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VIDEO: KFC’s New Takeout Box Lets You Charge Your Phone

KFC created a meal box called the Watt A Box, which is a limited edition 5-in-1 meal that includes chicken, a chicken sandwich, a drink, some type of side, and a charger for your smartphone. Yes, a charger! It has a built-in charging ports so you can recharge your phone while you’re eating your favorite chicken meal.

kfc charge

According to BGR, charging times are so slow that he was only able to get about 17% of extra battery in about 30 minutes of charging and drained the battery from the box completely. Unfortunately, these phone-charging takeout boxes are only available in Delhi and Mumbai, India. I think it’s safe to say that these boxes won’t be making an appearance to Philippines shores any time soon.

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This article was written by Heland Ortega, Junior Contributor of YugaTech. He is a graduate of Information Technology and Multimedia Arts at FEU Institute of Technology in where he is also now working as a full-time faculty. You can follow him at @helandortega.

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    better than none, right? these indians complain about everything.

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