Flying the DJI Phantom drone

Flying the DJI Phantom drone

Since we’ve had the AR Drone last year we’ve been trying to take it out and use in some of our outdoor activities. However, it could not carry a lot of additional load that we wanted like a GoPro. Thus, we shifted our focus on another one — the DJI Phantom.


The Phantom has a dedicated RC and can lift more load. The one we have even had a provision for the Hero 3+ with option to include a gimbal for adjusting the camera.

So we brought the Phantom around the UP Diliman grounds where a lot of other drones were also being flown during week-ends. Here’s what we got form the very short period we got to use it (our friends from @googlygooeys also had a Phantom Vision).


The Phantom uses a Hero 3+ attachment which you can control separately while the phantom Vision has a built-in HD cam that shoots photos and videos as well that can be controlled by an app.


We got the DJI Phantom from You can check their listings here.

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8 Responses

  1. RJ de Leon says:

    What’s the maximum ceiling? I don’t suppose it can transmit live video feed to the remote? Sana kinunan niyo ng overhead/bird’s eye-view video habang nagde-demo run ‘yung prototype guided-railway transit diyan sa UPD. =))

  2. easy e says:

    Have you guys secured your CAAP licence? Haha.. And Galleon? Over-priced daw masyado ang mga binebenta dyan?

    • We try to make our prices as low as possible. Please note that prices includes item price, international shipping, customs and local delivery.

  3. a says:

    asan yung captured video?

  4. wew says:

    UPD REPREZZEENT!!! HAHAHA offtopic haha

  5. agguuyy says:

    sayang lang oras ko kapapanood… wala namang actual footage galing sa drone….

  6. Muks says:

    Guys i have 1 of that, and i have some sample videos taken and created by me. If ever you have question related to the topi,i can gladly help you:

  7. PGC says:

    Do you need to secure a special permit from UPD to fly drones in UPD?

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