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The 3 biggest Internet companies in the Philippines

World Startup Report (WSR) has recently published their latest report showcasing the biggest Internet companies in each country. Read on to find out who’s our biggest here in the Philippines, and around the world, for 2014.


Internet companies listed below are based on their U.S. Dollar valuation.


iRemit (Payments) – $78 million
Morphlabs (B2B) – $40 million
Metrodeal (E-Commerce) – $30 million


For comparison, here’s the big three from the U.S.:

Google (Search) – $410 billion
Amazon (E-Commerce) – $187 billion
Facebook (Communication) – $183 billion

The top 3 for global is lead the by U.S. and Chinese Internet titans:

Google (U.S., Search) – $410 billion
Alibaba (China, E-commerce) – $200 billion
Amazon (U.S., E-Commerce) – $187 billion

If ranked by country the U.S. takes the lead with Google at $410 billion, followed by China with Alibaba at $200 billion, and South Africa with Naspers at $46 billion.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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20 Responses

  1. Pukilaki says:

    Asan pinas jan? Npkasinungaling tlga ng writter!

    • mr right says:

      my tama ka jan pre! hahaha.. mtagal ng sinungaling yan..

    • Facepalm says:

      Haaaaay.. Read the frickin’ article.

      “iRemit (Payments) – $78 million
      Morphlabs (B2B) – $40 million
      Metrodeal (E-Commerce) – $30 million”

      I know the picture doesn’t have any references to Philippine companies (i also tried finding it in the pic), but i discovered the wonders of reading the entire article. Please do the same.

    • Shutter says:

      mga tsong tama naman.
      Google (U.S., Search) – office sa quiapo
      Alibaba (China, E-commerce) – office sa fairview
      Amazon (U.S., E-Commerce) – office sa monumento

      LOUIE , misleading ang title mo ‘tol.

    • Shutter says:

      Galing mo facepalm, namiss ko nga yung philippines. Sa picture lang kasi kami tumingin.( React kasi ng react agad eh hehehe). Pero Sana di na nilagay ni Louie sa unahan yung picture. Dapat focus muna sa “Philippines”. Saka na yung pic sa baba. (lulusot pa eh. hehehe)

    • Pukilako says:

      Ah ok. Yung source nya google docs. Gawa din ako ng google docs pra maging source ng yugatech. Gagohan pla dito eh.

  2. mr right says:

    “The 3 biggest Internet companies in the Philippines”

    what’s up with the title?? sinasadya tlga nla magkamali pra my pagusapan mga readers d2 eh, pra mas malaki kitain nla sa kka visit sa page nla.. hmmm..

  3. Shutter says:

    Louie Diangson, di naman April 1 ngayon ah? Nyahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Buster says:

    THIS IS NOT A PORN MAGAZINE YOU FOOLS. Don’t just look at the picture, READ!!!!!

    • Mon says:

      I actually LOLed. Thank you for that

      masyadong marami nang reklamo dito na di naman iniintindi yung dapat basahin. isa lang sa mga problema sa mga tao ngayon -__-

    • FUBuster says:

      Fuck you Buster

    • Pukilaki says:

      Binasa ko rin ang source. Alam mo ba na pwede ako mg gawa gawa ng data at ipost sa google docs. Lagyan ng label tapos gawin kong spurce sa article. Yung google docs na ginawang source niyo walang nkalagay kung sino gumawa.

  5. Peace says:

    Opentxt, the one small circle on the picture operates here in Makati. Nasa rcbc building sila. They bought GXS Phil Inc.

  6. Louie ano ba yan says:

    Palpak! ha ha

  7. Ex-Alodian knight says:

    At least, since they also show the most popular apps, at least alam natin na we need to ask for LINE ID in japan kung pipick up ka ng haponesa ;)

  8. archie says:


    iRemit (Payments) – $78 million
    Morphlabs (B2B) – $40 million
    Metrodeal (E-Commerce) – $30 million

    Sinulat naman ng writer after the image. Pwedeng magbasa.

  9. nonoy says:

    malinaw naman nakabold pa nga eh,

  10. rape says:

    Nagkalat ang squatter sa yugatech. Squatter na nasa pisonet

  11. Zobel says:

    Valuation of what? Stock? Market capitalization or some made up measurements?

  12. bern says:

    read on (to the source) to find out…

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