Php50 Million to redesign

Php50 Million to redesign

Forgot to blog about this last week but if you haven’t read it from, the Philippine government portal is allocation Php50 Million big bucks just to re-design the front-end of the portal.

Dang, Php50 M is a lot! What are they planning to put up there? A circus?

The total budget was actually Php110 Million but half of it is allocated to do an online payment gateway. Developing a gateway to serve as an e-payment facility for government agencies like the SSS, GSIS, BIR, Customs and the likes is pretty much understandable.


But Php50 M is just way too much for a new design. Not even the biggest corporations in the Philippines spent that much to design their websites.

I smell something fishy here.

Fulls story here: Gov’t portal up for redesign at

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16 Responses

  1. Sassy says:

    best way to smell out the fish is to apply. mahanap kung nasan yung bulok.

  2. Fleeb says:

    My highschool classmate who is currently studying PolSci in AdMU and had a stint in one of our Senator’s office told me something about government projects. In this case, I could infer from what my friend told me that:

    10m (or even way less) is only the actual budget for that project. The rest… yeah stinkin fishy!

  3. kates says:

    With the level of greed they have in the gov’t, we’d be lucky if there’ll be fish to smell. Ubos lahat yan kahit bulok.

  4. yuga says:

    Then I should try and bid for this project. :D

  5. kutitots says:

    50M? ano yun, patatayuan rin nila ng building yung website???!!!

    and here i was, feeling guilty for filing our company’s taxes late…

    too much yan for frontend. san nila papagawa? sa 2advanced??? RIGHT.

  6. kzap says:

    what a scam, someone should take the fall for this BS

  7. Jayvee F. says:

    this is one big bag of WTF!

  8. says:

    OVER! Grabe naman yan! Puede ka kayang mag-bid para dyan, Abe?

  9. demonhale says:

    Hey Abe, we should team up with a bunch of other coders and designers to try and do this, maybe its fishy but we souldnt know unless we try…

    Anyways the report says “front-end” … Maybe they are pertaining to the whole website pages over the database and system under it… It doesnt necessarilly mean just the front-page…

  10. 50 million pesos for a design? that’s insane
    something fishy that is

  11. Basang Panaginip says:

    Even if you take into account all the equipment, the the salary of multitudes of developers, and even if it take years to develop, the net amount wouldn’t be anywhere near close on their declared cost.

  12. albert8 says:

    Wow, are they kidding me? 50M just for the front-end. WTF! I only get 30K for a suffisticated CMS and the government is going to pay that much for just the front-end?

  13. Under procurement regulations today, vendors or service providers can only bid for projects that have handled similar projects of no less than 50% of the project cost. That means you should be able to show that you’ve handled a website project worth 25 million pesos.

  14. omski says:

    Maybe that includes a data center and several high end servers ;-) ..we need to see the public bid docs first …gov would not open their mouth on obvious corruption schemes…they are way “experts” on these kinds of deals..;-)

  15. Jerome says:

    hehe thats funny. even the most proficient web design company implementing full web standards wont charge that much. the government should wake up, they need foreign monitoring bodies to check on this. 50 million for a design? give me a break. an irony, if they just use those other funds in the right way, many public universities can benefit from it by having a website. why not implement a central emailing system and individualized websites for all public universities and government bodies so that students and employees can benefit from it instead of pocketing the money of the people!

  16. KaiT says:

    That’s a lot! There are some free easy & excellent tools, like where they can renew their website without spending so much..

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