Smart officially brings LTE-Advanced 5G Internet in PH

Smart is proud to announce that today marks the beginning of the 5G era in the Philippines as they officially bring and activate their LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) technology for mobile subscribers.


Smart ushers in a new era of Internet connectivity in the Philippines | credit:

LTE-A or 5G connectivity is reported to deliver data between 100Mbps to 1Gbps which is 10 times faster than 3G and more than double the speed of 4G. With it, a 10MB file downloads for less than a second, buffering is no longer needed for loading YouTube videos, but more importantly it is capable to allocate more network resources to users if ever the situation calls for it.

The company did a test of its services last year which, according to them, resulted to over 100Mbps of speed in areas like Makati City, Davao City, and even in Boracay.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

Co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart Orlando B. Vea (first from left) during the tests of 5G LTE-A in Smart last year, where speeds reaching 209.66 mbps were recorded.

Co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart Orlando B. Vea (first from left) during the tests of 5G LTE-A in Smart last year, where speeds reaching 209.66 mbps were recorded.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

“Even as our 3G and 4G networks continue to be unrivalled, Smart becomes the first operator to leap into the future and put the Philippines at par with the world’s most advanced countries in terms of mobile communications technology,” said Orlando B Vea, founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart.

As mentioned earlier, the service rolls out today so let us know in the comments section below if you already got the next-gen Internet connectivity.


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86 Responses

  1. Avatar for Jing Jing says:

    Eto basahin nyo, sa 2020 pa yung standards development ng 5G at sa 2041 pa yung hype at mapanlinlang yung 5G na yan..makapanloko wagas..tsk tsk–5g-internet–claim-080147704.html

  2. Avatar for Cezar Roxas Cezar Roxas says:

    Yugatech = Sellout to Smart in tricking Filipinos about 5G.

  3. Avatar for Bobita Bobita says:

    HAHAHA!! SMART talaga oh sobrang talino mag isip sila na naka imbento ng 5G? hahah..

    Paki basa nga po yung sa SingTel news last 19 August 2014. :)) hahaha

    “Singapore 19 August 2014 – SingTel, in collaboration with Samsung and Ericsson, today broke new ground in the mobile industry by unveiling the world’s first commercial 300Mbps 4G LTE-Advanced service for smartphones.

    The service will be available from 23 August 2014 when SingTel launches the Samsung GALAXY S5 4G+, the first handset globally to be compatible with 4G LTE-Advanced networks. Another compatible smartphone, the Samsung GALAXY Alpha 4G+, will be available from SingTel in September 2014.”

    The SingTel Group and Samsung today unveiled a suite of joint initiatives to bring a seamless, richer, mobile data experience for over half a billion Asian subscribers.

    SingTel Group members – Globe Telecom in the Philippines, SingTel in Singapore, Optus in Australia, AIS in Thailand, Airtel in India and Africa, Telkomsel in Indonesia – are launching these initiatives in marketing, content and technology to help differentiate their services and improve competitiveness.

  4. Avatar for steelicon steelicon says:

    And yet the 4G LTE speeds are slow. 50kbps down 21 kbps up.

    This is HK.

  5. Avatar for Mukhang Pera si Yuga Mukhang Pera si Yuga says:

    Mukha kang pera Yugatech.
    Pag mag post ka ng Article. Think twice kung tama
    wag tanggap ng tanggap ng pera
    Napaghahalataan na bobo ka rin pag dating sa technology

  6. Avatar for Butch Velasquez Butch Velasquez says:

    First, PLDT publishes that their Vitro datacenter is the first “Tier 3.5” datacenter in the country. Next, Smart advertises that they are the first 5G network in the Philippines.

    There is no such thing as a “Tier 3.5” datacenter. It’s either you’re tier 1, 2, 3, or 4 according to ANSI/TIA-942: Datacenter Standards Overview.

    5G standards have not yet been defined, and will not be announced until sometime after the year 2020, based on the observations of the International Telecommunication Union.

