YouTube helps Pinoys earn from online videos

In order to help individual content creators, small and medium enterprises, and animation studios set up and get the most out of their own channels, YouTube held its first Pop-Up Workshop earlier at the Mind Museum in Fort, giving tips on how to make it successful in the online industry.

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During the workshop, a couple of YouTube sensations made an appearance to share how they, who started as ordinary users, turned their video hits to money. Local YouTube sensation-turned-celebrity Mikey Bustos was there and told us how he engaged his audience and how it opened different opportunities for him. Jamvhille Sebastian and Paolinne Michelle Liggayu, the real-life couple behind JamichTV, were also present and explained how they monetize their videos through the YouTube Partner Program.

Basically, YouTube Partner Program lets us (ordinary people with a YouTube account) earn from our videos in different ways like advertisements, paid subscriptions, and merchandise. It’s just a matter of having content that’s unique and will appeal to many.

Once established and you’ve already produced videos, the company explained some of the things you need to do in order to keep your viewers coming back. Some of which include:

Make your YouTube channel visually appealing
Interact/engage with your audience
Make your videos seasonal
Be active on social networks and promote your channel
Cross promote your audience by doing collaborations
Think internationally
Don’t forget to thank your audience

With one billion visitors each month, YouTube has proven itself as an effective platform for sharing both amateur and professional works to the entire world. So if you’ve always wanted to be famous then start looking for a camera and who knows, you might just make some pretty easy cash because of it.

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  1. Avatar for Empowered Pinoy Empowered Pinoy says:

    This kind of opportunity should be spread out all across the philippines. Not all filipinos has access to internet connection. The government should push internet access to rural areas

  2. Avatar for randy randy says:

    dapat tulungan talaga natin ang isat isa para umunlad naman ang pilipinas.

  3. Avatar for BATAS BATAS says:

    They shouldve invited Anygma (founder of Fliptop) as Fliptop videos has consistent millions of views for most of its videos ….and they shouldve let me BATAS,take the center stage,greet all of the mothers out there and perform an insipirational song titled “MGA PU******* NYO!!l”

  4. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Has Google started to feel “threatened” because of Amazon? :)

  5. Avatar for Monchee Yuson Monchee Yuson says:

    Is there a VOD for this? I’m curious on who and how they presented, as well as their discussion on the topic. I’m very interested on learning how to do this. It’s both fun and rewarding at the same time.

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