Bose QC25 Noise-cancelling Headphones Review

Another Bose product is up for us to test out and this time it’s the QuietComfort 25 or simply the QC25. It is the successor to the well-received QC15 back in 2009. With it comes a more improved active noise cancellation (ANC) and is made of better function-targeted materials.


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The Bose QC25 is made entirely of plastic that makes it totally lightweight. Although you won’t see any metal arm of any kind as its support, it feels firm; and could withstand bends and a few stress on its headband.


The headband is cushioned with foam and wrapped in cloth which gives ample support for the head once you pop it on. It also extends on both sides giving its users freedom to adjust the length of the arms depending on their needs for a secure fit.


The company promises a comfortable listening experience on the QC25. Their earcups are outlined with soft padding made of protein leather that gently surrounds the ears. We had an amazing time wearing it but we’ll tell you more about it in a little while.

In addition, both earcups twist so they’re face-down flat on a table while the stem folds to make it more compact for portability. It’s got an included hard case for travelling that you can easily pack inside your bag.


It requires a single AAA battery for its ANC to work, and the company claims could last for 35 hours before you need to replace it. We’ve used the QC25 for a week now and we’re still running on the stock battery that came with the package. When the battery runs out noise cancellation will no longer work, but you can still use it as is. The previous model QC15 didn’t work this way — once the battery’s dead, the entire headphone’s dead.

This is one update, although not new in the headphones scene, is good news for those who couldn’t be separated from their tunes.


The cable is now easier to replace compared to the previous one which is proprietary. If, by any chance, a need for a new cable arises, you can simply look for a standard 3.5 – 2.5mm audio jack. The bundled cable has the same color scheme as the headphones and comes with an in-line microphone and volume control for both music and call functions.

Comfort Factor

As mentioned earlier, we had an enjoyable time wearing the QuietComfort 25. The combination of its cushioned headband and plush pads feel comfortable and light that you wouldn’t notice wearing it after some time. We’ve had it on for at least 4 hours straight and we could say it’s one of the most comfortable over-the-ears we’ve tried. There was, however, one thing that made us remove these ‘phones, and the reason is not in this aspect. Read on.

Active Noise Cancellation


As a pair of headphones that belong to the QuietComfort series, one would pretty much expect that it should specialize in both Quiet and Comfort — and we’re already done with the latter.

True enough, this new model boasts a more improved way to neutralize external noise and leave you alone with your music. We’re already past recognizing its new ability to still play music even when ANC is off so let’s talk more about when it’s on. To do so, the switch is located on the right cup — you won’t miss it. Just flick it right and you’re good to go.


Today’s active noise cancellation works in a way that sound from outside is picked up and used to cancel out the noise inside the ear cups — making you enjoy your music more. As you can see on the photo above, the shell has tiny holes where exterior sound enters. Using the QC25 and switching the ANC on and off, one can totally notice the difference between the two modes.

Partner this with music playing and what you have is an intimate time with your jam and nothing else. Plus, the soft earpads not only cushions but also seals the sound inside as to avoid sound leaks.

QC25’s ANC is effective. Hands down. It’s just that it could be too effective in a way that the absence of sound the ANC makes (during the silence in-between songs) sometimes gets tiring to the ears. It basically prompted us to either turn it off or just remove the headphones completely and give it a rest once in a while. This could just be a personal thing and not really a problem for all. It’s just an observation that we’d like to share.

Sound Quality

As excited as we were to judge its sound quality, we first let its drivers breathe out of the box by using it to play continuous music for hours. After which, we queued up our usual track list for testing and hit the play button.

After nitpicking its noise cancellation we’d like to give credit where credit is due. Sound quality for the QC25 is just how we liked it — balanced all-around. No matter what genre of music we played, the lows, mids, and highs all worked and blended together into one sound and we found ourselves enjoying as we were placed in the middle of it all. Details are also clear and distortion at even high volume is very little to none.

From jazz to hip-hop to trance and acoustic,  we found ourselves grooving to every thump of bass, soothing vocals, and clash of hi-hats that these pair of cans reproduced. In my personal list, it’s definitely on the top 5 best-sounding closed-backs next to the Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 and the affordable Blaupunkt Comfort 112.



