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Satellite Internet on the Island costs Php9k

One of my biggest problems when going on vacation in one of the smaller islands in Palawan is lack of internet connectivity. The one we’re staying right now (Coral Bay, Coron) doesn’t even have electricity 24/7 and we’re only able to charge our gadgets in the evening (6pm to 6am).

The most common combo around here is a gas-powered electric generator and satellite internet.

And it’s an effective combo and a really expensive one. The satellite internet alone costs no less than Php9,000 per month for an entry-level plan. The owner of the resort forgot what was the promised speed but I can tell you it’s no better than a dial-up connection.

It’s so slow I can hardly load Speedtest.net properly.

So okay, I finally got one test out.

But in remote areas like Coron, Palawan where Globe doesn’t even have a decent signal (you’d be glad to see 1 bar but 90% of the time there’s no signal) and Smart can barely sustain GPRS for mobile internet, you don’t have any choice but to go satellite.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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32 Responses

  1. Rico says:

    Anakputa ang bagal. Baby kupal satellite.

  2. Pusang Kulog says:

    If there’s a 1 bar signal, a Repeater and a signal booster will most likely help and speed up the connection… Most probably, it would be better than a 0.08Mb download speed.

  3. Jonathan says:

    On the up side you can really enjoy nature, old school enjoyment at its finest!

    • Gadhou says:

      +1 . . . It’s what I presume you went there in the first place. Some love from mother nature.

    • Digest says:

      I agree.

      Dapat naman talaga ganito ang purpose sa pagpunta sa mga ganyan na lugar at hindi kung ano anong borloloy dala mo. Sir Yuga, magtaka ka kung ganyan speed ng net tapos nasa bahay, office or mall ka. lol

  4. dan says:

    ^yup that’s the whole idea which is to enjoy nature, tech savy people and remote paradise island doesn’t mix. TF i don’t want to go to the tip of davao oriental just to post a comment or tweet something

  5. vince says:

    for emergencies ther’s always the cantenna or a wok-fi style reflector for increasing the cellphone signals, if you have a neighboring island with a cellsite thats above the horizon

  6. techjunkeez says:

    anyway, palawan is a place where you can forget for a while everything about technology. enjoy being there and don’t stressed yourself too much with the not-so-close-to-dial-up internet speed :P

  7. manaka_junpei says:

    balikan natin ang nakaraang dekada kung ang internet connection noon 56kbps until lumaki pa ang bandwidth, pero ang Satellite Internet noong nakaraang dekada ay 256kbps Download speed, malamang yung 0.08 DL speed is equivalent to 768kbps or less maybe dial-up speed na mga 14.4kbps na parang noong BBSing days pa yan.

  8. carloxy says:

    went to palawan 2 months ago, but in elnido not coron, the internet there is fast, not super fast but enough to watch youtube while doing some browsing. the most relaxing thing i did there is to lay by the beach, watch the sunset while browsing my laptop( cause the our cottage is so close to the beach ). Good thing we went to elnido instead of coron hehe

  9. Berto Putik says:

    Parang ganyan sa province nmn..pro mas malala pa ang oras ng kuryente. from 6pm to 11pm.

    Pero sa totoo lang..pag andun ako.di ko na ginagalaw ang netbook at cp(kahit may signal pa) kc uumuuwi ako ng province para mag relax at lumayo muna sa magulong buhay sa syudad pansamantala.

  10. mattscradle says:

    buti pa nga dyan meron kahit .08mbps dito sa tondo ganun din hindi ko ma load ang speedtest.net dahil sa bagal ng internet ng globe.

  11. Dan_md says:

    Anak ng tipaklong, ang bagal nga ng satellite connection na yan. Siguro sa Sputnik 1 pa yan naka-connect.

  12. SpiderHam says:

    I think this is the place you can enjoy the freedom from the grasp of technology. The only problem is you need internet for your work. You will really need to pay a large amount to have one.

  13. eason says:

    Very true :(

    Hope Globe & Smart wakes up now so tourists can go to Palawan more.

    • kayle says:

      Malaki ang Palawan. Ang Coron ay island sa northern part -near mindoro. Bakit mag iinvest ang Smart at Globe kung wala ang market. Parang kuryente lang yan, kaya wala silang 24hrs service.

  14. jayman says:

    this totally defeats the idea of vacation sir abe hehehe…

  15. Les says:

    that thing is not properly configured, that is not the speed of a satellite internet

    • John says:

      +1 to this one. satellite internet can do better than this, unless ofcourse other users are torrenting their hearts out.

  16. garz says:

    Come on, you’re on a vacation! Stay away from the internet for a while and enjoy the place.

  17. w3icehands says:

    sun doesn’t even exist in Coron hahaha. we were glad though.

  18. This is much better than nothing. We’re used to have faster speed so that is why we hardly accept this situation.

  19. kapitan says:

    yaiks… kabagal.
    well, at least makakapagcheck k ng stats and email mo sa net dba? no one intends naman na magbabad sa net kpag nasa mga ganito kang lugar..
    yay, sarap, kainggit si sir yuga ^_^

  20. jhepoyski says:

    well i guess kung nandyan ka sa ganyang island you should forget about internet and stuff. kasi andyan ka for relaxation and break from the usual city stuff. hehhehe, kung ganyan naman kaganda ang lugar malilimutan mo na mag internet niyan. :D

  21. scout says:

    namumukhaan ko yata yang satellite na yan ah! Hahaha…

  22. I strongly agree to Yugatech that carriers in the Philippines should invest base stations to tourist spots for tourism sake!

  23. yes! the carriers of this country should invest on tourist spots by providing base station to remote places for tourism sake.

  24. Paulpacs says:

    This post and THE PICTURES, WOW, got me smiling, HEY you’re supposed to be on vacation, forget the phone, or the internet, just charge your camera and enjoy your vacation.

  25. this is nice Information wanna try have a vacation in Palawan and bring to me my Laptop, wow I can browse While I’m in the beach :D

  26. this is nice Information wanna try have a vacation in Palawan and bring to me my Laptop, wow I can browse While I’m in the beach :D

  27. Need to inquire for the internet satellite for the resort.thank you.need it as soon as possible

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