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Pinoy Lucas Films & Disney artist confirms Rey Skywalker! [UPDATED]

UPDATE: (June 22, 2016) The camp of Mr. Rodel Gonzalez reached out to us and stated that the alleged “Rey Skywalker” artwork was mistakenly labeled by the printer and was corrected immediately. We are attaching their official statement below.

“We would like to clarify that Mr. Rodel Gonzalez is a Disney Fine Art artist and is no way involved in production, storyline or has prior knowledge towards any Star Wars or Disney film. The alleged “Rey Skywalker” piece was mistakenly labeled by the printer and was corrected immediately. It is unfortunate that the said mistake was deemed as any confirmation of the character’s lineage in the article posted. The said piece is an original study work of the artist and has no official title and only named Rey to identify the character. Mr. Gonzalez does interpretative art for Star Wars which means that it does not necessarily have to be from an exact footage, scene or storyline but used only as an inspiration for his creative freedom thus his work does not confirm nor influence outcome or history of the movies.”

Original article below. Posted June 12, 2016.

An art exhibit in Solaire potentially reveals that the female protagonist in the new Star Wars trilogy is indeed actually a Skywalker.


My sisters were browsing through the exhibit when they contacted me about this specific theory being confirmed. Beneath the painting done by Rodel Gonzalez, the only Filipino licensed by Disney & Lucas Films, lies the title “Rey Skywalker”, and is for sale in the exhibit for Php120,000. Seeing the credibility of the artist and following all the speculation on Rey’s lineage, it is hard to deny that she may actually be a Skywalker.


Now this would allow for a lot of implications. Luke is most likely her father who left her before the movies, and the person off to kill all of the Jedi could actually be her half-brother cousin. If you wish to see it for yourself, or buy the rather amazing painting, it is still on until June 30.

Update: Sorry ’bout that. Kylo Ren is not Rey’s half-brother.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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8 Responses

  1. Mang Tomas says:


  2. Diego delos santos says:

    Disney bought lucasfilms along with the indiana jones franchise in the middle of last season of star wars clone wars which was considered as the final canon or holy scriptures from the mind and creativity of george lucas. After that any stories, plots, sub plots amd timelines are from the minds of disney writers. Dave filoni is currently directing the on going star wars rebels series for kids which is partly still george lucas story.im an old school puritanical fan of star trek and star wars so when jj abrahms took the helm for both i was not impressed with his writing. Under this new kid both star trek and star wars storylines are wrong. I have read up to the vhong story to the jedi legacy of the twins where jacen became a sith and jaina is training with bobba fett to hunt him down. One good thing jj the village idiot abrahms did was to spark new generational fans of both the series. But for old timers like me im not impressed. Its all about the benjamins na lng and corporate america making zombie idiot fans.

    • hee hee says:

      Wow. Such fan. So much. – yoga / doge but seriously i think all fans from any franchise which borederlines geekdoms are all acting like tiny whiny little b*tch*s nowadays

    • Xntr says:

      Love it when old geeks bitch about everything. You can always watch your old overrated movies and ignore the new ones.

  3. emignatius says:

    Kylo Ren, half brother? I knew it. Incest! LOL.

  4. SlighMD says:

    “and the person off to kill all of the Jedi could actually be her half-brother”

    I get it that Rey could actually be Luke’s daughter, but Kylo Ren? The son of Leia might be her half brother? Meaning Luke and Leia, who are brother and sister… incest?

  5. G_girl143 says:

    This has been debunked guys. The title was a mistake. StormtrooperLarry reached out to Rodel and he clarified that this work is original and does NOT have the Certificate of Authenticity handed over to officially canon works The Truth Behind the Licensed “Rey Skywalker … – StormtrooperLarry.com https://stormtrooperlarry.com/2016/06/12/the-puzzle-of-the-rey-skywalker-painting/

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