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The stupid congressman strikes back!

Remember Rep. Joseph Santiago blaming broadband for the proliferation of porn in the country? Well, he back again lashing at 3G networks.

A lawmaker has raised the red flag over the future proliferation of pornography over faster mobile networks like the 3G (third-generation) networks.


“The advance of broadband or high-speed Internet access, coupled with the coming of 3G mobile telecommunications technology, will surely open the floodgates to the cell phone delivery of pornography,” Catanduanes Representative Joseph Santiago said this week in a statement. (full story over at Inq7.net)

Just great.

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8 Responses

  1. Migs says:

    What did Freud say about that again…

  2. emer says:

    pagpasenyahan nyo na. the congressman is just looking for some love from the cellco’s. alam nyo naman, holiday season… :)

    but you know, the congressman has a point ;). i’m going to help him draft legislation to combat another less-hyped technology for spreading porn: this filthy filthy development called *PAPER*. it’s far more damaging than broadband and 3G networks. you don’t need a computer or a cellphone, and it’s very very cheap (why, anyone can DRAW smut on these newfangled paper sheets). there ought to be a law!

  3. mbaceron says:

    Ok lang mangurakot. Pumitik sa “soft projects”. Pero di ok and porno. Lokohin niya lelang niyang panot.

  4. alfie says:

    Ang mga congressman talaga ang gagaling magkunwari. bwahahaha….:)

  5. keso says:

    Stupid indeed! He should ban VCD and DVD players first. Better yet, ban television sets!

  6. buntot says:

    mas malala yata yung proliferation of corrupt govt officials. Sana yun an bigyan ng pansin nila.

  7. Karla says:

    And I thought pork barrel could buy our pathetic legislators some brains…

    Maybe his porn budy refused to flash some parts at him :D

  8. I need to write this idiot!

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