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Trying out e-Census.com.ph

One of the long-standing projects of the govenment is to have every department and services be available online. We now have BIR payments which can be coursed thru online banking facilities. Business Name applications with DTI can also be done online. Then, there’s the Civil Registry online service at eCensus.com.ph.

Since I’ll be needing copies of my bith certificate for my Passort, I thought I’d try out getting one online. e-Census (www.e-Census.com.ph) is an online facility that allows you to submit requests for the following civil registry services — issuance of certified copies of civil registry documents, i.e., birth, marriage and death certificates; andcertificate of no marriage record (CENOMAR or Singleness).

The have two onine pyment optins as well — one is thru The Port by UCPB and another one is via major credit cards. The problem with The Port is that it’s only limited to MegaLink ATM Debit accounts of selected MegaLink member banks. And you thought the credit card option was any better — it’s also limited to a select foreign countries, and the Philippines is NOT one of them.

A single copy of any of the documents will cost you Php300. I requested for two copies so it’s Php600 but if you pay via credit card, they’ll charge you $20.

The next avaiable is to use my EPCI FastNet account over the phone or thru the ATM machine, which is fine since there’s one just around the corner to my place. You get a Batch Request Number as your tracking code and delivery is done between 2 to 6 working days. Let’s see if it comes in on time.

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11 Responses

  1. Gloria says:

    ok yan. i tried that before. efficient. super. dapat lang kasi mahal noh. ha ha. that’s what you pay for convenience. may trauma pa ako sa pila sa sta mesa back in 98. kaya heaven sakin ang e-census.

  2. Kates says:

    OO, ok talaga yan. I never stepped into NSO after I learned about e-census. Have ordered more than a dozen docs from them.

  3. Noemi says:

    I think they have been having these online transactions since 2 or 3 years ago. I applied for my daughter’s birth certificate in this manner . At that time, the online form was part of the NCSO site. It’s good they have a separate domain for it now.

  4. audienceone says:

    ! requires ie?! ,:-/ Why not develop a cross browser system? I hope there’s no corporate office/officer that’s doing some a**-kissing-boot-licking with technology servers behind the development of this system. Has it been that way since it launched?

    Other than that, I’ve heared good news regarding the service from friends who’ve tried it.

  5. bhong says:

    procedure on how to obtain NSO copy documents via e-mail

  6. jeinet says:

    it’s not okay if you would like to request for two or more copies of the certificate. say you requested for two copies of birth cert (now at Php315 each), they will charge you Php630 for that. It’s like double charging on the delivery fee.

  7. lois says:

    helow there ask lng me pwede b maghanap sa cencus ng lost people gaya ng gawa ng wish ko lng ..

  8. ed says:

    Mas okay ang NSOhelpline. sa ecensus puro error, nasayang lang ang binayad ko

  9. Me says:


  10. John Cedrick Progoso says:

    Bwesit na E-CENSUS na yan sabi 2-3 days kahit sabihin pa na 6 days yan until now wla padin ung request ko, kailangan na ng ate ko ung NSO nya para sa passport processing kainis, 315 pa bayad ko doon, nung jan 8 2015 ko pa na process un until now wla talaga wla din nag rereply sa email mo sa knila kainis sarap hanapin ung office nila at tapunan ng pintura..

  11. Anthony says:

    I requested docs last feb 2, 2016, but still my docs has not yet delivered.been contacting the email support for follow up but nobody dare to answer me. Hope we can to hear any feedback if you have experince the same way i do.thanks everyone…

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