    PLDT and Smart better review their contracts with their advertising agencies.

  7. Avatar for False False says:

    Si Globe kasi. 4G ng 4G kahit HSPA+ lang network nila. Ayan tuloy nag-5G na si Smart. Hahahaha.

    Pwede bang LTE Advance na lang itawag nyo dyan. Call a spade a spade.

    • Avatar for akai1987 akai1987 says:

      Di mo naman masisisi ang Globe kasi yung adaptation nila ng HSPA+ as 4G ay galing lang naman sa MAJOR CARRIERS ng USA. In fact TATLO nga ang 4G ng Globe: 4G WiMAX, 4G HSPA+ at 4G LTE. Saka sabu naman ng ITU-T kahit ano pa ang itawag ng mga Telcos sa current technology nila as long as nag eequal o nagkakapareho yung speeds ng tatlo ay okay lang. Iba naman kasi ang kaso sa Smart. Nag-imbento talaga sila ng sarili nilang definition ng 5G kahit wala pa nga. Kaya di mo masisisi ang Globe kasi may basehan sila. ^_^

    • Avatar for False False says:

      According to Smart, big carriers in the US called their LTE-A networks 5G din. Read the link above. And there’s a significant difference in speeds din compared to LTE lang, if Smart can pull it off. Di ba magkalayo ang speed ng HSPA+ at LTE ng Globe? Eh di poor pala LTE ng globe. Kaya ba ng HSPA + ng globe umabot ng 42 mbps? Or kahit 20mbps na lang?

  8. Avatar for sick sick says:

    Seryoso ba sila? There is no such thing as 5G technology, or let’s say, wala pang 5G.
    LTE-A is actually 4G.

    False Advertising.

  9. Avatar for mun tanga mun tanga says:

    WOW! 5G daw hahaha.. ganda ng pangarap ng SMART sabagay libre namang mangarap eh.

    ASA pa tayo dyan eh sa ASEAN INTERNET average speed index 2014 tayo ang pinaka kulelat

    Check nyo nalang to.

    Kalokohan yang post na yan tignan nyo yung credits wala naman hahaha… nananaginip yata

  10. Avatar for es-mart es-mart says:

    Magaling talaga sa kalokohan tong SMART haha!!

  11. Avatar for gpr gpr says:

    horaay!, porn lovers rejoice! kaya na nito hd video streaming XD
    well, 4 hours naka data cap ka na, back to gprs ang peg., well, isang way para mas malaki kita nila at mas madali ma reach ang data cap.

  12. Avatar for Nick Nick says:

    Kung titingnan natin sa positibong paraan, good news itong maituturing lalo na kung lahat makikinabang.
    Smart user ako at sa ngayon nai-enjoy ko yung mga benefits ng LTE connection. Lalo pa at nasa area ako na malakas ang LTE signal.

    Pero sa kabilang banda, kung isa akong smart subscriber at nakatira sa malayong lugar na mismong signal para makatext at makatawag pahirapan pa, anong mararamdaman ko pag nabasa ko ang balitang ‘to?..

    So sa tingin ko, hindi dapat sila nagmadaling mag offer ng LTE-A. Dapat sana nag-focus nalang muna sila sa pagpapalawig ng 2G/3G coverage. Yung kahit saang sulok ako ng pilipinas pumunta may desente at stable signal akong masasagap.

    Offering LTE-A doesnt make them any step closer to their vision..

    “A world where EVERYONE is empowered to LIVE MORE”.

  13. Avatar for Complainant_VS_ungas Complainant_VS_ungas says:

    even 100G is as good as GPRS…

    Where is GPRS
    where is EDGE
    wehere is HSPA
    Where is HSDPA
    Where is HSPA+
    where is LTE
    and here comes LTE-A B C D E F G?

    It will always go back to GPRS and Edge.

