Strong Growth of Mobile Web in the Philippines

Strong Growth of Mobile Web in the Philippines

According to a recent report from mobile advertising company, AdMob, the country is experiencing a strong growth in the mobile web. By end of July, the Philippines is ranked #5 from #7 in May 2008, surpassing ad requests from Romania and South Africa.

The main contributing factor is the strong presence of internet-capable Nokia handsets in the country. Of the top 20 handset models Nokia took 18 while the Sony PSP came in at #4 and the iPod Touch/iPhone at #18. Most popular handset was the Nokia 3510i, followed by the N70 and the N95.

Breakdown of traffic sources by device manufacturers are as follows:
Nokia: 63.8%
Sony Ericsson: 9.4%
Sony: 2.6%
Apple: 2.2%
Motorola: 1.5%
Samsung: 1.3%
Others: 19.3%


What’s most interesting though is that AdMob was able to breakdown the source of traffic by handset and operator. It looks like gray-market Apple iPhone users are mostly on the Smart network.

Indonesia, previously at #5, posted the largest growth and is now at #2, next to the United States in ad request traffic.

You can download a copy of the report here.

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4 Responses

  1. Pacute says:

    Mobile Web in the Phil. will not be as strong as that of U.S. unless cell companies make internet browsing via phone for free.

  2. yuga says:

    @Pacute, not necessary. Just look at Indonesia. It’s now at #2 from #5 in a few months.

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