TLA Acquired By MediaWhiz

TLA Acquired By MediaWhiz

Just got this announcement from the Inbox:

I am excited to announce that Text Link Ads Inc will be joining forces with MediaWhiz. This will bring some exciting changes to our platform. Here is how this will benefit you in the coming months…

Publishers: by leveraging MediaWhiz’s agency relationships and sales staff we will be able to sell more ad space on your website. We also will be adding the ability to monetize your website in new ways including: CPA offers and CPM display advertising.

Advertisers: TLA will be working with MediaWhiz to offer new ways to drive traffic and sales to your website including: email marketing, CPA offers, CPM display ads and more!


It is important to note that the people you will be dealing with tomorrow at TLA will be the same people you have always dealt with since our doors opened in 2003. Over the next few months we will be moving our office to New York City to join the MediaWhiz headquarters and look forward to meeting more of our clients and publishers in person! This is an exciting time for our team and our clients. We have found a great partner that will be able to help our publishers and advertisers earn more money. We are looking forward to delivering more great products and even better service in the coming months with this alliance!

Patrick Gavin
[email protected]
(877) 480-9755 x715

Looks like a good partnership to me. So far, TLA has been the second biggest earner for all my web properties (mostly blogs) and with this merger, I’m hoping to see more ad models to come our way.

So how’s your TLA revenue lately?

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4 Responses

  1. jhay says:

    Hm..this sounds great. TLA has been my greatest earner actually. It takes ages for my blogs to reach the $100 mark for AdSense to send out my check.

  2. Miguel says:

    I’m at $8.50 per link. Hope with this move, the advertisers could pay more so our rates go up!

  3. Miguel says:

    I wonder how this is related to the ReviewMe launch.

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