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Eight Power Banks for Your Laptops That You Can Buy

Like your smartphones and tablets, laptops also tend to be power hungry and sometimes won’t even last a whole day. This can be a problem if there are no sockets nearby or you don’t have its power adapter with you. The good news is there are power banks out there that are powerful enough to charge your laptops. So if you’re looking for an emergency backup power, here are eight of them.

Airborne Tech 2401 Arsenal24000mAh

Output: (triple) 5V/2.0A 12V/2.0A 16V-19V/4.0A
Input: 5V
Charging Time: 18-20hours
Price: Php9,490 via Lazada

Romoss eUSB Sofun 923400mAh

Input DC15-20V 3.5A Max
Laptop Output: eUSB DC12~20V 3.5A Max. 5V 1A
Charging Output: 1 x 5V 1A, 1 x 5V 2.4A
Self charging time: 3.5 Hour using Original Adapter
Price: Php6,990 via Lazada

Romoss eUSB Sofun 615600mAh

Input:DC 15~20V 3.5A MAX
Output1 (eUSB): DC12-20V 3.5A / DC5V 1A(65W MAX)
Output2: DC5V 2.4A
Price: Php5,899 on Lazada

Romoss eUSB Sofun 410400mAh

Input: DC5V 2.1A
Power: 40W
Output: DC19V 2.37A 2. DC5V 1A
Charging Time: ~6 hrs (2.1A adapter)
Price: Php3,999 via Lazada

Romoss eUSB Edge PB5214,000mAh

Output Power: 15 – 20V
Input Power: 5V
Charging time: 4 hours
Price: Php4,899 via Lazada

Mili Power Queen HB-D808000mAh

MicroUSB Input: 5V/1A (max)
Output: USB1 5V/1A (max) USB2 5V/2.1A (max)
Charging time: 9 hours (through 1A adapter)
Price: Php4,800 via Lazada

Cager Power Bank LP0820000mAh

Input: 19V/1/2A
Output: USB 5V/2A, DC 12V/2.5A, DC 16V/19V/4A (max)
Charging time: 6 hours
Price: Around Php3,000 on OLX

Bavin Power U M900033600mAh

Price: Php4,100 – Php4,800 on OLX

Got something to add to this list? Feel free to write it down in the comments field below.

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This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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8 Responses

  1. mac lee says:

    sana may reason or kung anong qualification para malaman kung kaya ng isang powerbank na mag charge ng laptop.

  2. Nato says:

    Which among these works with a 2014 13in macbook pro? Thanks!

  3. pol says:

    yess!! i’ve been waiting for this list! ok kaya yung bavin 33600mah?

  4. Mae says:

    Hi Sir Nato, the Arsenal Laptop Powerbank from Airborne Tech can charge Macbook twice full charge. Proven and tested.

  5. Anker 20000mah no.1 in the US
    Price: 5,200

    Also available in lazada

  6. Rowena says:

    Will this work with my Asus X452C Laptop?

  7. James says:

    Is there an update for this article?thanks

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