The Bose QuietComfort 25, assuming you’re into constantly listening to music, is one of those headphones that would be on your Christmas list for two reasons: One is because of all the niceties you’ll get when you buy it, and the other one is because it’s steeply-priced at Php20,000. For an average person, it’s not something you’d see and decide to buy instantly.

We basically enjoyed everything about it except for one tiny aspect that may or may not affect other users. It’s got a nice look, comfortable wear, and amazing sound reproduction.

Bose QC (QuietComfort) 25 specs:
Type: Closed-back, circumaural (over-ears)
Design: Headband
Speakers: 40mm full-range drivers
3,5-2,5mm detachable cable with inline-mic
Protein leather ear pads
Active Noise Cancellation
191 x 152 x 23mm (dimensions)
195 grams (weight)
Price: Php20,000

What we liked about it:

  • Sturdy plastic build makes it lightweight
  • Use of standard removable cable
  • Impressively comfortable to wear
  • Balanced/clear sound (lows, mids, highs)
  • ANC is effective in canceling out sound

What we didn’t like:

  • ANC is too effective in canceling out sound

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10 Responses

  1. Avatar for Fabian Fabian says:

    hey! i am a Sony Xperia z3 user. i was wonering if the Bose QC25 was compatible with the sony xperia z3?

  2. Avatar for Apratim Biswas Apratim Biswas says:

    Hi Kevin, I almost bought one today but after completing the purchase, on the pack, saw a notice “compatible with iphone / ipad”. I am an android user…currently sony xperia z2….will the qc 25 be compatible? Any ideas/thoughts?

  3. Avatar for Ron Ron says:

    Php 20,000? It’s Php 6,500 less on Amazon!

  4. Avatar for Kupz Kupz says:

    Haaay… Pag iipunan talaga kita! Pero uunahin ko muna Bose Cinemate 2.

    Proud owner of Bose Companion 5, Soundlink Mini and Bose Acoustic Wave series 3.

    Bose Iba ka talaga!!! Wala nang papantay sayo.

  5. Avatar for alfredo alfredo says:

    good review. BUT the author didn’t like that “ANC is too effective in canceling out sound”. this is a noise cancelling headphone, how can that be a bad thing?

    that’s the author’s opinion and i respect that, to give my personal opinion as an owner.

    1) as a noise cancelling headphone – superb! fantastic! excellent! No other noise cancelling headphones comes close. A worthy upgrade to the QC15

    2) as an audiophile headphone – above average to near excellent.

    • Avatar for Kevin Bruce Francisco Kevin Bruce Francisco says:

      Hey Alfredo!

      By that I was referring more on the comfort aspect and not really with performance. Because performance-wise, ANC was great! Although because of its great noise-cancellation, the silence produced by the vacuum mostly noticeable when no music is playing was deafening to me and gave me slight headaches. I have other headphones with ANC present and didn’t experience this. Again, it might just be me.

      Also, good for you for getting one! I would definitely want to have my own pair of QC25!

  6. Avatar for ewanlangha ewanlangha says:

    wish list alert!

    my pros:
    1. angled 3.5 jack (been looking for this type on lower end brands, none found so far)
    2. ANC
    3. branded quality

    my cons:
    1. NOT! Bluetooth capable
    2. heavenly price, too high

    i wonder how much would it cost if it was bluetooth capable

    btw is it CTIA, author pls. answer, thanks

    • Avatar for ewanlangha ewanlangha says:

      oh i forgot

      what’s the “tiny aspect” you mentioned that you don’t like about it.
      pls. give it in details
      thanks again

    • Avatar for Kupz Kupz says:


      Try mo Bose® AE2w Bluetooth® headphones.

      Tinest ko sa bose store aura. Ibang klase. Pero di ko binili mas inuna ko Bose soundlink mini.

    • Avatar for Kevin Bruce Francisco Kevin Bruce Francisco says:


      Yes, it already follows the CTIA standard just like many other newly-released headset.

      And by “tiny aspect” I was referring to the ANC that sometimes got tiring to the ears. Other than that, I have no gripes with the QC25. :)


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