rin halos lahat ng kilala ko

  13. ereon says:

    sa tingin ko, yung ibang pinoys, nokia lang ang alam nilang brand and myphone. based on my experience. lol

  14. mr. bogito says:

    TAKE NOTE: top brand and survey was conducted from a random sample of 1,000 respondents in urban areas

    and i cannot believe that they are competing to cherry and myphone for dual sim cp and not for samsung, apple etc… WTF!!!

    tagal ng windows cp nila

  15. Yogi says:

    seems about right to me.

  16. XxXxX says:

    lupit ng cobra! pasok pa sa top 10

  17. Gary says:

    Are you sure nescafe??? I think you’ve made a mistake.. It’s Coca Cola.

  18. goodha says:

    bakit nga ba wala ang coke na softdrink? c2 iced tea drink i would understand but coke? what about yung pangmasang sabon na safeguard or yung pangmasang deodorant/anti perspirant na rexona? does this mean, okay na huwag maligo basta may nokia cellphone? lol.

  19. 21 says:

    Habang may naghihirap sa bansang to, Nokia will always be the no. 1 brand of cellphones in the Philippines.

  20. For now, I agree with the survey about Nokia as the top brand in the Philippines.

  21. affordable kasi most of the units ng NOkia kaya kaya ng Pinoy. at saka, malaking bagay ung parang nokia ung nag-introduce ng cellphone sa Philippines, although meron ng mga naunang brands pero nokia ung mas madami at pumatok sa masa.

  22. quzaqi says:

    pwede rin naman na napamahal na sa mga pinoy ang brand and not just because of their long presence but perhaps – just perhaps – dahil sa kanilang service support. being a resident of mindanao, it is important for me na merong available na customer service center ang isang brand especially if it is a tech product. i once owned an alcaltel, i own a samsung phone, i had a sony ericsson, i also have a nokia phone. of all, nokia lng may service center. punyeta yong ibang brand na yan. yong mga nasa manila, ok lng naman kayo kasi lahat yata ng brand merong service center dyan. and do i have to mention na nokia lng naman ang nagtiyaga dito sa amin na magbenta ng maraming phones nila? aside from samsung and cherry mobile na masipag din (though not as much as nokia) the rest are on “order basis.” crap!!!

  23. I VOTE FOR NOKIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  24. jonski22 says:

    Energizer at No.4?????

    paano ba sila tinanong dito?

    How about Samsung? It’s look like Samsung is everywhere, the Champ, the Corby 1 and 2, those flat TV’s, MP3 players, Laptop..

  25. kuwatog says:

    Kaya nasa Top 4 ang energizer, madalas pa din ginagamit ang battery, lalo na sa probinsya.. radyo kadalasan gamit nila na de-baterya.

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