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Gadget-friendly seats at Korean Air

One of the very first things I would prepare for very long flights would be battery-extending measures so I can last the 15 to 20 hours of being holed up in a plane without anything else to do but go on a movie-marathon with those tiny monitors that have awful viewing angles.

That’s why one of my favorite tablets to bring is the Transformer Prime with its 18-hour battery life. Not only can I watch all the favorite TV shows and movies I downloaded beforehand, I am also able to write really long pieces or gadget reviews while on the plane.

So I was surprised to see that our coach seats at Korean Air had much better accommodation and is more gadget-friendly.


I was delighted to see they have a much bigger screen (I think around 10 inches and they’re also touchscreens) with better viewing angles and the one I liked was the USB charging port right in front of me. I also discovered they had a laptop wall socket at the foot of the seats but it was much later when my seatmate stooped down looking for something.

I’ve tried Lufthansa and KLM before and even my favorite Singapore Airlines still don’t have these new upgrades in their cabins. I think Cathay Air has these too.

In any case, these small amenities are really a life-saver sometimes. At least, I know I can fire up my laptop for the entire 18 hours of flight back home.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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10 Responses

  1. Loy Bautista says:

    This amazing, not only you can charge your Laptop, Phone and Tablet, it means that you can open those gadgets while on board. This is really a good development, hope other airlines will follow through.

  2. oyo says:

    Not only they are techie but the food is savory great. The stewardess are very nice, accommodating, and serves with a smile.

  3. benchmark says:

    Siguro the airlines realize na being inside a plane is really boring, to compensate their boredom, instead of providing each and everybody a gadget, why not power their passengers handheld gadgets. Comfort for the passengers, their clients. :)

    Hmmm why not public utility city bus (not only provincial bus), provide wifi or other gadget friendly devices….para d boring ang traffic. Hehehe

  4. meh says:

    Korean air is awesome, its affordable and the staff is very nice. Plus the plane is cool, more leg room than a lot of others. It feels like a premium experience for a low cost

  5. netboy says:

    That’s the trend nowadays for some airlines, Delta airlines also offers wifi on board for a fee in some of their domestic flights. I hope PAL can catch up…….. well only time can tell

  6. Vatch says:

    Also they sponsor E-Sport events like (Starcraft)

  7. jimmy says:

    the planes of Singapore Airlines have USB ports. they have it in their Boeing 777s and A340s. baka yung 747 yung nasakyan niyo since that’s the one they use for MNL-SIN flights. pero matagal nang standard sa long haul nila yung USB, and you can connect your iPod/iPad para ma-view sa screen nila. also the same standard, 9.7″ wide screens na touch din. and this was 3 years ago pa.

  8. Reader says:

    Emirates also has this feature years ago when I travelled to Johannesburg. Touchscreen and wireless remote controls if your lazy to touch the screen. May massage na din ang seats.

  9. Eason says:

    Its a 15 hour trip to London, so they must really prepare. even here you can use your gadgets while in flight, not just in takeoff and landing.

    Have a nice flight back Sir Abe!

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