    Plus.. this QUADy SIXTA Octa cores are blazingly fast to BURN your Android Phones.. WHo the heck here survive with their beautiful android without burning their mainboard chips (be honest) for 4 hours of blazingly fast LTE.. heheheh. I once could download a 100GB in 4 days with 4 hours each day and after that , i go to the service center 4 replacement times to replace my mainboard CHIP… HEHEHE.

    This telcos should be selling their internets cheaper than what they could imagine even if they cap with just 5GB.

    Mobile phones with such speed is only tolerable by a period of time. Downloaders should be advised to use other devices not tethering their smart phones.

    • Avatar for ANDRO ANDRO says:

      basahin mo muna yung tamang paggamit ng handset mo para aware ka kung anong limitasyon ng handset mo.
      your abusing your handset kaya naman nangyari sayo yan…
      Well at least mas mabilis ang speed from GPRS to LTE transition….

      Mas mabuti nga dito sa pilipinas walang bayad tethering tapos kayo pa tong mareklamo…

  14. Avatar for patawa patawa says:

    sino bang niloloko nila,..dito nga sa gensan 350 meters sa aming tower..nag 3 3g ang network.pano yan.kahit facebook mahirap makapload ng page..hahayz..ayosin nyo network nyo bago kayo magsalita..kung ayaw nyo mapahiya..

  15. Avatar for jovSYap jovSYap says:

    nang-gagago ba kayo SMART??? ni hindi nyo nga maayos yung 3G service nyo tapos magpapalabas kayo ng mga ganitong advertisements? subscriber ako ng smartBROKEN canopy broadband nyo for 3 years na maganda lang sa first year tapos nung nag-renew ako ng contract ang nakukuha ko na lang na speed eh 128kbps. walang palya yun magmula umaga hanggang gabi ganun ang speed. sino ba naman matutuwa sa ganung serbisyo???? tapos eto na naman kayo at kung ano-anong mga kabalbalan na naman ang inooffer nyo sa mga consumers tapos itatali nyo sa mga contract para kahit pangit serbisyo nyo eh mapipilitang magtiyaga yung kawawang subscriber. at kung hindi na makatiis at gusto na talagang ipa-terminate yung contract eh sisingilin nyo ng kutakot-takot na mga fees!!!! kaming mga subscriber na nga ang PINERWISYO nyo eh kami pa magbabayad sa inyong mga hinayupak na SMART kayo!!!!

  16. Avatar for Polo Polo says:

    Putang ina mo Orlando Vea! Nililoko mo kami! Nang dahil sa Smart yung LTE dongle ko naging keychain na lang!

  17. Avatar for zarne zarne says:

    L-TAE pa rin ang internet connection sa Pilipinas tapos ‘meron’ na daw 5 G LTE ang SMART. Tangna, sa America at Western World ay unheard pa nga ang 5G LTE.
    Anong nangyari sa Congressional Hearing tungkol sa kabagalan ng internet sa Pilipinas?

  18. Avatar for sephiroth111 sephiroth111 says:

    Shit na malagkit ang SMART!!!
    5G? Wahaha! Napakataba ng utak ng Smart!!!
    Dapat idimanda to ng government dahil sa panloloko!!!
    Government? Mukhangvpera pla ang government sorry haha wala pla tyo mapapala.

  19. Avatar for Besh Besh says:

    wow 5th Generation! (5G)

  20. Avatar for Globe 4G Globe 4G says:

    I guess smart is calling LTE-Advanced 5G (which is really the true 4G) because Globe is calling HSPA+ as 4G (which is really just a faster 3G). Puro false advertising.

  21. Avatar for LTE User LTE User says:

    So this one seems to be the case for what Smart is doing to us:

  22. Avatar for RJ RJ says:

    “Even as our 3G and 4G networks continue to be unrivalled,…”

    WOW! Kung makapagsabi sila akala mo kung sinong mabilis! Sobrang bagal po ng internet nyo FYI. Take note andito ako sa Makati nagwo-work. At supposedly may LTE dapat dito. One more thing, it’s UNRIVALED not UNRIVALLED. Pwe!

