Cliptec Quad USB Charger Travel Kit

Cliptec Quad USB Charger Travel Kit

Aside from the box of giveaways that Cliptec sent us, my own personal box has a lot of interesting accessories and trinkets in it. The best one so far is this 4-port USB travel charger.

Didn’t notice this earlier until Calvin asked me if I had one in the box. Had I seen this earlier, I would have already brought it to my previous foreign trips.

What this Cliptec Quad charger solves is the problem of having too many gadgets that needs to be charged via USB. So when you’re in a hotel with not many wall sockets, or if the sockets are different and you only have one adapter with you, you can only charge your gadgets one or two at a time.


The CLiptec Quad charger has 4 USB sockets that can handle and charge all 4 devices at once. The charger is rated at 2100mAh so it’s powerful enough to charge 4 smartphones at the same time.

However, if you are charging larger devices like an iPad or some other tablet like the Asus Transformer, you can only use 2 USB ports.

The breakdown is as follows — 4 devices @ 500mAh each; 2 devices @ 1000mAh each ; or 1 device at 2100mAh.

In here, I was able to charge an iPad2, Galaxy Note and a BB Bold 9790 at the same time — all using one wall socket. The charger also comes with universal travel adapter so you’re good to bring this anywhere you go. I just wish Cliptec included a carrying case of sorts. If I remember correctly, they have this in all SM Appliance stores but their list also includes PC Hub, PC Bodega, PC Corner Megamall, PC Depot SM North and Accent Micro.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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50 Responses

  1. benchmark says:

    good for travelers talaga like you sir yuga…hehehe pero like us who stay in the polluted side of manila…hmmm…maybe we can have that also…. :)

  2. iczey says:

    nice… pang travel nga…

  3. coachjojoc says:

    Plug and Play?

    • diondy says:

      use your coconut, chargers don’t require drivers.. lol

    • Boss says:

      @diondy Ikaw na magaling! inisulto mo na nga tinawanan mo pa typical asshole.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Please refer to this link:

      The Cliptec Rep made this absurd justification to explain why the Cliptec wireless mouse would not connect…that there was an installation issue with Win 7. Imagine that… in this day and age, a Cliptec mouse not being plug and play-ready.

      So tongue-in-cheek, I posted the above query and I shall continue to do so with every Cliptec product that is advertised).

      So where was I?

      Oh yes…Plug and Play?

      And that’s using my coconut.

    • emailman says:

      I don’t see how your question about a wireless mouse stated in another article is relevant to the product presented in this article.

      To quote the poster above: Use your coconut.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Ever heard of “a back-handed compliment?”

      Obviously you don’t get it. That’s not using one’s coconut.

    • boooo says:

      Ansabe mo coachjojoc? Meron palang charger na ini-install kaya tinatanong mo kung plug and play?

    • coachjojoc says:

      Again, this is a back-hand compliment, if you get my drift. It’s like this… if you were to peel off the words “PLUG AND PLAY?” you’re gonna find another word…”SARCASM.”

      You DO get it don’t you, Abe?

      But since you insist. Mr. Booo…then why not let the Cliptec rep answer that? This time I wanna see how deep a hole he’s gonna dig himself in.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Okay, let’s say that next week Cliptec decides to promote their newest product on Yugatech…maybe, a box of wet wipes to clean a laptop monitor.

      My post would still be, “Plug and Play?”

      Now that’s a backhanded compliment with a dash of sarcasm, if I do say so myself.

    • bo bomo says:

      Maybe you should study what a proper sarcasm should be? Commenting just “Plug and Play” in a tech article about charging devices isn’t sarcasm, its not even a “back handed compliment”. Yes, I’m using my coconut- but I don’t see how you spamming your crap around here is relevant to the article at hand.

      “Plug and play”? How’s that even a sarcastic remark? Well, I can’t fault you if you find “plug and play” sarcastic in your universe…

    • coachjojoc says:

      Once again with a drum roll…Plug and Play?

      Oh and by the way, you and Dr. Jerry Buss’ son must have something in common. Go ask any die-hard Laker fan.

    • iusedtojoke says:

      coachjojoc, kung ako sau tigil mo na yan mga ganyan comment. walang nakakaintindi sau kasi nag-EVOLVE na mga tao.

      ganyan din ako, mahilig ako mag joke, sarcasm saka yan back-handed compliment ganyan style nang mga joke ko pero walang nakakaintindi.

      pag sinabi kong: “hinack ko yung pentagon eh” ang sagot: “yabang mo”. pag sinabi ko: “ako pumatay kay rizal” ang sagot: “sinungaling ka” ewan ko anong nang yari sa mga tao.

      pabayaan mo na mga yan di yan papatalo, nasobrahan sa talino nawalan na nang sense of humor.

      i knew there’s more to it when you asked “plug and play?” mahilig din ako sa mga double meaning na statements. the shallow meaning would illicit a response from the shallow thinkers and the deeper meaning from…well :)

    • Coachjojoc says:


      Yeah, you may have something there. Where have all the sarcasms gone? I dunno but you can be sure none exists in Yugatech land.

      Since I started this post allow me the honour of this final retort:

      “Plug and Play?”

      Beam me up, Scotty!

  4. JmBalicano says:

    Awesome if you stay in hotels or someone else’s place a lot. A portable power pack is still better for people who are really on the go a lot without access to an outlet.

  5. Peterson says:

    Cant find them sa sm appliances store.

  6. adrian says:

    kala ko giveaway ulit hehehe

  7. Calvin says:

    nope wala sa sm appliance. sabi ni cliptec in your nearest IT shop pero di sya mabibili dito sa MOA. sa Megamall naman Quickline lang ata nag-cacarry. Cliptec, I hope you distribute your products to a lot more stores inside a mall if you want to sell it.

