AWEI ES900i In-Ear Headphones Review

AWEI ES900i In-Ear Headphones Review

A few days ago we reviewed the AWEI TS-150vi in-ear headphones. This time let’s check out its cousin, the ES900i. It’s also an in-ear type but with a flat cable and more affordable price.

Design and Construction

When we reviewed the TS-150vi, we liked its sporty dual-color look but not impressed with its build quality. The ES900i is different though, it also has a metal and plastic housing but looks less sporty. On the bright side, it feels more sturdy and instead of the usual round cables, the ES900i features tangle-free flat ones. The unit we have comes in all black but it also comes in different colored housings. Based on the package it comes in orange, gold, yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and silver.

Being a more affordable pair, the ES900i lacks some useful features like in-line controls. It does have a microphone so you can take calls while wearing it but when it comes to controlling your music, you will have to do it on your device directly which can be cumbersome. like a dedicated replay and forward doesn’t have the controls similar to the TS-150vi but you can click the microphone part to play / pause / and skip tracks.

When it comes to comfort, the ES900i is more at home in our ears compared to the TS-150vi. It’s snug and doesn’t fall off easily. If you have an active lifestyle and always on the move, the ES900i will be able to keep up. In addition, it comes with three pairs of sleeves to choose from so you can make sure it fits you well.

Sound Quality

The bass power that we were looking for in the TS-150vi we found here in the ES900i. In comparison, the bass is more powerful and solid. You can pump the volume and it won’t sound bloated or boomy. If your playlist is dominated by hip hop and club music, you won’t be disappointed.


However, we can’t say the same thing about trebles. The mids are good but the highs sounded very aggressive especially in higher volumes. When playing rock music the vocals, guitars and drums sounded like all of them are trying to be too loud at the same time. It’s brilliant when it comes to RnB, acoustic, and other mellow tracks but some parts tend to be sibilant.

To summarize sound quality, the ES900i is capable of producing good bass but overbearing when it comes to trebles.


To conclude, the ES900i is like the opposite of the TS-150vi. It’s good when it comes to bass but doesn’t exercise a lot of control when it comes to trebles. It’s still a very good pair though considering its price. You won’t get in-line controls like the TS-150vi but you’ll get tangle-free flat cables and a much better build. And for just Php349, it certainly won’t break the bank.

AWEI ES900i specs:
Drive: 11.5mm
Frequency response: 20Hz~20KHz
Impedance: 16ohm +/- 15%
Sensitivity: 110dB +/- 3dB
Built-in microphone
3.5mm audio plug
Cable length: 125cm

What we liked about it:
* Good bass
* Tangle-free flat cables
* Good build
* Affordable price
* Comes with a carrying pouch

What we didn’t like:
* Overbearing trebles
* No extra buttons for skipping and replaying tracks

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The Awei TS-150vi is available at and and participating Novo7tech branches: Lucky China Town Mall Binondo, SM Southmall Las-Pinas, Sm BF Paranaque, and Gateway Cubao.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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15 Responses

  1. Suggestman says:

    Most people doesn’t understand terminologies used in audio reviews. I guess, in order to make your review more useful, these are my suggestions”

    1. Scoring system: This makes the review much more comparable and useful. In a glance, the reader will know and will be able to tell a product from another and be able to choose according to preference. This will also make the review more accessible to more people.

    2. Compare to other earphones. A side-by-side comparison is extremely useful in reviews like this one, especially for budget earphones. As an example, I am dead curious on how these will sound compared to the xiaomi pistons 2.

    3. Make an article about the audio terminologies used in your articles and link it to your earphones review. Not all people know what sibilant mean.

    Hope you can implement this on your past and future reviews. Have a nice day.

    • wired_boy says:

      i like this. the score system is a nice suggestion since yuga is a growing tech blog.

  2. asd says:

    No in-line controls? The mic assembly is actually a button that you can press to answer calls, pause or play music, skip and rewind music depending on our music player.

  3. wew says:

    Hi yuga, what do you think of g cube active ibuds talk? Thanks!

  4. GodDamnit says:

    Meron ako nito kaya yung Piston V2 ko tinubuan na ng kamote sa alikabok. =D

  5. Name: says:

    Before na release sa mga mall to. Meron na to sa divisoria , legit din. 350 pa nga score ko nito , 2 yrs ago i think

  6. Airish Clay Santos says:

    Saan ba store ng Awei ? or saan pwede makabili nito ng orig.. mahal kasi sa lazada eh

    • Yuki says:

      Sm megamall premium mobile awei products are availble here headset , headphones, speaker powerbanks.

  7. Airish Clay Santos says:

    saan ba pwede makabili nito yung orig ? or sa awei store ? sa lazada kasi 450 eh

  8. gian says:

    hi. noob question lng po. nasira kse apple earpod ko. balak ko sana try . okay po ba bass neto? san sa SM meron neto? suggest kayo store like cellboy etc. thanks.

    • Dude_Late says:

      dude sorry i know its a tad bit late.
      Lazada pinakamurang nagbebenta nito. kaya nyo makascore as low as 149 pesos.

      Bass is superb
      Treble is okay
      Clear and crisp naman in combination, but on more on the bass side talaga.

      Cons: durability-wise di sya nagtatagal ng isang taon sakin, more on 10 months maximum wear and tear kasi. Gamit ko sa workout so, may sweat factor na madalas nakakasira talaga ng any earphones.


  9. jonacx says:

    i used it more than a year, maganda to, i have 2 headset na red and black.

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