  23. Avatar for gpr gpr says:

    Lte-a = 5g, horaay, look oh!, philippines ang nauna sa 5g, gawaran ng gayness world record yan!. Bobo naman ng nakaisip sa smart nito (sorry but they shud have known better). Okay, its time for the NicePepolAround to bomb there sites, trash talk u want smart?

  24. Avatar for Honjo Masamune Honjo Masamune says:

    SMART wag nyo nmn lokohin mga tao as of now wala pang 5G kung meron man under development pa LTE-A is still 4G..What a stupid strategy to make people believe that lte advance is 5G! by the way smart lte user here..

  25. Avatar for Raizen Raizen says:

    Hmmm pero nakalagay sa article na to:

    Don’t expect to see 5G for another 10 years
    Part of the reason it’s difficult to understand exactly what 5G will offer is because it hasn’t even been defined. The International Telecommunication Union hasn’t revealed the specific requirements and the types of technology that will be incorporated into 5G just yet.

    Read more:

  26. Avatar for Sad Sad says:

    This is sad. Napakabagal pa nga nung connection nila sa 3g/4g, nagdagdag nanaman sila ng kalokohan. Sana ayusin muna nila yung current infra nila. Yung isang telco naman, 3G everywhere daw, anu pala address ko? NOWHERE??

  27. Avatar for SmartTech SmartTech says:

    I think and I believe that telcos in the Philippines are working hard to offer services to its customers at it’s best, but of course not without an issue with a dissatisfied customer…
    It’s actually a good news that they’re introducing and adapting latest innovation in telecommunication industry gaya ng LTE-A.
    This will then lead to the introduction of LTE-A devices in our country like Galaxy s5 LTE-A and the likes, which are not actually available in the Philippine Market dahil nga hindi naman talaga natin mamaximize yung feature dahil wala pang facility to cater this type of feature in a phone as of this writing.

    This is not a false advertising nut just an information that they are making a move to introduce the latest in telco industry, syempre testing muna bago nila iti iooffer sa lahat.

    Take note customers that the speeds are dependent sa lugar kung nasaan ka, it’s not absolute na mahina yung smart over globe or either way.

  28. Avatar for Bert Bert says:

    Kahit anu pa na speed i claim nga SMART, more areas wala pa rin signal kahit Network Signal for mobile phones wala.

  29. Avatar for abubuzelzel abubuzelzel says:

    LTE-Advanced belongs to real 4G. This move by Smart is clearly false advertising.

  30. Avatar for Crash Crash says:

    Pano naman matetest yan diba magkaiba naman ang lte-A capable sa lte lang, meron na ba dito na lte-A capable na phone?

  31. Avatar for Orange Orange says:

    I have a SmartBro plug-it, the HSPA one. Smart can’t maintain the HSPA speed for an entire day, it becomes 3G or worse – EDGE or GPRS pag malas. So when I read 5G, nakakatawa. Sino niloko nila. The sad part is Globe is even worse. Kawawa naman tayo, ang choices ay Evil and Greater Evil. Di man lang lesser Evil. Evil lahat. Salamat sa monopoly and oligarchy.

  32. Avatar for Wow Wow says:

    Andaming hate comments. Mabagal ba signal ng smart sa niyo? Tough luck.

  33. Avatar for ric ric says:

    5G nyo mukha nyo… LTE belongs sa 4G. puro publicity lang pra lang sabihin na nauna kau. ayusin nyo nga network nyo muna!

  34. Avatar for archie archie says:

    LTE 5G daw tapos ito-throttle nyo yung speed. Pure marketing bullshit. Dapat patawan ng penalty ang telcos na naglalabas ng false advertisements.

  35. Avatar for SpiderWak SpiderWak says:

    aba! nanggagago ba to’ng Smart? Sorry for the word yan ang tingin ko sa “5G” nila.. tsk..

  36. Avatar for roca roca says:

    Sounds like a publicity stunt.