  8. Calvin says:

    la kang price abe?

  9. Peterson says:

    problem is dunno where we can get it

  10. Altered says:

    Can this charge the following at the same time:

    2 Blackberry
    1 Iphone
    1 Ipod Touch

  11. k00k says:

    At 2100 mAH, that wouldn’t be enough to continuously power AND charge four devices at the same time.

    500 mAH is barely enough to charge a modern smartphone while it is being used, let alone a tablet like the iPad (Most single-device chargers for smartphones are rated at 1A for this reason, anything less than around 700mAH won’t give the device a net charge due to the power draw if the device is in use.)

    Realistically, around 2 “smart”/tablet devices can use this one comfortably while still being used.

    • coachjojoc says:

      k00k, I was never good at electronics. Maybe you can help me out on this:
      My laptop specs:
      Input 100-240v 1.5A 50-60Hz
      Output 19.5v 3.08A

      I need an external battery pack to use when I’m on the road.
      1. Which part of the specs do I need to pay attention to when buying such a battery pack? 2. Is it better to go over or under the requirements?

      Many thanks in advance.

      Sorry for posting this here but since nobody knows where to get the Cliptec charger kit then I may as well prolong the agony.

    • reader says:

      Coach let me answer that. The output specs of 19.5v and 3.08A is what is important. You must meet the voltage requirements EXACTLY else your laptop will go bye-bye. As for the current , your external batt pack should suplly a minimum of 3.08A for your laptop to power up.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Many, many thank, reader. Just one more thing. Can you follow this link
      and click on the upper right “TECH SPECS” and see if this battery pack is a match?

      Again, many thanks.

    • reader says:

      @coach: that’s a nice battery pack. It looks like the output port should be able to handle your laptop.

      Let me dissect it into the required volts and amperes:

      Although the rated output is 19V and your stock laptop adapter says 19.5V. You may run the risk of the pack supplying less than minimum power. Then again, most electronic devices have tolerances of +/- 0.5v to 1.0v. So it should still be ok. (better that the pack is rated to supply 19V rather than going over and supplying 20V!)

      As for the required amps… the external battery pack is rated to supply 3.5A of current. So…that is well above the required 3.08A of your laptop, so you should be safe in that aspect.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Read and re-read your latest post and I couldn’t agree with you more.
      Thank you once again.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Reader, I came across this post by watrboy (posted Sept 7)but was never answered…his adaptor output is 19v 4.74A… and the mili power king output is 18-20v but only 3.5A (same specs like the Energizer XP18000). His asking if it’ll work on his laptop.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Sorry… HE’S asking if it’ll work on his laptop.

      Queen’s English 101, here I come.

    • reader says:

      @Coach: btw, i took a look at the features of the energizer battery pack. it looks like it has some built-in failsafes so it won’t supply the wrong amount of voltage to your device.

      That’s really one impressive piece of tech. It must be expensive. How much does it go for?

    • coachjojoc says:

      Around P8,500. Pero walang tip for the Asus Slate EP121. I will have to order it online. $12.00 including postage. But there’s a promo by Energizer: buy the battery pack, register it then you get 2 free tips (of your own choosing) per year. Just pay for the postage (5 bucks).

      By the way, my post is still awaiting moderator approval: Reader, I came across this post by watrboy (posted Sept 7)but was never answered…his adaptor output is 19v 4.74A… and the mili power king output is 18-20v but only 3.5A (same specs like the Energizer XP18000). His asking if it’ll work on his laptop.

    • reader says:

      @coach: it wont work. The laptop requires a greater current than the battery pack can supply. The battery pack will overheat and burnout if you keep on using it. Of course if the battery pack has failsafe circuitry then the battery pack will simply stop supplying power.

    • coachjojoc says:

      Thanks again. Maybe you could send a reply to watrboy at

      Better late than never.

  12. boooo says:

    wow engineer yata itong si k00k.. daming alam na calculations

  13. oliverv says:

    How much is this Sir Abe?

  14. Vince says:

    Finally, i was able to buy this online from Tested it today when it was delivered with my ipad, ipod, and huawei e5 and works fine. But it wont charge my bb bold 9700. Tried it with the orig cable of bb and anither cable but still wont charge.

    Any other option?

  15. Lauren says:

    I did not find it in the PC stores or SM appliances. So I had contacted cliptec philippines reply form and they were very accomodating, had the unit delivered to an Office Warehouse brand near me, which was very good customer service. Got the unit just now, but it does not charge my bb 9790, works with my Iphone 3gs and ipad2 fine though.

  16. Lauren says:

    I did not find it in the PC stores or SM appliances. So I had contacted cliptec philippines reply form and they were very accomodating, had the unit delivered to an Office Warehouse branch near me, which was very good customer service. Got the unit just now, but it does not charge my bb 9790, works with my Iphone 3gs and ipad2 fine though.

  17. angelo julian says:

    sir.. out of topic q.. but what is the case of the galaxy note in your pic (mfit case po ba sha?”.. and where could i get one? thanks

  18. Hi Guys!

    If you have problems with any of our products, please give us a call at our Manila office (02) 762.9554, Cebu Headquarters (032) 253.5648, and Davao Office (082) 235.3878, and we’ll have it replaced with another item of the same price or higher.

    And coachjojoc, this is plug and play. :)

  19. By the, this can be bought at Islands Souvenirs — NAIA 3, Silicon Valley, Lazada and

  20. Francis says:

    Hi, i would like to inquire, if there is a near branch or retailer of your Talk2Me earphones? i would like to buy 3 pcs. My location would be Fairview, Quezon City and San Fernando, Pampanga.

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