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Design sketch of Canon D10 and Ixus 300

Oftentimes, I’d wonder where do manufacturers get their design concepts for their gadgets. Others merely copy, others innovate while a few may get some brilliant inspiration.

When we wrote our story about the Canon Powershot D20, we mentioned that the design of the camera looked like it was inspired from Dory of of the animated movie “Finding Nemo”.

Canon came back to us that there was a striking resemblance but could not verify if it was indeed the original inspiration.

However, they were able to share that the design of its predecessor, the Powershot D10, was inspired from a “bear” (sketch is shown in the picture above).

Also, one of the nicest designs I’ve seen on a Canon camera is an old model — the Ixus 300 HS. That one was inspired from a “night eye”.

When I wrote the review of the Ixus 300 two years ago, I really liked the color and finish of the camera and thought it was inspired from a luxury car like the Ferrari.

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  1. Benchmark says:

    its Pooh bear! Hehehe ayus!

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