    • Avatar for Honjo Masamune Honjo Masamune says:

      tama wala pang 5g! Lte-A is advance stage or improved lang n 4G nanloloko nanaman sila parang gnawa nila sa hspa+ sbi nila dti 4g n eh advance 3g lang nmn yun tsk tsk.

    • Avatar for kiddo kiddo says:

      Please read po ng article sa press release ng smart para po maliwanagan kayo hindi yung atake kayo ng atake eh di niyo naman binabasa yung kabuuan nito…
      “LTE-A, also referred to as ‘5G’ by reports on leading global mobile operators AT&T and T-Mobile”

      ayan ohhh… LTE-A talaga yung technology only that some telcos call it 5G.

    • Avatar for gpr gpr says:

      gago ka kiddo hindi yan ang issue dito bobo. alam namin lte-a nga yan wag naman nila tawaging 5g kasi panloloko yun wala pang 5g, ‘publicity stunt’ lang yan ika nga. at fyi ang tinatawag ng smart na lte/4g ay katumbas lang ng 3g ng ibang bansa sa real life performance so wag muna sila mag 5g, ayusin nila 3.5g and 4g nila kasi un ang may maraming compatible smartphones satin at wag naman sila mag advertise ng mga lab speeds, dapat real life ung i publish nilang data speeds para naman di tayo masayangan sa ‘dollars’ na binabayad sa load – steady 5mbps is okay sa 3g/hspa, masaya na tayo dun.

  37. Avatar for Ejay Beckylouuu Ejay Beckylouuu says:

    Well at least masmabilis Smart sa Globe.

  38. Avatar for Abuzalzal Abuzalzal says:

    puta ayusin nyo muna mga offers nyo, unlimited daw? may data cap naman haist

  39. Avatar for Mack of TWC Mack of TWC says:

    Oo nga. Wala pa namang 5G. Yung LTE-A ang sinasabing “True 4G”. May international organization na namamahala sa naming ng network connections, at tiyak mananagot ang Smart kapag nagreklamo sila sa NTC. Misinformation na malupet ito. Magaling sa misinformation ang Smart at PLDT; dati din sabi nila Fiber connection daw kaya mas mabilis. E, papano namang magiging fiber optics yun, e, thru mobile data?

  40. Avatar for John John says:

    “Double the speed of 4G”… Mapa 3G, 4G or 5G pa yan kung ang bandwidth sa lahat ng lugar ay hindi madadag-dagan, mabagal pa rin yan kung marami gumagamit… sus marketing campaign na naman ng smart…

  41. Avatar for Kevin bruce Kevin bruce says:

    Puro intsik pala ang mga tao sa smart. Anyway, Bago sana labas ng labas ng anong kagaguhan, please perfect first yung mga inoofer nyo muna. Now Im browsing at .40MBPS. Revolutionary….

  42. Avatar for gab gab says:

    Marketing strat. They are fooling people. LTE-A != 5G. Sana yung author ng article kinorrect na lang or nagresearch bago nagpost.

  43. Avatar for dan dan says:

    4g o 5g useless din considering na 2g pa lang sa maraming lugar like here in san jacinto, pangasinan. Telcos should roll out 3g in all areas first before they think of bigger things na di naman maiserve efficiently hahaha.

  44. Avatar for Eriong Eriong says:

    They should have fixed first their 3G & 4G Network before taking their “leap into the future”. Their 4G is shit!

  45. Avatar for eric jay eric jay says:

    im sure marami rami din ang mahuhulog sa hype na to sa ngayon.

  46. Avatar for skrimp skrimp says:

    Dapat tawag dyan nde LTE-A kundi L-TAE dahil sa walang kwentang speed na binibigay nila

  47. Avatar for Don Pipot Don Pipot says:

    Lagyan muna nila ng 4g connection ang boong pilipinas. ..
    May mga lugar pa nga na walang 3g ehhh…

  48. Avatar for ices ices says:

    Aanhin mo ang ferrari kung ang kalsa mo naman ay puro humps hahahhaa….

