Apple’s new Magic Trackpad for Macs

If the Apple Magic Mouse is no longer comfortable to those who are used to trackpads on their MacBook, the Magic TrackPad might just do the trick for Mac Desktop users.

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

At $69 a pop, the Magic Trackpad will pair with your Mac via built-in Bluetooth (2 AA batteries needed) and eventually replace your Magic Mouse. Not sure what’s so magical about it though.

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29 Responses

  1. Avatar for anjerodesu anjerodesu says:

    Haha, you people. Don’t you know Apple’s “Gesture Recognizer”?

  2. Avatar for KarL KarL says:

    “Not sure what’s so magical about it, though.”

    LOL I couldn’t agree more. Mice are still more ergonomic. :D

    “the annoying thing about track pads is the click and drag…. you can only drag so far.”

    of course you can install the appropriate drivers to have more trackpad support, e.g. release the drag only after a time delay.

  3. Avatar for Rico Zuniga Rico Zuniga says:

    @jill at first I thought you were referring to Apple’s “mighty mouse” but of course you were referring to mice in general :)

    This definitely won’t replace the good ol’ mouse but could be a great partner. This can be useful in quickly activating expose & spaces, switching apps, zooming and “inertial” scrolling. But of course we already have dedicated keyboard buttons for that (at least for expose & spaces).

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