Ekotek Ekoplay Bluetooth Speaker first impressions

Ekotek Ekoplay Bluetooth Speaker first impressions

Along with the Ekotab Encore tablets, Ekotek has also sent us this small Bluetooth speaker, the Ekoplay. This portable speaker is designed for those who want to give their smartphone or tablet a sound boost without breaking the bank. Find out what we think of the device by reading our first impressions below.


The first thing we noticed about the Ekoplay is its size. Ekotek is spot-on when claiming that this is a portable speaker as it is light and no bigger than an egg. Although it will not exactly fit comfortably in your jeans pocket due to its shape, it will, however, sit well even inside a small bag.


On the front of the Ekoplay you will see three buttons for Previous, Play/Pause, and Next. The Previous and Next buttons doubles as the volume buttons while the Play/Pause button also acts as the ON/OFF. Placed at the small space above the buttons is the indicator light with blue and red LEDs.


Found on top is the speaker. Down at its base is the Line-in and charging cable. Take a look at the back and you’ll see a 3.5mm audio jack for the buddy jack function when you want to hook up multiple Ekoplays in a chain.



You can play music on the Ekoplay in two ways, either wired via its audio jack or go wireless via Bluetooth. The speaker is powered by a 250mAh battery which claims to last for up to 6 hours when wired and up to 3 hours in Bluetooth.


As for sound quality, the Ekoplay is very audible and can easily fill a small room. It has decent bass but the mids and highs lacks some punch. It would probably sound better if it is buddy jacked with a couple more speakers. However, if you’re just going to use it for casual listening of MP3s or to boost your movies, the Ekoplay should suffice.


The Ekotek Ekoplay Bluetooth speaker is priced at Php940 and can be purchased here.

For more information about Ekotek and their products you can visit their webpage at ekotek.com.ph.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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  1. defunct says:

    cutie pie

  2. kumag says:

    What happens when you connect a headset on the buddy jack?

  3. bobo mo kumag says:

    Obvious naman pag plinug mo sa buddy jack it also serves as an auxiliary port mag pa play pa din yung headset mo what a stupid question

  4. ogago says:

    @bobo mo kumag
    Mas bobo kang kumag ka, di naman yan bluetooth receiver kaya hindi magpplay pag nagsaksak ka ng headphones sa buddy jack. Kaya ang sagot kay kumag ay walang mangyayari kundi makakarinig ka lang ng static noise

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