  49. Avatar for rockz rockz says:

    Good job Smart for bringing in LTE-A in the country and make sure to stock enough bandwidth to sustain the demand of LTE users.

    Meanwhile, Globe is still rolling out LTE on MAJOR cities, lol.

    • Avatar for James James says:

      Not sure if you’re being sarcastic or are clearly just blinded by false advertising from Smart. Sorry to burst your bubble, but 5G does not exist.

  50. Avatar for Yousef Yousef says:

    False. A speed of 209 Mbps simply denotes LTE 4G and not 5G. This is misleading!

  51. Avatar for Typical Typical says:

    LTE nga na regular wala pa din samin, LTE-A pa kaya. Kapal ng mukha sabihin na 5G kahit wala pang 5G standard. Nakakainis man ang style ng mga companies na ganito we are but mindless pigs na tatangkilik ng mga stupidity na ganyan. LTE-A is an improved version of LTE (aka 4G+) and not really 5G. Globe may LTE dito samin kaso sa sobrang dami ng nakakonekta gapang na (0.2mbps) paputol putol pa yung connection. Sinasamantala tayo ng mga ISP na ganyan kasi Uto-uto tayong lahat…

  52. Avatar for zhizoicz zhizoicz says:

    saya sana bagong tech, pero naalala ko bigla hawak tayo sa leeg ni Mr. MVP… ayun nganga ulet

  53. Avatar for eyman eyman says:

    And because there is no definition of 5G in Wikipedia, smart will update that and put their own definition.

    • Avatar for vm vm says:

      Its not that simple. Documentation for the change must be provided. In this case smart needs to convince an international organization, the International Telecommunication Union, to change its standards and publish the new standards

      otherwise that undocumented content on wikipedia might be edited or taken down

    • Avatar for zarne zarne says:

      SMART thinks the customers are DUMB. 5g lte…. ROTFLMAO!! Sigi, lipat na lahat sa Smart at bili na ng LTE phone. FCUK

  54. Avatar for JustSaying JustSaying says:

    Rejoice porn junkies! ????

  55. Avatar for vm vm says:

    is that real? or just branding hype?

    I was under the impression that LTE was only 3.9g or pre 4g. the full 4g standard requires speeds of 1 Gbit/s for stationary reception and 100 Mbit/s for mobile and LTE did not meet that so it is considered 3.9g only

    as for 5g, the wikipedia page for 5g says there is no fully accepted technical definition of 5g yet and most estimates say its years away from being rolled out

    • Avatar for Amax Amax says:

      Not true. LTE-A is 4G.

      Author: Jeanette Wannstrom, for 3GPP,

      In LTE-Advanced focus is on higher capacity:The driving force to further develop LTE towards LTE–Advanced – LTE Release10 was to provide higher bitrates in a cost efficient way and, at the same time, completely fulfil the requirements set by ITU for IMT Advanced, also referred to as 4G.

      Increased peak data rate, DL 3 Gbps, UL 1.5 Gbps
      Higher spectral efficiency, from a maximum of 16bps/Hz in R8 to 30 bps/Hz in R10
      Increased number of simultaneously active subscribers
      Improved performance at cell edges, e.g. for DL 2×2 MIMO at least 2.40 bps/Hz/cell.

  56. Avatar for Art Art says:

    It will took months to year before it will covered major cities or areas.
    Before fan out, check it 100x to reassure good quality service.

  57. Avatar for Shutter Shutter says:

    Patakbuhin nyo muna ng maayos ang LTE ninyo. Maglatag muna kayo ng maayos na INFRA, para naman mas malawak ang coverage ng service na ‘to.

    • Avatar for Nick Nick says:

      Totally agree ako sayo.
      Naka-LTE connection ka tapos isang pihit mo lang mula dun sa kinatatayuan mo biglang magsi-switch sa 3G connection.
      or minsan naman, naka-LTE connection ka na pero walang natatanggap na data.

