Video: Senate Hearing on Slow Internet in the Philippines

Video: Senate Hearing on Slow Internet in the Philippines

Last week, the Senate hearing on Slow Internet in the Philippines was held and chaired by Sen. Bam Aquino calling all telcos to explain the state of internet in the Philippines. Several key agencies like the NTC, DTI and DOST were also summoned to shed light on the issue.

Both Globe and PLDT/Smart were also present in the hearing. The 2:20 hour video below discussed the state on internet in the country in terms of access, speed and cost.


Both our previous stories on ASEAN DNA (using the Ookla Net Index) and the Akamai studies were used as reference as the reason for this senate investigation. The discussions were exhaustive and comprehesive so we suggest watching the whole video above.

Here are some related stories to give you some background on the issue:

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10 Responses

  1. jake says:

    im from the philippines. im looking for a fast DSL internet connection that has configureable upload and download speeds. is there such an offer that exist that you know of sir Abe?

  2. maldo says:

    lol… bayaran ang lahat ng nakaupo sa dalawang pinamalaki na telco on a regular basis. kelan pa kaya tayo matuto?

  3. kul says:

    Hindi ko mapanood ng maayos gawa mabagal ang internet… may summary ba nito? :(

  4. loy says:

    Sana lang hindi magkabayaran. Ang mga telcos dito, ayaw ng Million ang kita, gusto nila Billion. Greedy people will destroy the Earth. Ang Pilipinas pinapatakbo ng mga Negosyante. Umaangat daw ang ekonomiya, pero ang totoo, ang mayayaman lang ang nakikinabang. Sana ang mga representative ay totoong irepresent ang nagpapasweldo sa kanila. #peace

    • JasonBourne says:

      Businessmen + buwaya sa gobyerno = #AlamNa. Kung meron naman tagapuna nyan e malamang hindi magkakaganyan. Palibhasa din kasi meron silang hati jan sa kita.

  5. Smokescreen says:

    Kahit naman bumilis yun browsing speed kung maliit lang yun daily/monthly cap, useless din.

    • Evo Garcia says:

      May ten percent sa normal bandwidth ang makukuha kapag nag 2G. Halimbawang 10Mbps ang 3G bandwidth, so may 1Mbps kapag nag shift sya sa 2G.

    • Smokescreen says:

      Evo Garcia. – That’s in theory though. In practice max speed is only 80% and reliability is 60% So that’s gonna be less than 1mbps.

  6. Hen-Sheen says:

    “The Internet is not something You just dump something on, it’s not a Big Truck. It’s a series of tubes!” This saying is getting way too old! How about in another viewpoint: H1! I’m a Mac & I’m a P.C. All this time, were being suckered-punched by Corporate Greed….. Even the damn Royalty Fees aren’t enough to satisfy these beings! Reminds me of the L.A. Clippers scandal back in the U.S. In reality, those guys who worked as executives for those Telco’s and NTC don’t have the Balls to do the right thing. The term “Pointing of the Fingers”, suits them just fine!

  7. zarne says:

    A demonstration of the Phillipines tax at work-Senate doing a hearing on the ‘internet low speed status’. This can only happen in the Philippines. The internet situation in our country is sad but the Congress or Senate can not legislate morality to these big corporations. Congress should enact laws to open up competition for internet service providers, offer incentives to invest for newer infrastructures, and to tighten up rules about misleading advertisements by Tel. companies. The consumers are being suckered by these Telcos because they have monopolies. Just my thoughts on this subject.

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