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CD-R King intros VR headsets for Php580

If the Php1,200 VR headset we’ve wrote yesterday still isn’t within your budget’s reach, this may be it — CD-R King just listed on its website two new virtual reality headsets that literally costs under a grand.


Not much has been written on the listings about its function nor warranty policies, but it will be available in two polycarbonate models: a gold one that flips out its smartphone case and has a one-way strap, while the black-and-white variant makes use of a tray to insert the device into the headset and a three-way strap to keep the gear from falling.

Both of these devices sport a Php580 price tag. Store availability is yet to be announced.

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4 Responses

  1. Manny_Cavalier says:

    Why not?!

  2. Mrtechie says:

    Not bad. Basta makatry ng VR.

  3. iskoj44 says:

    i’ve seen this available at Robinsosn’s boni

  4. Blueteeth says:

    Pwede. Medyo matibay naman siguro sila kumpara dun sa mga gawa sa karton.

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