  58. Avatar for Easy E Easy E says:

    LIAR. Wala pang official and formal definition ang 5G.

  59. Avatar for dan dan says:

    5g connectivity with 100mbps to 1gbps speed and the thing is… with 1gb data cap. lol

    • Avatar for Mon Mon says:

      lol don’t forget that most of those would be “5G covered” areas will have speeds that actually feel like 3G/Edge

      seriously, before jumping into a new technology, can’t they perfect the current one first? improve the infrastructure so that they won’t need to impose a data cap >__>

  60. Avatar for eng.eng eng.eng says:

    Hindi pa 5G ang LTE-A. lol

    • Avatar for Nick Nick says:

      Hehe.. tama.
      Yung LTE-A yata ang sinasabing actual na LTE.
      Kasi yung current LTE connectivity natin equivalent lang sa 3G (advance).

    • Avatar for eng.eng eng.eng says:

      5G (5th generation mobile networks or 5th generation wireless
      systems ) denotes the next major phase of mobile
      telecommunications standards beyond the current 4G /IMT-
      Advanced standards. 5G is also referred to as beyond 2020
      mobile communications technologies. 5G does not describe any
      particular specification in any official document published by
      any telecommunication standardization body.
      Although updated standards that define capabilities beyond
      those defined in the current 4G standards are under
      consideration, those new capabilities are still being grouped
      under the current ITU-T 4G standards.

    • Avatar for Nick Nick says:

      Sana kasabay sa pag upgrade/improve sa mataas na level ng connectivity, dapat nakafocus din ang smart pag papalakas ng signal dun sa mga lugar halos wala kang masagap.
      LTE-A or 5G kung tawagin nila, eh sa mga selected cities lang naman yan magagamit.

    • Avatar for vm vm says:

      yeah. just branding hype

      I was under the impression that LTE was only 3.9g or pre 4g. the full 4g standard requires speeds of 1 Gbit/s for stationary reception and 100 Mbit/s for mobile and LTE did not meet that so it is considered 3.9g only

      as for 5g, the wikipedia page for 5g says there is no fully accepted technical definition of 5g yet and most estimates say its years away from being rolled out

  61. Avatar for Nick Nick says:

    Required ba na LTE-A compatible ang device para makareceive ng ganitong connectivity.

    Say, may LTE device ako. Will it be able to receive the LTE-A connectivity?

    • Yes. You need an LTE-A compatible device.

    • Avatar for eng eng eng eng says:

      hindi makakasagap ng LTE-A.

    • Avatar for LGG LGG says:

      mkabili ng S5 advance. or d kaya G3 cat6. para mabilis mag facebuk.

    • Avatar for A-max A-max says:

      Yes if you have LTE device you can.

    • Avatar for Nick Nick says:

      Salamat sa mga replies,
      May nabasa din ako about LTE-Advanced.

      “LTE-Advanced is a term used for the version of LTE that addresses IMT-Advanced requirements, as specified in Release 10. The ITU ratified LTE-Advanced as IMT-Advanced in November 2010. LTE-Advanced is both backwards- and forwards-compatible with LTE, meaning LTE devices will operate in newer LTE-Advanced networks, and LTE-Advanced devices will operate in older LTE networks.”

    • Avatar for Amax Amax says:

      It’s because LTE-A is 4G.

      Author: Jeanette Wannstrom, for 3GPP,

      In LTE-Advanced focus is on higher capacity:The driving force to further develop LTE towards LTE–Advanced – LTE Release10 was to provide higher bitrates in a cost efficient way and, at the same time, completely fulfil the requirements set by ITU for IMT Advanced, also referred to as 4G.

      Increased peak data rate, DL 3 Gbps, UL 1.5 Gbps
      Higher spectral efficiency, from a maximum of 16bps/Hz in R8 to 30 bps/Hz in R10
      Increased number of simultaneously active subscribers
      Improved performance at cell edges, e.g. for DL 2×2 MIMO at least 2.40 bps/Hz/cell.

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